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New Seekers

New Seekers

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New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers: collectors' items

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These pages give details about those hard to find and sought after recordings which New Seekers' fans may want to collect, including releases on flexi disc, vinyl, cassette and CD. Some of CDs listed feature recordings made by members of the New Seekers before they joined the group.

If you're missing any of these from your collection, try finding them using the On the Net guide to record collecting.

Collectors' Items: flexi discs, vinyl and cassettes

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New Seekers On Tour

The New Seekers' appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in 1972 was recorded and released in the UK as a double album Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Highlights of the concert were released in the USA as a single LP titled The History of ... the New Seekers. In South Africa the album was released as The New Seekers On Tour.

Catalogue Number: Polydor (Interpak) 2383 437
Released: 1972

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New Seekers Special (cassette cover).

New Seekers
(cassette cover)

New Seekers Special

A "sampler" cassette priced 99p in the UK and just under $2.50 in the States. The release of this cassette was announced in Billboard magazine on 19th August 1972: "This Autumn will also see a particularly strong release of cassette product from Polydor and the introduction of a special cassette promotion centered on a unique New Seekers' tape called New Seekers Special... None of the 10 tracks included on the tape - which will be released next month on cassette only - are now available on record; in fact seven of the items have never been issued before in any form. Among the titles are the three Eurovision Song Contest runners-up to Beg, Steal Or Borrow." (Billboard, Vol. 84, No. 34, page 27)

Side 1: Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma | Sing Out | Rain | All Right My Love | Why Can't We All Get Together

Side 2: Friend Of Jesus | Out On The Edge Of Beyond | Rainmaker | Nickel Song | Captain Stormy

Catalogue Number: Polydor 3199-013
Released: 1972

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Elektra 'Master'

Elektra Promotional Discs

Elektra February Releases [1971]

A promotional album highlighting the Elektra record label's forthcoming releases for February 1971.

Side 1: New Seekers, One | Swamp Dog, Creeping Away | David Frye, The Funnies | Siren, Relaxing With Bonnie Lee | Bread, She Was My Lady | Siren, The Stride

Side 2: Bread, He's A Good Lad | Swamp Dogg, Do You Believe | New Seekers, Never Ending Song Of Love | David Frye, I Did It My Way

Catalogue number: EK-PROMO 2
Released: February 1971

Elektra June Releases [1972]

A promotional album highlighting the Elektra record label's forthcoming releases for June 1972. The album features tracks by four artists: David Ackles (three tracks from his album American Gothic); Aztec Two-Step; Jubal; and the New Seekers (two tracks from the group's US album Circles).

Side 1: Aztec Two-Step, Baking | Jubal, Friendly Goodbye | David Ackles, Oh, California! | New Seekers, Holy Rollin' | Aztec Two-Step, Persecution And Restoration Of Dean Moriarty (On The Road) | Jubal, Really Not A Rocker

Side 2: David Ackles, American Gothic | David Ackles, Love's Enough | Aztec Two-Step, Prisoner | New Seekers, Circles | Jubal, Castles In The Sand

Catalogue number: EK-PROMO 14
Released: June 1972

Elektra June Releases (album sleeve).

Something Out Of The Ordinary [January 1973]

A sampler album featuring the New Seekers' version of Melanie's Beautiful People.

Side 1: New Seekers, Beautiful People | Billy Mernit, Special Delivery | Veronique Sanson, Amoureuse | Dana Cooper, Jesse James | Curt Boetcher, Wufferton Frog

Side 2: Carly Simon, You're So Vain | Bread, Diary | Judy Collins, The Hostage | Mickey Newbury, Heaven Help The Child | Don Agrati, Two Bit Afternoon

Catalogue number: EK-PROMO 18
Released: December 1972

Elektra Records logo.

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In Beautiful Harmony (album sleeve).

In Beautiful Harmony

A compilation released in the Soviet Union.

Side 1: Overture | Beg, Steal Or Borrow | Reaching Out For Someone | I Saw The Light | Rain | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Side 2: Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me | Everything Changing | Good Old Fashioned Music | Song Sung Blue | Day By Day | Goodbye Is Just Another Word

Catalogue Number: C 60-07335 6
Released: 1973

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Popswop flexi disc (New Seekers)

A 4-track flexi disc given free with the magazine Popswop, which features edited highlights from the New Seekers' album Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Tracks: What Have They Done To My Song, Ma | Never Ending Song Of Love | Good Old Fashioned Music | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Catalogue Number: SFI 124
Released: 21st October 1972

Popswop flexi disc.

