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This section of the website provides news about Lyn Paul from the past 12 months. Scroll down the page or click on one of the links below.

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Professional enquiries (for theatre, television and film or for interviews) should be directed to Keddie Scott Associates - Fiona Keddie in the London office or Anthony Williams in the Manchester office.

31 Hatton Garden,

Fiona Keddie-Ord,
Managing Director

Telephone: 0203 490 1050

Anthony Williams,
Senior Talent Agent

Telephone: 01282 707 968

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Lyn Paul, February 2015.

News about Lyn

May 2019 Tell Me It's Not True!
February 2019 Happy Birthday!
February 2019 Buyers beware!
October 2018 The Albums 1970-73
August 2018 Stepping Out!
May 2018 Won't ya let me take you on a sea cruise?

Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone.

Blood Brothers - the final scene.


Bill Kenwright Ltd.
Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
The Musical


Tell Me It's Not True!

On Saturday, 26th May 2018 Lyn Paul said farewell to Blood Brothers, taking to the stage as Mrs. Johnstone for the final time in her home town of Manchester. On 9th May 2019, however, it was announced that Lyn had been asked to return for a Farewell Tour, beginning in Cork and ending at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford.

6th - 24th August 2019
Opera House, Cork

27th - 31st August 2019
Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

3rd - 14th September 2019
Liverpool Empire

17th - 28th September 2019
New Theatre, Cardiff

30th September - 12th October 2019
Birmingham Hippodrome

14th - 19th October 2019
Derby Theatre, Derby

22nd - 26th October 2019
New Theatre, Hull

28th October - 2nd November 2019
Grand Opera House York

5th - 9th November 2019
Lyceum Theatre, Crewe

12th - 16th November 2019
White Rock Theatre, Hastings

19th - 23rd November 2019
Orchard Theatre, Dartford

Added: 15th May 2019

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Four and five stars all the way!

There were rave reviews for Lyn Paul and the cast of the Blood Brothers in 2016 and 2017. The 2018 UK tour got off to an equally good start.

“The performances are spectacular, with Lyn Paul reprising the role she first played to such acclaim in 1997... Paul has a voice that can raise the roof and tug at the emotions, so no wonder she’s been dubbed 'the definitive Mrs. Johnstone'.” Jackie Chappell, Western Daily Press

“Lyn Paul, one of the original New Seekers, presents a wonderfully empathetic and resilient character as she reprises her key role of Mrs. Johnstone, an impoverished Liverpool mother of numerous children, deserted by her husband and hounded by debt collectors. Her acting skills are equal to her formidable vocal talent.“ Jo Bayne, Wiltshire Times

"An outstanding cast is led by Lyn Paul... The finale, in which she leads the company in Tell Me It’s Not True brought the entire press-night audience to its feet." ***** Alan King, Bristol Evening Post

"But it’s Lyn Paul as the tragic but feisty Mrs. Johnston who steals the show, as the contemporary version of the not-so-old woman who lives in a shoe. Her singing voice is made for soaring, and her empathy for her character is second to none; it’s easy to see why fans including the show’s producer and director Bill Kenwright are happy for her to be crowned ‘the definitive Mrs Johnstone’ despite tough competition from Barbara Dickson (the original Mrs J), Linda Nolan, and Carole King (in the Broadway production)." Melissa Blease, The Bath Magazine

“But the one who stole the show for many in the audience was Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone... Lyn is a revelation... The raw emotion she brings to the stage gave me goosebumps, and that voice is incredible. You feel everything with her, every ache in her heart as she looks at the son she gave away.” Sarah Scott, Belfast Live

"Lyn has been playing this role on and off for about 20 years and how it showed; she was brilliant, totally believable and watchable. From the opening bars of Tell Me It’s Not True all the way to the tear-jerking climax, she lived every moment and shared the emotion with us." ***** Les Gillam, Bristol Evening Post

"Initially I thought Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone was too old for the role, as she certainly wasn’t 25; yet quickly I couldn’t help but love her, almost with as much love as she had for her kids... From the standing ovation (it’s a hard task to get Aylesbury on their feet) and Lyn Paul crying on stage whilst taking a bow it was clear that this story is so strong it reaches out and touches everyone’s heart – however one word of advice, bring tissues!" Lara Wadey, Reviews, Blogs and Thoughts

