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On the net aims to provide links to the best of the web for Music, Film, Theatre, Television and News.

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If our Links don't satisfy your curiosity, try the Search page, where you'll find links to a good selection of Search Engines and Web Guides.

If you spot any broken links or you've come across a website you think we should add, please send us an e-mail to let us know.

Music Links

This page provides links to Music resources on the net, which either include information about Lyn Paul and the New Seekers or which help to set Lyn's career in context.

Music Websites
The Sixties and the Seekers
The Seventies and the New Seekers
Eurovision Song Contest
Vocal Harmony Pop Groups and Duos
Women In Music
Record Collecting

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New Seekers

New Seekers:

New Seekers:
collectors' items

New Seekers:

New Seekers:
song by song

On Disc

On Disc:
song by song

Record Collecting

Missing a Nocturnes, New Seekers or Lyn Paul recording from your collection? The following websites may help you to track down the items you're after.

Vinyl (LPs and Singles)
CDs and DVDs

Please note: inclusion of a link to a retailer does not necessarily imply a recommendation.

Start here first...

eBay [UK]
Music Stack [USA]

Then try these...

All Vinyl Records [USA]
At the Zone [UK]
ATW Music [USA]
Cheap Kiss Records [USA]
CJs Music and Memorabilia [UK]
Discollector Music Group [USA]
Djangos [USA] (Esprit International Limited) [UK / International]
Electric Obiland [USA online retailer specialising in Japanese releases]
Elpees Music [UK]
Encore Records [UK]

Flamingo Records [Australia]
JL Records [USA]
Midnight Records [USA]
More Music [UK]
Record Collector Magazine [UK]
Record Collector Setsale [UK]
Reddingtons Rare Records [UK]
Rock of Ages [UK]
Saturn Records [USA]
Simply Vinyl [UK]
Sweet Memories [UK]
Vinylshop UK [UK]
Vinyl Solution [Australia]
Vinyltap Limited (VTMusic) [UK]
VIP Events [UK music fairs and music fair schedules]
VVMO - Vintage Vinyl Records [USA]

If it's CDs, DVDs or videos you're after, try these ...
Amazon [Germany]
Amazon [UK]
Amazon [USA]
Barnes & Noble [USA]
cdbbq [USA]

CD Express [Holland]
CD Universe
JPC [Germany]
Rakuten [UK]
Spin CDs [UK]

If it's MP3 downloads you're after, try these ...

HMV Digital [UK]
Napster [UK]

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Who said that?

Collector's Item

If an object is old and you are trying to sell it, it's obsolete; if you're trying to buy it, it's a collector's item.
Frank Ross

Contemporary Music

Three farts and a raspberry, orchestrated.
Sir John Barbirolli

Modern music is as dangerous as cocaine.
Pietro Mascagni

Quotes, quotes and more quotes

If you have enjoyed the "Who said that?" feature of this website, you may also enjoy visiting the following websites:

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