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This page provides a snapshot of Lyn Paul's career focusing on 1973. To find out what else was happening in 1973 select any of the following options:

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You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (single cover).

New Seekers
You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me

single cover)

Goodbye Is Just Another Word

The New Seekers start the year in style. On 18th January the group plays for President Nixon at the Kennedy Center, Washington - the first time that an act from outside the USA had been invited to perform at a Presidential Inauguration.

On 26th January the New Seekers make the first of two television appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC). The first episode is hosted by Mama Cass Elliot and has a guest list that includes Pat Boone; the second, screened on Wednesday, 23rd May, features Faye Dunaway and James Hampton. The group also appears on two episodes of The Mike Douglas Show (KYW): on Monday, 22nd January the New Seekers are guests alongside singer Morgana King and entertainer Tiny Tim with his daughter Tulip; the following week the group appears on the show with comedian Pat Cooper, film critic Rex Reed and musician-songwriter Mike Curb of the Mike Curb Congregation.

By now the New Seekers sound less like the original Seekers than ever. In February they release a single which combines two songs from Pete Townshend's rock opera Tommy. Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me (Polydor 2058 338) is a Top 20 hit in the UK, where it reaches number 16; it also does well in the United States, where it reaches number 29. The New Seekers promote the single in the UK with TV appearances, including a guest slots on The Val Doonican Show (ITV, Saturday, 17th February, 8.30pm) and Crackerjack (BBC1, 2nd March, 5.00pm).

Another single is released in March which is a complete contrast in style.
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (Polydor 2058 340) is an old-time smoocher and is credited to Eve Graham and the New Seekers.

Having returned to the UK in February for cabaret dates at the Fiesta Clubs in Sheffield and Stockton, the New Seekers embark on a concert tour of the UK and Ireland during the Spring to promote their new album - New Seekers Now (Polydor 2383 195). Released in April, the album was recorded in part at the MGM Studios in Los Angeles with The Osmonds' producer, Mike Lloyd, and includes two songs written by The Osmonds - That's My Guy (originally That's My Girl) and Utah. Lyn takes the lead vocal on a song entitled Everything Changing - one of the five tracks recorded in London.

New Seekers Now (cassette cover).

New Seekers Now
(cassette cover)

Up. Down.

The New Seekers' tour kicks off in style at the Royal Albert Hall. Lyn Paul's solo spot is a show stopper! She rips off her long dress to reveal a mini skirt, which she wears as she dances a charleston to the tune I Could Be Happy With You. The tour ends at the Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead on 7th May.

New Seekers, Royal Albert Hall, 1973.

The New Seekers at the Royal Albert Hall, 1973.
Pictured (left to right): Paul Layton, Marty Kristian, Eve Graham, Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle.
Copyright © Chris Walter. Photo used with permission.
See more of Chris Walters' photographs at the Photofeatures website.

Up. Down.

During their UK tour the New Seekers make guest appearances on two TV shows: They Sold A Million (BBC2, Sunday, 1st April, 10.40pm) and Stars Of The Year (BBC1, Tuesday, 17th April, 10.15pm). On 11th May, just four days after the end of the tour, the group is voted Britain's Top Pop Act by readers of The Sun newspaper.

In June Peter Doyle leaves the group and a single is released aptly titled Goodbye Is Just Another Word (Polydor 2058 368). Peter Oliver is recruited as a replacement and joins the New Seekers on their cabaret and concert tour of the USA. The tour, which had started in May, runs through to August and includes dates supporting Vikky Carr and the group's first appearance in Las Vegas.

New Seekers' Summer Schedule

1st June Disneyland, California
2nd June Disney World, Florida
5th June Spectrum, Philadelphia
7th - 9th June Disneyland, California
12th - 15th June Disneyland, California
25th June - 1st July Music Circus Theatre, Sacramento, California
3rd July Crete Fair, Crete, Illinois
6th - 7th July Starlight Theatre, Indianapolis
10th -15th July Millrun Theatre, Illinois
20th - 21st July Miss Universe Contest, New York City
26th - 28th July O'Keefe Center, Toronto
6th - 11th August Warwick Music Theatre, Warwick, Rhode Island
12th August Frontier Ranch, Columbus, Ohio
24th August Canadian Exhibition, Ottowa
25th August Treasure Mountain, Park City, Utah

Up. Down.

