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This page provides a snapshot of Lyn Paul's career focusing on 2011. To find out what else was happening in 2011 select any of the following options:

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Calendar Girl

On 24th January Natasha Hamilton (ex-Atomic Kitten) becomes the latest pop singer to take on the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone in the West End production of Blood Brothers.

Meanwhile Niki Evans keeps the touring production of Blood Brothers on the road. In an interview for thepublicreviews website, Niki says: "When I saw Lyn Paul play the part I was just absolutely speechless, her performance broke my heart and tore me to shreds. She was absolutely unbelievable... I want the audience to go away feeling like I did when I saw Lyn Paul do it." (thepublicreviews, 15th February 2011)

Theatre-goers in Dunfermline agree with her verdict; at the beginning of March Lyn Paul is named best actress in a professional production by customers at the Alhambra Theatre.

In May Lyn Paul signs with a new agent, Associated International Management (AIM). Shortly afterwards Lyn receives the news that she has been asked to appear in a new musical, Rhinestone Mondays, alongside Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders) and Faye Tozer and Ian 'H' Watkins from Steps.

June sees the release of a DVD featuring Lyn Paul's 1975 appearance on The Wheeltappers and Shunters' Social Club. The programme, which re-created the atmosphere of a working men's club, showcased the top cabaret acts of the day. Lyn performed the Charlie Rich hit Behind Closed Doors and her own hit It Oughta Sell A Million.

On 7th July, before rehearsals begin for Rhinestone Mondays, Lyn flies to Spain for a three-week holiday. Her husband Alan joins her at their villa a week later and the two return to England on 24th July.

On Monday, 8th August rehearsals for Rhinestone Mondays begin at the Dance Attic in Fulham. At the end of the first week Lyn tweets: "Great day. The show is really taking shape and everyone is fantastic... Faye is even prettier in real life and an absolute darling, as is H." On 15th August, she tweets: "Heard everyone sing today... Fantastic and the line dancing is a joy, thanks to lovely Ally." By 24th August, however, the rehearsals are beginning to take their toll: "I'll be so glad when the rehearsals are finished. 15-hour days are not my idea of fun! Still, mustn't complain!"

Rhinestone Mondays leaflet (Mercury Theatre, Colchester).

Rhinestone Mondays publicity leaflet.

Up. Down.

The show opens at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester on 31st August. It features Lyn singing three of Country music's greatest hits: Ring Of Fire, Stand By Your Man and Crazy. The first reviews give the show a three-star rating though the reviewers express a few doubts about "the script's general bagginess" and "clichéd sitcom characters". The cast members, however, are complimented on their performances, with particular praise for Lyn Paul.

"It feels like an undercooked TV sitcom... No diamond, but a reasonable rhinestone " The Times

"In under-used Lyn Paul’s feisty cougar Sophie, old favourites such as Crazy are executed with that earthy delivery they deserve..." The Stage

"It's all very well performed... pleasant enough but, for me at any rate... the joint was overcooked." What's On Stage

"One of the best vocals of the show [Willie Nelson's Crazy], not surprisingly, was from Lyn Paul..." The Public Reviews / Michael Gray's Arts Blog

"Lyn Paul turns in some fantastic vocal contributions..." Ipswich 24

"Strong vocal performances from former New Seeker Lyn Paul and Tozer’s fellow Steps bandmate Ian 'H' Watkins..." Glen's Theatre Reviews

"A good all-round acting cast who look nicely at home with what they are doing." EADT 24

After its world premiere in Colchester the Rhinestone Mondays tour moves on to the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Reviewers pick out Lyn's performance as one of the show's highlights.

"All the right ingredients for pure entertainment, albeit very light-hearted... Rhinestone Mondays has a whole host of sing-a-long numbers to wow Country and Western fans, including the Johnny Cash classic Ring of Fire, Stand By Your Man, sung with total conviction by ex-New Seeker, Lyn Paul." Express & Star

"Only when Lyn Paul, playing club member Sophie, sang Willie Nelson’s Crazy in the second act, did the pace start to increase..." Birmingham Mail

The show then heads for the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, followed by the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton and the New Theatre, Cardiff. Lyn continues to receive complimentary reviews.

"Lyn Paul's vocals are sublime." Scotsman

"The singing saviour of the piece was Lyn Paul (of New Seekers fame)
..." The Herald

"A crowd-pleaser" TV Bomb [Re-branded as The Wee Review]

"Lyn Paul, with her model girl figure and great voice plays vamp Sophie." Behind the arras

"Fine singing at times (Paul in particular...)" Edinburgh Spotlight

"Lyn Paul has lost nothing of the richness in her voice and her rendering of ‘Crazy’ was a highlight."

"Expect some lovely songs from veteran Lyn Paul... she doesn’t disappoint. The years may go by, but they seem to have no effect on her beautiful voice." Country Family

On 10th October, as Rhinestone Mondays heads for the Grand Opera House, Belfast, the show's producers announce that tour will finish five weeks early. The last performance is on Saturday, 22nd October at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

With the show at an end, Lyn devotes her energy to promoting the 'Calendar Girls' style calendar she had first announced in February. Titled The Ladies of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers "Uncovered!", the calendar features current or past cast-members from Blood Brothers all posing in the nude: Louise Clayton, Rebekah Clifford, Zara Wyn, Vivienne Carlyle, Emma Reyes, Joanne Zorian, Ashley Morgan, Sarah Hay, Niki Evans, Olivia Sloyan and Emma Thornet.

The calendar is a tribute to Lyn's mum, who had died the previous year of Alzheimer's Disease. It is officially launched by the Alzheimer's Society on 4th November. On 5th November Lyn tweets: "WE DID IT! Our calendar The Ladies of Blood Brothers 'Uncovered' is finally on sale! Every single penny is going to The Alzheimer's Society." A week later (12th November) Lyn tweets again: "The calendar is selling well. Thanks to everyone who has bought it. We need as much money as we can get for Alzheimer's so spread the word!!"

