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The 'On Disc' pages of the website contain discographies of Lyn Paul's solo recordings, including those Nocturnes' and New Seekers' recordings which feature Lyn on lead vocal. There's also a song by song guide to Lyn's solo recordings as well as the results of our 2001 poll to find the Fans' Favourites.

Fans' Favourites
Song by song guide

If you're searching for a particular song or songwriter you could also try using the Songs and Songwriters Index.

And if you're missing one of Lyn's recordings from your collection, then why not try finding them using our On the Net guide to record collecting?


Lyn Paul's first recording to be released on DVD was Talk Amongst Yourselves, a song from Boy George's musical Taboo, which Lyn performed at Culture Club's 20th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 7th July 2002. The Original London production of Taboo, featuring Lyn as Josie James, was released on DVD in November 2003 and re-released as a Triple Disc Special Edition in May 2005.

Lyn Paul's
1972 appearance at the Royal Albert Hall with the New Seekers has been released on video and DVD.

Three of Lyn's solo television appearances have been released on DVD - her performance of Sail The Summer Winds on the Sez Lez variety show (Yorkshire Television, 1974), an appearance on The Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club (Granada Television, 1975) and an appearance at the Chursh Street Station, Florida, which has been featured on the following Country compilation DVDs:

Country Gals
Charlie Rich & Friends
Johnny Tillotson, Rock 'n Roll Legends
Tammy Wynette, Queen Of The Country Music Hall Of Fame

In addition to her stage work and recording career, Lyn Paul has also branched out into television acting, appearing in episodes of popular dramas such as Doctors, Emmerdale and Holby City. Lyn's appearance in an episode of In Deep is the only one to have been released on DVD.

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Culture Club DVD.

Culture Club
20th Anniversary Concert:
Live at the
Royal Albert Hall

(DVD cover)


On the Net

On the Net:
Culture Club

Culture Club
20th Anniversary Concert: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Tracks: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (Euan Morton) | Black Comedy / I'll Tumble For You | It's A Miracle | Everything I Own | Gimme A Sign | I Just Wanna Be Loved | Talk Amongst Yourselves (Lyn Paul) | That's The Way | Black Money | Cold Shoulder | Move Away | Strange Voodoo | Church Of The Poisoned Mind | Miss Me Blind | Victims | Starman | Karma Chameleon | Bow Down Mister (Culture Club joined on stage by Euan Morton, Lyn Paul and members of the Taboo cast)

Bonus features: Band history written by Boy George | In depth interviews with Boy George and Jon Moss | Rare unseen photos from Boy George's personal archive | Footage from the hit musical Taboo | Interviews with fans at the Royal Albert Hall

Director: Brian Wakerley, PixelGrafix
Executive Producers: Peter Purnell and Gunther Kutsch

Catalogue Number: Angel Air Waves NJPDVD607
Released: 10th March 2003

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Taboo (DVD cover).

Original London
(DVD cover)


In Print

In Print:
Take It Like A Man

In Print:

In print:

In Print 2002

Daily Telegraph

The Scotsman

Sunday Express

Time Out

On the Net

On the Net:
Boy George

On the Net:


Boy George

The Devil
In Sister George

100% Boy

Original London Production

The DVD of the London production of Taboo was filmed live at The Venue and features both the songs and the dialogue from Boy George's hit musical. The 'warts and all' recording of the show is very entertaining and bears repeated viewing but the bonus features are only likely to be of interest to Boy George fans.


