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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


Fiction - novels and play scripts
Music, Musicals and Theatre
Quiz Books

Concert and Theatre Programmes

New Seekers' programmes featuring Lyn Paul
Concert programmes
Pantomime programmes
Summer Season and Variety Show programmes
Theatre programmes
Newspapers and Magazines

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Quiz Books

Pub quiz champions, these are for you! Lyn Paul and the New Seekers have been featured in all of these quiz books:

Answer Link Quizzes
Continuity Quizzes
The Best Pub Quiz Book Ever! 2
Music Quiz Questions
So You Think You Know the 70s
Trivia Quiz Book

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Answer Link Quizzes (book cover).

Answer Link

Answer Link Quizzes
Christopher Rigby

Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84236-130-9 (paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-1-84236-130-6
Publication date: January 2002

The third question in the 'Golden Grahams' quiz is: "Who along with Lyn Paul was a female vocalist in the New Seekers?" (page 77) Tough one, that!

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Continuity Quizzes
Christopher Rigby

Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84236-281-X (paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-1-84236-281-5
Publication date: March 2003

Know the answer to this one? "Which two women provided vocals for the pop group the New Seekers?" (page 50)

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The Best Pub Quiz Book Ever! 2 (book cover).

The Best
Pub Quiz Book
Ever! 2

The Best Pub Quiz Book Ever! 2
Roy Preston and Sue Preston

Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84442-166-X (2nd revised edition, paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-1-84442-166-4
Publication date: June 2006

"Singers Lyn Paul and Eve Graham went solo to break up which group?" (page 181) No prizes for getting that one right!

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Music Quiz Questions (book cover).

Music Quizz

Music Quiz Questions: A Collection of Music Quizzes for Enjoyment and Education
Eileen Zabet and Guy Roberts

Publisher: W Foulsham & Co Ltd.
ISBN: 0-572-03571-3 (paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-0-572-03571-6
Publication date: 5th February 2010

"In 1972, one of the big sellers was the New Seekers' I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. Where did it originate?" (page 13)

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So You Think You Know The 70s (book cover).So You Think You Know The 70s
Clive Gifford

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
ISBN: 0-340-88192-5 (paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-0-340-88192-7
Publication date: 18th March 2004

"Which 'new' band 'liked to teach the world to sing in 1972?" (page 116) No prizes for getting that one right either!

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Trivia Quiz Book (front cover).

Quiz Book

Trivia Quiz Book
Over 10,000 new brain-teasing questions to entertain family and friends

Publisher: Arcturus
ISBN: 1-84193-011-3 (paperback)
ISBN 13: 978-1-84193-011-4
Publication date: 31st August 2000

Page 5, Question 14 asks:

What was the title of the New Seekers' 1973 number 1 hit? (sticklers will note that You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me, although released in 1973, was actually a number 1 in 1974).

Page 29, Question 9 asks:

Which group had a number one hit in 1971 with I'd Like To Teach The World
To Sing' (In Perfect Harmony)

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