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Popswop No. 51 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
Popswop No. 51.

Popswop flexi disc (Peter, Paul & Marty)

A 3-track flexi disc given away free with the magazine Popswop (No. 51, 22nd September 1973), featuring tracks from the album Peter, Paul & Marty.

Tracks: Crying In The Rain | Songs We Sang Together | Me And My Guitar

Released: 18th September 1973

Peter, Paul and Marty.

Pictured above (left to right)
Peter Oliver, Paul Layton and Marty Kristian.

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Farewell New Seekers from Mirabelle Readers

A 6-track flexi disc given free with the magazine Mirabelle when the New Seekers disbanded in 1974. The disc features a message from each member of the group followed by an excerpt from a song featuring that member singing the lead vocal.

Lyn says "Thank you Mirabelle readers and all the fans for such fantastic support since we started out as a group. You've been the greatest hits with us and no-one could ask for more." Her diction is perfect and sounds more natural than the others. Some of the messages sound as if they were being read from a script, Lyn's doesn't.

On the label it says: "All from the LP Together except Ride A Horse." It also says: "Our special thanks to the New Seekers, Nicky Graham who compiled this exclusive disc, and to Polydor".

Tracks: Cryin' Time (Marty) | The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard (Eve) | Ride A Horse (Paul) | Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show (Peter Oliver) | Here, There And Everywhere (Lyn) | We'll Meet Again (All)

Catalogue Number: LYN 2828
Released: 1974

Farewell New Seekers (Mirabelle flexi disc).

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16 Original Top Hits (LP cover).

16 Original Top Hits

A compilation featuring Lyn Paul's first solo single and her last with the New Seekers.

Side 1: The Rubettes, Sugar Baby Love | Terry Jacks, If You Go Away | Lyn Paul, Sail The Summer Winds | Paul Da Vinci, Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore | Slade, Everyday | Glitter Band, Just For You | Neil Sedaka, Laughter In The Rain | Eric Clapton, I Shot The Sheriff

Side 2: Johnny Bristol, Hang On In There Baby | David Cassidy, Please Please Me | Polly Brown, Up In A Puff Of Smoke | The Pearls, Wizard Of Love | The Drifters, Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies | New Seekers, Sing Hallelujah | Showaddywaddy, Rock 'n' Roll Lady | R. Dean Taylor, Window Shopping

Catalogue Number: Polydor 2488 238
Released: 1974

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20 Super Hits - Super Stars (album cover).

20 Super Hits - Super Stars

A limited edition compilation featuring two tracks by Lyn Paul and four by the New Seekers.

Side 1: New Seekers, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) | Medicine Head, Slip and Slide | The Rubettes, Tonight | Neil Sedaka, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do | Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity, Light My Fire | The Mixtures, The Pushbike Song | Lyn Paul, It Oughta To Sell A Million | Neil Sedaka, Standing On The Inside | New Seekers, What Have They Done To My Song, Ma | The Rubettes, Juke Box Jive

Side 2: Neil Sedaka, Laughter In The Rain | The Rubettes, I Can Do It | Lyn Paul, It Must Be Love | Medicine Head, One And One Is One | Jimmy Ruffin, Tell Me What You Want | Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity, Let The Sunshine In | New Seekers, Circles | Neil Sedaka, Love Will Keep Us Together | The Rubettes, Sugar Baby Love | New Seekers, Beg, Steal Or Borrow

Catalogue Number: Pickwick PLE 7000
Released: 1975

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CBS Special Products Sales Story (single cover).

Special Products
Sales Story
featuring the
New Seekers'
Music Medley
(single cover)

CBS Special Products Sales Story

A promotional single issued by CBS featuring a track from the New Seekers' first album for the label Together Again.

