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New Seekers: Mick Flinn

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In 1971 Mick Flinn became a UK "one hit wonder" when his band The Mixtures made it big with The Pushbike Song. Although The Mixtures continued to have hits in Australia, Mick quit the band and made his home in the UK with Donna Jones. From 1972-75 Mick and Donna worked together as members of Springfield Revival. Later in the '70s they teamed up as Pussyfoot and had a number 1 in Australia. In the 1980s and '90s they continued their partnership as members of the New Seekers.

Further Reading

Mixtures EP (cover).

The Mixtures
The Mixtures EP
(Fable FBEP 157)

Pushbike Song (CD cover).

The Mixtures
The Pushbike Song
(REDX R0095)

Seventies Hits (DVD cover).

Seventies Hits
The Mixtures' hits
The Pushbike Song
In The Summertime
(Sony Music)

Springfield Revival (EP cover).

Springfield Revival
pictured on the
front cover of a
Thai EP featuring
You'll Always
Be On My Mind



Mick Flinn

Mick Flinn

New Seekers

New Seekers

ARTIST direct:
New Seekers

Concerts Wiki:
New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers, Live In Moscow (LP cover).

New Seekers
Live In Moscow
(album cover)

The New Seekers' Greatest Hits Volume 1 (cassette cover).

New Seekers
Greatest Hits...
Vol. 1

ASK 701)

Let the Bells Ring Out (single cover).

New Seekers
Let the Bells
Ring Out Forever

(single cover)

Anthems (CD cover).

New Seekers
Their Very Best

CD 300682)

15 Grandes Exitos (CD cover).

New Seekers
15 Grandes Exitos

Remind: The New Seekers (CD cover)

New Seekers

Live In Concert (CD cover).

New Seekers
Live In Concert
(CD cover)

Road To L.A. (CD cover).

Mick Flinn Band
Road To L.A.
(CD cover)


In the mid 1960s (1965-67) Mick Flinn made three singles with a five piece band called the Wild Colonials.

In 1967 he joined The Mixtures, replacing Rod DeClerk on bass guitar. Along with Laurie Arthur (guitar) and John Creech (drums), DeClerk had been one of the founding members of The Mixtures in 1965. By the time Mick joined, Laurie Arthur had become the group's manager and the trio had expanded to include Dennis Garcia (organ) and Fred Wieland (lead guitar). The group continued to go through a variety of line-ups and by 1970 when The Mixtures had their first hit in Australia, all of the original members had left.

In 1970 Australian radio stations banned records put out by some of the major record labels and by recording artists from overseas. This provided The Mixtures with an opportunity which they gladly accepted. They recorded Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime as a single and soon found themselves at number 1. The follow-up The Pushbike Song also went to number 1. This time, however, their success was not confined to Australia.

In January 1971 The Mixtures made it big in Britain. The Pushbike Song reached number 2 and spent 21 weeks in the Top 50. In the USA the single was a more modest success, peaking at number 44. Like many musicians from Australia (Marty Kristian and Peter Doyle amongst them) The Mixtures came over to the UK to build on their success "down under." A follow-up hit, however, proved elusive and The Mixtures returned to Australia towards the end of the year. Back home the hits kept coming - in July Henry Ford made it to number 29 and in December Captain Zero put the group back in the Top 5. The latter was co-written by Mick Flinn and fellow-Mixture Peter Williams.

During 1971 The Mixtures line-up changed several times. The group went through two drummers and three vocalists. In May 1972 there was yet another change when Mick Flinn became the latest member of the group to "up sticks". While The Mixtures continued with Chris Spooner as their new bass player, Mick teamed up with Donna Jones and Ray Martin to form Springfield Revival. The trio took the "old group / new name" formula made successful by the New Seekers and applied it to the original Springfields. No surprise then that they were managed by David Joseph, who also managed the New Seekers, nor that their first album was arranged and co-produced by Keith Potger, a founding member of the New Seekers. But just as the original Seekers had been more successful than the Springfields, so it proved the second time around.

