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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2000s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2000 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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The Mountains Welcome Me Home (CD / DVD cover).

Eve Graham
The Mountains
Welcome Me Home

(CD / DVD cover)

Songbook 1970-74 (CD cover).

New Seekers
Songbook 1970-74
(CD cover)

Blood Brothers (programme cover).

Blood Brothers
Birmingham Hippodrome
(programme cover)


In the '60s there was the Seekers. Then, in the early '70s, there was the New Seekers. Since then both groups have re-emerged with a variety of line-ups. The New Seekers re-formed in 1976 minus Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle (the revised line-up was dubbed by some the "new" New Seekers). In 1978 Eve Graham bid her second farewell, leaving behind only two members of the group's hit-making line-up. In 2002 Marty Kristian called it quits, with Paul Layton left to continue with four other "new" New Seekers. On 7th January 2006, not long after the New Seekers announced a UK tour, the TV show Stars In Their Eyes brought us yet another version of the New Seekers, who, thanks to clever costumes and make-up, actually looked more like the "real" New Seekers than the current incarnation of the group.

Eve Graham, meanwhile, continued to promote her comeback CD The Mountains Welcome Me Home, and mentioned in an interview with The Sunday Post that she had seen Lyn Paul in the TV 'soap' Emmerdale.

Lyn made an unexpected return to the stage in Blood Brothers and once again got rave reviews.

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 Sunday Post, 1st January 2006, page 21.

Eve helped to teach the world to sing
by Collin MacFarlane

Looking back on her days with the New Seekers, Eve Graham said: "Lyn Paul and I looked right together on stage, but we weren't that close." She went on to say: "I noticed she was in 'Emmerdale' recently and I was impressed by her acting."

 The Sun, TV Week, 7th January 2006, page 6.

We are family

STARS IN THEIR EYES: Families • Saturday • ITV1

The Sun previewed a Stars In Their Eyes 'family' special, highlighting the appearance of the Bateman family.

"Instead of the usual solo acts, five families will stride through the dry ice as bands or perform famous duets.

Among the performers will be the Batemans from Yorkshire, who perform as 1970s hit-makers the New Seekers ..."

 TV Easy, 7th - 13th January 2006, page 27.

Picks of the Day

Stars In Their Eyes: Families
ITV1 • 7.10pm

TV Easy selected the special 'family' edition of Stars In Their Eyes as one of it's 'Picks of the Day'. The Bateman family (three brothers and two sisters) was pictured impersonating the New Seekers.

 What's On TV, 7th - 13th January 2006, page 20.

It's A Family Affair - How the Bateman children became the Seventies folk band The New Seekers

Stars In Their Eyes: Families
ITV1 Saturday

What's On TV previewed the special 'family' edition of Stars In Their Eyes, in which the Bateman family impersonated the New Seekers: Ironically, the picture of the New Seekers which accompanied the article was of a later line-up, not the hit-making line-up that the Bateman family was imitating!

 Daily Mail (Scottish edition), 16th January 2006, pages 26-27.

Eve's seeking her pop fortune:
New Seekers star has not seen one penny in royalties after 30-year battle

by Maureen Culley

Eve Graham recalled the days when the New Seekers were topping the charts with I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing:

"The New Seekers sold more than 12 million copies of the song, making Eve and the rest of the band - Lyn Paul, Peter Doyle, Paul Layton and Marty Kristian - the stars of the day."

Eve also talked about the behind-the-scenes tensions that caused the group to split up:

"I sang the lead on most of the hits, which caused some friction.

I was in one corner and the other four were on the other side of the room. There was an underlying resentment there. When we lived in LA for a while, they were all staying in the same apartment block - I was in another ... I eventually found it quite isolating within the group."

 The Observer, 22nd January 2006, page 66.


The Observer recalled January 1972 ...

"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers tops the charts throughout January. It started life as a Coca-Cola jingle. Rumours that the group later became the inspiration for the New Main Street Singers in A Mighty Wind persist."

 The Express, 24th February 2006.

by Marcus Dunk

Marcus Dunk reviewed the latest CD releases, among them the latest New Seekers' compilation.

