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Photo of Lyn Paul in Emmerdale.

Lyn Paul
pictured playing
the part of
Freda Danby
in the TV soap
(February 2003).

The Dove (US video cover).

The Dove
(US video -
Paramount 8738)


New Seekers

New Seekers
on TV


The Dove

The Dove

John Barry

John Barry
The Man With
The Midas Touch

Anita and Me (DVD cover).

Anita and Me
(DVD cover)

Television and Film Links

Lyn Paul has appeared on many television programmes as a solo artist and with the New Seekers. She started out as a child actor in Coronation Street and in 2003 brought her career full circle with an appearance in another of the UK's most popular soaps, Emmerdale.

Lyn describes herself as a "soap fiend." In an interview with David Jensen, she recalled the time when she had to miss her favourite soaps because she was travelling with the New Seekers: "When we went to America my parents used to tape everything for me ... and on a Wednesday night it was absolutely brilliant because it started off with 'Crossroads', then it'd go into 'Emmerdale', then into 'Coronation Street'. And, if I was lucky, after that it was 'Dallas' or 'Dynasty' ... You name it, I watched it!" (From The Bottom To The Top, Capital Gold, 20th July 2006)

Lyn has also recorded a number of television advertisements - remember the famous Coke ads of the '70s? The New Seekers' Buy The World A Coke is the most famous of them all but Lyn's solo single It Oughta Sell A Million was also originally a Coke advert.

Although she hasn't appeared in any films, Lyn did record the love theme (written by John Barry) for Gregory Peck's 1974 film The Dove.

Lyn has also been mentioned in a film - Anita and Me (2002). Based on Meera Syal 's first novel, the film tells the story of Meena, a 12-year-old girl growing up in a Midlands mining village in the 1970s. Meena develops a friendship with the local teenage tearaway, Anita Rutter, who at one point boasts: "I'm thinking of having a feather cut like Lyn in New Seekers."

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TV Advertising

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YouTube: Buy The World A Coke
YouTube: It Oughta Sell A Million

TV Shows

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Coronation Street

ITV: Coronation Street


Emmerdale Official Merchandise Store
R's FAQ Database - Emmerdale
ITV: Emmerdale

It's Cliff Richard Show No. 2 (CD cover).

Lyn Paul appeared on the It's Cliff Richard TV show on 31st August 1974.
A recording of the show was released on CD in 1994.

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Billy Wilder

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