On 5th December Lyn talks about the calendar and about Alzheimer's Disease in interviews on Radio Berkshire and Radio Suffolk.

The Ladies Of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers "Uncovered!"

The Ladies of Blood Brothers 'Uncovered'

Up. Down.


On Tuesday, 11th January Cathy Logan dies. Cathy, then known as Kathy Ann Rae, had taken Lyn Paul's place in the New Seekers line-up when the group re-formed in 1976. Cathy had lived with cancer for several years. Marty Kristian described her as "a wonderful talent and a beautiful person".

On 21st January the film NEDS ('Non-Educated Delinquents') is released in the UK. Set in 1970s Glasgow, the film evokes the era with "assorted pop nudges" (as Jonathan Romney of The Independent put it), among them the song that Lyn Paul took to the top of the charts in January 1974, You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me.

In February the New Seekers' other number 1 hit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing also makes the news when the charity SignHealth organises an event to set a new world record for the most people singing and signing a song at the same time. On 9th February more than 100,000 children from schools across the UK participate in the sign2sing event, simultaneously singing and signing the words of the New Seekers' hit.

At the end of February a CD titled Echoes is released featuring demo recordings by Marty Kristian of the New Seekers.


Up. Down.

In the News - 2011

Estonia joins the eurozone on 1st January.
The actor Pete Postlethwaite, who starred in films such as In 'Distant Voices, Still Lives', 'The Name Of The Father', 'Brassed Off' and 'The Usual Suspects', dies from cancer on Sunday, 2nd January, aged 64.
On the same day Radio 4's long-running soap 'The Archers' celebrates its 60th anniversary.
The standard rate of VAT increases from 17.5% to 20% on 4th January.
Gerry Rafferty, best known for his 1978 hit Baker Street, dies on 4th January, aged 63.
On Saturday, 8th January Arizona's first Jewish Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, is shot in the head while meeting constituents outside a Safeway supermarket in Tucson. Six people are killed including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl.
On Wednesday, 12th January mud slides devastate towns in a mountainous area near Rio de Janeiro.
More than 325,000 people are displaced by flooding in Sri Lanka.
President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali is ousted from power and flees Tunisia on Friday, 14th January.
The former president of Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier, returns to Haiti on 16th January, arriving on a flight from France where he had been living in exile.
A massive earthquake with a 7.2 magnitude strikes a sparsely-populated desert area of south-western Pakistan at 1.23am on Wednesday, 19th January.
David Cameron's director of communications, Andy Coulson, resigns on Friday, 21st January in the wake of phone-hacking revelations.
On 24th January a suicide bomber detonates an estimated 7kg (15lb) of TNT at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, killing 35 people and injuring 110.
Protesters take to the streets of Cairo and a string of other cities in Egypt on Tuesday, 25th January.
The Oscar-winning composer John Barry, who co-wrote Lyn Paul's first solo single Sail The Summer Winds, dies of a heart attack on 30th January, aged 77.


Gary Moore, the guitarist from Thin Lizzy who had a solo hit in 1979 with Parisienne Walkways, dies on Sunday, 6th February, aged 58, while on holiday in the Costa del Sol.
On the same day wildfires tear through forested areas to the north and south-east of Perth, Western Australia.
On Friday, 11th February, following weeks of street protests, the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, resigns.
On Sunday, 13th February hundreds of thousands of women gather in towns and cities across Italy to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Two days later Mr. Berlusconi is indicted to stand trial on charges of paying for sex with an underage girl and abuse of power in trying to cover it up.
Following the overthrow of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, anti-government protests spread to Yemen, Bahrain and Libya.
Christchurch, New Zealand, is hit by an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude on 22nd February. More than 200 people are killed.
The King's Speech wins the Oscar for Best Picture at the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony on 27th February.
Jane Russell, who starred alongside Marilyn Monroe in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, dies on Monday, 28th February, aged 89.


On Wednesday, 9th March, following the Irish general election held on 25th February, Enda Kenny is elected Taoiseach, leading a coalition government of Fine Gael and the Irish Labour party.
On the same day the US space shuttle Discovery returns to earth for the last time, landing at the Kennedy Space Centre after a 13-day mission to the International Space Station.
A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake hits the north of Japan on Friday, 11th March, triggering a deadly 30-foot-high tsunami which devastates towns and cities along the eastern coast. Four nuclear power plants are damaged by the tremors, the worst affected being the Fukushima plant where the Japanese government declares a state of emergency after its cooling system fails.
Saudi Arabia sends troops into Bahrain on 14th March to quell protests by the Shia Muslim majority against the Sunni monarchy.
On 17th March the United Nations votes to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.
On 20th March a Florida pastor, Terry Jones, burns a Koran after a mock trial, prompting a violent backlash in Afghanistan. At least 14 people, including 7 UN workers, are killed in Mazar-e-Sharif; 10 more people are killed in Kandahar.
Elizabeth Taylor, twice a winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress, dies on 23rd March, aged 79.
The musical The Book Of Mormon opens on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on 24th March.
The minority Conservative government in Canada falls after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament on Friday, 25th March.
On Saturday, 26th March more than 250,000 people attend a TUC march and rally in central London to protest against public spending cuts. It is the largest public protest in the UK since the Iraq war rally in 2003. 201 arrests are made, most of them after a campaign group, UK Uncut, stages a sit-in at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly.


