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This page provides a snapshot of Lyn Paul's career focusing on 1974. To find out what else was happening in 1974 select any of the following options:

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Who's Sorry Now (single cover).

Lyn Paul
Who's Sorry Now
(single cover)

You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me

There's a great start to the year as You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (Polydor 2058 421) rises to the top of the UK singles chart and becomes the first number 1 record of the year. It's the New Seekers' second and last chart-topper (their third if you read the NME charts). It is also the second of their singles to win an Ivor Novello Award.

Despite this success, Lyn is adamant that she wants to leave and in February it is officially announced that the New Seekers are splitting up. As she told a radio interviewer years later:

"They wanted to try and keep the boys and me together but having decided that I'd 'ummed and 'arred for too long, I thought: 'No, I'm going!."

You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (sheet music).

Sheet music for
the New Seekers' hit single
You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me.

Pictured (left to right): Lyn Paul and Eve Graham (standing),
Peter Oliver, Marty Kristian and Paul Layton (front).

Up. Down.

On Sunday, 24th February Lyn Paul and Marty Kristian are guests on My Top 12, a radio show hosted by Brian Matthew, who asks his celebrity guests to compile an imaginary album of their twelve favourite songs. Lyn introduces the group's first choice: the Four Tops' Reach Out I'll Be There, a song that she and Eve Graham had performed in the '60s as members of The Nocturnes. Lyn's other choices are: Petula Clark, Downtown; The Beach Boys, God Only Knows; Unit Four Plus Two, Concrete and Clay; Diana Ross, Touch Me In The Morning; and Roy Wood, Forever.

In conversation Lyn admits:

"Things definitely go wrong for me. I'm terribly accident prone ... My underskirt came down in one of the shows. We were on stage in Yarmouth and ... I turned to Eve and said: 'My underskirt's coming down!' and she said: 'No, no, not on here. It can't!' ... It did, didn't it?"

Marty relates another incident:

"There was another occasion also ... She was doing a bit of a tap dance routine and she kicked her leg up and her shoe came off ... whirled round in the air and went into the orchestra pit and hit the guy on the cymbal."

A second single featuring Lyn on lead vocal is released at the beginning of March. I Get A Little Sentimental Over You (Polydor 2058 439) enters the UK singles chart on 9th March and climbs to number 5 while the New Seekers are appearing for three weeks at the Talk of The Town. It is the New Seekers' last Top 20 hit.

An album, ironically entitled Together (Polydor 2383 264) is also released in March. Entering the UK album charts on 30th March, it reaches number 12 and becomes the New Seekers second most successful album. Featuring their last two singles, Together also includes a third track with Lyn on lead vocal - the Lennon and McCartney classic Here, There And Everywhere. The New Seekers had recorded this song once before on the album Keith Potger & The New Seekers. That earlier version used an arrangement similar to The Beatles' original and featured Keith Potger on the lead vocal. Lyn Paul and Eve Graham had also recorded the song while they were members of the Nocturnes.

The New Seekers set off on a Farewell Tour of the UK (33 venues in all). Whilst on the road (shortly after Manchester United had lost 1-0 to Stoke City in their last match of the Season) the group is attacked by football hooligans. As their luxury orange and white tour bus heads for the M6 motorway, two of the windows are shattered by bricks. Lyn later tells the press: "It was a nightmare. At first I thought a bomb had gone off."

Having completed the tour and two final weeks of cabaret in Wakefield (6th - 11th May) and Liverpool (12th - 18th May), the members of the group go their separate ways. Marty Kristian and Paul Layton team up with Danny Finn to form Marty, Paul and Danny. Peter Oliver, Eve Graham and Lyn Paul embark on solo careers.

Lyn is the first to make her mark. Her first solo single, Sail The Summer Winds (Polydor 2058 472), is the John Barry theme song from Gregory Peck's film The Dove. Later nominated for a Golden Globe Award, the song receives a lot of radio airplay and hovers just outside the Top 50. The Dove has its Royal Charity Premiere in London on Wednesday, 22nd May; the single is released two days later. The film, based on a true story, depicts a young man's coming of age as he sails around the world in a small boat. The theme song and the rest of the score, which was not released in the UK, capture the mood of the film perfectly.

Lyn promotes the single with a guest appearance on David 'Kid' Jensen's pop show Rock On With 45 (Granada, Thursday, 23rd May). Fellow guests are Allan Clarke (The Hollies), 'Emperor' Rosko, Sparks and Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance.