Side 1: CBS Special Products Sales Story
Side 2: Music Medley: Sing Me / I Believe In Music / I Got The Music In Me / Listen To The Music / Dance To The Music / Money Makes The World Go Around / Music

Label: CBS
Catalogue Number: IPS 72
Released: 1976

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It's Nice To Have You With Us

A three-track flexi disc promoting British Airways. Lyn Paul was no longer a member of the New Seekers when these jingles were recorded.

It's Nice to Have you With Us (single cover).

Pictured above (left to right)
Marty Kristian, Eve Graham, Danny Finn, Kathy Ann Rae and Paul Layton.

Tracks: It's Nice To Have You With Us | Sunshine and Showers | Fingertips

Catalogue Number: LYN 4067
Released: 1977

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All Summer Long (album cover).

All Summer Long
(album cover)

All Summer Long

A promotional LP released in 1978 by Coca-Cola, which featured the company's most famous advertising jingle - I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke (I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing) by the New Seekers.

Side 1: New Seekers, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (jingle) | The Sunspots, All Summer Long | The Lovin' Spoonful, Day Dream | Mungo Jerry, In the Summertime | Vanity Fare, Hitchin' A Ride | The Biddu Orchestra, Summer of '42 | Mike Batt, Summertime City

Side 2: The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon | Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs, Seaside Shuffle | Typically Tropical, Barbados | Pussycat, Mississippi | Johnny Nash, I Can See Clearly Now | The Lovin' Spoonful, Summer In the City | New Seekers, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Buy The World A Coke jingle)

Catalogue Number: CC 0001
Released: 1978

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New Seekers, Live In Moscow (LP cover).

New Seekers
Live In Moscow
(album cover)

Live In Moscow

A live perfomance from 1981 recorded at the State Central Concert Hall, Moscow, with Mick Flinn standing in for an absent Marty Kristian, although Marty does appear on the album sleeve.

The '80s incarnation of the New Seekers (featuring Donna Jones and Kathy Ann Rae) performed some of the songs that had been hits for the '70s line-up (featuring Eve Graham and Lyn Paul). Never Ending Song Of Love, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing and Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me were all performed in full. Other hits such as What Have They Done To My Song, Ma, You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, I Get A Little Sentimental Over You and Good Old Fashioned Music were edited and combined in a Hits Medley.

The group also covered songs by other artists, notably the Hollies and the Four Tops. Can't Let Go (strictly speaking it should be titled I Can't Let Go) was originally an international hit for the Hollies in 1966, while Something About You was a US hit for the Four Tops in 1965. Coincidentally this song had also been covered by the young Peter Doyle before he joined the New Seekers.

The tribute to John Lennon, a medley of Imagine and Give Peace A Chance, was added to the New Seekers' stage act following Lennon's murder in New York on 8th December 1980. To judge from the applause, it clearly struck a chord with the Moscow audience.

Some of the song titles suffer a little in translation: Good Feelings will be more familiar to New Seekers' fans as Good Feelin' (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight); I Would Like To Jump / Look At Me is actually Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me; the Close Medley is I Used To Be So Lost / Then Came You / We've Got Love On Our Side; Farewell is the Russian song Ishai.

Lyn Paul, Eve Graham and Peter Doyle were no longer members of the New Seekers when this album was recorded.

Side 1: Good Feelings | Never Ending Song Of Love | Can't Let Go | Tribute to John Lennon: Imagine / Give Peace A Chance | The Seeker | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Side 2: Something About You | I Would Like To Jump / Look At Me | Music Medley: Sing Me / I Believe In Music / I Got The Music In Me / Listen To The Music / Dance To The Music / Money Makes The World Go Around / Music | Close Medley | Farewell

Catalogue Number: C-60 - 16579-80
Released: 1981

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New Seekers EP.

New Seekers
Russian EP
featuring a
Hits Medley,
Take This Heart

Johnny B Goode.

New Seekers, Live In Moscow (LP cover).

New Seekers
Live In Moscow
flexi disc).

Live In Moscow EP / flexi-discs

In addition to the Live In Moscow LP, an EP (issued in two versions) and two flexi-discs (one blue, one red) were also released.