On Friday, 1st April seven UN workers are killed in the Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif, after a protest against the burning of a Koran in the USA. In all, 14 people are killed. Ten people are killed in another demonstration over the same issue in Kandahar the following day.
A Catholic police officer, Constable Ronan Kerr, is killed by a booby trap car bomb outside his home in Highfield Close, Omagh, just before 4.00pm on Saturday, 2nd April.
On 6th April Portugal's caretaker prime minister, José Socrates, asks the European Union for an €80billion bailout to help his country meet its debt repayments.
Six people are shot dead and eleven injured on 9th April when a man with a gun opens fire on the crowd in a shopping centre in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn.
On Sunday, 10th April the News of the World publishes an apology to the victims of phone-hacking, perpetrated between 2004 and 2006. The actress Sienna Miller and former Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell are among those offered compensation.
Laurent Gbagbo is captured on 11th April following an assault on his Abidjan residence led by French / UN forces. He had provoked a crisis in the Ivory Coast by refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election held in November 2010, which gave victory to his opponent, Alassane Ouattara.
A severe storm hits Oklahoma on Thursday, 14th April, spawning dozens of tornadoes as it rages through six states to North Carolina. The states of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia and Virginia are hit by further tornadoes on Tuesday, 26th and Wednesday 27th April. On a visit to Tuscaloosa, an Alabama town hit by a mile-wide (1.6km) tornado, President Obama says he has "never seen devastation like this".
A seven-mile stretch of the M1 is closed on Friday, 15th April, following a fire under a raised section of the motorway at a scrap yard in Mill Hill.
On Thursday, 28th April 15 people are killed in a bomb attack on a café in Marrakesh.
Prince William and Kate Middleton are married in Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29th April. 24.5 million people watch the wedding on UK terrestrial television.
The Syrian ambassador to Britain, Dr. Sami Khiyami, is told that he is no longer welcome at the royal wedding, following violent attacks on pro-democracy campaigners in Syria, which had left hundreds of people dead.


The former British, Commonwealth and European boxing champion, Henry Cooper, dies on 1st May, aged 76.
On 2nd May Osama Bin Laden is killed by US special forces in a raid on his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
A referendum on the Alternative Vote held in the UK on Thursday, 5th May is lost by a majority of more than two-to-one. In parliamentary elections held on the same day the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) wins an overall majority for the first time.
Golf champion Seve Ballesteros dies from complications related to a brain tumour on Saturday, 7th May. He was 54.
John Walker, founder of the 1960s group The Walker Brothers, dies of liver cancer on the same day, aged 67.
On Wednesday, 11th May southeastern Spain is rocked by two earthquakes with magnitudes of 4.4 and 5.2. 8 people are killed by the second quake.
A 60-year-old woman from Britain, Jennifer Mills-Westley, is stabbed and beheaded in a shop in Los Cristianos, Tenerife on Friday, 13th May.
Ell and Nikki, representing Azerbaijan, win the Eurovision Song Contest on 14th May with the song Running Scared. The UK entry, I Can by Blue, finishes in 11th place.
IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is arrested in New York on Saturday, 14th May after boarding an Air France flight to Paris; on Monday, 16th May he is remanded in custody on charges of sexual assault. The charges are dropped on 23rd August when a New York court dismisses the allegations made by a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo.
On Tuesday, 17th May Queen Elizabeth II begins a four-day visit to Ireland.
The Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland erupts on Saturday, 21st May.
A tornado smashes through the city of Joplin in Missouri on Sunday, 22nd May. 157 people are killed and more than 900 injured.
Ryan Giggs, the Manchester United footballer who had already been named on Twitter as having an injunction over an alleged affair with a reality TV star, is named in Parliament on 23rd May by the Lib Dem MP John Hemming.
The US President Barack Obama embarks on a one-week tour of Europe, arriving in Ireland on 23rd May. He and his wife Michelle then fly to the United Kingdom, leaving Ireland early to avoid the approaching clouds of ash from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano.


The space shuttle Endeavour returns to Earth for the last time on 1st June.
The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, flees to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 4th June to be treated for injuries received in an explosion in his palace. The following day, as the news spread, thousands of people dance, sing and slaughter cows in the the streets of the capital, Sanna.
Clarence Clemons,.the sax player with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, dies on 18th June after suffering a stroke. He was 69.
Peter Falk, best known for his portrayal of the television detective Columbo, dies on 23rd June, aged 83.
On Wednesday, 29th June, as riots take place on the streets of Athens, Greek MPs vote by 155 to 138 in favour of an austerity bill of tax increases and spending cuts, in order to secure the second installment of a €110bn (£98bn) loan from the EU and IMF.


The Peau Thai party wins a landslide victory in the general election held in Thailand on Sunday, 3rd July. Party leader Yingluck Sinawatra becomes the country's first female prime minister.
A three metre-high statue of the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan, is unveiled outside the US Embassy building in London on 4th July.
On 6th July the British Prime Minister David Cameron orders a public enquiry into the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, following the revelation that the mobile phone of a murdered schoolgirl, Millie Dowler, had been hacked by an investigator working for the paper. The following day James Murdoch announces that the News of the World is to close. The headline of the last edition is 'Thank You & Goodbye'.
Chris and Colin Weir win a record £161,653,000 in the EuroMillions lottery draw on Tuesday, 12th July.
At least 20 people are killed and more than 100 injured by three bomb attacks in Mumbai on Wednesday, 13th July.
On the same day News International withdraws its takeover bid for the satellite broadcaster BSkyB.
Googie Withers, known to television viewers as the prison governor in ITV's Within These Walls, dies on 15th July, aged 94.
The Chief Executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks resigns on Friday, 15th July; she is arrested on Sunday, 17th July after arriving at a police station, where she had expected to be questioned as a witness.
The same day Britain's most senior police officer, Sir Paul Stephenson, resigns as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, followed the next day by his deputy, John Yates.
Sean Hoare, a former News of the World reporter, is found dead at his home in Watford on Monday, 18th July.
On Wednesday, 20th July the United Nations declares a famine in two areas of southern Somalia as the region suffers the worst drought in more than half a century.
The artist Lucien Freud, grandson of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, dies on 20th July, aged 88.
The space shuttle Atlantis lands at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at 5.57am on Thursday, 21st July. It was the 135th and last NASA shuttle flight, marking the end of a thirty-year era.
On the same day Eurozone leaders agree a new £96billion bailout package for Greece.
On Friday, 22nd July seven people are killed when a bomb explodes in Oslo. Later the same day 85 people are killed by a gunman dressed as a policeman at a Labour Party youth camp on Utoya Island, near Oslo.
Amy Winehouse is found dead at her home in London on Saturday, 23rd July.
Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall get married on 30th July at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh.