THE NEW SEEKERS: SONGBOOK 1970-1974 (Universal)

"THIRTY-FIVE years on since they taught the world to sing, the New Seekers are back with a double album of their biggest hits from 1970 to 1974. Who can forget Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma, the heavenly harmonies of Beautiful People, or the unbeatable balladry of Child Of Mine?

They're all here, along with plenty of covers and some rare ditties."

 Music Week, 25th February 2006.

The New Seekers Songbook 1970-1974 (Spectrum 9832012)

"The Anglo-Australian group formed in the wake of the demise of the phenomenally successful Seekers were, if anything, even more successful but have previously been given short shrift by CD compilers. This new double-disc set addresses that neglect, and features all 11 of their Polydor hits ... What does work, perhaps surprisingly, is a medley of Georgie Girl -stolen from the original Seekers' repertoire - and The Beatles' Ticket To Ride, which are finely interweaved to excellent effect."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Birmingham Mail, 8th March 2006, page 16.

Nolan sister pulls out of musical
by Diane Parkes

The Birmingham Mail reported that Linda Nolan had pulled out of the musical Blood Brothers following treatment for breast cancer.

"Linda ... had hoped to be recovered for the dates at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre starting next week.

But today the theatre announced she had been forced to cancel and would be replaced by Lyn Paul, who has also played Mrs. Johnstone in the past."

 Midlands Zone, March 2006, page 39.

Linda Nolan to carry on in hit show

The UK's biggest regional gay magazine previewed the forthcoming production of Blood Brothers at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.

"Despite recently being diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda Nolan is hoping to carry on in the role of Mrs. Johnstone ... Nolan will miss three weeks of the tour, when ex-New Seeker Lyn Paul steps in, but hopes to be back on board in time for the Grand Theatre dates (Ms. Paul will continue if not)."

 Daily Express, Saturday Magazine, 11th - 17th March 2006, page 15.

Whatever happened to ... The New Seekers
by Peter Robertson

An interview with Eve Graham, in which she recalled life with and after the New Seekers. Eve talked about her relationship with DJ Ed Stewart and about her marriage to fellow New Seeker Kevin 'Danny' Finn. The article was accompanied by a photograph of the New Seekers from their hey day (featuring Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle).

The Saturday Magazine also included a back-page interview with Bernie Nolan, who was asked about her sister Linda's breast cancer:

"We only found out last month and she had the mastectomy three weeks ago ... We're all very positive, and Linda will get through this. She's even hoping to get back on stage in 'Blood Brothers' this month."

 The Times, 11th March 2006, page 69.

TV Choice
by David Chater

The New Seekers were mentioned in passing in The Times in David Chater's preview of The Money Programme.


"The Money Programme examines the phenomenal earning power of the American rapper 50 Cent ... Reebok signed 50 Cent as the new face of its brand, but the television advertising campaign had to be withdrawn in the UK when viewers complained that it glamorised gun culture. It is all a long way from the New Seekers teaching the world to sing in Coke soaked harmony."

 Birmingham Mail, 16th March 2006, page 59.

Reviews; Blood transfusion
BLOOD BROTHERS Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
by Paul Marston

Reviewer Paul Marston lamented the absence of Linda Nolan form the touring production of Blood Brothers, but gave Lyn Paul credit for keeping the show on the road.

"She is a hard act to follow, but Lyn Paul, once of the New Seekers and more recently an Emmerdale actress, has taken over the part in the Black Country with considerable aplomb."

 Malvern Gazette, Thursday, 16th March 2006.

Wolverhampton Grand until Saturday, March 25

"Lyn Paul is wonderful as Mrs. Johnstone, skilfully using melodies and movement to symbolise the hope that replaces the drudgery of being a single mother and the guilt of giving away a child to her boss."

 Kidderminster Times, Thursday, 23rd March 2006.

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton until Saturday

"Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone, mother of the two brothers, is magnificent and has a superb singing voice which did justice to the musical's many great numbers especially the final heart-rending Tell Me It's Not True."

 Midlands Zone, April 2006, page 54.

Blood Brothers

Midlands Zone gave the touring production of Blood Brothers at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton four stars out of five.

