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This section of the website provides news about Lyn Paul from the past 12 months. Scroll down the page or click on one of the links below.

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Professional enquiries (for theatre, television and film or for interviews) should be directed to Keddie Scott Associates - Fiona Keddie in the London office or Anthony Williams in the Manchester office.

Keddie Scott Associates, 31 Hatton Garden, London. EC1N 8DH

Fiona Keddie-Ord,
Managing Director

Telephone: 0203 490 1050

Anthony Williams,
Senior Talent Agent

Telephone: 01282 707 968

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Lyn Paul, photograph taken in 2019.

News about Lyn

August 2021 Ten out of ten: Blood Brothers reviews
August 2021 Blood Brothers Opening Night Cancelled
July 2021 Blood Brothers Farewell Tour Resumes
April 2021 Preserved Forever!
January 2021 The Dove on DVD
December 2020 'New album' news
September 2020 Stage-Ed Q&A
September 2020 I Ain't Going Home
September 2020 Kiss America Goodbye
August 2020 Gold
August 2020 Sun Seekers
June 2020 Sons And Daughters

Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone.

Blood Brothers - the final scene.


Bill Kenwright Ltd.
Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
The Musical


Blood Brothers Farewell Tour Resumes

Lyn Paul's farewell tour as "the definitive Mrs. Johnstone" in Blood Brothers, which was curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, resumed in Plymouth after a 17-month hiatus. Rehearsals began on 9th August and the show opened at the Theatre Royal on 14th August, a day later than originally planned.

Lyn will be performing at seven shows each week and will not appear at some matinee performances. The 2021 tour dates and venues are as follows:

Theatre Royal, Plymouth
Royal Parade, Plymouth. PL1 2TR
13th - 21st August 2021

New Theatre, Oxford
George Street, Oxford. OX1 2AG
31st August - 4th September 2021

Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Commercial Road, Southampton, Hampshire. SO15 1GE
7th - 11th September 2021

Theatre Royal, Nottingham
Royal Centre, Theatre Square, Nottingham. NG1 5ND
14th - 18th September 2021

Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
100 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 6BR
21st - 25th September 2021

Storyhouse, Chester
Hunter Street, Chester. CH1 2AR
28th September - 2nd October 2021

King's Theatre, Glasgow
297 Bath Street, Glasgow. G2 4JN
5th - 9th October 2021

Edinburgh Playhouse
18–22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh. EH1 3AA
12th - 16th October 2021

Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
Morley Street, Bradford. BD7 1AJ
19th - 23rd October 2021

Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
Frankwell Quay, Frankwell, Shrewsbury. SY3 8FT
26th - 30th October 2021

Birmingham Hippodrome
Hurst Street, Birmingham. B5 4TB
2nd - 13th November 2021

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Regent Street, Cheltenham. GL50 1HQ
16th - 20th November 2021

New Victoria Theatre, Woking
The Ambassadors, The Peacocks Centre, Woking, Surrey. GU21 6GQ
23rd - 27th November 2021

Added: 28th July 2021
Updated: 14th August 2021

Blood Brothers
Opening Night Cancelled

Following the murder of five people, who were killed by Jake Davison in the Keyham area of Plymouth on Thursday, 12th August, the opening night performance of Blood Brothers at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth was cancelled.

Adrian Vinken, CEO of Theatre Royal Plymouth, issued the following statement:

"Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of those people who have lost their lives in Keyham last night, and to all those in our communities affected by this terrible tragedy.

In light of this news, all of this evening's performances are cancelled...

Theatre Royal Plymouth stands with the City and all of our communities at this difficult time. Our Union Jack flies at half-mast as a mark of respect."

Lyn Paul echoed his sentiments in a statement posted on Twitter: "Incredibly sad here in Plymouth after yesterday’s dreadful happenings. My heart goes out to all the families that are suffering and as a sign of respect our show this evening has been cancelled. 'Blood Brothers' stands with the City." (Twitter, 13th April 2021, 5:52pm)

Added: 14th August 2021

Lyn Paul and the 'Blood Brothers' cast in Cork, 6th August 2019.