Springfield Revival played support to The Osmonds on a tour of the USA (1973). They also supported Ethel Merman for two weeks at the London Palladium (September 1974) and supported Slim Whitman on his UK tour in 1975. Despite these tours and numerous television appearances, including The Morecambe & Wise Show (1973), Look, Mike Yarwood (1973), The Vera Lynn Show (1974), The Wheeltappers and Shunters' Social Club (1974) and an appearance on the 45th Academy Awards show (27th March 1973) , the hits never came.

Mick Flinn.

Mick Flinn
pictured on a
Springfield Revival
album cover.

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Mick continued to work with Donna Jones after the demise of Springfield Revival, recording five UK singles with her as Pussyfoot and another two as Mick and Donna. Mick also recorded for a time as the Mick Flinn Band.

Mick began performing with the New Seekers in 1981, filling in for Brian Engel on UK cabaret dates while Brian was in Los Angeles. His connection with the New Seekers, however, goes back to the early 1970s. To quote Paul Layton: "We met Mick through his association with our management who at that time looked after The Mixtures." Paul and Mick wrote a song together, Me And My Guitar, which was used on the B-side of the New Seekers' single Goodbye Is Just Another Word and also appeared on the Peter, Paul & Marty album in 1973.

After joining the New Seekers, Mick continued to write and produce records for other artists including Mike O'Brian, Jealous Girl, Julie Felix, Lips and Special Attention (for whom he composed and produced a single Loving Eyes / Something Serious). In 1984 Mick had a Christmas hit in the UK with Do the Conga, a song co-written with Peter Morris and recorded by Black Lace. Do the Conga (Flair FLA 108) entered the UK singles chart on 24th November and got as high as number 10.

In 2002, following Marty Kristian's decision to take a break from performing, Mick moved centre stage, taking on the role of New Seekers' "front man" - introducing the other members of the group and chatting to the audience in between songs.

Mick also renewed his association with The Mixtures, teaming up once more with Fred Wieland and performing at UK cabaret venues with a revised line-up featuring Mark Hankins, (also a part-time New Seeker) Peter Lenon and Mark Sugden.

In 2014 Mick Flinn and The Mixtures joined the Go!! Show Gold 50th Anniversary concert tour of Australia. The tour featured Mike Brady, Bobby Bright, Ronnie Burns, Ronnie Charles, Colin Cook, Buddy England, Colleen Hewett, Marcie Jones and the Cookies, Normie Rowe, Tony Worsley, Ross D. Wyllie, Johnny Young and Donna Jones as Pussyfoot. Before embarking on the tour Mick was interviewed by The Beat magazine. "What is extra exciting is that my wife Donna Jones is also on the bill as ‘Pussyfoot’... So this allows us a fabulous opportunity to tour together and perform on the same bill, other than as fellow New Seekers."

Go!! Show Gold 50th Anniversary Tour 2014

24th July 2014, Festival Theatre, Adelaide
26th July 2014, Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart
2nd August 2014, Palais Theatre, St Kilda
16th August 2014, Jupiter's Casino, Gold Coast

Mick Flinn and Brian Engel.

Mick Flinn pictured with Brian Engel
at a get together with New Seekers' fans
on 12th September 2004.
Copyright © Sue Smith

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Disco Dick
Mick and Donna
The Mick Flinn Band
The Mixtures
The News
Springfield Revival
The Wild Colonials

The Wild Colonials


Downtown Blues
I Only Have Eyes For You
(EMI / HMV EA-4711) September 1965

Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Reed) /
Roses Are Red (Esposito)
(EMI / HMV EA-4743) October 1965

You Are My Destiny (Paul Anka) /
Get The Picture? (May / Taylor)
(EMI / HMV EA-4784) December 1965

Compilation Album

Devil's Children Volume 3

Various Artists
(Rum & Beer Records Pty. Limited for Moonshine Records)

This limited edition Australian CD contains 32 tracks, among them Peter Doyle's version of Tweedle Dee and the Wild Colonials' Ain't That Lovin' You Baby.