"Lyn Paul's performance as Mrs. Johnstone was excellent, charged with passion and emotion. Her strong vocal talent was evident throughout the show ..."

 South Wales Echo, 25th March 2006, page 4.

Nolan back in action after cancer op
by Gavin Allen

"Blood Brothers fans in Cardiff could get a pretty unique experience if they take the chance to see two different actresses play Mrs. Johnstone inside a fortnight.

Linda Nolan was scheduled to play the lead role in the production at The New Theatre that begins on Monday, March 27 but her participation is now likely to be limited.

The likelihood is that she will reclaim the family role - all four Nolan sisters have played Mrs. Johnstone - in the second week of the run at The New Theatre. Until she is able to take up the role the woman pushing the pram will be former New Seeker Lyn Paul - and Mrs. Johnstones don't come much better than her."

 South Wales Echo, 29th March 2006.

Review: Blood Brothers
by Alison Stokes

"So ... have you heard the story of the Johnstone twins?

There can't be many theatre-goers who haven't by now.

... Yet it still manages to maintain its dramatic clout. And that's because it's a simple story, well acted (particularly by former New Seeker Lyn Paul who was a natural Mrs. Johnstone, replacing Linda Nolan who is having cancer treatment)."

 Western Mail, 31st March 2006.

Preview: Blood Brothers
New Theatre, Cardiff

by Kate Lloyd

"Mrs. Johnstone (Lyn Paul) can't put a foot wrong as the hapless mother with a heart of gold."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), 10th April 2006, page 18.


"LYN PAUL takes the leading role in Willy Russell's musical Blood Brothers, replacing Linda Nolan who is recovering from a breast cancer operation. Still Liverpool's most successful musical. April 17-29, Liverpool Empire."

 Liverpool Echo, 15th April 2006, page 33.

My First ... ; Blood Brothers
by Peter Grant

"I've since seen the many versions and all the Mrs. Johnstone's from Barbara Dickson to Kiki Dee and Helen Reddy.

Now I will see Lyn Paul sporting the pinny of the Scouse mum who has to give away one of her twins because she simply can't afford to keep one."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), 17th April 2006, page 18.


"Willy Russell's great musical Blood Brothers returns to its home town, this time with Lyn Paul in the leading role."

 Liverpool Echo, 18th April 2006, page 15.

If you doone thing this week ...

"WILLY Russell's musical Blood Brothers is at the Liverpool Empire until April 29, starring former New Seekers star Lyn Paul."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), 19th April 2006.

Blood Brothers, Liverpool Empire
by Peter Grant

"Lyn Paul still has a wonderful singing voice and she also has stage presence shown with such visual power in the second half leading up to the finale."

 Liverpool Echo, 20th April 2006, page 29.

Review BLOOD BROTHERS Liverpool Empire
by Adrian Butler

"Playing Mrs. Johnstone, Lyn Paul put in a great job of milking the audience's sympathy ..."

RATING: 8/10

 Chester Chronicle, 21st April 2006.

Lyn Paul seeks to shine in Blood Brothers

In an interview for the Chester Chronicle Lyn Paul talked about her return to the role of Mrs. Johnstone.

"'I haven't faced any challenges recently but when I first joined the musical and started the role I had no acting experience or training. I was just taken on with the belief from the director that I would do the role justice, so I will always be thankful for that."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), 21st April 2006.

Warm welcome for an old friend
by Philip Key

Lyn Paul told Philip Key how much she enjoys returning to Liverpool. She recalled visiting the city with the New Seekers and as a solo artist:

"Oh, the Wookey Hollow, the Shakespeare, they were great ... I have some wonderful memories of clubs in the north but they just don't seem to exist any more. It's very sad."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 The Times, 28th April 2006, page 13.

Should rock 'n' roll sell its soul?
by Pete Paphides

Noel Gallagher of Oasis has a go at Jack White for writing a Coke ad. But Pete Paphides makes a telling point:

"... given his stated desire to spread "a message of peace and love", it seems that the New Seekers' original Coke song, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, was at the forefront of his thoughts - just as it was for Oasis when they adapted a chunk of it for Shakermaker."

 Hertfordshire County Publications, 9th May 2006.

