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Between 2001 and 2015 Lyn Paul kept in touch with fans by sending messages to the website, all of which are reproduced below. Then came Twitter! You can now follow Lyn on Twitter @LynPaul6.

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I lost one of my closest friends on Sunday, the kindest, funniest and fiercely loyal Roy Hudd.

I have been too upset to write before now but I must say something.

I have just spent an hour writing all sorts of stories about my and Alan’s close friendship with him and Debbie, and then I realised I didn’t want to share. The memories are too personal, too private and mine to keep forever.

Our thoughts and love are with Debbie. Hugging you tightly Deb.

RIP Roy, my dearest, dearest friend. There are no words to describe how much we will miss you. We are looking up to the sky knowing you’re going to... ‘make ‘em laugh, make ‘em laugh’ xxxxx

Facebook post, 20th March 2020

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When Bill Kenwright asked me to do a Farewell Tour of 'Blood Brothers' I was thrilled and so glad that I would be able to say a proper farewell to Mrs. J. Now that won’t happen. I can’t say goodbye to my fellow colleagues who work on stage and behind the scenes and are the nicest gang of people to work with - AND who are friends both old and new. Massive respect to everyone of you.

'Blood Brothers' is a tight family as anyone who has worked on it will tell you and I am going to miss everyone very much.

Never in a million years did I think 23 years ago that Bill Kenwright would trust me with Mrs. J. for so long and I can’t thank him enough for changing my life and giving me a new career. God willing, I will go on to play new roles but Mrs. J. will always have the biggest place in my heart.

Damn you Coronavirus, you took away my last goodbye to 'BB' but you won’t take away my spirit. All my colleagues and I will come back stronger and we will stand tall and give the best performances of our lives!!

I love you all. xxxxxx

Facebook post, 18th March 2020

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In 1997 something happened that changed my life completely. I joined the cast of 'Blood Brothers'. I had never acted in my life, well apart from panto, which was amazing but nothing like BB, I had never taken on a major role, I didn’t know how to behave as an actor (silence in the wings) and I didn’t feel adequate. Then I met the cast and crew of 'Blood Brothers' 1997.

First of all let me say that Bill Kenwright took the biggest gamble. I didn’t know if I could act but he took me on and for the last 22 years has had faith in me that nobody else ever had. On my first day of rehearsal you had the ‘cabaret artist’ meeting all these wonderful actors. Not one of them made me feel inferior, inept or incapable. They opened their hearts, their arms and I became one of them.

Rod Edwards, our musical director, taught me that I didn’t have to shout everything I sang and I didn’t have to drop off at the end of every line... hold the note!!! He rehearsed me to within an inch of my life and that never stopped during the whole time I worked with him. Without him I would never have learned the discipline of being in a top show.

My fellow actors taught me far more than they will ever know. Once again... discipline, generosity, timing, friendship, thoughtfulness and a huge love for the role. It goes without saying that I had the best directors, Bill Kenwright and Bob Tomson.

1997 changed my life and here I am in 2019 about to go on tour for the last time performing a role that I not only love but is me!!! I have no words to thank everyone but I have the most wonderful memories. I am a very lucky lady and I want each and every one of you that I have worked with to know that my life would never have been as rich or fulfilled without you in it. I can only say THANK YOU. xxxxxx

Facebook post, 18th July 2019

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Lyn Paul pictured with her mum, Doreen Belcher.

Lyn Paul pictured with her mum, Doreen Belcher.


Hi everyone,

Well, it has been far too long since I last sent you a message. I was just talking about the wonderful Peter Doyle with Steve, who runs my website, and I thought it was time I said Hi.

Steve had a request from a journalist in Australia for Peter Doyle to do an interview re: Eurovision!! Anyway Steve suggested Marty. What kind of a two bit journalist and paper doesn't know the sad details about Peter... aaarrgh!!!

It was my mum's birthday yesterday and I have asked Steve to put on a couple of photos of her. I can't believe it will be 5 years in November, it only seems like yesterday.

