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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 1970s

During the early 1970s it was hard to find a UK pop magazine that didn't feature Lyn Paul and the New Seekers. This page lists just a few of the articles that appeared at the time. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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UK Newspapers

The Paperboy

Music Papers

(New Musical


Lyn Paul joined the New Seekers in the Summer of 1970. As the group's career gathered momentum, coverage in the press began to increase.

Prior to her joining the group, the New Seekers made their first trip to Australia...

The Age
The Australian Women's Weekly

New Musical Express

Record Mirror
Sydney Morning Herald

 The Age

16th March 1970
New Seekers arrive

A short news item announcing the arrival of the New Seekers in Australia for a five-week tour.
Read the item in full at Google News.

31st March and 1st April 1970
New Seekers A Smash Hit
by Howard Palmer

Advertisements for the New Seekers' shows at the Dendy Theatre, Brighton, which included a review of their début performance [note: Lyn Paul had not yet joined the group].

"Outstanding discovery of the show is the wonderful voice of Scottish singer Eve Graham, whose full tone and dramatic strength are well projected, although she is not the keystone Judith Durham was to the old Seekers."

Read the review in full at Google News.

 The Australian Women's Weekly, 14th January 1970.

Today the New Seekers
by Camilla Beech

An interview with the original line-up of the New Seekers, featuring a photograph of the group by David Graves.

The group's stage act is described as "an entertaining potpourri of Seekers' medleys, their own songs, tap-dancing, and comedy routines." Marty Kristian talks about one of the New Seekers' first shows at a club in the north of England where the group was pelted with beer mats: "Apparently that was their way of letting us know they liked us."


Vol. 82, No. 33, 15th August 1970

Spotlight Singles (page 78)
Top 20 Pop Spotlight

Blllboard predicted success for the New Seekers but got the group's name wrong! "A potent rhythm ballad penned by Melanie. The sing-a-long has it to take them all the way up the chart!"

Vol. 82, No. 34, 22nd August 1970

New Seekers Disk (page 94)
Billboard magazine corrected its mistake of the previous week: "New York - Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma is a new single by the New Seekers on Elektra Records. The group was incorrectly identified last week. The single was given a Top 20 Spotlight by the Billboard Review Dept."

Vol. 82, No. 35, 29th August 1970

Special Merit Spotlight (page 54)
Stan Vincent Thing - What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
"Melanie's beautiful rhythm ballad, currently attracting attention via the New Seekers version, gets a rousing instrumental treatment."

Vol. 82, No. 37, 12th September 1970

Jukebox Programmer Finds Labels Slow With Samples (page 45)
"Chicago - Record companies would rate higher with Betty Schott if if they were a little faster in sending out samples of new material... Her first point of reference... are the business paper charts. 'I go right to those songs from 100 up that were not on Billboard's Hot 100 the week before.' An example is Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma by the New Seekers which hit the 'Hot 100' initially at 70. 'I've been considering this record, but now this kind of chart action will make me consider it more seriously.'"

Vol. 82, No. 40, 3rd October 1970

Vox Jock (page 39)
"At WTRX in Flint, Mich., music director Nick Arama writes: 'The big record in our town, as with the rest of the nation, is 'Look What They've Done Ma' [sic] by the New Seekers'."

Vol. 82, No. 42, 17th October 1970

Kama Sutra & Buddah Pubs List 150% Rise in Income (page 3)
"New York - Income of the publishing firms operated by Kama Sutra and Buddah Records is up 150% in the past 12 months... Frank Costa, professional manager of the firms... credited the success... to the popularity of material written by Melanie.
Melanie wrote her recent hit Peace Will Come as well as the New Seekers' single on Elektra, Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma."

Vol. 82, No. 49, 5th December 1970

Spotlight Singles (page 76)
Top 60 Pop Spotlight

"Two equally potent sides to follow Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma. Their treatment of Melanie's Beautiful People, which features Eve Graham in the lead is a gem, while the new ballad with a compelling lyric is equally strong."


2nd May 1970
Concert review

26th December 1970
News item and picture


Jackie, No. 353 (front cover).
No. 353, 10th October 1970
Magazine for teenage girls featuring a full-page pin-up of Keith Potger and the New Seekers.