Jonathan May-Bowles, the protester who had thrown a foam pie at Rupert Murdoch whilst he was giving evidence to a House of Commons Committee, is jailed for six weeks on 2nd August.
On 5th August a polar bear attacks a group of British teenagers camping on a glacier near Longyearbyen on the Svalbard archipelago, Norway. Horatio Chapple, aged 17, is mauled to death; four others are injured, including one of the expedition leaders, 29-year-old Michael "Spike" Reid, who shoots the bear dead.
On Friday, 5th August the USA's credit rating is downgraded to AA+ for the first time in its history.
Riots break out in Tottenham on Saturday, 6th August, spreading to other parts of London and to other cities in England during the following days. On Wednesday 10th August, in the early hours of the morning, three men - Haroon Jahan and brothers Abdul Massavir and Shahzad Ali - are killed in a hit-and-run incident in the Winston Green area of Birmingham.
On Sunday, 14th August six people are killed in a multiple stabbing at a flat in St. Helier, Jersey.
Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging is killed when his Red Arrows Hawk T1 jet crashes near Bournemouth Airport on Saturday, 20th August, just after the Red Arrows had appeared at the Bournemouth Air Show.
Jerry Leiber, the songwriter famous for hits such as Stand By Me, Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock, dies on 22nd August, aged 78.
R&B singer-songwriter Nickolas Ashford, who had hits as one half of Ashford & Simpson, dies of throat cancer on the same day, aged 70.
In Libya rebel fighters invade Colonel Gaddafi's headquarters in Tripoli on Tuesday, 23rd August.
Hurricane Irene, downgraded to a tropical storm after battering the Caribbean and east coast of the United States, reaches New York on Sunday, 28th August. In preparation, the city's transport network is closed down, Broadway shows are cancelled and the normally busy streets are deserted as residents heed warnings to stay indoors or leave the city.


As Texas suffers its worst drought since the 1950s, wildfires sweep across rural areas, destroying more than 1,000 homes.
A group of about 30 protesters break into the Israeli embassy in Cairo on Friday, 9th September, throwing hundreds of documents out of the windows
The new £1.45 billion Westfield Stratford City shopping centre opens in the East End of London, on 13th September, attracting 160,000 shoppers on its first day.
On 22nd September R.E.M. announce that the band is splitting up. "To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band."
On Monday, 26th September Portuguese police arrest George Wright, a former member of the Black Liberation Army who had taken part in a hijack on 31st July 1972 and evaded capture ever since.
Amazon launch a new touchscreen tablet, the Kindle Fire, on 28th September.


Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are freed from jail on 3rd October, after a jury quashed their convictions for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.
The founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, dies on Wednesday, 5th October, aged 56, following a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer.
Folk guitarist Bert Jansch and England cricketer Graham Dilley die on the same day.
A Liberian-flagged cargo ship, Rena, runs aground on the Astrolabe Reef on Wednesday, 5th October, spilling oil off the coast of New Zealand.
On Sunday, 9th October Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell are married at The Old Marylebone Town Hall register office, where Sir Paul had also married his first wife Linda in 1969.
On Monday, 10th October millions of Blackberry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are hit by a blackout, following a network outage at a data centre in Slough.
Bruce Forsyth, the 83-year-old presenter of Strictly Come Dancing, is knighted by The Queen at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, 12th October.
The Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, resigns on 14th October, over his links with the lobbyist Adam Werritty. In his letter of resignation he says that he had “mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my Government activities to become blurred.”
Betty Driver, best known for her role as Betty Williams in Coronation Street, dies on 15th October, aged 91.
On Tuesday, 18th October police are called to the Muskingum County Animal Farm, where the owner Terry Thompson, had shot himself dead after releasing his collection of exotic wild animals from their cages, among them 18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions, 6 black bears, a wolf and a baboon. Most of the animals are killed by the police; six of them are captured and taken to the nearby Columbus Zoo.
On Wednesday, 19th October bailiffs begin the task of evicting residents from Britain's largest illegal traveller site at Dale Farm in Basildon, Essex. A total of 34 arrests are made during the clearance of the site.
The former leader of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, is captured and killed on Thursday, 20th October.
St. Paul's Cathedral is forced to close its doors to members of the public on 21st October, as more people join the anti-capitalist protests taking place outside.
The first commercial flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, flown by All Nippon Airways, lands in Hong Kong on 26th October, after a four-hour flight from Tokyo.
Australia’s national airline Qantas grounds all its flights on Saturday, 29th October, in an escalation of an industrial dispute over its proposed restructuring and job cuts.
Sir Jimmy Saville dies on 29th October, aged 84.
On 31st October the United Nations estimates that the global population has reached 7 billion people.