Lyn takes a well-earned break in June, renting a large villa in Portofino for three weeks. "It was a riot" she tells Record Mirror, "13 of us including Peter Oliver and all my family." Lyn spends the next few weeks preparing her new stage act and débuts at the Stockton Fiesta on 28th July. Freed from the constraints of performing as part of a group, Lyn takes this opportunity to show audiences that "there is more to Lyn Paul than just singing." Lyn's solo stage performances mix songs with dance and comedy and prove her to be a great all-round entertainer. As she was later to explain in a radio interview: "I'm very much a solo performer and I wanted to get out there and just do my own thing." A review of her first show at the Fiesta hails it as "the start of what promises to be a crowd-pulling solo career." (Record & Radio Mirror, 3rd August 1974)

"Lyn, though dogged by first night technical gremlins, proved her star potential by making all the hang-ups look like a joke and part of her act...

The act was a combination of Cilla Black type comedy and the sexy subtleness of an Eartha Kitt, with a dash of the Lionel Blair's thrown in for good measure ... the finest part was her twenty minute extravaganza in which she did a send-up of the dance crazes from the Thirties to the present day." (Record & Radio Mirror, 3rd August 1974)

Her style really shone through in her interpretations of the Judy Garland number [I'm] Nobody's Baby and in scores such as Dream Baby. (Melody Maker, 3rd August 1974)

"The girl's got talent... an hour later the audience was stamping and whistling for encores." (Daily Express, 30th July 1974)

Lyn's dance extravaganza involves six on-stage costume changes. As Lyn told Roy Hill from Record Mirror: "People come to see a show ... to see a bit of glamour like beautiful clothes that you can't buy from C&A."

On 19th July Lyn appears on Les Dawson's television variety show Sez Les (Yorkshire Television), singing Sail The Summer Winds. The show features Roy Barraclough, John Cleese and Frank Thornton playing a variety of characters in comedy sketches.

At the end of the month Lyn also appears as the special guest on The Jimmy Tarbuck Show (ATV, Tuesday, 30th July).

In August Polydor Records release a New Seekers' Farewell Album (Polydor 2383 293). Lyn shares the lead vocal with Eve on one of the album tracks, All Pull Together Kind Of World, and has the lead all to herself on five others: All I Wanna Do, Oh My Joe, Old Fashioned Song, Paul Williams' beautiful ballad Perfect Love and Keith Potger's and Tony Macaulay's Sing Hallelujah (Polydor 2058 484), The latter is selected for release as a single, but without the group to promote them, neither the single nor the album make the charts. Lyn, meanwhile, is busy trying to establish herself as a solo act. Dates are lined-up for her to appear at the Manchester Broadway Club (week commencing 25th August), the Sheffield Fiesta (week commencing 1st September) and Leicester Bailey's (the week of 15th September).

Lyn's second single is released in September. It is a cover of the Connie Francis hit Who's Sorry Now? (Polydor 2058 514). Lyn promotes the single with an appearance on the It's Cliff Richard show (BBC1, Saturday, 31st August, 8.15pm). In addition to performing Who's Sorry Now, Lyn also sings You Made The Pants Too Long (a duet with Pearly Gates), Lipstick On Your Collar (another Connie Francis song) and Personality (the finale to the show sung with Cliff and Pearly). In 1994 a recording of the show taken from the master tapes is issued on CD (Quality Music Inc.).

A month after her appearance on It's Cliff Richard Lyn is a guest on an episode of The Golden Shot (ATV, Sunday, 29th September). The show is hosted by Bob Monkhouse and features the 'Golden Girls' Anne Aston and Wei Wei Wong. Other guests are the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana, and news reader Gordon Honeycombe. Lyn is also a guest on Rock On With 45 (Granada, Thursday, 3rd October) and Lift Off With Ayshea (Granada, Tuesday, 8th October).

Lyn was scheduled to appear with Johnny Mathis on his 25-date concert tour of the UK in the Autumn but is forced to withdraw when she comes down with laryngitis. Lyn is replaced by Sunny, who had a UK hit in May with Doctors Orders

On 11th November Lyn appears on an afternoon TV show Jim's World (Southern Television). Lyn also records an appearance on Val Meets The VIPs. The programme is broadcast on Friday, 6th December (BBC1, 5.10pm). It includes a film taken by Nigel Finch of Lyn on the road and at home with her family, and a studio interview hosted by Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton.

Lyn spends Christmas with her family, then returns to the cabaret circuit on 30th December with a week at the Golden Garter club in Manchester.

Up. Down.