Disc 1 (Act 1): 1. Ode To Attention Seekers | 2. The James family flat (Luke Evans, Lyn Paul and David Burt) | 3. Safe In The City (Luke Evans, Lyn Paul and David Burt) | 4. Give Me A Freak | 5. The squat | 6. Stranger In This World (Euan Morton and Lyn Paul) | 7. Blitz | 8. Fade To Grey | 9. Peddling Petal | 10. Genocide Peroxide | 11. Marilyn meets George | 12. I'll Have You All | 13. Love Is A Question Mark | 14. George interrupts | 15. Shelter | 16. Josie and Kim talk on the phone (Lyn Paul and Lucy Newton) | 17. Pretty Lies | 18. Billy and Kim get it on | 19. Philip interlude | 20. Selfridges scene | 21. Guttersnipe | 22. Talk Amongst Yourselves (Lyn Paul, David Burt and Paul Baker) | 23. Recording studio | 24. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me | 25. Journalist frenzy | 26. Billy rings Leigh | 27. Hand Of Cool | 28. Leigh's bathroom | 29. Church Of The Poison Mind | 30. Miss Mudd May Queen Ball (full cast including Lyn Paul) | 31. Stranger In This World (Reprise)

Disc 2 (Act 2): 1. Everything Taboo (full cast including Lyn Paul) | 2. Derek visits Josie (Lyn Paul, David Burt, Paul Baker and Lucy Newton) | 3. Independent Woman (Lyn Paul, Lucy Newton and Paul Baker) | 4. George and Marilyn take drugs | 5. I See Through You | 6. Philip is attacked | 7. Petrified | 8. Ich Bin Kunst | 9. George off his head (Euan Morton, Luke Evans, Lucy Newton, Lyn Paul and Paul Baker) | 10. Billy sells his story | 11. George is arrested | 12. Out Of Fashion | 13. Leigh in hospital | 14. Il Adore | 15. Petal attacks Billy | 16. Billy and George meet again | 17. Pie In The Sky | 18. India (scene features Lyn Paul) | 19. Bow Down Mister (scene features Lyn Paul) | 20. Karma Chameleon (full cast including Lyn Paul) | 21. End credits

Bonus features: The bonus features include a gossipy commentary by Boy George and Mike Nicholls, backstage footage, the music video of Ich Bin Kunst and Here Come The Girls live at Nag Nag Nag.

Some quotes from the commentary ...

"Lyn Paul - amazing voice." Boy George
"I think when Lyn Paul came into the show as the mother, this scene [Talk Amongst Yourselves] really started to work." Boy George
"Lyn could really belt it out and when she performed at the Albert Hall it was really stunning ... She was amazing." Mike Nicholls

Director: Mike Nicholls
Executive Producer: Nigel Askew
Line Producer: Emma Sogbodjor
Editors: Ben Biles, Evan Manifattori

Catalogue Number: Ace's Wild Productions VSC 48927
Released: 17th November 2003

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Taboo (DVD cover).

Original London
Triple Disc
Special Edition
(DVD cover)

Original London Production
Triple Disc Special Edition

In May 2005 the recording of the London production of Taboo was re-released on DVD as a 3-disc special edition. It included a number of "extras" not available on the original release.

Disc 1 Extras

Boy George On The Twin
Leigh Bowery At The D'Offay
Ich Bin Kunst Music Video

Disc 2 Extras

Backstage Feature
The Twin Live At The ICA
B Rude Fashion Show

Disc 3 Extras

Out Of Fashion Music Video
Karma Chameleon Advert Out-Takes
Boy George Around London
Boy George Live At Ronnie Scott's

Catalogue Number: SGS TABOO2
Released: 16th May 2005

Boy George and Mike Nicholls.

Boy George and Mike Nicholls
(November 2003).
Photo used with kind permission of the
100% Boy website.

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Charlie Rich: Legends In Concert (DVD cover).

Charlie Rich

(DVD cover)

Tammy Wynette: Legends In Concert (DVD cover).

Tammy Wynette
Of The
Country Music
Hall Of Fame

(DVD cover)

On 27th June 2005 two Legends In Concert DVDs were released, one featuring Charlie Rich and another paying tribute to the "Queen of Country", Tammy Wynette. On both Lyn Paul sings her version of Tammy Wynette's best-known hit Stand By Your Man.