On Tuesday, 1st November former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt and fast bowler Mohammad Asif are found guilty at Southwark Crown Court of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments. Another bowler, Mohammad Amir, had admitted the charges prior to the trial.
Seven people are killed and more than 50 injured in a 34-vehicle crash on the M5 motorway, near Taunton, on Friday, 4th November.
The former world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medallist, Joe Frazier, dies after a brief battle with liver cancer on Monday, 7th November, aged 67.
On the same day Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, is convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs, including a fatal dose of propofol. On 29th November he is sentenced to .
A Red Arrows pilot, Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham, is killed on 8th November in an ejector seat accident at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.
The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, resigns on 9th November. On 11th November the former European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademo is sworn in as his replacement.
On the same day Michael D. Higgins takes office as President of Ireland.
On 12th November the Arab League votes to suspend Syria from its meetings and to impose sanctions in response to the Syrian government's violent suppression of anti-government protests.
Silvio Berlusconi resigns as Prime Minister of Italy on the same day. Former European Commissioner Mario Monti is appointed as his successor.
A British businessman, Neil Heywood, is found dead in his hotel room in Chongqing on 14th November. Official reports claim he had died of alcohol poisoning.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is captured in southern Libya on Saturday, 19th November.
The centre-right Partido Popular (PP) party wins the general election held in Spain on Sunday, 20th November.
The manager of the Wales football team, Gary Speed, commits suicide on Sunday, 27th November.
The film director Ken Russell, known for films such as The Boyfriend, Women In Love and the film version of Pete Townshend's rock opera Tommy, dies on the same day, aged 84.
American Airlines files for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, 29th November.
Following the ransacking of the British embassy in Tehran on 29th November, the Foreign Secretary William Hague gives Iranian diplomats in London 48 hours to leave the country.
Public sector workers in the UK hold the biggest 24-hour strike in more than three decades on Wednesday, 30th November.


Two pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, are flown from China and delivered to Edinburgh Zoo on Sunday, 4th December.
The 2011 Turner Prize is awarded to Martin Boyce on Monday, 5th December. The award ceremony is interrupted by a streaker wearing only a pink tutu with the words "study this" scrawled on his chest.
Dobie Gray, best known for his 1973 hit Drift Away, dies on Tuesday, 6th December, aged 71.
The British Prime Minister David Cameron vetoes a new treaty to tackle the debt crisis at a European Union summit in Brussels on 9th December.
On Saturday, 10th December, following allegations of voting fraud, 50,000 people gather in central Moscow to demand a re-run of the parliamentary elections, which had given Vladimir Putin's United Russia party 49% of the vote.
On Sunday, 11th December the girl group Little Mix wins the X Factor.
On Tuesday, 13th December a gunman, Nordine Amrani,hurls grenades and opens fire on Christmas shoppers in the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège.
On the same day an auction of Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery at Christies in New York fetches more than £75 million, more than double the record set in 1987, when the Duchess of Windsor's jewels sold for £31 million.
Billie Jo Spears, best known for her 1975 hit Blanket On The Ground, dies on 14th December, aged 73.
The former French president Jacques Chirac is convicted of fraud on 15th December. He is given a two-year suspended jail sentence.
On the same day a ceremony is held at the Sather Air Base near Baghdad to mark the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. The last battalion crosses the border with Kuwait just after dawn on 18th December. Four days later multiple bomb blasts in Baghdad kill at least 71 people and injure more than 200.
On 17th December Typhoon Washi causes flash flooding in the southern Philippines, killing more than 1,200 people.
The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies on the same day. The 'Dear Leader' is succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-un.
The Czech playwright Vaclav Havel, who became his country's first elected president, dies on 18th December, aged 75.
On Christmas Day dozens of people are killed by a series of bomb attacks on churches in Nigeria.
The islands of Samoa and Tokelau change time zones at midnight on 29th December, skipping 30th December and fast-forwarding to 31st December. The jump across the international dateline aligns them with trade partners Australia and New Zealand.
Jonathan Ive, the designer of the iMac, iPod and iPhone, receives a Knighthood in the New Year Honours.


In the Charts

UK Chart débuts

Nothing's Real But Love (CD single cover).

  • Dappy
  • Rebecca Ferguson
  • Little Mix
  • Cher Lloyd
  • Nero
  • Sak Noel
  • One Direction
  • Christina Perri
  • Rizzle Kicks
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Emeli Sandé
  • Charlene Soraia
  • Wretch 32

UK Best-selling Singles

Price Tag (CD cover).

  • Adele
    Rolling In The Deep

  • Adele
    Set Fire To The Rain

  • Adele
    Someone Like You

  • Avicii

  • Boyoncé
    Best Thing I Never Had

  • Black Eyed Peas
    Just Can't Get Enough

  • Michael Bublé
    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like

  • Matt Cardle
    Run For Your Life

  • Chase & Status featuring Liam Bailey
    Blind Faith

  • Chipmunk featuring Chris Brown

  • Dappy
    No Regrets

  • Jason Derulo
    Don't Wanna Go Home

  • Jason Derulo
    It Girl

  • DJ Fresh featuring Sian Evans

  • Example
    Changed The Way You Kiss Me

  • Example
    Stay Awake

  • Rebecca Ferguson
    Nothing's Real But Love

  • David Guetta
    Where Them Girls At

  • Calvin Harris
    Feel So Close

  • Calvin Harris featuring Kelis

  • Jessie J featuring Bob
    Price Tag

  • JLS
    Take A Chance On Me

  • JLS featuring Dev
    She Makes Me Wanna

  • Peter Kay & Susan Boyle
    I Know Him So Well

  • Kesha
    We R Who We R

  • Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah

  • Lady Gaga
    Born This Way

  • Lady Gaga
    The Edge Of Glory

  • David Guetta / Cruz / Ludacris
    Little Bad Girl

  • Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah

  • Leona Lewis featuring Avicci

  • Little Mix

  • Cher Lloyd
    Swagger Jagger

  • Cher Lloyd featuring Mike Posner
    With Ur Love

    Sexy And I Know It

  • LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and Goonrock
    Party Rock Anthem

  • Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
    On The Floor

  • Pixie Lott
    All About Tonight

  • Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aquilera
    Moves Like Jagger