In March the popular television sitcom Are You Being Served? returns for a second series. In the first episode, The Clock, the staff of Grace Brothers organise a birthday celebration for the longest-serving member of the team, Mr. Granger. The entertainment for the evening turns out not be the New Seekers.

Captain Peacock: The group are coming up in the other lift.

Miss Brahms: Oh good! Who've we got - the New Seekers?

Mr. Lucas [as the group enters]: I don't think it's the New Seekers, love. More like the Old Knockers!

Are You Being Served?
Series 2, Episode 1: The Clock
Written by:
Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.
First broadcast: Thursday, 14th March 1974, 8.00pm (BBC1).

The annual Ivor Novello Awards ceremony is held on 17th May. The award for 'Best Pop Song' goes to the New Seekers' You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me, written by Tony Macaulay and Geoff Stephens.

The songwriting team behind the New Seekers' hit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (and the Coca-Cola commercial from which it originated) take another Coke jingle into the UK charts. Hello Summertime (United Artists UP35705) starts out as the jingle "Ice cold Coke on the back of my throat, singing hello Summertime" and becomes a number 14 hit for Bobby Goldsboro in August.


Up. Down.

In the News - 1974
Jan On 8th January Lord Carrington is appointed Secretary of State in a new Department of Energy.

The UK Parliament is recalled on Wednesday, 9th January for an emergency debate on the fuel crisis and the three-day week.

Israel and Egypt sign an agreement on 18th January separating their armed forces along the Suez Canal.

On Sunday, 27th January the River Brisbane breaks its banks, flooding Brisbane and the surrounding areas. More than 8,000 people are made homeless.

Movie mogul Sam Goldwyn dies at his home in Los Angeles on 31st January, aged 91.

Feb Ronnie Biggs, one of the Great Train robbers, is arrested by Brazilian police in Rio de Janeiro on 1st February.

Patty Hearst, the 19-year-old granddaughter of American publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Front on 4th February.

On 5th February the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) calls a national coal strike, beginning at midnight on 9th February.

On 7th February the Prime Minister of the UK, Edward Heath, calls a snap general election, which is held at the end of the month. The NUM Executive rejects the Prime Minister's appeal to call off the miners' strike during the election campaign.

On 8th February American Skylab astronauts splash down in the Pacific after a record 84 days in space.

On 11th February architect John Poulsen and civil servant George Pottinger are found guilty on corruption charges and each sentenced to five years in prison.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is exiled from Soviet Union on 13th February.

Songwriter Harry Ruby, who co-wrote hits such as Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) and Who's Sorry Now?, dies on 23rd February.

Band-leader Cyril Stapleton dies on 25th February, aged 60.

Cher files for divorce from Sonny Bono on 27th February.

The Labour Party wins the UK general election held on Thursday, 28th February but fails to win a majority in the House of Commons. 14 Liberal MPs reject Edward Heath's offer to form a Conservative-Liberal coalition. Harold Wilson is asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form a government.

Mar 346 passengers and crew are killed in the world's worst air disaster on 3rd March when a Turkish Airlines DC-10 bound for London crashes shortly after taking off from Orly Airport, Paris.

On the same day a BOAC VC-10-1151 is hijacked by two Arab men on the last leg of a flight from Bombay to London. The aircraft is diverted to Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, where the hijackers release the 90 passengers and 10 crew before setting fire to the plane. Dutch police arrest the hijackers as they flee the flames.

British coal miners end their month-long strike on 6th March after getting a 35% pay rise.

The three-day week comes to an end at midnight on 8th March.

The Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle, named after the founder of the French Fifth Republic, opens on 8th March. Terminal 1 is a circular building ten-floors-high, surrounded by seven satellite buildings, each with six gates.

On 20th March Princess Anne and her husband Captain Mark Phillips escape unhurt after a failed attempt to kidnap them in Pall Mall.

On 22nd March the Under-Secretary of State for Education and Science, Hugh Jenkins, announces that the admission charges to national museums and galleries introduced by the previous Conservative government on 2nd January, would no longer be levied after the museums and galleries close on 29th March.

On 28th March the Secretary of State for Social Services, Barbara Castle, announces that from 1st April all contraceptive advice and prescribed supplies provided by the National Health Service (NHS) would be free of charge irrespective of age or marital status.

On 29th March Chinese farmers digging a well near the ancient capital of Xi'an discover the Terracotta Army, a collection of 8,000 clay warrior statues buried to guard the tomb of China's 1st emperor, Qin Shi Huang.

British Airways is established as an airline on 31st March by the dissolution of BOAC and BEA.