In between tour dates the New Seekers make another appearance on The Mike Douglas Show (KYW, Wednesday, 20th June). The other guests on the show are actor-singer Fabian, astronaut Neil Armstrong, Alexandra Nicholson and Shamu, the killer whale. The group also appears on Evening at Pops (WGBH, Sunday, 22nd July) and The Helen Reddy Show (NBC, Thursday, 26th July).

As they approach the end of their own tour the New Seekers get an unexpected offer to tour with Liza Minnelli for three weeks. Instead of returning home as planned, the New Seekers stay on in the USA until October. In 2006 Lyn recalled this as "the highlight" of her time with the New Seekers:

"We had our own plane - the orchestra and us, the make-up people and the dressers and that. And we went from place to place with this plane. It was very entertaining - on and off the plane!"

"I watched every single show ... and I think I learnt more from her than from anybody else in the business."
(From The Bottom To The Top, Capital Gold, 20th July 2006)

During their extra time in the States the New Seekers squeeze in another television appearance, singing Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me on the once-a-week Saturday afternoon show American Bandstand (ABC, Saturday, 6th October).

Back in Britain the New Seekers are used to promote the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign. In September posters featuring the group appear on hoardings all around the country and a single, We've Got To Do It Now (Polydor 2058 397), is used to help get the message across. All proceeds from the sale of the single are donated to the Campaign.

While the New Seekers are in Hollywood Lyn tells Peter Oliver that she wants to leave the group. She contacts Peter Gormley, Cliff Richard's agent in the UK, and prepares to leave. As Lyn tells it:

"At that point they gave me 'You Won't Find Another Fool' to sing because they were hoping that if it was a success it would coax me into staying and at least the group would stay together." (John Dunn Show, BBC Radio 2, 1983)

Success it is, but stay together they don't. On Christmas Eve, Eve Graham announces that she is leaving the group. Eve's and Lyn's contracts state that only one of them can leave the group at any given time. Lyn insists that she is also leaving. The result, as Lyn later explained in another radio interview, was that "I signed everything away ... The only way we could get out of our contracts was to sign everything away. Or so we were told."

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting British public knows only what it sees and hears on the television - five smiling faces and the outward show of "perfect harmony". Following appearances on the It's Lulu show (BBC1, Saturday, 3rd November, 7.15pm), The Two Ronnies (BBC2, Thursday, 22nd November, 9.25pm) and two children's programmes, Magpie and The Basil Brush Show, the New Seekers record appearances on The Golden Shot, The Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show (BBC1, Tuesday, 25th December, 7.35pm) and a seven week series as special guests on the David Frost show, Frost's Weekly (BBC1, 14th December - 25th January). You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me enters the UK singles chart on 24th November and rapidly rises into the Top 5. Everything in the garden seems rosy.


On 3rd May the annual Ivor Novello Awards for songwriting and composing are presented at the Music Publishers Association Lunch at the Connaught Rooms in London. The award for 'Most Performed Work of the Year' goes to the New Seekers' Beg Steal Or Borrow, written by Tony Cole, Graeme Hall and Steve Wolfe.

On 25th May shooting begins on a new film called The Dove (at this point with a working title Here There Be Dragons). Filming takes place at twelve locations, starting in the Fiji Islands and finishing in Del Mar, California on 28th September. Other locations include: Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, the Galapagos Islands, Brazil and Panama. The film turns out to be significant for Lyn Paul, who is asked to sing the John Barry / Don Black theme song, Sail The Summer Winds. The film is released on a staggered basis in May the following year; Sail The Summer Winds is released at the same time as Lyn's first solo single.

In June 1973 singer-songwriter Albert Hammond has his only UK hit with Free Electric Band (Mums 1494). The New Seekers had previously recorded two of Hammond's songs. The first, I'm A Train, was issued as a studio recording on the 1970 album Keith Potger & The New Seekers and later released as a concert recording on the album Live at the Royal Albert Hall. The second, Down By The River, appeared on the 1972 US album Come Softly To Me. It was never released in the UK.

In August Roy Wood has the first of four solo hits with Dear Elaine (Harvest HAR 5074). The B-side of the single is Wood's version of Songs Of Praise. The song had originally been submitted as one of the entries in the 1972 Song For Europe and was included on the New Seekers' album We'd Like To Teach the World To Sing.


Up. Down.

In the News - 1973
Jan Denmark, Ireland and the UK become members of the European Economic Community on 1st January.

