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Remember those teenage days when you'd eagerly await the arrival of the post? Maybe today it would be a newsletter from the New Seekers' Fan Club or, better still, that glossy 10" x 8" photo of Lyn Paul you'd saved up some pocket money to buy.

Members of the New Seekers' Official Fan Club received a Biogram and quarterly newletters. This page presents selected highlights from the newsletters featuring Lyn Paul (1972-74). Click on the front cover images to read the newsletters in full.


Newsletter - Spring / Summer 1972
Newsletter - Summer / Autumn 1972
Newsletter - Winter 1972
Newsletter - Spring 1973
Newsletter - Summer 1973
Newsletter - Autumn 1973
Newsletter - Winter 1973
Newsletter - Spring 1974

The New Seekers' Appreciation Club, run by Peter Tempest, took over where the Official Fan Club left off. This page presents selected highlights from the newsletters (1974-76). Click on the front cover images for the full-size versions.

Newsletter No. 1 - Winter 1974
Newsletter No. 2 - Spring 1975
Newsletter No. 3 - Summer 1975
Newsletter No. 4 - Winter 1975
Newsletter No. 5 - Spring 1976
Farewell Newsletter

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New Seekers' Biogram. Click for the full-size image.


Lyn Paul

"Born Lynda Susan Belcher, February 16 1949, Manchester. Started to learn tap and ballet when she was 3 years old and was entertaining at Wythenshawe Labour Club 11 years later. Travelled through France, Germany and Spain with her own teenage cabaret trio. Made her TV début in 'Coronation Street' in 1961. Joined Eve in the Nocturnes when she was 17. Loves Indian food and Mum's gravy, historical novels, Jacques Loussier, The Hollies, silver charms and fluffy dolls. Looks forward to being in a stage musical and fancies buyind herself a Lotus Europe."

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Newsletter - Spring / Summer '72

The first Fan Club newsletter reported on the New Seekers' trip to Bermuda, included Diary Dates for May, June and July, as well as news of the group's forthcoming single Circles.

Newsletter - Summer / Autumn '72

Newsletter number 2 included the news that Lyn Paul had bought a new house in Berkshire and that Lyn and Peter Doyle had been for a holiday to Australia.

Newsletter, Winter '72 - '73. Click for the full-size image.
Newsletter - Winter '72-'73

"When the group came over to do the BBC TV show recently [Fifty Years Of Music], Lyn took advantage of a day off to have a housewarming party at the lovely new house in Berkshire. As I mentioned to you before, her parents have moved down from Manchester to share the house with her and Lyn also invited all her friends and family to the party, which was a great success."

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Newsletter, Spring 1973. Click for the full-size image.


Newsletter - Spring 1973

A fantastic new single and album

"The New Single 'PINBALL WIZARD / SEE ME FEEL ME' b/w 'TIME LIMIT' is released on February 9th ... 'THE NEW SEEKERS, NOW' is the title of the new album, which will be released in mid-March ..."


"This is a song that David Mackay found, written by some of the members of 'Up With People', a group that David records with. It features the whole group and is in a similar style to 'Circles'."

"This is another beat number, featuring Lyn on lead vocal. It was again written by 'Up With People' and recorded in London at Morgan Studios."

Newsletter, Summer 1973. Click for the full-size image.
Newsletter - Summer 1973

"Well - I hardly know how to start this newsletter - the best thing I can think of is to say LOTS AND LOTS OF LUCK PETER ... I know you must all have had a bit of a shock when you heard that our Peter is leaving THE NEW SEEKERS ... For those of you who don't know the full story, Peter has decided to leave the group as soon as they can find a replacement ... David Joseph, who is the manager of THE NEW SEEKERS will continue to manage Peter as a solo artist ... Obviously Eve, Lyn, Marty and Paul are sad to lose Peter who has made an outstanding contribution to the group but at the same time they all appreciate Peter's feelings and wish him every success in his future career."

Newsletter, Autumn 1973. Click for the full-size image.
Newsletter - Autumn 1973

"Here I am again and without further-a-do I would like to welcome our lovely PETER OLIVER to the Fan Club ... For those of you who didn't know Peter flew out to Los Angeles to meet the group in June this year, after being chosen by David Joseph from 200 applicants ... "

"Marty, Peter, Paul Lyn and Eve are currently playing their very first season in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel ..."

"In October they were scheduled for a nice long holiday which they were really looking forward to (cos they have been working extra hard lately). Well I've just heard some rather splendid news, they have been asked to tour with Top International Entertainer and Academy Award Winner Liza Minnelli ... unfortunately this means that they won't be able to return to Britain as planned at the end of September."

Newsletter, Winter 1973. Click for the full-size image.
Newsletter - Winter 1973

"At the time of my writing this letter the [members of the] group are all taking their well deserved holidays ... Lyn is visiting the lovely city of Athens along with Mum Dad and family ... Lyn hasn't had a chance to spend a holiday with her Mum and Dad for years."


"What can I say - I'm sure you've all heard this great new single by The New Seekers released November 16th entitled 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me' ... Lead vocal is sung superbly by our very own Miss Paul."

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Newsletter, Spring 1974. Click for the full-size image.


Newsletter - Spring 1974

"Well, what can I say, you've all heard the startling news about our very own New Seekers disbanding. I know it must have come as quite a shock at first ... but I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing LOTS AND LOTS OF LUCK to Eve, Lyn, Marty, Peter and Paul in their chosen careers ..."

"CONGRATULATIONS to Eve, Lyn, Marty, Peter and Paul for making the NO. 1 SPOT with 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me' ... "


"THE NEW SEEKERS have a supper [sic] follow up to 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me' entitled 'I GET A LITTLE SENTIMENTAL OVER YOU' ... sung by Lyn once again and sure to be a SMASH HIT ...."

"'TOGETHER' is the title of the ... new album due for release in March ..."


"THE FAN CLUB OFFICE WILL BE CLOSING ON MARCH 22ND. I'm really excited cos I'm going on tour with the group ... We will be having a Fan Club stall at all the concerts ..."

"Well it's time for me to finish off now, cos I've nearly run out of space again! I've really enjoyed writing to you all and hope that you've all enjoyed being in The New Seekers Fan Club ... LOTS OF LOVE from Eve, Lyn, Marty, Peter and Paul and LOTS OF LOVE from me too.


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