Lyn Paul (far right)
pictured with members of the Blood Brothers cast in Cork.
"This lovely bunch are keeping me going!! Dress rehearsal tomorrow and opening night tomorrow evening."
(6th August 2019, 12:09am)

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Ten out of ten

“Lyn Paul, in her farewell tour in the role of Mrs. Johnstone, brings plenty of power and emotion to the part of the abandoned mother struggling to make ends meet…” Sharon Hodkin, Newark Advertiser, 16th September 2021

"Lyn Paul never gives less than her all to this challenging role but in her farewell tour she reaches even deeper to draw out every ounce of drama and pathos." Andy Smart, Nottingham Post, 16th September 2021, page 24

"Lyn Paul has played the troubled mother since 1997 in the West End, on various tours and has many, many performances under her belt. She is, quite rightly, reckoned to be the definitive Mrs. Johnstone. She must know every inch, nuance and idiosyncrasy of the play and its characters better than Willy Russell himself. This is her farewell tour but even as a more mature actress she absolutely nails it, especially with her singing...” David Cradduck, Winchester Today, 9th September 2021

"Having regularly reprised the role over the last 20 years, this is her farewell tour – and you could spot how much this means to her, her star power shines fiercely for all to see, her voice showing strength and vulnerability, standing out even among the sea of powerful theatre voices. Watching her perform feels quite remarkable." Ox In A Box, 2nd September 2021

"Lyn Paul is in fine voice as Mrs. Johnstone and portrays the long-suffering mother with great strength and sensitivity." Susan Creed, Henley Standard, 31st August 2021

"Lyn Paul is Mrs. Johnstone. She really is Mrs. Johnstone. The glue of the piece. Feisty and worn out; ‘Marilyn Munro’-esque and dowdy; a hard-working mum for whom ‘Easy Terms’ means a mass of kids, one-wheeled bikes and a never-ending cycle of catalogue purchases and repossession. Paul is a delight in this, her last outing in a role she has long made her own." Karen Bussell, British Theatre Guide

"The actor who certainly defied perceptions of ageing the most was Lyn Paul. Paul has been portraying Mrs. Johnstone since 1997; and with 2021 marking her final tour of Blood Brothers, it truly was a privilege to watch this fearless 72-year-old carry the auditorium with her heartfelt performance." Charlotte Davies, Redbrick, 25th August 2021

“The phenomenal Lyn Paul returns to reprise her role as Mrs. Johnstone in her farewell tour of the show; she made her debut in musical theatre in the West End as Mrs. Johnstone in 1997, and her talent is as powerfully unabated as ever. There was something utterly emotive about her stirring voice. This is no shock, of course, considering her magnificent career and her renown as ‘the definitive Mrs. Johnstone’.” Jonah Zalick, One Plymouth, 21st August 2021

"Leading lady Lyn Paul effortlessly plays her part to perfection... " Andy Phillips, Western Morning News, 19th August 2021

"And how marvellous to hear Lyn Paul on her farewell tour, though how on Earth could anyone replace such an angelic voice?... She sang like a 20 year old girl and looked as though she could carry on for another 20 years!" Peter Mascall, Grimsby Live

"Paul sings with an emotional intensity that drives the show..." Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub

"Lyn Paul has played Mrs. Johnstone countless times yet makes the role beguilingly fresh. She is a real class act." Diana Eccleston, Sardines

“Giving the performance of her life, Lyn Paul is every inch the Scouse mother. She gives everything she has to the part and rides the emotional roller-coaster right the way through to the tear-jerkingly painful end. In possibly the most dramatic five minutes ever to have been written for a musical, her performance of Tell Me It’s Not True, brings the packed house to an incredibly emotional climax and, in recognition of such a magnificent performance, straight to its feet.” Paul Lucas-Scott, The Sussex Newspaper

"She had a strong, clear voice but with soft, raspy undertones... She has played the role for several stints since 1997 and her true understanding of the character shows." Rebecca Tuffin, Kent Online

"Lyn Paul triumphed in her return... At the Empire she was simply breathtaking... 10/10 - captivating and exceptional - it remains a must-see theatre experience." Malcolm Hindle, Champion