  • Bruno Mars

  • Bruno Mars
    The Lazy Song

  • Military Wives
    Wherever You Are

  • James Morrison
    I Won't Let You Go

  • Olly Murs
    Dance With Me Tonight

  • Olly Murs featuring Rizzle Kicks
    Heart Skips A Beat

  • Nero

  • Sak Noel
    Loca People

  • One Direction
    What Makes You Beautiful

  • Christina Perri
    Jar Of Hearts

  • Katy Perry
    Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

  • Katy Perry featuring Kanye West

  • Pitbull / Ne-Yo / Afrojack / Nayer
    Give Me Everything

  • Professor Green featuring Emelisande
    Read All About It

  • Rihanna

  • Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris
    We Found Love

  • Rizzle Kicks
    Down With The Trumpets

  • Kelly Rowland featuring The Wavs
    Down For Whatever

  • Emeli Sandé

  • The Saturdays
    All Fired Up

  • Nicole Scherzinger
    Don't Hold Your Breath

  • Ed Sheeran
    The A Team

  • Ed Sheeran
    You Need Me, I Don't Need You

  • Snow Patrol
    Called Out In The Dark

  • Charlene Soraia
    Wherever You Will Go

  • T-Pain / Wiz Khalifa / Lily Allen
    5 O'Clock

  • Wanted
    Glad You Came

  • Wanted

  • Wretch 32 featuring Example

  • Wretch 32 featuring Josh Kumra
    Don't Go

  • X Factor Finalists 2011
    Wishing On A Star

  • Will Young

Wherever You Are (CD single cover).

One Hit Wonders
  • Foster The People
    Pumped Up Kicks

Hit Albums

21 (CD cover).

  • Ruan Adams
    Ashes & Fire

  • Adele

  • Adele
    Live At The Royal Albert Hall

  • Tori Amos
    Night Of Hunters

  • Katy B
    On A Mission

  • The Beach Boys
    The Smile Sessions

  • Tony Bennett
    Duets II

  • Beyoncé

  • Björk

  • Blondie
    Panic Of Girls

  • Susan Boyle
    Someone To Watch Over Me

  • Michael Bublé

  • Kate Bush
    Director's Cut

  • Kate Bush
    50 Words For Snow

  • Mary Byrne
    Mine & Yours

  • Glen Campbell
    Ghost On The Canvas

  • Matt Cardle

  • The Cars
    Move Like This

  • Eva Cassidy
    Simply Eva

  • Chase & Status
    No More Idols

  • Coldplay

  • Judy Collins

  • Ry Cooder
    Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down

  • Steve Earle
    I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

  • Rebecca Ferguson

  • Foo Fighters
    Wasting Light

  • Emmylou Harris
    Hard Bargain

  • Foster The People

  • Noel Gallagher
    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

  • Glee Cast
    Glee: The Music, Volume 4

  • Glee Cast
    Glee: The Music, Volume 5

  • Glee Cast
    Glee: The Music, Volume 6

  • Hermione Hennessey
    Songs My Father Taught Me

  • JLS

  • Kasabian

  • Ronan Keating & Burt Bacharach
    When Ronan Met Burt

  • Alison Krauss & Union Station
    Paper Airplane

  • Lady Gaga
    Born This Way

  • k.d. lang and The Sis Boom Bang
    Sing It Loud

  • Hugh Laurie
    Let Them Talk

  • Joe McElderry

  • Mike & The Mechanics
    The Road

  • James Morrison
    The Awakening

  • Stevie Nicks
    In Your Dreams

  • One Direction
    Up All Night

  • The Overtones
    Good Ol' Fashioned Love

  • Dolly Parton
    Better Day

  • The Puppini Sisters

  • R.E.M.
    Collapse Into Now

  • Rihanna
    Talk That Talk

  • Ed Sheeran

  • Paul Simon
    So Beautiful Or So What

  • Snow Patrol
    Fallen Empires

  • Steps
    The Ultimate Collection

  • Barbra Streisand
    What Matters Most

  • Teddy Thompson

  • K.T. Tunstall
    The Scarlet Tulip EP

  • Amy Winehouse
    Lioness: Hidden Treasures

  • Will Young

Lioness: Hidden Treasures (album cover).

At the Movies
  • The Adventures Of Tin Tin: The Secret Of The Unicorn
  • The Artist
  • Beginners
  • Black Swan
  • Bridesmaids
  • Britain's Got Talent (Series 5)
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Cowboys & Aliens
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • The Deep Blue Sea
  • Drive
  • The Fighter
  • From The Sky Down (U2)
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • Green Lantern
  • The Guard
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • The Help
  • Horrible Bosses
  • Hugo
  • The Ides Of March
  • The Inbetweeners Movie
  • Jane Eyre
  • The King's Speech
  • The Lady
  • Margaret
  • Melancholia
  • Midnight In Paris (Woody Allen)
  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
  • Moneyball
  • My Week With Marilyn
  • One Day
  • 127 Hours
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Restrepo
  • Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
  • Senna
  • A Separation
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
  • Source Code
  • Submarine
  • Super 8
  • Take Shelter
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  • The Tree Of Life
  • True Grit
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin
  • Weekend
  • Win Win
  • Wuthering Heights
  • X-Men: First Class
  • You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (Woody Allen)

On Stage

'The Book Of Mormon' Original Broadway Cast album.

Tony Award for Best Musical:
The Book Of Mormon

Olivier Award
for Best New Musical:
Legally Blonde

On Television
  • The Apprentice (Series 7)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Season 5)
  • Big Brother 2011 (Channel 5)
  • Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5)
  • The Chase (Series 3 and 4)
  • Choosing To Die
  • Death In Paradise (Series 1)
  • Doctor Who (Series 6)
  • The Duke At 90
  • Game Of Thrones (Season 1)
  • Glee (Season 3)
  • The Great British Bake Off (Series 2)
  • I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! (Series 11)
  • The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV1)
  • Midsomer Murders (final episode)
  • Mrs. Brown's Boys (Series 1)
  • OK! TV
  • Pan Am
  • Pointless (Series 4 and 5)
  • RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 3)
  • Strictly Come Dancing (Series 9)
  • Tony Robinson's Gods And Monsters
  • Top Gear (Series 17 and 18)
  • Who Do You Think You Are? (Series 8)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Series 28)
  • The X Factor (Series 8)

Sporting Heroes

BBC Sport

Sports Personality
of the Year:
Mark Cavendish

Darts: Adrian Lewis beats Gary Anderson (7-5) in the final the PDC World Darts Championship.
Martin Adams retains his BDO title at Lakeside, beating Dean Winstanley in the final (7-5).