 New Musical Express

9th May 1970, page 9
The New Musical Express published a small black and white photo of the New Seekers accompanied by the following caption: "The New Seekers - currently appearing in variety with Max Bygraves at the London Palladium - last week celebrated the 21st birthday of one of their members, Laurie Heath."

21st November 1970, page 9
LP review: Keith Potger & the New Seekers
by Allen Evans

28th November 1970, page 14.
Star names for 'Lift Off' show
"More big names have been lined up for Granada-TV's Lift Off which is fast becoming ITV's answer to Top Of The Pops.. Ken Dodd, Keith Potger and The New Seekers, Dave Dee, Dream Police and Billie Davis (Dec 9th)."

 Record Mirror

31st October 1970
Short interview and picture

19th December 1970
LP review: Keith Potger & the New Seekers

 Sydney Morning Herald

8th March 1970
New Seekers coming here

A news item announcing the New Seekers' impending arrival in Sydney for an Australian tour, including concerts at the Adelaide Festival of Arts and in Melbourne.

Read the item in full at Google News.

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Music Papers

(New Musical


In 1971 the New Seekers had a huge Summer hit with Never Ending Song Of Love. By December they were poised on the crest of an even bigger wave, as I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing began its climb to the top of the charts.

Disco 45
The Dispatch
Evening Times
Fabulous 208
Hit Parader
Melody Maker

Nashua Telegraph
New Musical Express
New York Times
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Record Mirror
Rome News-Tribune
The Stage & Television Today
The Star-Phoenix
Sydney Morning Herald
Top Teen
TV Week
208 Times


Vol. 83, No. 6, 6th February 1971

New Seekers in U.S. Tour (page 24)
"New York - The New Seekers, Elektra group from England, return to the U.S. Thursday (4) and embark on a cross-country concert tour, coinciding with the release of the group's first album in February..."

Vol. 83, No. 10, 6th March 1971

Spotlight Singles (page 58)
Top 60 Pop Spotlight
Billboard highlighted the release of the New Seekers' third single written by Melanie. "The combination of the New Seekers and composer Melanie come up with a strong rhythm ballad, a sure fire chart topper..."

Vol. 83, No. 12, 20th March 1971

Talent In Action (page 20)
New Seekers
Bitter End, New York

by Nancy Erlich
"One hundred recording engineers with one hundred control panels could not capture the warmth, the energy, the smiles, the explosive optimism of the New Seekers."

Vol. 83, No. 22, 29th May 1971

Golden Oldie Line Is Bowed by Elektra (page 10)
"New York - Elektra Records has initiated a new back-to-back single series, 'Spun Gold'... The initial six-record release includes: two records by the Doors; and one each by Judy Collins, Bread, the New Seekers and Arthur Lee's Love."

Vol. 83, No. 33, 14th August 1971

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 51)
Billboard's round up of music news from around the world included the news that the New Seekers were switching record labels in the UK: "At the very moment when the group is on the verge of securing its biggest hit with its recording of Never Ending Song Of Love, the New Seekers have switched label affiliation in the UK from Philips to Polydor..."

Vol. 83, No. 38, 18th September 1971

Spotlight Singles (page 68)
Top 60 Pop Spotlight
"Peter takes the lead of this strong rhythm item with a clever arrangement and vocal workout. Much sales and Top 40 potency here."

Vol. 83, No. 42, 16th October 1971

Process Prints Label on Disk
by Ron Partridge (page 1, continued on page 4)
"London - Phonodisc is experimenting with a new production technique, painted labels... The new process prints the labels directly onto the records, cutting out the production costs of printing labels on paper... The new technique at present is limited to selected Polydor and Philips singles and has been used on the New Seekers' Never Ending Song Of Love..."

Aussie Invasion Swinging, Propelled by Binder-Porter
by Nat Freedland (page 8, continued from page 1)
"'When Robbie and I started trying to do something to bring more Australian artists into the world record market,' Binder said 'all the U.S. recording executives we talked to said that Australian music was a couple of years behind American and English tastes, so acts from there needed some kind of 'seasoning' either in the States or Britain before they could make it... like the Bee Gees, Helen Reddy, the New Seekers or Olivia Newton-John'."

Vol. 83, No. 43, 23rd October 1971

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 16)
Billboard's news round up included a snippet about one of the New Seekers' live appearances in the USA: "Phoenix - The New Seekers and comedian David Steinberg appear in concert at Grady Gammage on Oct 26."