Charlie Rich & Friends
Legends In Concert


1. Charlie Rich, Big Boss Man | 2. The Osmonds, Yes Mama | 3. Kathy Mattea, Heart Of The Country | 4. Atlanta, Sweet Country Music | 5. Tex Williams, My Window Faces South | 6. Ronny McDowell, Wandering Eyes | 7. Jeannie C. Riley, Harper Valley PTA | 8. Charlie Rich, Jazz Instrumental | 9. Charlie Rich, Behind Closed Doors | 10. Stella Parton, Danger Of A Stranger | 11. Thrasher Brothers, Best Of Friends | 12. Lyn Paul, Stand By Your Man | 13. Mel McDaniel, Take Me To The Country | 14. Ronnie Robins, Medley | 15. Eddy Craven, Little Bit Crazy | 16. Charlie Rich, Let's Take It Nice And Easy | 17. Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass, Ruby (Instrumental) | 18. Starlight Express, Hooked On Country Music | 19. Razzy Bailey, Night Life

Producers: Bayron Binkley, Walter J. Bowen, Glenn Stetson
Associate Producer: R. J. Milano
Executive Producer: A. J. Stanton
Directors: Bayron Binkley, Dennis Glore
Associate Director: Trish Niehaus

Catalogue Number: WHE International Limited WHEI10177
Released: 27th June 2005

Tammy Wynette / Various Artists
Queen Of The Country Music Hall Of Fame - Legends In Concert


1. Tammy Wynette, Womanhood | 2. Lyn Paul, Stand By Your Man | 3. Gail Davies, Someone Is Looking | 4. Denise Price, Can I Have This Dance? | 5. Tammy Wynette, When The Grass Grows Over | 6. Karen Taylor-Goode, We Just Gotta Dance | 7. Lisa Silver, Deep In The Heart Of You | 8. Kathy Mattea, Ball And Chain | 9. Gail Davies, Good Lovin' Man | 10. Tammy Wynette, Welcome To My World | 11. Gail Davies, Hallelujah, I Love Him So | 12. Lorrie Morgan, Stuck On You | 13. Tammy Wynette, I Still Believe In Fairy Tales | 14. Helen Cornelius, Banks Of The Ohio | 15. Kelly Lange, Mama He's Crazy | 16. Denise Price, All Of My Life | 17. Kathy Mattea, Heart Of The Country | 18. Gail Davies, Singin' The Blues | 19. Denise Price, I Go Home And I Fall To Pieces | 20. Tammy Wynette, Til' I Can Make It On My Own | 21. Tammy Wynette, Another Chance

Tammy Wynette, Legends On Stage (DVD cover).Producers: Bayron Binkley, Walter J. Bowen, John W. Warren
Associate Producer: Susan Pitts
Director: Bayron Binkley
Associate Director: Julie Watson Freeman

Catalogue Number: WHE International Limited WHEI10164
Released: 27th June 2005

Re-issued by: Star Media Group Ltd.
Catalogue Number: 74114
Released: 2007

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Rock 'n Roll Legends (DVD cover).

Rock 'n Roll

(DVD cover)

Johnny Tillotson
Rock 'n Roll Legends

Set 1 of this DVD was recorded live at the Rock 'n Roll Palace in Orlando, Florida. Set 2 was recorded live at the Church Street Station Theatre.


Set 1:
Earth Angel | It Keeps Right On Hurting | Dreamy Eyes | Poetry In Motion | That's All Right Mama

Set 2: Tell Me Baby | Heartaches By The Number | Send Me The Pillow | Let It Be Me

Bonus Tracks: The Dovells, The Bristol Stomp | The Dovells, You Can't Sit Down | Lyn Paul, Cry | Lyn Paul, Stand By Your Man

Catalogue Number: Quantum Leap QLDVD6600
Released: 22nd August 2005

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Country Gals (DVD cover).