"For many the definitive Mrs. Johnstone, she delivers the big songs like Tell Me Itís Not True straight from the heart. Here her Mrs. J. is brittle and dignified, going from quiet hurt to unbearable anguish at her decision to give up one of her boys." Lorna Hughes, Liverpool Echo

“As Mrs. Johnstone, Paul gives a believable, easy, and emotive performance.” Alisha McCracken, The Reviews Hub

"Her massive contribution on this her farewell tour in the role is as faultless as ever. In each and every show she sheds real tears. That, in itself, sums up the incredible draw of a drama that will never age." Peter Grant, Wirral Globe

"Lyn Paul steals the show as the boys’ mother, carrying the majority of the musical numbers. Her voice is assured, controlled and expressive, imbued with greater character as the show runs on." Felix Jones, Buzz

"Lyn Paul provided the stand-out voice. The former New Seekers singer set the tone with opening song Marilyn Monroe and brought the house down with heartwrenching finale Tell Me It's Not True." Harry Leather, Express & Star

"The role of Mrs. Johnstone belongs to Lyn Paul. I've seen this show eight times, both in London and on tour and, whilst every actress I've seen pull that coat on has been outstanding, to me Lyn Paul epitomises the role and is, quite simply, world class. Maybe it's a sentiment that stems from this being Paul's final outing as the matriarch or maybe its pure, unadulterated love for the piece, but watching Lyn on stage this evening wasn't a case of watching an actress go through the motions. It was a feeling of moments of joy and humour mixed with those of sheer devastation, especially during the final number." Dan Richards, Black Country Radio

"She is excellent and stands out in a cast that is talented but fairly inexperienced." Bromsgrove Standard

"Lyn Paul's portrayal of single mum Mrs. Johnstone is incredibly authentic and our heart really bleeds for her, especially during... Easy Terms, Marilyn Monroe and Tell Me It's Not True." Stephanie Balloo, Birmingham Mail

"Lyn is the actor that I have seen more than any other in this role, and for me will always be my favourite Mrs. Johnstone. She pours every ounce of emotion into her performance, even after all the time she has played this role." Kev Castle Theatre Reviews

"I do have to give a special shout out to Alexander Patmore as Mickey, and Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone... At the age of 70, she seems as spritely as ever and has a remarkable voice." Karl Hornsey, On: Yorkshire Magazine

"Lyn Paul’s singing voice was so tuneful, loud, clear and full of emotion at times, I could have listened to her all night." Jackie Foottit, North West End

"Blood Brothers continues its triumphant circuit on our stages with Lyn Paul reinstated as Mrs. Johnstone for one last time. Paul, voted ‘the definitive Mrs. Johnstone’, proves wholeheartedly that the accolade is entirely deserved and then some." ***** Eliza Hayward, Always Time For Theatre

"At the heart of the drama is the twins’ mother, Mrs. Johnstone, played for the final time by Lyn Paul, of the 1970s’ New Seekers, who’s still got a great voice and conveys so powerfully the permanent anguish of having given up her child." Mike Laycock, York Press

"A powerful and emotional performance..." Dan English, The Reviews Hub

“The role seems second nature to Paul who’s [sic] authentic portrayal of a struggling mum pulls on heartstrings...” Poppy Kennedy, Sunderland Echo

Updated: 16th September 2021

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Radio and Podcast Interviews

Stage-Ed Q&A

On 27th August 2020 Lyn Paul joined Mike Southern and Stephen Palfreman on Zoom for a Blood Brothers Q&A.

Added: 29th September 2020

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Lyn Paul, 15th June 2020.


Sons And Daughters

On 29th June 2020 Lyn Paul surprised the world with a new recording, Sons And Daughters. posted on YouTube by Lyn's long-time friend Teresa Franklin. This was followed in August by two more YouTube videos - Kiss America Goodbye and I Ain't Going Home. All three songs became Top 5 hits on the FAB Chart, an independently-run website highlighting "the best of the best" of new music posted online.

Kiss America Goodbye

I Ain't Going Home

Added: 29th June 2020
Updated: 29th September 2020

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Free To Be... You And Me (album cover).

Marlo Thomas
and Friends
Free To Be... You
And Me

(album cover)

The Dove (DVD cover).