The New London Theatre opens on 2nd January.

On 9th January Rhodesia closes its border with Zambia because of repeated attacks by Zambian-based guerillas.

The Open University awards its first degrees on 11th January.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, visits the Pope at the Vatican on the 15th January.

On the same day, following a deal brokered by Henry Kissenger at peace talks in Paris, US President Richard Nixon orders a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam. A cease-fire is agreed with the North Vietnamese, which takes effect from midnight on 27th January.

On Saturday, 20th January Richard Nixon is inaugurated for his second four-year term as President.

Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States from 1963 to 1969, dies on 22nd January, aged 64.

Feb On 8th February Archbishop Makarios is re-elected President of Cyprus, unopposed.

The US dollar is devalued by 10% on 13th February.

UK gas workers begin a campaign of strikes, go-slows and overtime bans on 14th February in pursuit of a pay claim above the government's limits.

On 21st February a Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-200 (Flight LN 114 from Tripoli to Cairo via Benghazi) is shot down by Israeli fighter jets.

A coalition of Fine Gael and Labour led by Liam Cosgrave wins the general election held in the Republic of Ireland on 28th February.

Mar 220,000 hospital ancillary workers in the UK go on strike on 1st March in support of a claim for an extra £4.00 per week.

On the same day eight terrorists from the Black September Organization attack the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum, where a party was being held for the US ambassador's deputy, George Curtis Moore. The gunmen take Moore and nine others hostage, demanding the release of Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Robert Kennedy, as well as Palestinian militants held by the Israelis, Arabs held in Jordan and members of the Bader-Meinhoff gang held in West Germany. The next day Moore, Cleo Noel Jr., the US ambassador to Sudan, and Guy Eid, the Belgian charge d'affaires, are killed. Two days later the other hostages are released and the eight gunmen surrender.

An Iberia McDonnell Douglas DC-9 flying from Palma de Mallorca to London and a Spantax Convair 990 from Madrid to London crash in mid-air over Nantes on 5th March. The Spantax flight is able to land at Cognac - Châteaubernard Air Base with damage to its left wing but the Iberia flight crashes, killing the 61 passengers and 7 crew on board.

A special conference of the TUC on 6th March calls for a one day general strike in protest at the UK government's pay policy.

The Northern Ireland electorate votes in favour of remaining in the United Kingdom in a referendum held on 8th March.

On the same day one person is killed and more than 200 injured when bombs planted by members of the Provisional IRA explode in London, one of them outside the Old Bailey.

The British governor of Bermuda, Sir Richard Sharples, and his assistant, Captain Hugh Sayers, are assassinated on Saturday, 10th March as they stroll in the grounds of the Government House.

Queen Elizabeth II opens the new London Bridge on 17th March.

On 18th March an Icelandic gunboat Odinn fires two live rounds across the bows of a British trawler Statesman in the disputed 50-mile fishing zone around Iceland.

Noël Coward dies at his home in Jamaica on Monday, 26th March, aged 73.

On the same day women are admitted to the London Stock Exchange for the first time in its 200-year history, though they are still not allowed on the trading floor.

The Godfather wins the Oscar for Best Picture at the 45th Academy Awards ceremony on 27th March.

On 29th March Dr. Hook, who had a US Top 10 hit in 1972 with The Cover Of The 'Rolling Stone', are themselves finally pictured on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

On the same day last US combat troops leave South Vietnam, ending direct US military involvement in the Vietnam War.

Apr In the UK Value Added Tax (VAT) replaces Purchase Tax on 1st April.

On 7th April Anne-Marie David wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg with the song Tu Te Reconnaîtras. Cliff Richard, representing the UK for the second time, finishes in third place with Power To All Our Friends.

Pablo Picasso dies at his home in France on 8th April, aged 91.

On 10th April an Invicta International Airways charter flight from Bristol to Basle crashes into a hillside near Hochwald, Switzerland. 108 people are killed, most of them women from Somerset who had been looking forward to a day of shopping and sightseeing in Basle.

The film That'll Be The Day, starring David Essex and Ringo Starr, is premiered in London on 12th April.

President Nixon appears on US television on 30th April to announce the resignation of three of his closest associates at the White House. Nixon denies any personal knowledge of the bugging of the Democratic Party national headquarters but accepts ultimate responsibility.