Apr New local government country boundaries come into effect in England and Wales on 1st April. Four English counties disappear completely: Cumberland, Huntingdonshire, Rutland and Westmorland.

On 2nd April, as David Niven introduces Elizabeth Taylor to present the award for best picture, the 46th Academy Awards ceremony is interrupted by a streaker, Robert Opel. Niven quips: “Isn’t it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?" The Best Picture award goes to The Sting.

The French President, Georges Pompidou, dies on the same day, aged 62.

During the late afternoon and evening hours of 3rd April tornadoes sweep through Alabama, Georgia and the mid-western states of the USA, killing more than 330 people.

On 6th April ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with the song Waterloo. The UK entry, Long Live Love by Olivia Newton-John, shares 4th place with the entry from Monaco, Celui Qui Reste Et Celui Qui E'en Va by Romuald.

On 15th April Patty Hearst is photographed taking part in a bank robbery in San Francisco. Two men who enter the bank while the robbery is occurring are shot and wounded.

An Australian stockbroker named Michael O'Brien sprints across the field naked during the England vs. France rugby match at Twickenham Stadium on 20th April, so securing his place in history as the first known streaker at a major sporting event. O'Brien is escorted off the pitch by police, his modesty preserved by a policeman's helmet. He is subsequently fined £10 for insulting behaviour.

The army seizes power in Portugal on Thursday, 25th April, ending nearly 50 years of dictatorial rule. President Tomas and the Prime Minister, Marcello Caetano, are exiled to Madeira.

May The Carpenters perform at the White House on 1st May, at the request of President Nixon.

Willy Brandt resigns as Chancellor of West Germany on 6th May, following the arrest in April of his personal assistant, Gunter Guilliame, on charges of spying for East Germany.

British Airways cabin staff go on a 15-day unofficial strike over their pay and conditions of work. All overseas flights are cancelled.

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Zhaotong in China on 10th May, triggering many landslides and destroying around 28,000 homes.

Three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine enter an elementary school in Ma'alot on 15th May, dressed as Israeli soldiers. 115 people, 105 of them students, are held hostage for 12 hours. During the rescue attempt by Israeli troops 25 hostages (3 adults and 22 children) are killed and 68 more are injured. The three terrorists are shot dead. Israeli war planes attack Palestinian refugee camps in retalliation.

On 17th May an IRA car bomb explodes in Dublin during the rush hour. 23 people are killed.

On 18th May India explodes a nuclear device in the Rajasthan Desert.

In the second round of the French Presidential elections on 19th May Valéry Giscard d'Estaing narrowly defeats François Mitterand.

Duke Ellington dies of lung cancer and pneumonia on 25th May, aged 75.

Northern Ireland is brought under direct rule from Westminster on 29th May, following a seven-day general strike and the collapse of Northern Ireland's power-sharing executive.

On 30th May, four days after attending a David Cassidy concert at White City Stadium in London, a 14-year-old fan, Bernadette Whelan, dies of heart failure. 1,000 other fans at the concert had been given first aid treatment as a result of the pandemonium in the audience.

June An explosion at the Nypro chemical plant in Flixborough kills 29 people on 1st June.

Michael Gaughan, who had been serving a seven-year sentence for his part in an IRA bank robbery, dies in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight on 3rd June, after 65 days without food. He is the first IRA hunger striker to die in a British prison since 1920.

On 4th June Yitzhak Rabin succeeds Golda Meir as Prime Minister of Israel.

11 people are injured on 17th June when an IRA bomb explodes in Westminster Hall.

The first product barcode (on a pack of Wrigley's chewing gum) is scanned at a supermarket on 26th June (at the checkout of the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio).

The UK government and the TUC agree a "social contract" on 26th June to restrain pay rises.

On 30th June Alberta Williams King, the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King, is shot dead by Marcus Wayne Chenault, a 23-year-old black man from Ohio, as she sat at the organ of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

July President Juan Perón of Argentina dies on 1st July, aged 78. He is succeeded by his wife, Maria Estela Perón.

Novelist Georgette Heyer dies on 4th July, aged 71.

Bill Shankly announces his resignation as manager of Liverpool Football Club on Friday, 12th July, after nearly 15 years in the job.

On Monday, 15th July Archbishop Makarios is deposed as President of Cyprus in a coup led by Greek officers of the Cyprus National Guard. Turkish armed forces invade Cyprus on 20th July. A case fire is agreed two days later and an interim peace agreement is signed in Geneva on 30th July.

