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From time to time Lyn Paul sends messages to the website. Past messages are reproduced below.

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Hi everyone,

I can't believe how many lovely messages I have had recently, not only about 'Blood Brothers' but especially about the album - and what thrills me the most is the fact that you seem to like 'Dance With My Father'. I have to tell you that when we were recording it I spent the first two hours crying like a fool and even the final take sounds like (as my son puts it) a cat being strangled! Nice, eh!!!! But anybody that knows me knows how much I love my parents, so it wasn't an easy song to sing.

We move into The Beehive in Englefield Green
[map] on November 6th and we open on November 13th! So anybody who is in the area will be more than welcome.

luv Lyn x
1st November 2006

P.S. By the way, for all of you who have asked about recording 'Blood Brothers', it is one of my dreams, so I will just hope that sometime in the future it will happen.

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Hi everyone,

Well at last it's out!! I was beginning to think it would never see the light of day but I have to say I am chuffed to bits with the packaging. It was well worth the wait. I can't believe how many of you have sent e-mails saying you like it. I read them with a huge grin on my face - thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm not sure if there will be a single out but Steve (and no one else!) will be the first to know if there is.

Thank you Sue Smith for your comments about management. I can assure you I have the best Agent / Manager you could ask for. Barry Burnett and Lindsay Granger have turned my life around. Without them I wouldn't have done Emmerdale, Doctors, In Deep, Holby City and all the other TV that has come my way, to say nothing of all the other work they have secured for me. They are highly respected and everything they do is handled with dignity and professionalism. All this comes with experience and I am eternally grateful to them.

Once again thank you for keeping in touch with me and Steve and once Alan, Ryan and I have our pub (hopefully before Christmas) I hope you'll all pop in!!

Take care and lots of love Lyn x
By the way Holby will be shown Christmas time! xxx
11th September 2006

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your e-mails. I love receiving them and thanks to Steve they are all passed on to me. However, the computer is not my favourite form of communication so I don't always reply as quickly as I should. Forgive me.

I just wanted to let you all know that anything you hear via MY website is absolutely one hundred percent true, i.e. any work I am doing be it TV, radio or theatre. Steve will always be the first to know, after me of course!!! Anything you see on anyone else's website is pure speculation and should be ignored. In saying that Gwyneth runs a terrific site and most certainly doesn't intrude on anyone else's territory, very much like Pete!!

I'm hoping that I shall have a few things coming up but I don't believe in tempting providence so would prefer to keep them between Steve and me until everything has been confirmed, I'm sure you will understand that. BUT rest assured you will be the first to know AND on this website.

Can't tell you how much I appreciate all your messages. Keep smiling, be happy and remember ....... STEVE RULES!!

Luv Lyn xx
Thursday, 13th July 2006

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to write just to thank you all for the lovely messages you sent to me regarding 'Blood Brothers'. I can't believe how many of you not only went to see the show but also took the time to e-mail and say how much you enjoyed it. It might not seem much to you but every time Steve sends me the e-mails I am in awe that any one has bothered. Thank you very much.

Alan, Ryan and I are now beginning to settle in Cheshire. It hasn't been the easiest of times but people are going thru much worse so we mustn't grumble!

I was really pleased to meet Gwyneth (Peter's web site). Steve and I had a lovely couple of hours with her and I am glad she is keeping Peter's name alive, although I know his music will always do that.

Keep well everyone, and as soon as I have a release date for the album I shall let you know.

Tons of love and a million thanks for your support.

Love Lyn xxxx
Monday, 22nd May 2006

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Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for all your messages. Even tho' I don't reply to all of them I get such a thrill when Steve sends them on to me and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to get in touch.

Steve mentioned to me that some of you had read a newspaper article featuring an original New Seeker who had some unsavoury things to say about Peter Doyle. I would like to tell you all that Peter was the nicest person you could wish to meet. His sense of humour was second to none, as those of you who came to the Albert Hall can verify ... remember "here is just a little song that don't take very long ..." and then he stopped ... silence ... then the hall erupted to thunderous applause!!!! Wonderful, only he could have got away with that, God love him!

As far as all this nasty talk about drugs is concerned, I spent more time with Peter than any of the others and if he had been on cocaine I would have known. Also, how would he have kept that wonderful voice? It is so easy to have a go at somebody when they can't defend themselves but as long as I have a breath in my body I will defend him to the hilt. I hope that Jane knows how loved he was by all of you and when these nasty things are said she is the one who has to live with it, also his mum and his sister. Thank God for Gwyneth and Steve who will make sure that memories of Peter will live and soar to the heights he deserved. I miss him.

Luv Lyn xxxxxx
Friday, 13th January 2006

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all your e-mails. Steve forwards them all on to me but I'm afraid my computer skills are no better than they were two years ago. Who's a dummy?!!

At the moment Alan, Ryan and I are busy getting our house ready to sell so that we can eventually move to Spain. So my time is taken up with painting, gardening and anything else the house doctor has suggested!!

As far as my career is concerned I am recording a new album - yes, the first one in about 30 years! I hope if you buy it that you enjoy it. I'm very proud of it and I'm just so thrilled to be recording again. I've also got my fingers crossed that I will have some more TV appearances.

A million thanks for all your support and all the e-mails, I tell you, without Steve I wouldn't have known all the kindness and love that is being sent my way.

Blue Skies
Love Lyn xxx
4th July 2005

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In March 2003, just before she returned to Blood Brothers, Lyn Paul sent a message to the website.

Hello everybody,

I am not terribly good on this thing but I had to write and thank you all for the lovely messages you sent after 'Emmerdale'. A very big thank you to everyone who wrote to the 'Emmerdale' production offices asking them to bring me back. It is one of my favourite soaps, 'Coronation Street' being the other one, for obvious reasons!!

Although I don't send many messages to the website I have to tell you that Steve sends me all your messages and it gives me such a thrill getting them, I appreciate the time you take to send them, thank you.

I am doing another week in 'Blood Brothers' (beginning 31st March) in London so maybe I'll see some of you there, if you do come to see it please pop back and say Hi.

Talk to you soon and again thank you for being there for me,

Luv Lyn x
6th March 2003

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A million thanks to everyone who has contacted me over the last few months. Your messages of encouragement and support have been wonderful and very much appreciated. I go back into Taboo on the 2nd September so if you come to see the show do say Hi. We all have to come thru the bar to get out as Steve can tell you!

Talking of Steve, he has been terrific, making sure I get all your e-mails so what started out as a bit of a hobby has turned into a full time job!

Got to go and get ready so I will say goodbye for now. Hope to see you all at some time.

lots of love
6th August 2002

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Hello everyone!!

At last I have moved into the 21st century and can now answer all your e-mails ... eventually!!

At the moment I am up to my eyes in panto and having a great time. We are doing 13 shows a week. Guess who is shattered! But as soon as I have finished I will reply to all of them.

A million thanks for all the interest you have shown. None of this would have been possible without Steven. Thanks Steve.

I shall "log on" again in a couple of days. Till then, take care and keep in touch.

lots of love
Lyn P xxx
9th December 2001

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