"At the end of this magnificent show I thought I caught Lyn Paul wiping a tear from her eye as she gave her powerful finale. If she did, believe me, she wasn’t the only one as a hugely appreciative Edinburgh audience gave the cast a richly deserved standing ovation." **** The Edinburgh Reporter

"The leading lady, Mrs. Johnstone (Lyn Paul) goes from young mum to downtrodden single parent abandoned with five children and one on the way... she has the voice and the role off to a tee." **** Gordon Clayton,

"The audience is in the company of the tremendous talents of Lyn Paul, the essence of Mrs. Johnstone. Paul’s maternal responsiveness eases us in. If by the end of this evening, there is not but a faint mist in your eye, Paul’s rendition of Tell Me it’s Not True should draw it out. Combining vocal talents with her character, Paul offers an excellently human performance." **** Dominic Corr, the wee REVIEW

"Lyn Paul's wonderful voice soars through it all, singing out the joy and pain of mother-love with a passion that seems right for this Mother's Day weekend." **** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

"I’ll start with the star. It was a joy to see an older woman leading the cast as the protagonist. Lyn Paul, famous for her time in the band New Seekers, has recently been crowned the ‘definitive Mrs. Johnstone’, and it’s not hard to see why. Watching her age on stage as her tale is unravelled was incredibly realistic. From her acting and movement to the costume and hair and make up, it was spot-on and freakishly accurate. Her voice smashed the high notes and her emotional complexity ran deep. From the moment she stepped on stage, to wiping away her tears as they all took their bows, she commanded the stage with ease, stealing your hearts in exchange for giving up her child." View From The Cheap Seats

"Mrs. Johnstone was played by Lyn Paul and although I loved Maureen Nolan‘s performance, I did prefer last night’s performance by Lyn." Blazing Minds

"The emotionally charged role of Mrs. Johnstone is played to perfection by 70s pop star Lyn Paul. You can’t help but be touched as you watch her struggling to deal with the pain as she watches her child grow up, so near, but yet so far away." ***** Joanne Roberts, Daily Post

"Audiences were treated to a dramatic tour-de-force at Rhyl’s Pavilion Theatre on Monday... Lyn Paul is truly outstanding as Mrs. Johnstone... and had the audience reaching for their tissues." Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal

"The role of Mrs Johnstone - and in fact the entire touring production - belongs to Lyn. I've seen this show seven times, both in London and on tour, and whilst every actress I've seen pull that coat on has been outstanding, to me Lyn Paul epitomises the role and is quite simply world class... it's easy to see why she is asked back again and again." Dan Richards, Black Country Radio

"With her superb voice, Lyn Paul gives a wonderful performance as the impoverished mother Mrs. Johnstone, whose indomitable spirit is buffeted by misfortune." Sarah Moran, Express & Star

"Lyn Paul, of New Seekers fame in the 1970s, shines brightly once again as Mrs. Johnstone... It is a role she is synonymous with and she holds nothing back. The songs are beautifully sung and the emotion in her face - and voice - in the final scenes particularly is incredible. It is her last tour in the show and she is certainly going out with a bang." Brad Barnes, Peterborough Telegraph

"The lead role... is played superbly by Lyn Paul. Pathos, power and devotion are all portrayed by the actor of whom it has been said gives the definitive performance. She has an excellent voice that’s well suited to storytelling..." Mark Westall, Ipswich Star

"Paul’s vocals were phenomenal and refined (as you’d expect from someone who’s been playing the same role for over two decades now), and she had so much deliberate emotion behind every word and action, she was truly a joy to watch... Lyn’s planning on taking her final bow in this role in Manchester, so it’s definitely worth trying to get your tickets before she hangs up her apron for good." Polka-dot Pages

"Lyn Paul, voted the definitive Mrs Johnstone, was phenomenal throughout. Having first played the role back in 1997, she completely encompasses all that you’d hope from the struggling mother of many, just trying to keep her family happy in a desperate situation. I believed her character and loved her effortless singing – it was captivating!" **** Playhouse Pickings