Vol. 83, No. 46, 13th November 1971

Australians in London (page 36)
by Nigel Hunter
A full-page article on the Australian singers and entrepreneurs who flocked to London in search of international success."Keith Potger first came to London in 1964 as a member of the original Seekers, and is now co-manager of the New Seekers with fellow Australian David Joseph, a group recorded by a third Aussie, producer David Mackay. Group members Marty Kristian and Peter Doyle are also from Down Under."

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 60)
This week's good news came from Australia: "Sydney - Phonogram Records are experiencing a strong reaction to the latest LP release from the New Seekers, Beautiful People..."

Vol. 83, No. 47, 20th November 1971

Spotlight Singles (page 73)
Top 60 Pop Spotlight
"The popular TV Coca-Cola commercial... already making noise by the Hillside Singers."

Vol. 83, No. 51, 18th December 1971

2 Rival Disks Pull All Stops / 'I'd Like to Teach' Versions Do Battle
by Earl Paige (page 3, continued on page 40)
"Chicago - America's jukebox programmers are switching to the New Seekers' version of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) because the front-running version by the Hillside Singers isn't tracking properly on jukeboxes."


Braveo, No. 50 (front cover).
No. 48, 22nd November 1971
Das wunder der New Seekers
by Jörg Flemming

The German magazine Bravo featured the New Seekers in a double-page article (pages 58-59).

No. 50, 6th December 1971.
Issue number 50 featured a double-page colour pin-up of the New Seekers (pages 44-45) together with short profiles of the five members of the group (page 46). Lyn Paul is described as the "pearl" of the group, with "stunning curves"!


3rd April 1971
Short article

8th May 1971
LP review: Beautiful People

3rd July 1971
News item and picture

24th July 1971
Short interview and picture

14th August 1971
Concert review and picture

11th September 1971
News item and picture

18th September 1971
LP review: New Colours

23rd October 1971
Concert review

 Disco 45

Disco 45, No. 9 (front cover).
Established in 1970, Disco 45 published the lyrics of the pop hits of the day. The first issue was published in November 1970 and featured a photo of Mick Jagger on the front cover.

No. 6, April 1971
Included the lyrics to Nickel Song.

No. 9, July 1971
Included the lyrics to Never Ending Song Of Love (page 11).

 The Dispatch (Lexington)

Monday, 6th December 1971
Under Twenty Interview: The New Seekers Relaxed and Cool (page 9)
by Kurt Lassen

A repeat of an article that had appeared in the Rome News-Tribune on 5th December 1971.

Read the article in full at Google News.

 Evening Times (Edinburgh)

2nd April 1971
The New Seekers have found it! (page 10)
by James Craven
A reiview of the single Nickel Song - "the New Seekers third attempt at a chart spot... Eve Graham and the rest of the group have come up with a catchy offering which clicks at first hearing and could be third time lucky for them."

25th June 1971
New Seekers still searching for breakthrough
by James Craven
A reivew of the New Seekers' single Never Ending Song Of Love which observed: "They have consistently released good records which have failed to register a hit here although they have found chart spots in the United States." The verdict: "another example of a record which, in my view, is justified a chart spot on the group's performance."

15th October 1971
New Seekers follow up old line
by James Craven
A review of Good Old Fashioned Music which expressed some disappointment at the follow up to Never Ending Song Of Love: "not nearly as good as their hit single and certainly does not deserve the same success."

24th December 1971
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing: "I think there's a big chart spot awaiting this one."

 Fabulous 208

Fabulous 208, 23rd Ocotber 1971 (front cover).
21st August 1971
In search of love (pages 28-29)
by Julie Webb
A two-page interview with the New Seekers.

23rd October 1971
Now titled Fabulous 208 with Rave, the magazine included a glossy double-page colour poster of the New Seekers.


March 1971
In the Spotlight This Month...

A short article accompanied by a black and white photo introducing the New Seekers. "In the 1960s there was a great group around who made hit records like Georgy Girl and I'll Never Find Another You. The group was The Seekers and they've been sorely missed since they disbanded... But now they're back (sort of)."