On Wednesday, 17th July a bomb explodes in the Mortar Room at the Tower of London. One person is killed. 41 more are injured, including eight children.

President Nixon is ordered by the US Supreme Court to hand over the 64 Watergate tapes subpoenaed by Judge John Sirica. On Saturday, 27th July the US House Judiciary Committee approves a first article of impeachment, charging Nixon with obstruction of justice.

Cass Elliott of The Mamas and The Papas dies in London on 29th July, aged 33.

Aug On 7th August Philippe Petit walks on a high wire between the World Trade Center towers.

Faced with impeachment over the Watergate affair, Richard Nixon announces his resignation as US President on Thursday, 8th August. The Vice President, Gerald Ford, is sworn in as the 38th President the next day. He is the first man not to have been elected by ballot to the Vice-Presidency or the Presidency. Ford himself commented: "I guess it proves that in America anyone can be President."

The Cyprus peace talks in Geneva break down on 14th August. Turkish troops launch an attack on Nicosia and take over the northern half of the island.

35,000 British holidaymakers are stranded abroad when two holiday companies, Horizon Holidays and Clarksons, go bankrupt on 15th August.

On 18th August nineteen IRA prisoners escape from Portlaoise Prison.

On 20th August President Ford nominates the former Governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller, to serve as Vice President.

Charles Lindbergh, who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, dies on 26th August, aged 72.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Norman Kirk, dies unexpectedly on 31st August, aged 51.

Sep On 1st September a Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter crashes at the Farnborough Air Show, killing both crew.

On 8th September President Ford grants a full pardon to Richard Nixon for any offences he might have committed while in office.

Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is deposed on 12th September.

Three members of the Japanese Red Army attack the French Embassy in The Hague on 13th September. The ambassador and ten other hostages are freed after four days in exchange for a ransom of $300,000, the release of a jailed Red Army member, Yatsuka Furuya, and the use of a plane.

Two giant pandas arrive at London Zoo on 14th September. Chia Chia and Ching Ching are a gift from the Chinese Government to the people of Britain, made during Prime Minister Edward Heath's visit to China at the beginning of the year.

Honduras is hit by Hurricane Fifi on 18th September. Thousands of people are killed in the ensuing floods and mudslides.

Jacqueline Susann, author of Valley Of The Dolls, dies in Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, on 21st September, at the age of 56.

The BBC launches CEEFAX, the world's first teletext information service, on 23rd September.

General António de Spínola resigns as President of Portugal on 30th September, He is replaced by General Francisco da Costa Gomes.

Oct On 1st October McDonald's opens its first restaurant in the UK in Woolwich, south-east London.

On Saturday, 5th October bombs explode in two pubs in Guildford, killing five people and injuring another 65, many of them off-duty soldiers.

On the same day Dave Kunst becomes the first person to complete a round-the-world journey on foot, having started his 14,452 mile expedition on 20th June 1970.

A second general election is held in the UK on Thursday, 10th October. It is the first time that two general elections have been held in the same year since 1910. The Labour Party led by Harold Wilson is returned to power with a House of Commons majority of just three seats.

Television host Ed Sullivan dies on 13th October. He introduced many UK acts to American audiences for the first time, among them the New Seekers, who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1970.

A bomb explodes in central London on 22nd October, close to where the leader of the opposition, Edward Heath, is dining.

Nov On Thursday, 7th November police are called to the home of the Seventh Earl of Lucan in Lower Belgrave Street, London, where his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, had been murdered and his wife attacked. Lord Lucan is nowhere to be found.

Covent Garden Market closes on Friday, 8th November. The market moves to a new 56-acre site in Vauxhall, which opens on Monday, 11th November.

The UK Chancellor, Dennis Healey, increases the VAT on petrol from 8% to 25% on 12th November.

On 15th November Dr. Michael Ramsey retires as Archbishop of Canterbury, having served more than 13 years in post.

Parliamentary elections are held in Greece on 17th November, the first after seven years of military rule. Konstantinos Karamanlis, who had already formed a government of national unity just after the fall of the dictatorship, leads the conservative New Democracy party to victory.

The President of Ireland, Erskine Childers, dies of a heart attack on 17th November, aged 68. Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh is nominated to replace him.

The IRA plant bombs in two Birmingham pubs on 21st November. 21 people are killed with 184 more injured. Three days later six men are charged with murder and conspiracy to cause explosions.