Cricket: England win the fifth Test against Australia by an innings and 83 runs to clinch the Ashes series 3-1. It is England's first victory Down Under in 24 years.
India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets in the final of the cricket World Cup.
England win the Summer Test series against India 4-0, so supplanting India as the top-ranked Test side in the world.
Lancashire win the County Championship outright for the first time sine 1934.

Tennis: Kim Clijsters wins her fourth Grand Slam, taking her first Australian Open with a 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 victory in the final over China's Na Li.
Novak Djokovic captures his second Australian Open men's singles title, defeating Andy Murray in the final, 6-4, 6-2, 6-3.
At the French Open Na Li beats the defending champion Francesca Schiavone, 6-4, 7-6, to become the first woman from China to win a Grand Slam singles title.
Rafael Nadal retains his men's singles title, beating Roger Federer in the final, .7-5,
7-6, 5-7, 6-1.
At Wimbledon Petra Kvitova beats Maria Sharapova to win the women's singles title, 6-3, 6-4.
Novak Djokovic cements his status as the new number 1 player on the men's tour by beating the former number 1 Rafael Nadal in the men's singles final, 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3.
Sam Stosur beats Serena Williams in the women's singles final at the US Open, 6-2, 6-3.
Novak Djokovic wins his third Grand Slam title of the year, beating Rafael Nadal in the men's singles final, 6-2, 6-4, 6-7, 6-1.
Roger Federer wins the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals for the sixth time with a 6-3, 6-7 (6/8), 6-3 victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the O2 Arena in London.

Rugby Union: England win the Six Nations Championship but lose to Ireland (24-8) in the final match.
After a 24-year wait New Zealand win the World Cup, defeating France in the final (8-7).

Rowing: the University of Oxford crew wins the 157th Boat Race by four lengths.

Horse Racing: Ballabriggs, ridden by Jason Maguire, wins the Grand National. Two horses, Dooneys Gate and Ornay, break their backs and die in the race.

Golf: Charl Schwartzel wins the US Masters with a best-of-the-day round of 66, taking him to 14 under par. Despite taking a four-shot advantage into the final round, Rory McIlroy finishes 10 shots behind in 15th place.
At the US Open McIlroy takes an eight-shot advantage into the final round. This time he holds his nerve, winning the tournament with a record-breaking score of 268 (16 under par).
Darren Clarke, one of the best golfers never to have won a major trophy, wins the Open Championship at Royal St. George's at the age of 42, finishing three shots clear of Dustin Johnson and Phil Mikelson. In his acceptance speech he says: "I've been writing this speech for 20 years now and it's been a long bumpy road."
Rookie Keegan Bradley wins the US PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, beating Jason Dufner in a three-hole play-off after a see-saw final round.

Athletics: Mo Farah wins the men's 5,000m at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, having taken silver in the 10,000m race, which he had been expected to win.
World-record holder Usain Bolt is disqualified from the 100m final for a false start. The race is won by Yohan Blake.

Snooker: John Higgins wins the World Snooker championship for the fourth time; he beats Judd Trump in the final, 18-15.
Judd Trump wins the UK Championship, beating Mark Allen in the final, 10-8.

Football: Manchester City win the FA Cup final at Wembley with a 1-0 victory over Stoke City, so ending the club's 35-year wait for a major trophy.
Manchester United win the Premier League.
LA Galaxy beat Houston Dynamo 1-0 in MLS Cup final.

Boxing: Wladimir Klitschko beats David Haye in their heavyweight unification fight in Hamburg on 2nd July.

Cycling: Cadel Evans becomes the first Australian to win the Tour de France; Mark Cavendish becomes the first Briton to win the Tour de France green jersey and the first rider to win the classic finish on the Champs-Elysees three times. Cavendish also wins the men's road race at the 2011 UCI Road World Championships in Copenhagen, becoming the first British World Champion since Tom Simpson in 1965.

Motor Racing: Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest ever two-time World Drivers' Champion in Formula 1 history. He ends a remarkable season having secured pole position in qualifying 15 times - breaking Nigel Mansell's record - and having won 11 out of the 19 grands prix.
Casey Stoner wins the MotoGP world title with victory in his home event at Phillip Island.
The Italian motorcyclist Marco Simoncelli dies after an accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang.
British racing driver Dan Wheldon dies after a collision at the 2011 IZOD IndyCar World Championship at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Man Booker Prize

Julian Barnes
The Sense Of An Ending

Carol Birch
Jamrach's Menagerie

Esi Edugyan
Half Blood Blues

Stephen Kelman
Pigeon English

A. D. Miller

Patrick de Witt
The Sisters Brothers

Orange Prize
for Fiction

Téa Obreht
The Tiger's Wife

Emma Donoghue

Aminatta Forna
The Memory Of Love

Emma Henderson
Grace Williams Says It Loud

Nicole Krauss
Great House

Kathleen Winter

Samuel Johnson Prize
for Non-Fiction

Frank Dikötter
Mao's Great Famine:
The History of
China's Most Devastating Catastrophe,

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

Who said that?