Tracks: Psychadelia | Robbie Steele, Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice | RJSS, She's So Good To Me | Little Gulliver & The Children, I Apologise | Blues Rags 'n' Hollers, Got Love If You Want It | Blue Beats, Dr. Feelgood | Bobby & Laurie, Fallin' | Vikings, Down The Road Apiece | Groop, Bury My Body | Morluch, Hit The Road, Jack | Peter Doyle, Tweedle Dee | Others, Dancing Girl | ID, Watch Out | Johnny K, I'm Mad | Showmen, Too Much Monkey Business | Laurie Wade's Cavaliers, Say Hey | Colin Buckley, Little Egypt | Wild Colonials, Ain't That Lovin' You Baby | Purple Hearts, Louie Louie | The Mixtures, Koko Joe | Blues Syndicate, Baby Please Don't Go | Pacifics, Lost My Baby | Bitter Lemons, Canberra Blues | Syssys, Jump Back | Hergs, Cadillac | Richard Wright Group, Miss Hargraves | Feelgoods, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl | Toni McCann, If You Don't Come Back | Colin Cook, I Ain't Got You | Ward Austin & Python Lee Jackson, Who Do You Love | Elois, I'm A Man | Junior, Newsgirl

Ugly Things
Various Artists (Raven RVLP-02) 1980

This compilation includes the Wild Colonials' Get The Picture?

The Mixtures


Here Comes Love Again
(Dick Monda) /
Fancy Meeting You Here (Buddy England)
(CBS BA 221687) October 1969
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 66
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 60

Ten Thousand Children (Buddy England / Mick Flinn) /
Call Me Do (Mick Flinn)
(CBS BA 221733) March 1970

In The Summertime (Ray Dorset) /
Where You Are (Idris Jones)
(Fable FB 017) December 1970
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 1
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 1
Go-Set magazine highest chart position: 1

The Pushbike Song (Evan Jones / Idris Jones) /
Who Loves Ya? (Mick Flinn)
(Australia: Fable FB 039 / UK: Polydor 2058 083 / USA: Sire SI 350)
December 1970
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 1
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 2
Go-Set magazine highest chart position: 1

Henry Ford (Brian Peacock / Jamie Byrne) /
Home Away From Home (Fred Weiland / Mick Flinn)
(Australia: Fable FB 062 / UK: Polydor 2058 103) June 1971
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 43
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 24
Go-Set magazine highest chart position: 29

Never Be Untrue (Idris Jones) /
She's Gone Away (Mick Flinn)
(Australia: Fable FB 082 / UK: Polydor 2058 135) October 1971

Captain Zero
(Mick Flinn / Peter Williams) /
I Wanna Go Home (Mick Flinn)
(Australia: Fable FB 088 / UK: Polydor 2058 165) November 1971
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 6
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 16
Go-Set magazine highest chart position: 5


The Mixtures EP

The Pushbike Song | Henry Ford | Captain Zero | In The Summertime
(Fable FBEP 157) January 1973


In The Summertime

(Fable FBSA 003) 1970

The Pushbike Song
(Summit SRA 250518) 1971

Side 1: In The Summertime | Never Be Untrue | Who Loves Ya | Love Is Life |
Hillbilly Fever | Call Me Do
Side 2: The Pushbike Song | Don't Play Games With The Moon | Hit Me On The
Head | Gotta Be A Free Man | Ten thousand Children | Where You Are

Best Of The Mixtures
(Fable FBSA 017 / Axis AX 1210) 1972

Side 1: Captain Zero | Travelling Song | In The Summertime | I Wanna Go Home | Hobo's Hideaway | Oh, Mr. Jones
Side 2: The Pushbike Song | This Song's for You | Henry Ford | Daddy Brings Home the Bacon | It Ain't Easy | Never Be Untrue

Compilation CDs

The Pushbike Song

(EMI 8531912) 25th October 1996

The Pushbike Song
(REDX R0095) 29th July 2002

Tracks: The Pushbike Song | Call Me Do | Travelling Song | I Wanna Go Home | Love Is Life | Oh, Mr. Jones | In The Summertime | Never Be Untrue | This Song’s For You | Hobo’s Hideaway | Daddy Brings Home The Bacon | Here Comes Love Again | Henry Ford | Hit Me On The Head | Fancy Meeting You Here | It Ain’t Easy | Where Are You | Gotta Be A Free Man | Home Away From Home | Captain Zero

Various Artists Compilation CDs

Australian Pop of the 70s, Volume 1: Get That Jive

Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 697 008792) 24th September 2007

A 40-track compilation on two CDs featuring The Mixtures' version of the Mungo Jerry hit In The Summertime.