May There is a one-day national strike in the UK on 1st May. Dockyards, the engineering industry and car manufacturing all grind to a halt. There are no train services and no national newspapers.

On 7th May the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Peter Walker, announces the UK government's decision to introduce a subsidy on butter sales equivalent to about 2p per pound (lb).

The Skylab space station is launched on 14th May.

On 18th May the UK Minister for Trade, Sir Geoffrey Howe, orders an inquiry into the affairs of Lonrho. On 31st May Lonrho shareholders vote at an extraordinary meeting in favour of Tiny Rowland continuing as the company's Chief Executive. They also vote to dismiss the eight Directors who had tried to get rid of him.

On 19th May three Royal Navy frigates begin patrolling inside Iceland's 50-mile fishery limit to protect British trawlers.

June The Greek government abolishes the Monarchy on 1st June. The Prime Minister, George Papadopoulos, becomes President (he is sworn in on 19th August).

A Russian Tupolev-144 supersonic airline explodes and crashes at the Paris Air Show on Sunday, 3rd June. Six crew members and eight civilians are killed; 15 houses are destroyed.

Comedian Jimmy Clitheroe, best remembered for his BBC Radio programme The Clitheroe Kid, dies on 6th June, aged 51.

Willy Brandt arrives in Tel Aviv on 7th June. He is the first West German Chancellor to visit Israel.

On 8th June General Franco hands over the day-to-day running of Spain to Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, who is named Presidente del Gobierno (President of the Government).

On 22nd June architect John Poulsen and Scottish civil servant William Pottinger are arrested and charged with corruption in connection with the award of building contracts.

On 23rd June the first Open University degree ceremony is broadcast live on BBC2.

July Betty Grable, celebrated for having the most beautiful legs in Hollywood, dies of lung cancer in Santa Monica, California on 2nd July, aged 56.

On Wednesday, 4th July, the day after Slade had entered the UK singles chart at number 1 with Skweeze Me Plleeze Me, the band's drummer, Don Powell, is badly injured in a car crash in Wolverhampton. His girlfriend, Angela Morris, who was in the car with him, is killed.

Wilfred Rhodes, who played 58 Test matches for England between 1899 and 1930, dies on 8th July, aged 95.

The Bahamas becomes an independent nation on 10th July. Prince Charles represents The Queen at the independence celebrations.

On 12th July President Nixon is admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital with viral pneumonia.

Actor Jack Hawkins, who was married to Jessica Tandy from 1932 to 1940, dies on 18th July, aged 62.

Bruce Lee, star of the martial arts films The Big Boss (1971), Fist Of Fury (1972), Way Of The Dragon (1972) and Enter The Dragon (1973), dies on 20th July, aged 32.

On 21st July the French begin a series of nuclear tests on Muraroa Atoll. The New Zealand frigate Otago patrols the area in protest.

£20 million compensation is awarded to Thalidomide victims on 30th July, benefitting 433 British children who were born limbless, or with severely shortened limbs, because their mothers took the drug during pregnancy.

The first Lonely Planet guidebook, Across Asia On The Cheap, is published.

Aug On 2nd August 50 people are killed in a fire at the Summerland entertainment complex in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

On Sunday, 5th August two gunmen, members of the Palestinian Black September Organisation, open fire in a crowded passenger lounge at Athens Airport, killing three people. The terrorists missed their intended targets, passengers waiting for a flight to Tel Aviv, who had already boarded their plane.

Stevie Wonder is seriously injured in a car accident on 6th August.

James Beck, Private Walker in Dad's Army, dies on the same day, aged 42.

The political dissident Kim Dae Jung - later the President of South Korea - is kidnapped from a Tokyo hotel room by agents of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency on Wednesday, 8th August.

Donald Peers, the popular Welsh singer best known for the song In A Shady Nook By A Babbling Brook, dies on 9th August, aged 64.

President Nixon appears on US TV on 15th August. Whilst denying that he was involved in the Watergate affair, he admits that some of his subordinates were.

Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge get married in Malibu, California on 19th August.

Sep Len Murray is formally elected General Secretary of the TUC on 4th September.

On 5th September Black September terrorists take over the Saudi Arabian embassy in Paris in an unsuccessful attempt to secure the release of the convicted leader of the Black September Organization, Abu Daoud.

The President of Chile, Salvator Allende, is deposed in a military coup on Tuesday, 11th September. General Augusto Pinochet appoints himself President.