"Lyn Paul is enthralling and emotional as she plays the desperate Mrs. Johnstone struggling to do her best for her children... in fact the whole cast were simply stunning." Catherine Collins, Southern Daily Echo

"Lyn Paul has been hailed as the definitive Mrs. Johnstone for years. Those of us seeing her for the first time in the role can instantly see why... Paul gives us a Mrs. Johnstone you just can’t help but warm to – not least because we all know what’s coming." Phil Hewitt, Chichester Observer

"Lyn Paul is the lynchpin and carries the show with superb vocals and the ability to present Mrs. Johnstone as far more than than a single mother. She is funny, heartfelt and the audience has genuine empathy for her plight. Russell’s writing means that you are on her side throughout. Paul is a definitive Mrs. J." Glenn Meads, ilovemanchester

“Taking on the lead role is Lyn Paul, who first stepped into Mrs Johnstone’s shoes back in 1997 when she made her musical theatre debut in the West End production. She makes for a compelling and impressive Mrs. Johnstone, with a depth of emotion that tugs on your heart strings, making you feel every ounce of her heartfelt pain.” ***** Opening Night

"Eternal, too, is the dominance of Lyn Paul in the leading role as Mrs Johnstone, the definitive actor for this part, playing it for the umpteenth time. And still a tour de force of emotion, humour , tragedy, and a voice that only matures with time." Stagey Lady

"Lyn Paul, of New Seekers fame, is perfectly cast as the lead role Mrs. Johnstone. Few superlatives can do her performance justice, she is simply breath-taking and at her best." Miranda Newey, Warrington Guardian

“Lyn Paul returns to the role of Mrs.Johnstone... As soon as she opens her mouth to let out a few lines of Tell Me It’s Not True during the production’s harrowing first scene, it’s obvious why she’s so renowned. The star brings an instant gravitas and essence of relatability to the show, enveloping the audience within the story being told from the jump, and refusing to let them go until its final moments.” Daniel Falconer, Female First

Updated: 21st May 2018

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'The Greatest Hits Of Lyn Paul' (album cover).

On Disc

Buyers beware!

On 30th January an album titled The Greatest Hits Of Lyn Paul was released for download and streaming on Amazon and Spotify. The album features recordings made in the 1980s when Lyn recorded for the Crash record label. It includes the singles Echoes Of Love and Make The Night (and both their B-sides) and three previously unreleased tracks (Cry, Crazy Love and I'm A Fool To Want You).

But beware! The album also includes four tracks that were not recorded by Lyn Paul: Don't Stop The Music, My Love Is Your Love, Smile and When You Gonna Find Her. Upon learning of the album release, Lyn Tweeted: "I AM NOT singing on some of the tracks and I know nothing about it. Certainly NO GREATEST HITS ON THIS ALBUM!!!!" (8th February 2019, 3:29pm). Writing on Facebook, she added: "I’m pretty fed up with companies releasing albums saying that I am on them when I’m not. It’s certainly not fair on the people that buy them... Phone call to my solicitor on Monday."

On 17th April 2019, less than three months after the release of this album, a second and very similar album titled Best Of Lyn Paul was released for download and streaming. This compilation included twelve of the same tracks but omitted Stand By Your Man. In addition there are instrumental versions of I'm A Fool To Want You and My Love Is Your Love and a recording of Wonderful Lover featuring another vocalist.

Added: 11th February 2019
Updated: 22nd June 2019

The Albums 1970-73

Fantastic news! Following the re-release on CD of the New Seekers' two 1974 albums comes the news that their remaining eight albums from 1970-73 have also to be re-issued on CD.

On 1st February 2019 of a 5-CD boxed set titled The Albums 1970-73 was released, containing each of the original eight albums plus a bonus compilation, Loose Ends, featuring recordings that were either never released in the UK, or only released as singles or on compilation albums.