All is good here. Ryan and I have just come back from LA and we had a marvellous time meeting with casting directors and producers. My friend Eileen Bradley was amazing and introduced us to so many wonderful contacts. You never know what the future may hold. They were particularly taken with my son and they wanted him for a couple of episodes of a series out there but we couldn't get the visa organised in time... Damn! Anyway we have set the wheels in motion so that doesn't happen again.

My husband Alan has recovered well from his knee operation and is running round like a teenager, Ryan is doing well and following his dreams with a vengeance. My dad is 88 this year and still insisting on getting on the roof to make sure it's OK!! He is fantastic!!

I have to thank you all for the lovely messages you send, for all the birthday cards and for all the support you give me when I am working. Some of you travel miles to come and see a show and I know how expensive, tiring and time consuming it must be. In all these years you have been there for me and I so appreciate it... thank you!

Steve as always is doing a fantastic job of sending through your messages. We spend a lot of time together and we have become very close friends. He came to our house in Spain and stayed with us and comes to see us here for barbecues etc to say nothing of the wine!! He is a treasure, with a very honest approach to running the website, which is a great comfort to me because I know that the information you receive is the right information and can be trusted.

I hope that all is well with you and that life is treating you with the respect and kindness that you all deserve.

Sending tons of love
Lyn xxx

9th March 2015

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all the get well messages but I'm not ill, just had a bit of a dodgy voice so better to look after it and make sure I didn't have to take time off!

All good but so lucky that I have all of you behind me.... Thank you.

Love Lyn x

14th December 2014

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Hi everyone,

Well it has been an awful long time since I last spoke to you and for that I apologise.

As usual life has thrown us a few curve balls... What's new there!! Alan had a new knee two months ago and I think he is regretting ever having it done. However his old one was so bad he really had no choice. I had the job of looking after him and I'm afraid I am not the best nurse. I managed to keep him in one piece, which is a miracle! What with Ryan and his ACL and Alan and his new knee, I feel as if I have lived in hospitals for years.

I am going through extensive dental treatment at the moment - the best part of that is the sedation!

Ryan has decided to become an actor and I am incredibly proud of him. He has been to the Central School of Speech & Drama and eventually wants to go to America for Pilot Season... If he thinks he's going without me he has another thing coming!

Alan and I have just been on a cruise to the Baltic. I was singing on the ship and we had a fabulous time and met some great people. It's a perfect way to see the world and the Sapphire is a lovely old ship that takes you back in time to a wonderfully elegant period, I love it. Ryan also enjoys being at home on his own with his mates judging by the amount of beer, wine and champagne bottles that greeted us on our return!!

My dad is doing well. He is 87 in July and still climbing on his roof to seal it!!! He goes to my mum's tree every day and hasn't missed one since we lost her. I know she's around tho' as I find pennies in all the oddest places!

Thank you so much for all the emails you send. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to write and of course Steve makes sure that everything gets to me, I don't know what I would do without him. He and Terry have become good friends of mine and Alan's. I also love meeting you all when I am on tour so please don't stop coming back stage to see me.

Well I am off to do the ironing... I know how to live... and to watch Nadal!!

Take care all of you and I send lots of love and hugs.
Lyn xx

28th June 2014

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for the lovely emails you sent regarding the final two weeks of 'Blood Brothers'. It really was an incredible experience and one I wouldn't have missed for the world. Your messages meant an awful lot to me and the cast and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write.

I must also thank you for all the presents and wine sent to the theatre and the lovely flowers that kept arriving. My home was like a garden centre and the wine went down VERY WELL!!

We are getting ready for Christmas and I must be the only person round here hoping for a white one!!

I am going back to my roots for New Year! We will be in Manchester and we are looking forward to spending time with mates we don't see often enough.

Well I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year and thank you so much for the loyalty you have shown me, I can not tell you how much I appreciate it.

Merry Christmas and I raise my glass to you... Cheers!
Love Lyn xx

6th December 2012

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Hi everyone,

Well, it has been absolutely ages since I last sent a message. Please forgive me but so much has happened and I seem to lurch from drama to drama... story of my life!!

My son Ryan has finally had his ACL reconstruction. After a year and two months of being told the knee would probably heal on its own, it was decided that he would have to have the op and he had surgery on June 12th. To say it was traumatic would be an understatement. He had a few hairy moments.