King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden dies on 15th September, aged 90. He is succeeded by his grandson, Carl XVI Gustaf.

Gram Parsons dies of a drug overdose on 19th September, aged 26.

Jim Croce, best known for songs such as Time In A Bottle and I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (which became a posthumous hit for him in the USA) dies in a plane crash on 20th September.

On the same day Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the 'Battle of the Sexes' tennis match in Houston, Texas.

General Juan Perón, who had been in exile for 18 years, is elected President of Argentina on 23rd September.

The supersonic airliner Concorde flies the Atlantic for the first time on Wednesday, 26th September. The flight from Washington DC to Orly Airport in Paris takes three hours and thirty-two minutes.

W.H. Auden dies in Vienna on 29th September, aged 66.

Oct Yom Kippur War: fierce fighting breaks out on 6th October between Israel and her Arab neighbours: Egyptian troops cross the Suez Canal into the Sinai desert while Syrian forces attack the Golan Heights.

London's first commercial radio stations are launched: LBC is the first on the air on Monday, 8th October, with Capital Radio a close second on 9th October.

Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice President of the USA on 10th October. He is replaced by Gerald Ford.

On 16th October the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded jointly to the US Secretary of State Henry Kissenger and to his Vietnamese counterpart Le Duc Tho, who refuses to accept the Prize.

On 17th October ten Arab states reduce oil production by 5%, demanding that Israel withdraws from occupied Arab territory and restores the rights of Palestinians.

The Sydney Opera House is completed. It is officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday, 20th October.

On the same day the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, makes his first visit to the UK.

President Nixon agrees to hand over the Watergate tapes to Judge John Sirica. At a televised news conference on 26th October Nixon says he will not resign.

The Bosphorus Bridge is completed on 30th October, connecting the Ortaköy district of Istanbul (in Europe) with Beylerbeyi (on the Asian side).

Nov On 8th November the right ear of John Paul Getty III is sent to a newspaper by his kidnappers, accompanied by a ransom note demanding $3.2 million. The kidnappers settle for a sum of around $2.9 million; Getty III is released and found alive in southern Italy on 15th December, shortly after the ransom is paid.

Israel and Egypt sign a cease-fire agreement on 11th November.

Members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) begin an overtime ban on 12th November in support of their pay claim.

On 13th November, as the fuel crisis deepens, the UK Home Secretary Robert Carr proclaims a state of emergency.

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips get married at Westminster Abbey on 14th November.

US comedian Allan Sherman, best known for his 1963 hit Hello Muddah, Hello Fadder! (A Letter From Camp), dies on 21st November, aged 48.

President Papadopoulos is deposed by the Greek army on 25th November.

Dec Francis Pym is appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on 2nd December.

On 11th December, after the breakdown of wages talks with British Rail, the train drivers' union ASLEF announces a ban on overtime and rest day working.

On 13th December the Prime Minister Edward Heath announces the introduction of a three-day working week for all industries except essential services. The Three-Day Work Order comes into force at midnight on 31st December.

On 17th December Arab terrorists kill 32 people at Rome Airport before hijacking a Lufthansa plane and flying to Athens and then Kuwait.

Ten people are killed on 19th December when an express train from London Paddington to Oxford is derailed between Ealing Broadway and West Ealing.

Bobby Darin, who had number 1 hits in 1959 with Dream Lover and Mack The Knife, dies of a heart attack on Thursday, 20th December, aged 37.

The Spanish Prime Minister, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, is killed in an ETA car-bomb attack in Madrid on the same day.


In the Charts

UK Chart débuts
  • Kiki Dee
  • David Essex
  • Bryan Ferry
  • Mud
  • Suzi Quatro
  • Leo Sayer
  • Thin Lizzy

UK Best-selling Singles

The Puppy Song / Daydreamer (single cover).

  • Barry Blue
    (Dancing) On A Saturday Night

  • Blue Mink

  • David Bowie
    Drive-In Saturday (Seattle - Phoenix)

  • David Bowie
    The Jean Genie

  • David Bowie
    The Laughing Gnome

  • David Bowie
    Life On Mars?