 Hit Parader

Number 87, October 1971
THE NEW SEEKERS The Art Of Happiness
by Nancy Erlich

A double-page feature on the New Seekers. Talking about the group's live performances in venues large and small, Lyn Paul said that she prefered the small venues: "I like to get down among an audience, to really see their faces. In a concert I'm too far away. I could work to a big crowd like that if there were some way I could get off the stage at one time and work to them as people. I'd rather entertain that way."


Jackie, No. 408 (front cover).
No. 400, 4th September 1971
Finding out a Seeker's secrets
A three-quarter page interview with Eve Graham.

No. 408, 30th October 1971
Issue number 408 featured a single-page colour pin-up of the New Seekers.

No. 413, 4th December 1971
Featured another single-page colour pin-up of the New Seekers.


Number 87, 7th August 1971
Lift Off With Ayshea
A three-page article featuring small photos of Miki Anthony, The Sweet and the New Seekers.

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 Melody Maker

5th June 1971
Concert review

14th August 1971
New Seekers find what they're looking for (page 17)
A short interview with Lyn Paul and Keith Potger.

21st August 1971
"Blind Date"

16th October 1971
LP review: New Colours

 Nashua Telegraph

Saturday, 24th April 1971
New Seekers Seek Seekers' Audience (page 11)
by Mary Campbell

A longer version of an interview with the New Seekers previously published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on 7th April 1971.

In one of the additonal quotes, Peter Doyle talked about his song Cincinnati: "I've never been to Cincinnati. The song is about Los Angeles. I went there and to Disneyland and really enjoyed myself. I went back home and got emotional about the whole place, so I thought I'd write a song about it. Cincinnati is a nice word to say in a song. I couldn't say Los Angeles."

Read the article in full at Google News.

11th December 1971
The New Seekers Find Success With International Appearances (page 12)
by Kurt Lassen

This article first appeared in the Rome News-Tribune on 5th December 1971.

Read the article in full at Google News.

 New Musical Express

8th May 1971
LP review: Beautiful People

17th July 1971
New Seekers set for 15-city concert tour
The NME gave advance notice of the New Seekers' Autumn tour, starting in Southport on 26th September and ending up at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on 16th October.

24th July 1971, page 4
New to the charts: New Seekers
The New Musical Express commented on the New Seekers' chart breakthrough: "The New Seekers finally made it to the list this week with their version of Delaney and Bonnie's Never Ending Song Of Love. During their two years of trying for Btritish success the group has had the consolation of notching up three American hits, so life hasn't exactly been a case of hanging around the labour exchange."

7th August 1971, page 5
New Seekers: one big never ending smile
An interview (with picture) by Julie Webb.

21st August 1971, page 14
Life-lines of the New Seekers
A half-page feature on the New Seekers, which included a profile and photo of each member of the group. At the time Lyn said that her biggest disappointment was when Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma wasn't a hit in England.

28th August 1971, 208 Times Supplement (Vol. 2, No. 3), page III
New Seekers in Luxy and with 208 in London
A feature on the New Seekers that included two photos of Eve Graham and Lyn Paul with the Radio Luxembourg DJs Paul Burnett, David Christian, Kid Jensen and Bob Stewart.

11th September 1971, page 19
Knocked out by reaction in US but we'll be back
Julie Webb on the phone to the New Seekers in America (with picture).

2nd October 1971, page 13
Blended Seekers
LP review: New Colours

by John Wells

23rd October 1971
Concert review

25th December 1971, page 13
For the New Seekers ... things go better with Coke
by Julie Webb
A short interview (with a picture of Marty Kristian).

 New York Times

10th November 1971, page 53
New Seekers Sing at the Maisonette
by John S. Wilson

A review of a New Seekers' show at the St. Regis Maisonette.

 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Wednesday, 7th April 1971
New Seekers Seek Older Audience
by Mary Campbell

A short item about the New Seekers, identifying the gap in the music market they were trying to fill. "The New Seekers are trying for the audience of the Seekers... The Seekers were folk, and the New Seekers are cheerful pop. So the intent isn't to sound the same, but to interest the same audience..."

Eve Graham is quoted as saying: "Our first big challenge was when we went to Australia. We were terrified, wondering if they were going to completely reject us becuase we had stolen the name..."

Read the item in full at Google News.

