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The New York reviews

"Had Taboo opened in some East Village club with a well-stocked bar, it might have enjoyed great underground success. As a Broadway show, its prospects are limited ...
One of the problems with the show is we're never sure who is the real focus, the fictional Boy George, played with extraordinary sympathy and skill by Euan Morton, or Bowery, played rather clumsily by George."
Howard Kissel
New York Daily News

"A major minus is that George O'Dowd, prematurely aged at 42, is overstuffed and unprepossessing, and, though still able to sing, unable to act ... Ta boo or not ta boo, that is the question."
Theatre Review by John Simon
New York Metro

"The show is a crazy, mixed-up mess in tone, structure and rhythm."
Ben Brantley
New York Times

"The show's creators have never satisfactorily determined what the show is or needs to be.
Boy George himself, with the magnetic aura Morton should have, is a unique, eye-opening presence, but not as captivating and confident a theatre performer as might be ideal for the role. His gravitas as Bowery is welcome, but he could go much further.
Matthew Murray
Talkin' Broadway's Broadway Reviews

The London-based musical about '80s pop star Boy George, which opened Thursday at the Plymouth Theatre, turns out to be a delightful experience - that is, if you leave after the first act.
Those who don't bail out during intermission will be forced to watch a giddy, good-hearted romp degenerate into a preachy melodrama in which drug abuse, AIDS, gay-bashing and the perils of fame are explored with all the imagination of a TV movie-of-the-week.
Elysa Gardner,
USA Today

A Taboo paper fan, handed out to members of the audience at The Venue, London, to keep people cool during the performance.

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