Country Gals
(DVD cover)

Various Artists
Country Gals


1. Gus Hardin, Church Street Station Theme | 2. Gus Hardin, Night Lights | 3. Lynn Anderson, Cry | 4. Tammy Wynette, Stand By Your Man | 5. Lorrie Morgan, Stuck On You | 6. Patty Stone, Crazy | 7. Tanya Tucker, What's Your Mama's Name | 8. Karen Taylor-Goode, Starlight Starbright | 9. Barbara Fairchild, Y'All Come | 10. Judy Rodman, Heart Of A Gentleman | 11. Jeannie C. Riley, Harper Valley PTA | 12. Dottie West, Here Comes My Baby | 13. Lyn Paul, Cry | 14. Helen Cornelius, Love Never Comes Easy | 15. Forester Sisters, I Fell In Love Again Last Night | 16. Gail Davies, Good Lovin' Man | 17. Kelly Lange, How Blue | 18. Sylvia, Breakin' It | 19. Terri Gibbs, Somebody's Knockin' | 20. Kathy Mattea, Ball And Chain

Catalogue Number: CCCDVD013
Released: 28th February 2007

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Sez Les, Volume 4 (DVD cover).

Sez Les
Volume 4
(DVD cover)


On the Net:

Sez Les
Volume 4

This three-disc set covers series nine to eleven of Les Dawson's ITV variety show Sez Les, along with a ‘best of’ compilation show first screened in 1974.

Disc 1: Series 9 (28th June - 9th August 1974)
Disc 2: Series 10 (25th February - 10th March 1976)
Disc 3: Series 11 (19th October - 30th November 1976)

Cast includes: Les Dawson, John Cleese, Roy Barraclough.
Guests include: Dana, Roy Hudd, Clodagh Rogers, Alvin Stardust, Freddie Trueman and Lyn Paul.

Rating: 12

Catalogue Number: Network 7953714
Released: 28th May 2012

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Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, Series 4 (DVD cover).

and Shunters
Social Club
The Complete
Fourth Series

(DVD cover)

Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club - The Complete Fourth Series

This two-disc set includes all seven episodes from series four of the ITV variety show The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, first screened in 1975. Lyn Paul was a guest on the seventh episode, opening Part Two of the programme with Behind Closed Doors and It Oughta Sell A Million.

Episode 24 - Originally broadcast: 19th July 1975
Episode 25 - Originally broadcast: 26th July 1975
Episode 26 - Originally broadcast: 2nd August 1975
Episode 27 - Originally broadcast: 9th August 1975

Episode 28 - Originally broadcast: 16th August 1975
Episode 29 - Originally broadcast: 23rd August 1975
Episode 30 - Originally broadcast: 30th August 1975
New Year's Eve Special - Originally broadcast: 31st December 1975

Cast includes: Bernard Manning (compere) and Colin Compton as 'Mr. Chairman'.
Guests include: Russ Conway, Ray Ellington, Gene Pitney and Lyn Paul, with comedy from Jim Bowen, Duggie Brown, Frank Carson, Dustin Gee, The Grumbleweeds, Mike Harding, George Roper and Charlie Williams.

Rating: Exempt

Catalogue Number: Network
Released: 13th June 2011

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In Deep, Season 2 (DVD cover).

In Deep
Season 2
(DVD cover)

In Deep
Season 2

In January 2002 a new series of In Deep, began on BBC1. Lyn Paul appeared in episode 4, Abuse Of Trust, screened on Monday, 28th January. She played the part of Amanda, a lesbian who arranges a date on the internet.

Co-incidentally Jamie Kristian, the son of New Seekers singer-songwriter Marty Kristian, appeared in another episode In Deep, playing the role of Josh in Character Assasins (Series 3, Episode 4).

Disc 1:
Untouched, Parts 1 and 2
Disc 2: Jekylls, Parts 1 and 2
Disc 3: Blood Loss, Parts 1 and 2
Disc 4: Abuse Of Trust, Parts 1 and 2

Cast includes: Nick Berry as DS Liam Ketman, Lisa Maxwell, Stephen Tompkinson as DC Garth O'Hanlon and Fiona Allen as Dr. Sophie Masterson.

Rating: 15+

Catalogue Number: Force Entertainment FV2610
Released: 2002

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