Country Music

Country music has always been the best shrink that 15 bucks can buy.
Dierks Bentley

Country music is three chords and the truth.
Harlan Howard

A good country song takes a page out of somebody's life and puts it to music.
Conway Twitty


I recorded a song called 'I Fall To Pieces', and I was in a car wreck. Now I'm really worried, because I have a brand new record, and it's called 'Crazy'.
Patsy Cline

The Mayflower, Southampton

All the glamour and glitter of show business encapsulated in one venue - but not this one, unfortunately.
What do we think of when we stand on this stage - Gielgud's Romeo? Olivier's Hamlet? Rod Hull's emu?
An interesting mixture of styles... quite grand on the one hand but there's a sort of hint of British Home Stores lighting department about it, which I like.
Victoria Wood, 'Sold Out'

Top Tweets

Noreen: Are you on Twitter?
Janice: Am I on what?
Noreen: Twitter. It's like e-mail only a bit more hit and miss.
Janice: Oh no, not really. I tried texting but me phone keeps trying to finish me sentences for me,
Siobhan Finneran (Janice Garvey) and Elsie Kelly (Noreen Maltby), 'Benidorm'

On 10th August 2011 Lyn Paul joined Twitter. Lyn 'disappeared' from Twitter during September and October while she was touring in 'Rhinestone Mondays' but returned again in November. Here are some of her top Tweets.

31st December, 2.49pm
Bored to tears with my uninteresting Tweets! I wish I found it as easy as all of you and I wish I was as witty.

29th December, 5.30pm
Arrived in Liverpool, now got the only taxi driver who doesn't know the area and hasn't got a sat nav!!! I NEED PINOT!!

29th December, 1.18pm
Crammed in the back of a mini, legs across what seat there is, back jammed against the side, neck ache from looking sideways... so comfy!!!

16th December, 10.18pm
Everyone! Go on to the Silvertinks website and buy, buy, buy!! I have my Mum's and Dad's fingerprints on silver... the most precious thing!

15th December, 1.35pm
Please give me one day without bad news!

Ann Diamond

14th December, 11.05pm
Ann Diamond was incredible on Newsnight, such a lovely lady and spot on with her views.


11th December, 11.44pm
Can't understand the excitement over Coldplay, the most boring group in the world, I'd rather do a month's ironing than watch them!

X Factor

10th December, 9.27pm
What a shoutathon...

10th December, 9.18pm
Tulisa looks like the Mayor of Munchkinland.

10th December, 9.07pm
Can't understand a word Amelia is singing. Diction girl, diction!

10th December, 9.03pm
Little Mix, bloody good!

10th December, 8,58pm
What the f**k is Tulisa wearing and someone please tell me how long it took her to get it under the table... the dress that is!

10th December, 8.55pm
God I love Liverpool. It's like my second home, Go, go, go, Marcus!.

4th December, 9.14pm
Some welsh guys are top banana... one Rod Edwards for a start!!!!

4th December, 9.01pm
Tell you what, the talent In England is phenomenal. Such a shame none of it is on XFactor.

4th December, 8.39pm
We don't want it, we won't get it and we don't like it!

4th December, 8.22pm
Are The Muppets on tonight? Oops yes, there's the first one!

3rd December, 9.00pm
Says a lot when my husband says hearing Amelia Lily sing is "put the kettle on" time.

3rd December, 8.55pm
Somebody should show these girls how to stand!

3rd December, 8.50pm
I have met so many young and talented people that would knock spots off this lot!

3rd December, 8.24pm
Amelia Lily and Misha whatever her name is have absolutely nothing going on behind the eyes... no feeling!

3rd December, 8.01pm
Here we go!!! Let's see what kind of a mess XF is tonight!

27th November, 8.50pm
Misha B - not a bad voice, just an unlikable character and personality.

27th November, 8.42pm
Waldorf and Statler for judges next year instead of the other Muppets!

27th November, 8.34pm
Apart from the blonde in Little Mix and Marcus the rest are... forgive me... karaoke.

26th November, 9.07pm
Said I wouldn't watch XF anymore. Why didn't I listen to myself?

26th November, 8.17pm
Loved Janet Devlin at first. Think she's awful now - no personality, no range vocally and bloody boring!

12th November, 9.55pm
Recorded X Factor and just found out Amelia is back. Sorry, but it smacks of a fix to me. Won't watch any more.

Jeremy Clarkson

2nd December, 11.09am
Reading about Jeremy Clarkson... a complete knob!

2nd December, 10.03am
Watched 'Fifty Years of the BBC' last night. We were young and gorgeous; terrible shock this morning when I looked in the mirror... old hag!

29th November, 11.57pm
Christmas tree up, fairy lights all over, candles lit, glass of pinot and watching 'Fred Claus'. What more could a woman want?

Michael Jackson

29th November, 6.35pm
So Conrad Murray got 4 years, Michael Jackson got life. No justice.

Rhinestone Mondays

29th November, 12.12pm
Trying to remember a song and just spent five minutes moving my feet but no sound out of the mouth... What does that remind you of RMs?!!!!!

Love and loss

28th November, 9.54pm
Night everybody. Stay close to the ones you love and tell them how important and loved they are. You don't know how long you'll have them.

26th November, 6.08pm
Make life in the Young house happy West Ham. Score again, please!!

23rd November, 10.33am
Bad day yesterday, a year since I lost my Mum. Today will be better... I hope!!

Ryan's knee

11th November, 10.48pm
Just taken the dressing off Ryan's knee. Would never make a nurse. Thought I was going to faint!

9th November, 3.53pm
Ryan just gone into the theatre; only problem is wrong kind of theatre!!

Family Life

24th August, 7.14pm
On the way home for a very large glass of wine and some takeaway. My boys are have gone to the West Ham game... Bette Davis for me!

13th August, 9.18pm
Visited my Mum's tree, saw my sister Mandi who is going through a rough time. My dad and sister Nikki came over for a drink. Now dinner!

12th August, 10.56pm
I have one husband asleep on the sofa, one son in the bath; time for another glass of wine!!

12th August, 6.55am
I hate these early mornings, definitely a night girl - meant in the nicest possible way of course.

The twittering thing

11th November, 1.11am
Can't get the hang of this twittering thing. Don't know who's following who, who I'm following, who's following me. or even what my name is!

10th August 11.10pm
Only my second day tweeting. Still trying to get the hang of it!

10th August, 12.41am
My first day on twitter. Stressful getting my son to get me started but here goes...

Word of the Year

Squeezed middle
Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2011

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