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 Record Mirror

5th June 1971
Interview and picture

10th July 1971
On the day that the New Seekers' Never Ending Song Of Love made its début on the UK singles chart, Record Mirror featured a front-page advert for the single headed "Get the one that's going places."

14th August 1971
We just want to be accepted
A half-page interview with the New Seekers accompanied by a picture.

23rd October 1971
LP review: New Colours

18th December 1971
Single review and picture

 Rome News-Tribune

Sunday, 2nd May 1971
Seekers Seek New Rock Image (page 8-E)
by Dick Kleiner

An interview with the New Seekers, worth reading if only for the quote from Paul Layton: "We're not all joint-smoking alcoholic bums."

Read the interview in full at Google News.

Sunday, 5th December 1971
New Seekers public appearance tours successful
by Kurt Lassen

An interview with the New Seekers which took place while the group was appearing at New York's St. Regis, "a highly unusual place for a contemporary group to be caught up with."

The interview focused on the New Seekers' live appearances around the world, including the group's forthcoming "command performance before the Queen" and a tour of Japan. Marty Kristian is quoted as saying: "The Japan tour came about because we did 'Tonight' in Japanese and it was a big hit there."

Read the item in full at Google News.

 The Stage & Television Today

17th June 1971, page 3
New Seekers Great Single
The Stage & Television Today reported the imminent release of the New Seekers' new single Never Ending Song Of Love. "Written by the famous American team Delanie [sic] and Bonnie, the song has all the earmarks of a big hit."

5th August 1971, page 20.
The Stage & Television Today featured a photo taken at London Airport of Lyn Paul and Eve Graham in hot pants. The paper reported that they were "flying off to Luxembourg for a two-day business plus shopping-spree trip" prior to the New Seekers' shows at The Talk Of The Town "on Monday next" and a US tour "later in the month".

25th November 1971, page 12
The Stage & Television Today reported that the New Seekers would be "in a special seasonal edition of The Cliff Richard Show on BBC1 on Christmas Eve" as well as Christmas Day With The Stars, also on BBC1. Following that the paper reported that "on January 1, they will sing the first of six Songs For Europe on BBC1's Cliff Richard Show" continuing to 12th February, when viewers would be invited to vote for their favourite.

 The Star-Phoenix (Saskatoon)

Monday, 13th September 1971
New Seekers Successful As Audience-pleasing Pros (page 10)
by Gary Tannyan

A review of a New Seekers' show at the Centennial Auditorium.

"Professionalism is a keyword in describing their stage act. The group knew what it was doing and did it well... They all did a fair share of good vocal work. Stunning Lynn Paul [sic], the other female group member, showed that she too can use her vocal cords... But even if they are to be put down as commercial, there is no getting around the fact that the New Seekers are good at what they do. They turned in a fine performance and the standing ovation was the testimony."

Read the review in full at Google News.

 Sydney Morning Herald

28th November 1971
New Seekers sang well enough, but...
by Lillian Roxon

A review of a New Seekers' gig at the St. Regis Maisonette which wasn't entirely focused on the group's music: "They sang, as usual, all their Melanie songs... in the most flawless of voices, but their appearance left something to be desired. Although they are a most attractive fivesome, you couldn't help noticing that... their hair was not cut well, and in the case of one girl, badly needed conditioning."

Read the item in full at Google News.

 Teen, July 1971.

In its July edition the fashion and beauty magazine for teenage girls put the spotloght on the New Seekers.

 Top Teen, October 1971

In the October edition the Top Teen magazine the New Seekers were included in a feature on 'Groups from Great Britian' (page 54).

 TV Week (New South Wales, Australia)

31st July 1971
This edition included a large colour photo of the New Seekers plus features on Keith Potger and The Mixtures.

21st August 1971
Success has left the New Seekers homeless (page 8)
by George Tremlett
A single-page article recounting the New Seekers' early successes, together with snippets of biographical information about each member of the group and a photo which wrongly identifies Peter Doyle as Marty Kristian and vise versa.

 208 Times, Vol. 2, No.3, September / October 1971.

This edition included photos of the New Seekers taken in Luxembourg and London.

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New Seekers.

New Seekers
Pictured (left to right): Peter Doyle, Paul Layton, Marty Kristian,
Lyn Paul and Eve Graham.
Copyright © Chris Walter. Photo used with permission.
See more of Chris Walters' photographs at the Photofeatures website.

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