On the same day a British Airways VC10 (Flight 870 from London) is hijacked in Dubai by four Palestinian terrorists disguised as airport workers. Captain Jim Futcher, who was not on board when the terrorists took control of the aircraft, flies the plane to Tripoli, where it refuels, and then to Tunis, where the hijackers demand the release of seven Palestinian terrorists, five of whom were being held in Cairo and two in The Hague.

Folk singer Nick Drake is found dead in his bedroom on 25th November, having taken an overdose of the anti-depressant Tryptasol.

Dec Archbishop Makarios returns to Cyprus on 7th December.

In a referendum held on 8th December the Greek electorate votes overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a republic.

Malta declares itself a republic on 13th December.

Terrorists bomb the home of the former Prime Minister Edward Heath on 22nd December.

The British Labour MP and former government minister John Stonehouse, who had mysteriously disappeared a month previously while in Miami, is discovered alive and well in St. Kilda, Australia on Christmas Eve (Tuesday, 24th December), traveling with a fake passport.

The Australian city of Darwin is devastated by a hurricane on Christmas Day.

Northern Pakistan is hit by a magnitude-6.2 earthquake on 28th December. An estimated 5,300 people are killed and 17,000 injured. The village of Pattan is almost completely destroyed.


In the Charts

UK Chart débuts
  • ABBA
  • Commodores
  • Doobie Brothers
  • Gloria Gaynor
  • KC and The Sunshine Band
  • Mike Oldfield
  • Queen
  • Santana
  • Showaddywaddy
  • The Three Degrees
  • The Wombles
  • Lena Zavaroni

UK Best-selling Singles

Gonna Make You A Star (single cover).

  • ABBA
    [Eurovision Song Contest winner]

  • Paul Anka featuring Odia Coates
    (You're) Having My Baby

  • Arrows
    A Touch Too Much

  • Charles Aznavour

  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

  • Bay City Rollers
    All Of Me Loves All Of You

  • Bay City Rollers

  • Bay City Rollers
    Summerlove Sensation

  • Ken Boothe
    Everything I Own

  • Johnny Bristol
    Hang On In There Baby

  • Carpenters
    Jambalaya (On The Bayou) / Mr. Guder

  • Chi-Lites
    Homely Girl

  • Chi-Lites
    Too Good To Be Forgotten

  • Eric Clapton
    I Shot The Sheriff

  • Cockney Rebel
    Judy Teen

  • Lynsey de Paul
    No Honestly

  • Stephanie de Sykes (with Rain)
    Born With A Smile On My Face

  • Kiki Dee Band
    I Got The Music In Me

  • John Denver
    Annie's Song

  • Disco Tex and The Sex-o-lettes
    Get Dancin'

  • The Drifters
    Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies

  • Rupie Edwards
    Ire Feelings (Skanga)

  • David Essex
    Gonna Make You A Star

  • Gloria Gaynor
    Never Can Say Goodbye

  • Gary Glitter
    Always Yours

  • Gary Glitter
    Remember Me This Way

  • The Glitter Band
    Angel Face

  • The Glitter Band
    Let's Get Together Again

  • Hello
    Tell Him

  • The Hollies
    The Air That I Breathe

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Hues Corporation
    Rock The Boat

  • Terry Jacks
    Seasons In The Sun

  • Elton John
    Candle In The Wind

  • Robert Knight
    Love On A Mountain Top

  • Ronnie Lane accompanied by the band Slim Chance
    How Come?

  • Lobo
    I'd Love You To Want Me

  • Lulu
    The Man Who Sold The World

  • Paul McCartney and Wings
    Band On The Run

  • Paul McCartney and Wings

  • George McCrae
    Rock Your Baby

  • Mud
    The Cat Crept In

  • Mud
    Lonely This Christmas

  • Mud
    Tiger Feet

  • Olivia Newton-John
    I Honestly Love You

  • Olivia Newton-John
    Long Live Love
    [Eurovision Song Contest:
    UK entry]

  • Donny and Marie Osmond
    I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You

