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New Seekers

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New Seekers: UK albums

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The New Seekers recorded 12 albums, 9 of which feature Lyn Paul. These are listed below in chronological order, together with an album released by Peter, Paul & Marty, which features Lyn on backing vocals, and a live CD released in 2007.

When the New Seekers re-formed (without Lyn Paul) in 1976, the group signed to CBS. The label's biggest stars were based in the USA and encompassed a wide range of musical styles, including easy listening (Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand), singer-songwriters (Bob Dylan and Billy Joel), rock (Chicago and Boz Scaggs) and soul (Earth Wind and Fire, the Emotions and Deniece Williams). Other UK artists recording for CBS at the time included Tina Charles, David Essex and the Clash, plus "one-hit wonders" the Dead End Kids and the Kursaal Flyers.

If any of the New Seekers' UK albums are missing from your collection, then why not try finding them using our On the Net guide to record collecting?

Check the other Sound and Vision pages for information on the New Seekers' other recordings.

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Together Again (cassette cover).

New Seekers
Together Again
(cassette cover)

Together Again

Side 1:
I Wanna Go Back (Bill Martin / Phil Coulter) | You Never Can Tell* (Paul Layton / Marty Kristian / Danny Finn) | It's So Nice (To Have You Home)** (Bill Martin / Phil Coulter) | You Make Me Feel Like A Woman* (Paul Layton / Marty Kristian / Danny Finn) | A Little Bit More (Bobby Gosh) | Party Time (Bill Martin / Phil Coulter)

Side 2:
The Seeker (Dolly Parton) | Scorn Not His Simplicity (Phil Coulter) | Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Carte Blanche / Ann Orson) | Country Lovin'* (Paul Layton / Marty Kristian / John Franklin) | Music Medley: Sing Me (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield) / I Believe In Music (Mac Davis) / I Got The Music In Me (Bias Boshell) / Listen To The Music (Tom Johnston) / Dance To The Music (Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart) / Money Makes The World Go Around (Kander & Ebb) / Music (John Miles)

The New Seekers' comeback LP featuring newcomers Danny Finn and Kathy Ann Rae, who took over from Peter Oliver and Lyn Paul. Songs include a lively version of Dolly Parton's The Seeker and less than inspiring covers of the Dr. Hook hit A Little Bit More and Elton John and Kiki Dee's classic Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

More interesting is the second track on Side 2, Scorn Not His Simplicity. This poignant song was written by Phil Coulter in memory of his son, who was born with Down's syndrome and died at the age of three. SinŽad O'Connor recorded a cover version on her 1994 album Universal Mother.

Produced by: Phil Coulter in association with Bill Martin / Ossie Byrne and MPD* / Ron Richards**

Label / Catalogue Number: CBS LP 81616 (LP) / MC 40-81616 (cassette) / GLAMCDD 92 (CD)
Released: 12th November 1976
Re-issued on CD: 20th July 2009

Together Again (LP cover).

Pictured above (left to right):
Marty Kristian, Eve Graham, Danny Finn, Kathy Ann Rae and Paul Layton.

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Anthem (LP cover).

New Seekers
(album cover)

Anthem - One Day in Every Week

Anthem (cassette cover).Side 1:
Do You Wanna Make Love (Peter McCann) | We Grew Up On Rock 'n' Roll (Terry Dempsey) | Anthem (Brian Peacock / Mick Rogers) | The Singer (Chris Andrews) | Out Of Love With Love (King / Musker)

Side 2:
You Got Me Runnin' (Parker McGee) | Flashback (Digby Richards) | Ray Of Sunshine (Mike Smith / Michael D'Abo) | High In A Singles Bar (Tracy Byrd) | I've Got Your Number (Danny Finn / Marty Kristian / Paul Layton)

Produced by: David Mackay
Arranged by: No credit given.

Label / Catalogue Number: CBS LP 82678 (LP) / MC 40-82678 (cassette) / GLAMCDD 92 (CD)
Released: September 1978
Re-issued on CD: 20th July 2009

The New Seekers' last studio album and one of their best. Included are three of their singles, Do You Wanna Make Love (a song also released as a single by ex-New Seeker Peter Doyle), Flashback and the truly excellent Anthem (One Day In Every Week).

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Live In Concert (CD cover).

New Seekers
Live In Concert
(CD cover)

Live In Concert

The Seeker (Dolly Parton) | Georgy Girl / Ticket To Ride (Tom Springfield / Jim Dale / John Lennon / Paul McCartney) | Reflections (William Campbell / Thomas McAleese) | Circles (Harry Chapin) | I Don't Wanna Talk About It / The First Cut Is The Deepest (Danny Whitten / Cat Stevens) | Nickel Song (Melanie Safka) | The Pushbike Song (Idris Jones / Evan Jones) | Run To Me (Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb / Maurice Gibb) | I Get A Little Sentimental Over You (Tony Macaulay / Geoff Stephens) | Music Medley (Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield / Mac Davis / Bias Boshell / Tom Johnston / Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart / Kander & Ebb / John Miles) | Good Old Fashioned Music (Gary Sulsh / Stuart Leathwood) | I Can't Let Go (Chip Taylor / Al Gorgoni) | Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma (Melanie Safka) | Never Ending Song Of Love (Delaney Bramlett) | You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (Tony Macaulay / Geoff Stephens) | Massachusetts (Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb / Maurice Gibb) | To Love Somebody (Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb) | Islands In The Stream (Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb / Maurice Gibb) | Beg, Steal Or Borrow (Tony Hall / Graeme Miller / Steve Wolfe) | Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (Ed McCurdy) | Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me (Pete Townshend) | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Bill Backer / Billy Davis / Roger Greenaway / Roger Cook)

Recorded live during the New Seekers' 2006 tour of the UK, this CD was the first 'new release' by the group since the 1980s. In addition to the hits made famous by the 1970s line-up of the group, the album includes cover versions of hits by The Hollies (I Can't Let Go), The Marmalade (Reflections Of My Life) and Rod Stewart (I Don't Want To Talk About It / First Cut Is The Deepest). Also included is a song more often associated with Simon and Garfunkel (Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream), as well as the old Dolly Parton favourite The Seeker and four songs written by the Bee Gees (Islands In The Stream, Massachusetts, Run To Me and To Love Somebody).

Produced by: Mick Flinn
Mixed by: Mick Flinn and Paul Layton

Released: February 2007

Please note: Lyn Paul does not have any involvement with the current line-up of the New Seekers. Please read Lyn's message to her fans.

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