Australian Pop of the 70s, Volumve 3: Boppin' The Blues
Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 697 653982) 13th July 2010

A 40-track compilation on two CDs featuring The Mixtures' Captain Zero.

Australian Pop of the 70s, Volume 4: Rock Me Gently
Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 697 966302) 31st January 2012

A 40-track compilation on two CDs featuring The Mixtures' hit The Pushbike Song.


Seventies Hits

(Sony Music) 2002

17 tracks, including two by The Mixtures. The DVD comes with a bonus music CD.

Tracks: Mi-Sex, Computer Games | Dragon, Are You Old Enough | Cheap Trick, Dream Police | Air Supply, Love & Other Bruises | Earth, Wind & Fire, Fantasy | The Mixtures, In The Summertime | Brian Cadd, Let Go | Liv Maessen, Little Green Apples | Steve Groves Band, On The Loose Again | Hans Poulsen, Boom Sha La La Lo | Kevin Borich, Goin’ Down Town | Bootleg Family Band, The Shoop Shoop Song | Jimmy & The Boys, I'm Not Like Everybody Else | The Mixtures, The Pushbike Song | Liv Maessen, Knock Knock Who’s There | The Two-Man Band, Up There Cazaly | Cheap Trick, I Want You To Want Me

Pushbike Song (single cover).

The Mixtures,
The Pushbike Song (single cover)

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Springfield Revival


You'll Always Be On My Mind
(John Pantry / Keith Potger) /
Gypsy Rover (Traditional)
(Polydor 2058 261) 14th July 1972

Mama Was Right All Along (Tony Macaulay / Keith Potger) /
Round And Round And Up And Down (Mick Flinn / Bob Foster)
(Polydor 2058 308) 17th November 1972
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 80

Come Follow, Follow Me (Fred Karlin / Marsha Karlin) /
Someone (Doug Flett / Guy Fletcher)
(USA MGM / Verve MV 10717) 1973

Does Anybody Love You (Kerry Chater / Renée Armand) /
Music (Donna Jones / Mick Flinn)
(Polydor 2058 357) 11th May 1973

Something Out Of A Dream (Martin / May / Roker) /
Love Only One (Donna Jones / Mick Flinn)
(Polydor 2058 388) 13th July 1973

Riverboat Queen (Keith Potger / Tony Macaulay) /
Need To Be With You (Donna Jones / Mick Flinn)
(Polydor 2958 416) 26th October 1973

Stand By Your Man (Billy Sherrill / Tammy Wynette) /
Don't Ask Me (Mick Flinn / John Farrar)
(Polydor 2058 455) 5th April 1974

It Doesn't Cost Much (To Make People Happy) (Roger Cook / Roger Greenaway) /
Green (Donna Jones / Mick Flinn)
(Polydor 2058 490) 21st June 1974

EPs (Thailand)

Various Artists: Top Of The Pops

Side 1: Mardi Gras, Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
Mary Wells, My Guy
Side 2:
Pagliaro, Some Sing, Some Dance
Springfield Revival, You'll Always Be On My Mind

Various Artists
Side 1: Pagliaro, Some Sing, Some Dance
Cliff Richard, Living In Harmony
Side 2:
Springfield Revival, You'll Always Be On My Mind
Faron Young, It's Four In The Morning
(4 Track M. 088)

Various Artists
Side 1: Elton John, Crocodile Rock
Lobo, I'd Love You To Want Me
Side 2:
Albert Hammond, It Never Rains In Southern California
Springfield Revival, You'll Always Be On My Mind
(M. 144)

Various Artists
Side 1; Quicksilver Messenger Service, Don't Cry My Lady Love
Michael Jackson, Ben
Side 2:
Springfield Revival, You'll Always Be On My Mind
Roberta Flack, Killing Me Softly With His Song


