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YouTube Links: Blood Brothers

A Q&A with Lyn Paul (Mrs. Johnstone) about Blood Brothers recorded before the show arrived for a week at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool (5th - 9th April 2016).

Lyn answered the questions:

What is your favourtie song from Blood Brothers and why?
Sue Thompson

How does the thrill of the standing ovations for Blood Brothers compare with those exciting days of Eurovision and Number 1 hits in the 70s? Bev Carroll

Before starring in Blood Brothers had you watched the musical?
Kelly Holmes

How emotional do you feel each night after the big finish and the usual standing ovation?
Paul Ashworth

Do you prefer the acting to the singing?
Jacci Vance

What is the best song you have performed in a production?
Stephen Jacqueline

What is it about the role of Mrs. Johnstone that keeps bringing you back to the show?
Rev. Paul Critchley

Is Blood Brothers based on a true story?
John Roebuck

Why do you think Blood Brothers is a hugely successful show that everybody wants to see? Paul Stewart


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