  • David Bowie

  • Carpenters
    Top Of The World

  • Carpenters
    Yesterday Once More

  • David Cassidy
    Daydreamer / The Puppy Song

  • David Cassidy
    I'm A Clown

  • Perry Como
    And I Love You So

  • Roger Daltrey
    Giving It All Away

  • Dawn
    Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree

  • Lynsey de Paul
    Won't Somebody Dance With Me

  • Kiki Dee

  • Detroit Emeralds
    Feel The Need In Me

  • The Drifters
    Like Sister And Brother

  • Dave Edmunds
    Baby I Love You You

  • Dave Edmunds
    Born To Be With You

  • Electric Light Orchestra
    Roll Over Beethoven

  • David Essex
    Rock On

  • Faces
    Cindy Incidentally

  • Bryan Ferry
    A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

  • First Choice
    Smarty Pants

  • Roberta Flack
    Killing Me Softly With His Song

  • Fleetwood Mac

  • Focus

  • Free
    Wishing Well

  • Geordie
    All Because Of You

  • Gary Glitter
    Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)

  • Gary Glitter
    Hello Hello I'm Back Again

  • Gary Glitter
    I Love You Love Me Love

  • Gary Glitter
    I'm the Leader Of The Gang (I Am)

  • Bobby Goldsboro
    Summer (The First Time)

  • The Goons
    Ying Tong Song

  • Hot Chocolate
    Brother Louie

  • Hudson-Ford
    Pick Up The Pieces

  • Elton John

  • Elton John
    Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting

  • Kenny
    Heart Of Stone

  • Limmie and Family Cookin'
    You Can Do Magic

  • Paul McCartney & Wings
    My Love

  • Al Martino
    Spanish Eyes

  • Medicine Head
    One And One Is One

  • Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes
    If You Don't Know Me By Now

  • Mott the Hoople
    Roll Away The Stone

  • Mud

  • Mungo Jerry
    All Right All Right All Right

  • O'Jays
    Love Train

  • Donny Osmond
    The Twelfth Of Never

  • Donny Osmond
    Young Love

  • Marie Osmond
    Paper Roses

  • The Osmonds
    Going Home

  • The Osmonds
    Let Me In

  • Gilbert O'Sullivan
    Get Down

  • Gilbert O'Sullivan
    Why Oh Why Oh Why

  • Partridge Family
    Looking Thru' The Eyes Of Love

  • Peters and Lee
    Welcome Home

  • Suzi Quatro
    Can The Can

  • Lou Reed
    Walk On The Wild Side

  • Cliff Richard
    Power To All Our Friends
    [Eurovision Song Contest:
    UK entry]

  • The Rolling Stones

  • Roxy Music

  • Roxy Music
    Street Life

  • Carly Simon
    You're So Vain

  • Paul Simon
    Take Me To The Mardi Gras

  • Slade
    Cum On Feel The Noize

  • Slade
    Merry Xmas Everybody

  • Slade
    Skweeze Me Pleeze Me

  • Alvin Stardust
    My Coo-Ca-Choo

  • Status Quo

  • Status Quo
    Paper Plane

  • Stealer's Wheel
    Stuck In The Middle With You

  • Rod Stewart
    Oh No Not My Baby

  • Strawbs
    Part Of The Union

  • Sweet
    Ballroom Blitz

  • Sweet

  • Sweet
    Hell Raiser

  • T. Rex
    Solid Gold Easy Action

  • T. Rex
    20th Century Boy

  • 10cc
    Rubber Bullets

  • Thin Lizzy
    Whiskey In The Jar

  • Ike and Tina Turner
    Nutbush City Limits

  • Clifford T. Ward

  • Wings
    Hi Hi Hi / C Moon

  • Wings
    Live And Let Die

  • Wings
    My Love

  • Wizzard
    Angel Fingers

  • Wizzard
    I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

  • Wizzard
    See My Baby Jive

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Stevie Wonder
    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

One Hit Wonders
  • Miki Anthony
    If It Wasn't for the Reason That I Loved You

  • Cockerel Chorus
    Nice One Cyril

  • Deodato
    Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)

  • Drupi
    Vado Via

  • Stuart Gillies

  • Jimmy Helms
    Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse

  • Highly Likely
    Whatever Happened To You (Theme from Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads)

  • Hotshots
    Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

  • New York City
    I'm Doin' Fine Now

  • Simon Park Orchestra
    Eye Level (Theme from Van der Valk)

  • Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers
    Monster Mash

Hit Albums

Boulders (album cover).