  • The Osmonds
    Love Me For A Reason

  • Paper Lace
    Billy Don't Be A Hero

  • Paper Lace
    The Night Chicago Died

  • Cozy Powell
    Dance With The Devil

  • Elvis Presley
    My Boy

  • Alan Price
    Jarrow Song

  • Suzi Quatro
    Devil Gate Drive

  • Queen
    Killer Queen

  • Queen
    Seven Seas Of Rhye

  • Charlie Rich
    The Most Beautiful Girl

  • Diana Ross
    All Of My Life

  • Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye
    You Are Everything

  • The Rubettes
    Sugar Baby Love

  • Leo Sayer
    Long Tall Glasses

  • Leo Sayer
    The Show Must Go On

  • The Scaffold
    Liverpool Lou

  • Peter Shelley
    Gee Baby

  • Showaddywaddy
    Hey Rock And Roll

  • Slade
    The Bangin' Man

  • Slade

  • Slade
    Far Far Away

  • Sparks
    This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both Of Us

  • Alvin Stardust
    Jealous Mind

  • Freddie Starr
    It's You

  • Ringo Starr
    You're Sixteen

  • Ray Stevens
    The Streak

  • The Stylistics
    Rockin' Roll Baby

  • The Stylistics
    You Make Me Feel Brand New

  • Sweet Sensation
    Sad Sweet Dreamer

  • Sylvia
    Y Viva Espana

  • R. Dean Taylor
    There's A Ghost In My House

  • The Three Degrees
    When Will I See You Again

  • Barry White
    Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe

  • Barry White
    You're The First, The Last, My Everything

  • Andy Williams

  • The Wombles
    Remember You're A Womble

  • The Wombles
    The Wombling Song

  • Stevie Wonder
    Living For The City

  • Roy Wood

  • Lena Zavaroni
    Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)

Far Far Away (single cover).

One Hit Wonders
  • Candlewick Green
    Who Do You Think You Are?

  • First Class
    Beach Baby

  • Golden Earring
    Radar Love

  • Eddie Holman
    (Hey There) Lonely Girl

  • John Holt
    Help Me Make It Through The Night

  • Andy Kim
    Rock Me Gently

  • Mouth and MacNeal
    I See A Star
    [Eurovision Song Contest:
    Dutch entry]

  • Ann Peebles
    I Can't Stand The Rain

  • The Peppers
    Pepper Box

  • Brian Protheroe

  • Ragtimers
    The Sting

  • Gary Shearston
    I Get A Kick Out Of You

  • Splinter
    Costafine Town

  • Sunny
    Doctor's Orders

  • Sweet Dreams
    Honey Honey

  • Thunderthighs
    Central Park Arrest

Hit Albums

Bay City Rollers, Rollin' (album cover).

  • Bay City Rollers

  • David Bowie
    Diamond Dogs

  • Carpenters
    The Singles 1969-1973

  • John Denver
    Back Home Again

  • Bryan Ferry
    Another Time, Another Place

  • Elton John

  • Paul McCartney and Wings
    Band On The Run

  • Joni Mitchell
    Court And Spark

  • Olivia Newton-John
    Long Live Love

  • Queen
    Sheer Heart Attack

  • Slade
    Old, New, Borrowed And Blue

  • Slade
    Slade In Flame

  • Steely Dan
    Pretzel Logic

  • Cat Stevens
    Buddah And The Chocolate Box

  • Rod Stewart

  • Supertramp
    Crime Of The Century

  • 10cc
    Sheet Music

  • Rick Wakeman
    Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

  • Clifford T. Ward
    Mantle Pieces

  • The Wombles
    Remember You're A Womble

  • The Wombles
    Wombling Songs

Remember You're A Womble (album cover).

At the Movies
  • Angst Essen Seele Auf (Fear Eats The Soul)
  • Blazing Saddles
  • Chinatown
  • The Dove
  • Earthquake
  • Emanuelle
  • Enter The Dragon
  • The Exorcist
  • Gold
  • Mame
    (Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur)

  • Murder On The Orient Express
  • The Odessa File
  • Stardust
  • The Sting
  • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
  • The Way We Were

On Stage

'Raisin' Original Broadway Cast album.

Tony Award for Best Musical:

On Television
  • And Mother Makes Five
  • Are You Being Served?
    (Series 2)

  • Bagpuss
  • Captain Pugwash
  • Dad's Army
    (Series 7)

  • Doctor Who (Season 12, Tom Baker)
  • Frost's Weekly
  • Happy Days

  • Happy Ever After
    (Series 1)

  • Harry O
  • It Ain't Half Hot Mum
    (Series 1)

  • It's Cliff Richard
  • The Little House On The Prairie
  • The Liver Birds
    (Series 4)

  • Look - Mike Yarwood!
    (Series 4)

  • Love Thy Neighbour
    (Series 4 and 5)

  • The Magic Roundabout
  • Man About The House
    (Series 2 and 3)

  • Monty Python's Flying Circus
    (Series 4)

  • The Morecambe & Wise Show
    (Series 8)

  • Porridge
    (Series 1)

  • Rhoda
    (USA and UK)

  • Rising Damp
    (Series 1)

  • Steptoe And Son
    (Series 8)

  • Till Death Us Do Part
    (Series 5)

  • Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
    (Series 2)

  • The Wheeltappers' And Shunters' Social Club
  • Within These Walls
  • Z Cars
    (500th episode)

  • The Zoo Gang

Sporting Heroes

BBC Sport

Sports Personality
of the Year:
Brendan Foster

Rugby Union: Ireland win the Five Nations Championship.
Willie John McBride gets his 56th international cap when he captains Ireland in a 26-21 victory over England at Twickenham.