Jingle belles and boys

Paul Layton
was interviewed prior to the New Seekers' appearance at the Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar, on 19th May.

"Over the years, the group have seen more changes to their line-up than the Chelsea football team, but Paul has been a regular fixture since 1970 when he joined, along with Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle."

 The Times, 13th May 2006, page 17.

The Afghan fiasco: why a certain certainty is certainly being missed
by Matthew Parris

Matthew Parris is fond of mentioning the New Seekers in his articles - witness previous items in The Times (17th May 1994) and The Sun (28th February 1998). Here he goes again!

"... Tony Blair, with his rather 1970s New Seekers vision of self-evident morality and "natural" law, is the worst but not the only exemplar of a dangerously lazy approach to the idea of due process ..."

Hmm ...

 Record Collector, Issue 324, June 2006, page 94.

ALBUM Reviews

The New Seekers

by Michael Heatley

"Classy middle-of-the-road fare makes it to the digital domain... A guilty pleasure."

Issue 323 of Record Collector included an advert for the New Seekers' CD Songbook 1970-74. Issue 324 included a review by Michael Heatley, which highlighted the Todd Rundgren song I Saw The Light (sung by Lyn Paul) as one of the "unexpected treats" on the album.

 The Sun, 6th June 2006, page 12.

I couldn't sing a note ... it's nuts
by Colin Robertson and Julie Moult

The Sun reported on the final night of ITV's X Factor: Battle of the Stars, which was won by ex-Eastenders actor Lucy Benjamin.

"The show's other beaten acts also returned to sing I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing and Thank You For The Music."

 Daily Telegraph,10th June 2006.

Those World Cup facts in full
by Craig Brown

The football World Cup as you may not remember it - Craig Brown let his imagination run riot!

"In 1974, for financial and logistical reasons, television moguls decided to combine the World Cup with the Eurovision Song Contest. The final was, famously, played between Holland and the New Seekers. With just two minutes to go, the score was 3-3, but then New Seekers goalkeeper Lyn Paul tripped over head-first on the hem of her maxi-skirt just before reaching the second chorus of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, thus letting in the winning goal and giving Holland the cup."

 Daily Post, 4th July 2006, page 3.

Blood Brothers looks set to be a moving picture; Alan Weston on how Liverpool's favourite show may become a film
by Alan Weston

News of a forthcoming film version of Blood Brothers prompted Alan Weston to ponder the musical's success on the stage:

"It has featured actresses and singers such as Barbara Dickson, Lyn Paul and Linda Nolan, all of whom have played the lead part of Mrs. Johnstone."

 The Spectator, 15th July 2006.

I would like to think that Cameron is right that we are One Nation. I fear he is wrong.
by Matthew Parris

Not for the first time, the political commentator Matthew Parris conjured an image of Tony Blair teaching the world to sing.

"His choice of language spoke of a Britain - perhaps a world - which he'd like to teach to sing in perfect harmony. This was a world whose tunes were by the New Seekers, by Peter, Paul and Mary and the Singing Nun."

 Sunday Mercury (Birmingham), 23rd July 2006, page 4.


Introducing Harry Chapin (Rhino)

The New Seekers were mentioned in passing in the review of a new compilation CD, Introducing Harry Chapin.

"This career compilation includes his folk-pop classics Cat's In The Cradle, later a rock-and-roll hit for Ugly Kid Joe, and Circle - the latter made famous in the UK by the New Seekers."

 The Express, 27th July 2006.

Just a crude recipe for disaster
by Keith Aitken

Mention Coca-Cola and it seems that most writers can't help but recall the New Seekers teaching the world to sing ...

"A rare David-and-Goliath victory for a group of Scottish mental health charities, who forced the mighty Coca-Cola to drop adverts that joked about 'psychos'. 'It was never our intention to offend,' said Coca-Cola. Fine words from the company that gave us the New Seekers, pictured, doing I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing."

 The Guardian, 7th August 2006, Guardian Sport Pages, page 20.