CD 1: The New Seekers / Keith Potger & The New Seekers
CD 2: Beautiful People / New Colours
CD 3: We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing / Circles
CD 4: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
CD 5: Now / Loose Ends
The Albums 1970-1973 (Boxed set cover).
The Loose Ends compilation includes a few treats for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest - the German version of Beg, Steal Or Borrow (Oh, Ich Will Betteln, Ich Will Stehlen) plus three of the 1972 Songs for Europe, Out On The Edge Of Beyond, Sing Out and Why Can't We All Get Together.

Loose Ends: Nickel Song | Out On The Edge Of Beyond | Sing Out | Why Can't We All Get Together | Friend Of Jesus | Rainmaker | Captain Stormy | Jean's Little Street Café | Oh, Ich Will Bettein, Ich Will Stehlen | Come Softly To Me | Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) | The Further We Reach Out | Free To Be You And Me | Overture

Label: Caroline / Universal
Release date: 14th December 2018

Date added: 27th October 2018
Updated: 11th March 2019

Together / Farewell Album

Two albums by the New Seekers were re-released on CD on 20th April 2018 - Together, originally released in March 1974, and the group's Farewell Album, originally released in August of the same year after the five members had gone their separate ways.

Together includes the New Seekers' last two Top 5 hits, You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me and I Get A Little Sentimental Over You, both of which feature Lyn Paul on lead vocal .The CD re-release includes the B-sides of those singles as bonus tracks, along with two previous single releases - Goodbye Is Just Another Word and We've Got To Do It Now - as well as two solo tracks by Peter Doyle, who had left the group in the Summer of '73.

'Together / Farewell Album' (CD cover).

CD 1: Together
Friends Medley: Friends / With A Little Help From My Friends | You're The One | Cryin' Time | The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard | I Get A Little Sentimental Over You | Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show | You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me | Melting Pot | Fire And Rain Medley: Fire & Rain / My Sweet Lord / Day By Day | Here, There And Everywhere | Brand New Day | Come On World | Vado Via | Dedicated To The One I Love
Bonus Tracks: Goodbye Is Just Another Word | We've Got To Do It Now | Song For You And Me | Down By The River

Side 2: Farewell Album
Sing Hallelujah | Inspiration | All I Wanna Do | Everybody's Song | Somebody Warm Like Me | Old Fashioned Song | All Pull Together Kind Of World | Love And Sunshine | Perfect Love | I Wanna Be The Star Of The Show | Sad Song | Oh My Joe
Bonus Tracks: Me And My Guitar | Ride A Horse | Rusty Hands Of Time | And So In Life

Catalogue Number: GLAMCDD 168
Released: 13th April 2018

Added: 29th February 2018
Updated: 20th April 2018

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Radio and Television

Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, 16th February 2019 Lyn Paul celebrated her 70th birthday. The folllowing day BBC Radio Nottingham broadcast an interview with Lyn, recorded with Paul Robey just before Lyn's 'big day'.

Asked how she was going to celebrate, Lyn said: "Well, I've been on the 'dry January' so there'll be a few drinks knocking around, that's for sure! ... I don't know too much about it. I've been told that I have to dress up, but I've left it to my husband and my son and my friends and I really don't know what's happening."

Added: 11th March 2019

Other News

Stepping Out!

Lyn Paul and her sister Nikki Belsher will be holding tap dancing classes at the Old Windsor Memorial Hall in Windsor from Monday, 3rd September.

Lyn and Nikki were i
nterviewed about the classes by Paul Coia on BBC Radio Berkshire on 9th August. If you missed the interview, you can catch it on BBC iPlayer until 8th September.

Read more in the Windsor & Eton Express.

Added: 19th August 2018

Won't ya let me take me on a sea cruise?

On 30th May 2018 Lyn Paul set sail from Tilbury on a seven-night cruise to the Norwegian fjords on board the recently-refurbished cruise liner Columbus.

Lyn provided the entertainment on board as the cruise sailed to Amsterdam, Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord, Flåm, Sognefjord and Bergen.

Added: 21st May 2018
Updated: 3rd August 2018

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Kay Lyons

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William Shakespeare, 'Julius Caesar' (Act V, Scene I)

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Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.
Niels Bohr

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