Horse Racing: Red Rum, ridden by Brian Fletcher, wins the Grand National for the second year in a row.

Rowing: the University of Oxford crew wins the annual Boat Race against Cambridge.

Snooker: Ray Reardon beats Graham Miles (22-12) to win the World Snooker Championship for the second year in a row.

Golf: Gary Player wins the US Masters for the second time, finishing 2 strokes ahead of Dave Stockton and Tom Weiskopf
Hale Irwin wins the US Open at Winged Foot, in New York, 2 strokes ahead of Forrest Fezler.
Gary Player wins the Open Championship at Royal Lytham. Having previously won at Muirfield in 1959 and at Carnoustie in 1968, he becomes only the third player in golfing history to win the British Open in three separate decades.
Peter Oosterhuis tops the Order of Merit for the fourth year in a row.

Football: Leeds United end the season as Champions of the Football League First Division for the second time. Manchester United are relegated to the Second Division.
Liverpool win the FA Cup final, beating Newcastle United 3-0.
Bill Shankly, the Liverpool Manager, retires.
West Germany win the World Cup, beating Holland 2-1 in the final in Munich.
Sir Alf Ramsey is sacked as England Manager after the team fails to qualify for the World Cup Finals. He is replaced by Don Revie.

Cycling: Eddy Merckx winss the Tour de France for the fifth time.

Tennis: Wimbledon has two new Champions - Jimmy Connors wins the men's singles final and Chris Evert wins the women's singles final. Connors beats Ken Rosewall in straight sets (6-1, 6-1, 6-4) while Evert has an equally comfortable win over Olga Morozova (6-0, 6-4).
In October the British women's team wins the Wightman Cup for the first time since 1968.

Boxing: John Conteh wins the World Light Heavyweight Championship - the first British boxer to hold the title for 25 years.
Muhammad Ali regains the World Heavyweight title, knocking out George Foreman in the eighth round of their Championship fight in Kinshasa, Zaire.

Motor Racing: Emerson Fittipaldi wins the Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship for the second time.


Man Booker Prize

Nadine Gordimer
The Conservationist

Stanley Middleton

On the shortlist:

Kingsley Amis
Ending Up

Beryl Bainbridge
The Bottle Factory Outing

C.P. Snow
In Their Wisdom

Postcard from 1974.

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Who said that?

Be Yourself!

If you're able to be yourself, then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence.
Barbara Cook

Going Solo

In groups, who sings this part or that part always turns into an issue. Eventually you get the courage to go out on your own.
LeToya Luckett,
The Independent Extra, Thursday, 19th October 2006, page 13.

I was sick of being seen as this sweet girl in that nice group who had a lovely voice. I was capable of more than that.
Judith Durham, quoted in The Judith Durham Story: Colours Of My Life
by Graham Simpson

Life Choices

You don't get to choose how you're going to die or when. You only get to chose how you're going to live.
Joan Baez

Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself.
Robert F. Bennett

If you hang on to the old thing, you will not experience the new.
Joseph Campbell

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Choose well: your choice is brief and yet endless.
Ella Winter

My Way!

If you don't do it your way then, as Frank Sinatra said, you regret it in the end.
Peter Moores,
'The Independent',
Friday, 29th February 2008, page 60.


It is seldom indeed that one parts on good terms, because if one were on good terms one would not part.
Marcel Proust,
A la recherche du temps perdu: La Prisonnière 1913-27

Pop Life

Pop music is just hard work, long hours and a lot of drugs.
Mama Cass

When you're 25 and 26 years old it's very difficult to act like you've just got up with a glass of milk and go to bed with a biscuit at nine o'clock.
Lyn Paul


Some people think football is a matter of life and death ... I can assure them it is much more serious than that.
Bill Shankly


Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact.
Homer Simpson, 'The Simpsons'

"When you're 25 and 26 years old it's very difficult to act like you've just got up with a glass of milk and go to bed with a biscuit at nine o'clock." Lyn Paul.

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