Springfield Revival

(Polydor 2383 150) 1972

Side 1: Cottonfields | Wonderful | Gypsy Rover | San Francisco Bay Blues | Temma Harbour | Shake A Hand (Carol Carmichael)
Side 2: You'll Always Be On My Mind | Glory Land | Green | Open The Door (Song for Judith) | Boom Sha La | Morning Of My Life

(Polydor 2383 203) 1973

Side 1: Mama Was Right All Along | Music | San Fernando Line | Someone | Neon Rose | Penny Farthing Band
Side 2: Down By The Lazy River | Storm In A Teacup | Peace Will Come | Meet Me In The Valley | Silver Threads And Golden Needles | Lifeboat

Springfield Revival
(US release, MGM SE 4905)

Side 1: Come Follow, Follow Me | Music | Peace Will Come | Neon Rose | San Francisco Bay Blues | Someone
Side 2: It's A Musical World | San Fernando Line | There's An Island (Where The Sun Shines Its Light On Everyone) | Mamma Was Right All Along | Silver Threads And Golden Needles | Penny Farthing Band

Mick and Donna


Love Me I Love You
(Mick Flinn) /
Our New Home (Mick Flinn)
(EMI 2362) 24th October 1975

Hey Paula (Ray Hildebrand) /
The Only One For Me (Mick Flinn)
(EMI 2423) 27th February 1976

The Mick Flinn Band


Doin' It Right
(Mick Flinn) /
Do What You Wanna Do (Mick Flinn)
(EMI 2805) May 1978

Sometimes I See You, Sometimes I Don't
(Zilch) 1982

Somethin' About You (Mick Flinn / Marty Kristian) /
Hot Is Loving Linda (Mick Flinn / E. Jones)
(Australia: Powderworks POW 0204) 1984


Road To L.A.

(available from the website) 2014

Disco Dick


Disco Dick (Brian Engel / Mick Flinn) /
Disco I.Y. (D.I.Y. Disco) (Mick Flinn / Jackson / Jackson)
(EMI 2973) 1979

Brian Engel collaborated with Mick Flinn on this send up of the disco scene. The song title parodied Rick Dees' 1976 hit Disco Duck while the camp style of the record had a hint of Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes about it.



Two Cans Of Fosters And A Packet Of Potato Chips (Mick Flinn / Mark Stevens) /
The Barman's Reply (Mick Flinn / Mark Stevens)
(Astor A 7319) 1980

A 'Mick and Mark in Australia' production parodying Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please, a Top 10 hit in the UK in 1980 for Splodgenessabounds.

The News


(Mick Flinn / Brian Engel / Marty Kristian) /
Louise, Louise (Mick Flinn / Brian Engel / Marty Kristian)
(Megaphone MEGA 1) 1981

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Encyclopedia Of Australian Rock And Pop (book cover).

Encyclopedia Of
Rock and Pop

Who's Who of Australian Rock (book cover).

Who's Who Of
Australian Rock!

Further Reading

For more information about Mick Flinn and The Mixtures try the following books.

Australian Chart Book 1940-1969
David Kent
ISBN: 0 646 44439 5

Australian Chart Book 1970-1992
David Kent
ISBN: 0 646 11917 6

Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares from Far Away Lands: Canadian, Australasian and Latin American Rock and Pop, 1963-75
Vernon Joynson
ISBN: 1 899855 10 6

The Encyclopedia Of Australian Rock and Pop
Ian McFarlane
ISBN: 1 86508 072 1 (hardback) / 1 86449 768 2 (paperback)

The Mixtures biography, page 422.

Who's Who Of Australian Rock!
5th edition
Chris Spencer, Zbig Nowara and Paul McHenry
ISBN: 1 86503 891 1

The Mixtures discography, page 422.

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Mixtures, Ten Thousand Children.

The Mixtures,
Ten Thoousand Children

The Mixtures, In The Summertime.

The Mixtures,
In The Summertime

The Mixtures, Pushbike Song.

The Mixtures,
The Pushbike Song

The Mixtures, Pushbike Song (Top Of The Pops).

The Mixtures,
The Pushbike Song

The Mixtures, Henry Ford (Top Of The Pops).

The Mixtures,
Henry Ford

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