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Music Links

This page provides links to Music resources on the net, which either include information about Lyn Paul and the New Seekers or which help to set Lyn's career in context.

Music Websites
The Sixties and the Seekers
The Seventies and the New Seekers
Eurovision Song Contest
Vocal Harmony Pop Groups and Duos
Women In Music
Record Collecting

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Lyn Paul The:



Fantastic Number 1s Of The Seventies (CD cover).

Various Artists
Fantastic Number 1s
of the Seventies

You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me

by the
New Seekers featuring
Lyn Paul.

Sensational 70s (CD cover).

Various Artists
Sensational Seventies
(MCCD 051)
- a 10 track CD
that also includes
You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me.

In his sleeve notes
Michael Heatley writes:
"With three potential
lead singers
in Eve Graham,
Lyn Paul
and Marty Kristian,
the New Seekers were
possibly too talented
for their own good."

No. 1's Of The Seventies (CD cover).

Various Artists
No. 1's of the

I'd Like To Teach
The World To Sing

by the
New Seekers.

Super 70s (CD cover).

Various Artists
Super '70s
also includes
I'd Like To Teach
The World To Sing

by the
New Seekers.

Ultimate 70s Pop (CD cover).

Various Artists
Seventies Pop

(3 CDs).
Another '70s compilation
that includes
You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me

by the
New Seekers featuring
Lyn Paul.

Jackie The Album (CD cover).

Various Artists
Jackie The Album,
a compilation
released in 2007,
I'd Like To Teach
The World To Sing

by the
New Seekers.

The Seventies and the New Seekers

What was it like to be a famous pop star in the 1970s? In a radio interview with David Jensen, Lyn Paul said: "It was a very innocent time... You could be walking round Woolworths looking link a dog's dinner, awful, and it would be: 'Oh, is it Lyn Paul?. And some kind soul said: 'Nah, she's better looking than that.' That's about as good as it got for us!" (From The Bottom To The Top, Capital Gold, 20th July 2006)

To find out more about the 1970s or to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, why not visit some of the websites listed below?

The Seventies

Glitter Suits and Platform Boots
A ''70s site with an interesting page about the New Seekers.

Seventies Almanac • Year By Year

Music, news and sport for each year from 1970 to 1979, as well as the top singles, albums, films and television shows.

Seventies Superstars • In Their Own Words

In their own words... Neil Diamond, David Gates, George Harrison, Billy Joel, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, James Taylor and many more.

Super '70s

There's lots on the '70s but nothing on the New Seekers.

The UK Number Ones: 1970-1974
The UK Number Ones: 1975-1979

New Seekers

New Seekers Facebook Group
The best place on the net to chat to other fans of the New Seekers. If you've got a question about the group, you'll probably get it answered here.

ARTIST direct: New Seekers
A biography of the New Seekers by Steve Huey, All Music Guide.

Centrohd: The New Seekers
A short biography of the New Seekers covering the group's career up to 1978.

Concerts Wiki: New Seekers

IMDb: New Seekers
The IMDb database includes details of some of the New Seekers' television appearances.

MySpace: New Seekers
Listen to songs by the New Seekers line-up of today.

Official Charts: New Seekers

Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle website
Gwyneth Taylor's "must visit" site for Peter Doyle fans.

Peter Doyle website on Facebook
Affiliated with the Peter Doyle website, this is a great meeting place for everyone who remembers Peter Doyle, the man and his music.

IMDb: Peter Doyle
The IMDb database includes details of some of Peter's television appearances with the New Seekers.

Milesago: Peter Doyle

A biography and discography of Peter Doyle sourced from the Lyn Paul website.

Brian Engel (Mandrake Paddle Steamer / Limey)

Alex Gitlin's Music Site: Limey

Danny Finn (Wishful Thinking)

Wishful Thinking website
The official Wishful Thinking website, established in 2009.

The Official German Wishful Thinking website

The German 'home' of Wishful Thinking, set up before the band had its own website.

Eve Graham

Eve Graham Official Website
A biography, discography, photo gallery and more.

Eve Graham Forum

The best place to chat online with other Eve Graham fans.

IMDb: Eve Graham

The IMDb database includes details of some of Eve's television appearances

Cathy Logan

Cathy Logan website
The official Cathy Logan website. It includes a short biography, some photos and a list of the songs Cathy included in her repertoire, together with some downloadable MP3 format demos.

Lyn Paul

Lyn Paul website on Facebook
A Facebook page affiliated with the Lyn Paul website, both run on Lyn's behalf by Steve Liddle.

IMDb: Lyn Paul

The IMDb database includes details of some of Lyn's television appearances

Rate Your Music: Late Night by Lyn Paul

Secondhand Songs: Lyn Paul

Caitriona Walsh

Irish Film Orchestras: Caitriona Walsh
Ex-New Seeker Caitriona Walsh was General Manager of UK Orchestras Ltd and of The London Chamber Orchestra from 1985 to 1992. In 1992 Caitriona moved to Ireland where she established Irish Film Orchestras.

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Who said that?

'70s music

Did I say there was some good music back in the '70s?
Lyn Paul,
'From The Bottom To The Top', Capital Gold,
(recorded on 20th July 2006).

Record Companies

... business organisations selling black plastic at hugely inflated prices.
Simon Napier-Bell,
'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me', page 208.

... always play safe, lose faith, change their minds, and hesitate.
Simon Napier-Bell,
'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me', page 219.

Quotes, quotes and more quotes

If you have enjoyed the "Who said that?" feature of this website, you may also enjoy visiting the following websites:

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