Screen Break: Grumpy about the ugly face of beautiful game
by Martin Kelner

"The bridge-building efforts of the official England supporters' groups did not go unnoticed by Panorama but their set-piece events, laudable though they were, looked about as relevant as those discos inner-city vicars used to organise, hoping to distract razor gangs from their mayhem with the thrilling beats of exciting popsters such as the New Seekers and Clodagh Rodgers."

 The Guardian, 12th August 2006, Guardian Travel Pages, page 2.

The New French Partridge, Northamptonshire
by Sally Shalam

"Sticking the word 'new' in front of an old name when the line-up changes strikes me as a curious strategy. (It reminds me of a '70s band called the New Seekers.) It seems to have worked though, for the New French Partridge in Horton."

 Radio Times, 12th - 18th August 2006, page 122.

Radio: Friday 18 August
BBC Radio 2
7.30 Friday Night Is Music Night

Lyn's name appeared on the guest list for Friday Night Is Music Night: "Robert Ziegler conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra with soprano Michelle Walton, baritone Mark Stone and singer Lyn Paul. Presented by Aled Jones."

 Western Daily Press, 17th August 2006.

Teaching us to sing

As the 2006 line-up of the New Seekers headed for the Weston Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare, the Western Daily Press looked back on the group's history, recalling the time when the hit-making line-up was formed.

"A change in image was also starting to happen, with a much poppier and hippier look replacing the old Seekers style. Sally, Laurie and Chris decided that this wasn't the direction they wanted to take and were replaced by Peter Doyle, Paul Layton and Lyn Paul."

 The Times, 19th August 2006, page 42.

Radiohead; TV & radio
by Ian Johns

"One of the more ludicrous TV promos for radio in recent years featured the BBC Radio 5 Live football commentators Jonathan Pearce and Alan Green in a nightclub performing their commentaries DJ style before an audience of rapturous young people ... it probably was about as successful as a 1960s vicar trying to lure teenagers with the promise of the New Seekers."

 Sunday Telegraph, 3rd September 2006, page 24.

It is Labour's agonies, not Blair, that will go on and on
by Matthew D'Ancona

"Twelve years after Mr. Blair became leader, New Labour is 'new'' only in the sense that the New Seekers, The New Avengers or New College, Oxford, are 'new'."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Leicester Mercury, 7th September 2006.

The Leicester Mercury heralded the return of Blood Brothers to the Birmingham Hippodrome with an article about the show and an interview with Keith Burns, who was playing the role of the Narrator.

"There have been numerous Mrs. Johnstones giving up her child over the life of the production, from Clodagh Rogers to Denise, Linda and Bernadette Nolan, via Rebecca Storm, Kiki Dee and Barbara Dixon [sic].

For this latest leg of the tour, Lyn Paul takes on the role ..."

 Mail On Sunday, 17th September 2006, page 81.

The Prize Crossword

Lyn was the answer to one of the clues in the Mail On Sunday's Prize Crossword!


Singer-actress born Lynda Susan Belcher in 1949 (3,4)

 Birmingham Mail, 28th September 2006, page 3.

Linda has to pull out of show
by Alison Dayani and Diane Parkes

The Birmingham Mail reported the news that Linda Nolan had been forced to pull out of Blood Brothers shows in Birmingham.

"Despite undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy on tour, she was due to perform the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone when the Willy Russell musical rolled into town at Birmingham Hippodrome on October 9 ...

Nolan will be replaced by Lyn Paul, from the New Seekers, who has starred in Blood Brothers in the West End."

 Northern Echo, 5th October 2006, page 13.

Blood Brothers
Darlington Civic Theatre

by Viv Hardwick

"Lyn Paul, as the pivotal and much picked on Mrs. J., was singing so well until she was wrong-footed by the words "he's got a thing for getting blackheads out" and halted the show until audience shouts and the prompt got her out of a tight squeeze. Ms Paul, at 57, is at the top end of a performer playing a single mother of seven from her 20s to late 40s but her realistic tears, as twins Mickey (Stephen Palfreman) and Eddie (Craig Whiteley) lay dead, brought a standing ovation."

 Birmingham Mail, 6th October 2006, page 37.

