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The 'On Disc' pages of the website contain discographies of Lyn Paul's solo recordings, including those Nocturnes' and New Seekers' recordings which feature Lyn on lead vocal. There's also a song by song guide to Lyn's solo recordings as well as the results of our 2001 poll to find the Fans' Favourites.

Fans' Favourites
Song by song guide

If you're searching for a particular song or songwriter you could also try using the Songs and Songwriters Index.

And if you're missing one of Lyn's recordings from your collection, then why not try finding them using our On the Net guide to record collecting?


During the late '60s Lyn Paul recorded two albums with The Nocturnes.

In the 1970s Lyn recorded with the New Seekers. The group released nine UK albums between 1970 and '74, plus a tenth "boys only" album titled Peter, Paul & Marty. Lyn sings on all of these including some of the tracks on the Peter, Paul & Marty album.

Lyn did not sing on the New Seekers' 1969 début album (titled The New Seekers), nor did she sing on their two CBS albums, recorded after the group re-formed in 1976. By this time Lyn was well established in her solo career, having released her first solo album, Give Me Love in 1975.

Nocturnes' album tracks
New Seekers' album tracks
Solo albums and album tracks

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Nocturnes' Album Tracks

In addition to singing the lead vocal on the Nocturnes' single Montage, Lyn also sang or shared the lead vocal on the following album tracks.

 Song Title  Album Title Date
 Da Doo Ron Ron  Wanted Live 1969
 Eso Es El Amor  Wanted Live 1969
 Fever  Wanted Live 1969
 Loco-Motion  Wanted Live 1969

New Seekers' Album Tracks

Lyn Paul sang the lead vocal on the following album tracks by the New Seekers.

 Song Title  Album Title Date
 I'll Be Home  Beautiful People /
 Never Ending Song Of Love
 Lay Me Down  New Colours 1971
 No Mans Land  New Colours 1971
 Just An Old Fashioned Love Song  We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing 1972
 I Saw The Light  Circles 1972
 Song Sung Blue  Circles 1972
 I'll Be Home  Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1972
 I'm A Nut  Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1972
 When I Was Small  Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1972
 Everything Changing  New Seekers Now 1973
 Here, There And Everywhere  Together 1974
 All I Wanna Do  Farewell Album 1974
 All Pull Together Kind Of World  Farewell Album 1974
 Oh My Joe  Farewell Album 1974
 Old Fashioned Song  Farewell Album 1974
 Perfect Love  Farewell Album 1974

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