  • The Beatles
    The Beatles 1962-1966

  • The Beatles
    The Beatles 1967-1970

  • David Bowie
    Aladdin Sane

  • David Bowie

  • Carpenters
    Now And Then

  • Bryan Ferry
    These Foolish Things

  • Elton John
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

  • Paul McCartney and Wings
    Band On The Run

  • Mike Oldfield
    Tubular Bells

  • The Osmonds
    The Plan

  • Pink Floyd
    Dark Side Of The Moon

  • Roxy Music

  • Paul Simon
    There Goes Rhymin' Simon

  • Slade

  • Status Quo

  • Status Quo

  • Cat Stevens

  • Rod Stewart
    Sing It Again Rod

  • Strawbs
    Bursting At The Seams

  • That'll Be The Day
    [Film Soundtrack]

  • Rick Wakeman
    The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

  • Clifford T. Ward
    Home Thoughts

  • Roy Wood

  • Yes

That'll Be The Day (album cover).

At the Movies
  • American Graffiti
  • The Day Of The Jackal
  • Don't Look Now
  • The Exorcist
  • The Getaway
  • Hitler - The Last Ten Days
  • The Last Detail
  • Last Tango In Paris
  • Live And Let Die
  • Magnum Force
  • Paper Moon
  • Papillion
  • Scorpio
  • Sleeper
    (Woody Allen)

  • That'll Be The Day
  • A Tough Of Class
  • Travels With My Aunt
  • The Valachi Papers

On Stage

'A Little Night Music' Original Broadway Cast album.

Tony Award for Best Musical:
A Little Night Music

On Television
  • Are You Being Served?
    (Series 1)

  • The Ascent Of Man
  • Burke Special
  • Dad's Army
    (Series 6)

  • Dave Allen At Large
    (Series 3)

  • Doctor Who (Seasons 10 and 11, Jon Pertwee)
  • Father, Dear Father
    (last series)

  • The Generation Game
  • The Goodies
    (Series 3)

  • Hadleigh (Series 3)
  • Kojak

  • Last Of The Summer Wine
    (Series 1)

  • Look - Mike Yarwood!
    (Series 3)

  • Love Thy Neighbour
    (Series 3)

  • Man About The House
    (Series 1)

  • The Morecambe & Wise Show
    (Series 7)

  • New Faces
  • On The Buses
    (Series 7)

  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
    (Series 1 and 2)

  • That's Life
  • The Tomorrow People
  • The Two Ronnies
    (Series 3)

  • Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
    (Series 1)

  • The Wombles
  • The World At War

Sporting Heroes

BBC Sport

Sports Personality
of the Year:
Jackie Stewart

Boxing: George Foreman knocks down Joe Frazier six times in two rounds in a fight in Kingston, Jamaica to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
John Conteh stops Rudi Schmidcke in the 12th round to become European Light Heavyweight Champion.

Rugby Union: unusually, the Five Nations Championship ends in a five-way tie. Each team - England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - wins both its home matches (and loses its two away matches).

Snooker: Ray Reardon beats Eddie Charlton in the final of the World Snooker Championship (38-32).

Rowing: the University of Cambridge crew wins the annual Boat Race against Oxford for the sixth year in a row.

Horse Racing: Red Rum, ridden by Brian Fletcher, wins the Grand National.
Morston wins the Derby.
Secretariat wins the Triple Crown, completing the famous treble with a win by 31 lengths in the Belmont Stakes.

Golf: Tommy Aaron wins the 37th US Masters at Augusta.
Johnny Miller wins the US Open at Oakmont Country Club, Pennsylvania.
Tom Weiskopf wins the Open Championship at Troon.

Football: Liverpool win the Football League First Division and the UEFA Cup.
Sunderland beat Leeds 1-0 in the FA Cup Final.

Cycling: Luis Ocaña wins the Tour de France.

Tennis: Chris Evert appears in her first singles final at Wimbledon but loses to the reigning Champion, Billie Jean King (6-0, 7-5).
Jan Kodes wins the men's singles Championship (6-1, 9-8, 6-3).

Cricket: Ian Botham plays his first professional match for Somerset.
Colin Cowdrey, playing for Kent, scores his 100th first-class century.

Athletics: David Bedford breaks Lasse Viren's world record in the men's 10.000 metres at the AAA Championships, setting a new fastest time of 27 minutes, 31 seconds.
The world’s first all-women's marathon is held in Waldniel, West Germany on 28th October.