EP: Hits Medley | Take This Heart | Johnny B Goode

Catalogue Number: 62-16673-4
Released: 1981 (re-issued in 1982)

Blue flexi disc
Side 1: Good Feelings | Never Ending Song Of Love
Side 2: Tribute to John Lennon: Imagine / Give Peace A Chance

Catalogue Number: 62-08861-2
Released: 1981

Red flexi disc
Side 1: Something About You | Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me
Side 2: Music Medley: Sing Me / I Believe In Music / I Got The Music In Me / Listen To The Music / Dance To The Music / Money Makes The World Go Around / Music

Catalogue Number: 62-08919-20
Released: 1981

New Seekers Live In Moscow (flexi disc).

New Seekers
Live In Moscow (blue flexi disc).

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New Seekers, Tell Me (LP cover).

New Seekers
Tell Me
(album cover)

Tell Me

Tell Me was an album released in the USSR in 1982. It included a couple of older tracks recorded by the New Seekers before Eve Graham and Danny Finn had left the group: A Little More Love, featuring Eve Graham on lead vocal, and Love Of My Life, a favourite from the New Seekers' live shows, featureing Danny Finn on lead vocal.

The version of Tell Me on this album is not the version released as a single on EMI. This track, along with seven others, are unique to the album: Aviemore, Déjà Vu, Head Over Heels, A Little More Love, Love Of My Life, Still In Love With You and Ulysses' Siren.

Lyn Paul does not feature on any of the tracks on this album.

Side 1: Runaway | Moving Sensation | A Little More Love | Tell Me | Love Of My Life | Aviemore

Side 2: Forever On My Mind | Déjà Vu | Head Over Heels | Still In Love With You | The Power Of Love | Ulysses' Siren

Catalogue Number: C-60 - 17641-2
Released: 1982

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All The Way (A-side).

New Seekers
All The Way

All The Way / Joker In The Park

All The Way was a single released in Australia while the New Seekers were touring there in 1983, long after Lyn Paul had left the group. The B-side is actually titled Joker In The Pack but try saying it with an Australian accent and you'll see how the confusion arose!

A-side: All The Way (Paul Layton / Marty Kristian)

B-side: Joker In The Park (Marty Kristian / Paul Layton / Mick Flinn)

Catalogue Number: Oz AP 906
Released: 1983

Joker In The Park (B-side).

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Ferry Aid (single cover).

Ferry Aid
Let It Be
(single cover)

Ferry Aid, Let It Be

A charity single recorded on 14th, 15th and 16th March 1987 to raise funds for the victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster. The single featured top recording artists and celebrities from the 1960s, '70s and '80s: The Alarm, John Altman, Debee Ashby, Al Ashton, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Simon Bates, Andy Bell (Erasure), Alison Bettles, Jenny Blythe, Boy George, Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate), Miquel Brown, Bucks Fizz, Kate Bush, Jay Carly, The Christians, Nick Conway, Linda Davidson, Hazell Dean, Anne Diamond, Difford and Tilbrook, Dr. & the Medics, The Drifters, Drum Theatre, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Roy Gayle, Go West, Jaki Graham, Carol Hitchcock, Felix Howard, Gloria Hunniford, Imagination, Jenny Jay, Nik Kamen, Mark King, Paul King, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Ellie Laine, Annabel Lamb, Stephanie Lawrence, Loose Ends, Linda Lusardi, Ruth Madoc, Paul McCartney, Bobby McVey, Mel & Kim, Suzanne Mizi, Gary Moore, New Seekers, Sadie Nine, The Nolans, Hazel O'Connor, Mike Osman, Pepsi & Shirlie, Su Pollard, Tim Polley, Pamela Power, Maxi Priest, Princess, Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69), Suzi Quatro, Mike Read, Sally Sagoe, Nejdet Salih, Ray Shell, Mandy Smith, Neville Stapleton, Alvin Stardust, Edwin Starr, Steve Strange, Taffy, Sylvie Tella, Terraplane, Ruby Turner, Bonnie Tyler, Ben Valpeliere, Maria Whittaker, Kim Wilde, Working Week.

Lyn Paul was no longer a member of the New Seekers and does not sing on this single.

Let It Be was produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman. The single entered the UK Singles Chart on 4th April 1987 and spent seven weeks in the Top 75, including 3 weeks at number 1.

A-side: Let It Be

B-side: Let It Be (The Gospel Jam Mix)

Catalogue Number: The Sun AID 1
Released: March 1987

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