He was discharged less than 24 hours after the operation. We had to take him back two hours later because the knee was bleeding so badly, and the following day he collapsed so an ambulance was called. Luckily all was OK. They got him back into bed and told him to rest, and, if he had to get up, then get up slowly!!!

His dad and I were in bits and I reverted back to being a new mother, sneaking in when he was asleep to make sure he was still breathing! He is doing great now and is on an exercise bike and cross trainer in his room cracking on with his exercises. They say things happen for a reason, I wish I knew what the reason was for all he is going through!

I have a new agent and he is fantastic, so is Triona who handles the theatre and acting side. I am busy getting all sorts of things organised and when I have more news, Steve will let you know.

I hope you are all OK. I know how difficult times are at the moment and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight, I think we are all suffering with this recession and I keep saying things can only get better... when, is another question all together, one I have yet to figure out. My sister said if she hears me say it once more she will cut my tongue out!!! Nice!!

Well gang, thank you for all the lovely messages and emails that you constantly send. They are very much appreciated and I am very grateful that you take the time to write, I am only sorry it takes me so long to send a message back.

Take good care and lots of love
Lyn xxx

8th August 2012

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Hi everyone,

I don't want to get involved in any arguments. However I felt I had to comment on a radio interview that I was asked to listen to that Eve did in New Zealand. It was for Coast Radio and you can hear it for yourselves. I had a phone call from another radio station asking me to comment.

There are a number of untruths which die hard NS fans will know. However, I would like to say that there were five people and five voices in the New Seekers and none of us would have been a success without the others. For me and for many others the stand out voice was Peter Doyle but it should never be forgotten that the New Seekers consisted of FIVE individuals.

I hope you don't mind me pointing this out but I feel it's important that Peter in particular isn't just written off.

Lyn x

9th May 2012

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Hi everyone,

Well it has been ages since I last sent a message. Where does time go!

Thank you so much for all the song suggestions for a new album, I just need someone to record one now!! Steve has sent me CDs of all the songs and I love them. There are definately some 'bottom of the bottle' ones.....just my cup of tea!! Who knows if I will ever record again but at least I have some great songs if I do.

We are all well and my dad is doing great, thank God. I see him every day and today he is coming to us to watch Man City play. You can imagine the house......two West Ham supporters and two Man City!!!!!

I hope you are all OK. Thank you for the lovely emails you send. Steve makes sure I get them and I love receiving them.

Well, Happy Easter and look after each other.
Lots of Love.
Lyn xx

8th April 2012

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Hi everyone,

I can only apologise for not sending a message for so long.

It has been a tough year, as I'm sure it has been for a lot of people, but sometimes you just think it is never going to end!!!

The calendar has been doing well but I am bitterly disappointed in the lack of interest from the media, not because I am involved but because I think that dementia / Alzheimer's needs to be brought to everyone's attention. It seems to me that it is a taboo subject and not one that people will readily discuss or cover in the press. Somebody from the media said to me, and I quote: 'It's not a comfortable subject to talk about because it only happens to old people'... What do you say to that? The only thing you can say is... 'there but for the grace of God'.

A million thanks for all your messages. I can not tell you how much I appreciate every single one of them and how they have kept not only me but my Dad and two sisters Amanda and Nikki going is incredible. Thank you. We also lost my mother-In-law in November on the 14th... so close to my mum's date. My husband has found it a very difficult time.

Alan, Ryan and I all wish you the most amazing 2012 with a happy and loving Christmas that creates lots of precious memories for you.
Ours will never be the same again, different yes, but never with the same amount of love and laughs. Christmas has lost it's sparkle for us and what with losing my mum, and now Alan's, no amount of getting together hides the fact that the most important people in the world and who we loved so much are not here to hold us, but you have to keep strong.

My mum always said we could when the world said we couldn't... She was right.

Have a lovely time over the Christmas period and love those closest to you - and if you have a mum... you're so lucky.... Love her more than anything and let her know how much you love her... Remember, you only get one mum. LOVE HER! and spend as much time as you can with her.

Merry Christmas from the three of us.
Lyn, Alan and Ryan xxxxx

22nd December 2011

PS I know my mum would have sent best wishes to all of you, so from her.... and my dad: Merry Christmas to you!!I

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick line to say I hope you are all well.