Motor Racing: Jackie Stewart wins the Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship for the third time and announces his retirement from motor racing.
Roger Williamson is killed in the Dutch grand prix.
Barry Sheene wins the European 750cc motor cycle title.


Man Booker Prize

J. G. Farrell
The Siege Of Krishnapur

Postcard from 1973.

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

Who said that?


Awards are like piles. Sooner or later, every bum gets one.
Maureen Lipman, 'The Independent', 1999


Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or lifetime is certain for those who are friends.
Richard David Bach

Johnny Carson

Sophia: Hey Dorothy, guess who's on 'Johnny Carson' tonight?
Dorothy: Who?
Sophia: Johnny Carson.
Dorothy: Must be the anniversary show.
Estelle Getty (Sophia Petrillo) and Bea Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak),
'The Golden Girls'

Twenty-five grand in ten seconds. Now I know how Johnny Carson feels.
Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty), 'The Golden Girls'

He's an anesthetist - Prince Valium.
Mort Sahl

Liza Minnelli

I'm gonna be a great film star; that is, if booze and sex don't get me first.
Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli), 'Cabaret'

My daughter's got a voice like chalk on a blackboard.
Judy Garland

Isn't Liza Minnelli just darling!
Armistead Maupin, 'More Tales of the City'

If I've learned anything about stagecraft, then I've learnt it from her.
Lyn Paul,
'From The Bottom To The Top', Capital Gold
(interview recorded on 20th July 2006)

If you don't find Liza with a Z inspiring, then there's something wrong with you.
Paul Spicer

Richard Nixon

He told us he was going to take crime out of the streets. He did. He took it into the damn White House.
Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy

... a Main Street Machiavelli
Patrick Anderson

I'm a fan of President Nixon. I worship the quicksand he walks on.
Art Buchwald

President Nixon's motto was, if two wrongs don't make a right, try three.
Norman Cousins

Richard Nixon means never having to say you're sorry.
Wilfred Sheed

He is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree and then mount the stump to make a speech for conservation.
Adlai Stevenson

... the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad.
Hunter S. Thompson

... even if he caught himself telling the truth, he'd lie just to keep his hand in.
Harry S. Truman


The United States, I believe, are under the impression that they are twenty years in advance of this country; whilst, as a matter of actual verifiable fact, of course, they are just about six hours behind it.
Harold Hobson, 'The Devil In Woodford Wells'

America is a country that doesn't know where it is going but is determined to set a speed record getting there.
Laurence J. Peter

America is a land where a citizen will cross the ocean to fight for democracy - and won't cross the street to vote in a national election.
Bill Vaughan


You can't have everything, even in California.
Raymond Chandler


You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart.
Fred Allen

The men in Hollywood are all either married, going through a divorce, or want to do your hair.
Doris Day

Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy gets the Catholic Church. America gets Hollywood.
Eroca Jong

If you are into just being looked at, you will love Hollywood, but if you are into film, you will hate it.
Adrian Lester, 'The Independent', 25th August 2001

Strip the phoney tinsel off Hollywood and you'll find the real tinsel underneath.
Oscar Levant

No one ever went broke in Hollywood underestimating the intelligence of the public.
Elsa Maxwell

Hollywood is a sewer - with service from the Ritz-Carlton.
Wilson Misner

Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you $50,000 for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.
Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood is where, if you don't have happiness, you send out for it.
Rex Reed

A place where they shoot too many pictures and not enough actors.
Walter Winchell

Los Angeles

A big hard-boiled city with no more personality than a paper cup.
Raymond Chandler

Connie: We've got to go someplace where we can just blend in, somewhere where they'd never look for us because there's no theatre, no musical theatre, no dinner theatre, no culture at all.
Carla: Los Angeles!
'Connie and Carla'

Seventy-two suburbs in search of a city.
Dorothy Parker

I moved to Los Angeles, and I miss so many things from the real world that they don't have here, like ageing, pride and dignity.
Greg Proops

Los Angeles is awful - like Liverpool with palm trees.
Johnny Rotten


Personally, I think if a woman hasn't met the right man by the time she's twenty-four, she may be lucky.
Jean Kerr

Two Ladies

I mean, if two ladies are at the front of the band, of course there is competition going on.
Anni-Frid Lyngstad (ABBA)

I think that was good because that meant we did our best.
Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA)

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