Lyn's thrown in at the deep end
by Diane Parkes

For the second time in the same year Lyn Paul was asked at short notice to replace Linda Nolan in Blood Brothers. Lyn told Diane Parkes that even though she had played the part of Mrs. Johnstone many times before, rushing back to the show wasn't without its problems: "There wasn't any rehearsal, just time for a vocal warm-up with Sandy Walsh who plays Mrs. Lyons. She was lovely and made it so easy for me, but even so I forgot the lines to the first song in the second half for a few moments."

 Birmingham Mail, 11th October 2006, page 8.

Blood Brothers @ Birmingham Hippodrome ****
Oct. 11 2006
by Alison Dayani

"The seamless performance by Lyn Paul deserves a mention as she only stepped into the lead role when Linda Nolan pulled out due to illness."

 Birmingham Post, 12th October 2006.

Too sentimental by half
Terry Grimley reviews Blood Brothers at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

"As the hapless working-class single mother Mrs. Johnstone, Lyn Paul sings flawlessly but she does now seem a little on the senior side for a role she has performed for years."

 Bromsgrove Advertiser, 18th October 2006.

Abundant power and emotion

"In an impressive cast the excellent Stephen Palfreman stood out as loveable rogue Mickey, injecting him with the right amount of humour and pathos, while Lyn Paul, who played his mother Mrs. Johnstone, also deserves a special mention as she held the show together as the salt of the earth working mum with a dark secret."

 The Express, 24th October 2006.

A Long and winding road for Sir Paul

An anecdote about Sir Paul McCartney getting lost on his way to visit Jules Holland and, unrelated to that story and the headline, a 'confession' from Eve Graham.

"Former New Seekers singer Eve Graham has confessed for the first time to having a youthful affair with football legend George Best, who died a year ago next month. It happened in 1966 when Eve, 63, was working with The Nocturnes group in Manchester."

 Sunday Times, 12th November 2006, page 35.

Oasis; Down time
by Dan Cairns

Dan Cairns marked the release of the first Oasis compilation, Stop The Clocks, with a list of the band's achievements:

1. Shakermaker
"Okay, it's a New Seekers steal, but this is still stupendous."

 The Mirror, 21st November 2006, page 6.

Best band ever? Definitely
by Paul McNamee

Paul McNamee claimed Oasis to be the best band of their generation. Among the 20 reasons why:

"SHAMELESS SAMPLING: Noel paid homage to greats like T. Rex, the New Seekers and George Harrison. Liam was inspired by John Lennon and Ian Brown."

He can not be serious, can he?

 Yours, 29th November 2006 - 1st January 2007, page 21.

The Roy Hudd Column
Dames, donkeys and dogs

Picture it: Torquay, 1994 ...

"Lots of people have played the cat - it's a winner of a part. However one of my favourite principal boys, ex-Seeker Lyn Paul,.got lumbered with a moggy who liked the odd drink.

One afternoon he really didn't know where he was ... After despreately trying to follow him around Highgate Hill, Lyn moved upstage only to go base over apex backwards. He was behind her. Silencing the children, who were yelling with laughter, she asked, 'Boys and girls - has Dick Whittington ever killed his cat?' Their reply is not recorded."

 Daily Post, 26th December 2006.

Mersey actor makes sure show goes on - and on
by Alan Weston

Alan Weston talked to actor Mark Hutchinson about playing the role of Eddie Lyons in Blood Brothers.

"His current "brother" in the production is former boy band idol Anthony Costa, from Blue, but he has also appeared alongside David Cassidy in the role of his twin, Mickey.

Meanwhile, famous "mothers" he has played alongside, in the form of the formidable Mrs. Johnstone, include Barbara Dickson, Lyn Paul, Kiki Dee, Sarah Lancashire, and nearly all of the Nolan sisters. The current occupant of the role is Maureen Nolan."

 The Times, 28th December 2006, page 3.

Is Noddy next on the list of super-kitsch?
by Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst speculated on whether "Tony Blair, his wife Cherie, or both, are simply addicted to slightly kitsch pop music from the late 1960s and early 1970s?" His article brough the Prime Minister good news: "during his retirement next year, he can still catch up with some of the stars from the 1970s on stage ... Some members of the New Seekers (I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony), 1971) came out of retirement last year."

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