We are doing OK. Mandi, Nikki and I spend a lot of time with dad. He is just the best and coping incredibly well. 

We have a beautiful tree for mum which we can put plants around and hang chimes off the branches. I can't tell you how much comfort it brings.

I know I have already thanked you all for your emails, cards and flowers but I must repeat that the kindness you all showed and the thoughtful things you said and did I will never forget, neither will my dad and sisters.

My son Ryan is touring with 'Blood Brothers'. He is doing lighting, sound and stage management and having a ball, and Alan and I are missing him. I have become a BB groupie popping off to see him every few weeks!!!!

I am doing as much as I can for the Alzheimers Society and very shortly myself and my friends from 'Blood Brothers' will be bringing out a calender the proceeds of which will go to the AS. I will tell you more about it nearer the time of release.

Please look after yourselves and especially those closest to you and again thank you a million times over for your unending support.

Love and a huge hug.
Lyn x

25th February 2011

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Hello everyone,

I don't really know what to say except to thank you all for the lovely messages you have sent to me and my family. Thank you also for the cards and to those of you who sent flowers to the funeral.

We are all so thrilled that so many of you had such wonderful memories of mum... you can imagine what ours are like... just the best.

She always had time for everybody and loved writing to you during the New Seeker days. Many of you she kept in touch with her long after the New Seekers had disbanded. It is incredible how many of you have written to tell me that you still have her letters; it won't surprise you to hear that I do too. When I was away she wrote to me at least three times a week telling me all what was going on at home so that I wouldn't feel as lonely. She was one in a million and was loved beyond belief.

Some of you may know Father Phil Hughes, who we first met in the seventies. He wrote to mum on a regular basis and visited mum and dad now and again. I asked him if he would conduct the service for us and what a wonderful job he did. He went above and beyond the call of duty. The funeral was cancelled on the 2nd because of the weather - so distressing - but Phil had already made the journey down. When it was rescheduled for the 7th Phil AGAIN made the journey from Northumberland. It was so personal and just the loveliest service. Thank you Phil from all of us and mum.

Look after your loved ones and for all of you who are lucky enough to still have your mum give her an extra hug every time you see her. You have no idea how much I would give for one more hug.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Lyn xx

17th December 2010

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Hello everybody,

I am sorry that I haven't spoken to you for such a long time but I think you all know how poorly my mum has been, so my life has revolved around her and my dad.

I am so desperately sad to say that she lost her fight on Monday 22nd November.

We are all in bits.

Take care and treasure every second with those you love.

Lyn xx

24th November 2010

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Hello everybody,

Hope you are all keeping warm!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and cards, they are lovely.

Alan, Ryan and I are back here now. Ryan is thrilled to be working on 'Blood Brothers' on the lighting and, of course, I can't tell you how chuffed I am that we will be working together. As you all know I have nothing but respect and praise for everyone on the show so to have my son as part of the team is just fantastic.

My mum is battling on and my dad is incredible the way he looks after her; he is my hero. Myself and my two sisters, Mandi and Nikki, are with them as much as possible, which is great for me after being away for a year and only seeing them every couple of months.

Once again thank you for all you do and the support you give me.

Take care.

Lyn x

16th February 2010

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Hi everyone,

Here we are in 2010 and I still don't know where 2009 went!!

It would be very easy to say it wasn't the best of years but when you think of all that's going on in the world, and especially our forces out in places like Afghanistan, it makes me very grateful for what I have and that my family is safe, especially my son. Here's to an end to all this conflict and loss of young lives.

I would very much like to go out there and entertain our troops but I think they would probably prefer a slightly younger lady!!! Also I haven't been asked which is a bit of a drawback!

I will be going back on the tour from the 23rd Feb; I thought I had finished with BB but I had such a great time last year, Bill asked me to do it again and I have missed working. The greatest part of it is that Ryan will be working on the tour too! He usually travels with me but now he is a fully fledged member of the 'Blood Brothers' company!!

I hope to see some of you over the next few months and please don't forget to come back and say hello if you are anywhere near the show.

Love, Luck, Health and Happiness for 2010
Lyn x

20th January 2010

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