The Dove
(DVD cover)

On Disc

Preserved Forever!

Over 48 years after its first release in November 1972, the album Free To Be... You And Me, including its title track performed by the New Seekers, has been added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress.

The album was chosen from around 900 public nominations, being hailed as "remarkable both as a snapshot of social change with regard to gender roles and expectations in the early 1970s and for the wide array of talent it assembled."

For more information visit the Library of Congress website.

Added: 3rd April 2021

The Dove on DVD

Almost 47 years after its cinema début, the film The Dove gets its first release on DVD and Blu-Ray on 5th April 2021.

Featuring a score by John Barry and a theme song, Sail The Summer Winds, performed by Lyn Paul, the film stars Joseph Bottoms as 16-year-old Robin Lee Graham, who sailed alone around the world in a 23-foot sloop named "The Dove".

For more information visit the Network website [].

Added: 24th January 2021
Updated: 27th January 2021

'New album' news

Exciting news! On 26th November Lyn announced on Twitter that she has agreed to record a new album - "Excited is an understatement!"

So excited! Lyn Paul's Tweet of

Added: 8th December 2020


Released simultaneously on vinyl and as a 3-CD set, Gold is a compilation of original recordings by the New Seekers. The 14-track vinyl version features their greatest hits while the 3-CD set includes the A-sdes and B-sides of all their UK singles, with the exception of their 1985 Christmas single Let The Bells Ring Out Forever.

Note: a handful of the tracks on CD 1 were recorded before Lyn Paul joined the New Seekers. The last two tracks on CD2 and all of the tracks on CD 3 were recorded after Lyn had left the group.

Vinyl Album

Side 1: What Have They Done To My Song, Ma | Never EndingSong Of Love | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) | Beg, Steal Or Borrow | Circles | Come Softly To Me | Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me

Side 2: Neverth
eless (I'm In Love With You) | Goodbye Is Just Another Word | You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me | I Get A Little Sentimental Over You | It's So Nice | I Wanna Go Back | Anthem

Catalogue Number: DEMREC714

3-CD Set

CD 1: Meet My Lord | Zarzis | What Have They Done To My Song, Ma | It's A Beautiful Day | When There's No Love Left | Shine People Shine | Nickel Song | All Right My Love | Never Ending Song Of Love | Cincinnati | Good Old Fashioned Music | Sweet Louise | I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) | Boom Town | Beg, Steal Or Borrow | One By One | Circles | Mystic Queen | For You We Sing

CD 2: Come Softly To Me | Idaho | Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me | Time Limit | Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) | Goodbye Is Just Another Word | Me And My Guitar | We've Got To Do It Now | Look Look | Crying In The Rain | A Woman Grows | You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me | Song For You And Me | I Get A Little Sentimental Over You | Ride A Horse | Sing Hallelujah | Unwithered Rose | It's So Nice (To Have You Home) | Hey Look High

CD 3: I Wanna Go Back | The World Belongs To Me | Give Me Love Your Way | You Never Can Tell | Flashback | The Singer | Do You Wanna Make Love | Anthem | I've Got Your Number | You Needed Me | Alladin | Don't Stop The Music | Love Is A Song | Collision Of Love | Tell Me | What've You Got To Lose | California Nights | One Step Closer To Heaven

Catalogue Number: CRIMCD673 (CD)

The New Seekers, 'Gold' (LP cover).

Added: 7th August 2020
Updated: 25th September 2020

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Photo Album

Sun Seekers

In July Lyn Paul went on holiday with her husband Alan and her son Ryan. Here's a snap of Lyn and Ryan enjoying the Summer sun.

Lyn Paul pictured on holiday with her son, Ryan Young.

Added: 8th October 2020

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Yesterday is a cancelled cheque; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely.
Kay Lyons

O, that a man might know
The end of this day's business ere it come!
William Shakespeare, 'Julius Caesar' (Act V, Scene I)

What next?

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.
Niels Bohr

I have learned to live each day as it comes and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. It is the dark menace of the future that makes cowards of us.
Dorothy Dix, 'Her Book'

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What we call our future is the shadow which our past throws in front of us.
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William Shakespeare, 'The Merchant Of Venice' (Act I, Scene II)

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