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26th May 2018.


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Together /
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Hanging up the pinny

The New Year heralds the worst flu season for seven years, with one in five hospital cases in the UK suffering from a deadly strain of “Aussie flu”. NHS Accident & Emergency units find themselves with too few staff and too few beds to cope with the demand. Lyn Paul’s husband Alan is one of those affected. Sharing her thoughts on Facebook on 9th January Lyn writes: “Feel so sorry for anyone who has this awful flu bug. My husband has been ill for 4 weeks. The cough is horrendous and even a course of antibiotics hasn’t helped.” She continues: “My husband rang the doctor this morning asking for an emergency appointment. He was up all night... They said he had to finish the course of antibiotics... He has one left! ... I know the surgeries are struggling because of this awful bug but the only alternative is to go to A&E and they are swamped. What do you do?”

On 15th January Lyn packs her bags as she sets off on another five-month tour of the UK in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. “Very grateful for the work but feel sick... just don’t want to leave my boys. I hate long tours!” The tour gets off to a great start at the Theatre Royal, Bath followed by two weeks at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. The cast is greeted by glowing reviews in both cities.

“The performances are spectacular, with Lyn Paul reprising the role she first played to such acclaim in 1997... Paul has a voice that can raise the roof and tug at the emotions, so no wonder she’s been dubbed 'the definitive Mrs. Johnstone'.” Jackie Chappell, Western Daily Press

“Lyn Paul, one of the original New Seekers, presents a wonderfully empathetic and resilient character as she reprises her key role of Mrs. Johnstone, an impoverished Liverpool mother of numerous children, deserted by her husband and hounded by debt collectors. Her acting skills are equal to her formidable vocal talent.“ Jo Bayne, Wiltshire Times

"An outstanding cast is led by Lyn Paul... The finale, in which she leads the company in Tell Me It’s Not True brought the entire press-night audience to its feet." ***** Alan King, Bristol Evening Post

"But it’s Lyn Paul as the tragic but feisty Mrs. Johnston who steals the show, as the contemporary version of the not-so-old woman who lives in a shoe. Her singing voice is made for soaring, and her empathy for her character is second to none; it’s easy to see why fans including the show’s producer and director Bill Kenwright are happy for her to be crowned ‘the definitive Mrs. Johnstone’ despite tough competition from Barbara Dickson (the original Mrs J), Linda Nolan, and Carole King (in the Broadway production)." Melissa Blease, The Bath Magazine

“But the one who stole the show for many in the audience was Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone... Lyn is a revelation... The raw emotion she brings to the stage gave me goosebumps, and that voice is incredible. You feel everything with her, every ache in her heart as she looks at the son she gave away.” Sarah Scott, Belfast Live

Lyn Paul 0left) and her husband Alan (right) with

Lyn Paul and her husband Alan (pictured right)
with Daniel Taylor (Sammy in Blood Brothers)
in The Crown pub, Belfast.

Up. Down.

While the tour is in Belfast the flu bug catches up with Lyn. On Monday, 29th January she tweets: "Got a cough, cold, headache, back ache and a show tonight... Come on Lyn, you can do it!!!" After going on stage, however, she is unable to continue beyond the mid-show interval. The understudies come to the rescue: Sarah Jane Buckley (Mrs. Lyons) steps into Mrs. Johnstone's shoes, with Amy-Jane Ollies taking over the role of Mrs. Lyons. Lyn is confined to bed for the rest of the week "with antibiotics, co-codamol and cough mixture". On Thursday, 1st February Lyn flies back to London to recuperate at home.

Lyn returns for the shows at The Playhouse, Weston Super Mare.

"Lyn has been playing this role on and off for about 20 years and how it showed; she was brilliant, totally believable and watchable. From the opening bars of Tell Me It’s Not True all the way to the tear-jerking climax, she lived every moment and shared the emotion with us." ***** Les Gillam, Bristol Evening Post

Lyn opens the show the following week at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury and gets another great review, despite the reviewer's initial misgivings.

"Initially I thought Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone was too old for the role, as she certainly wasn’t 25; yet quickly I couldn’t help but love her, almost with as much love as she had for her kids... From the standing ovation (it’s a hard task to get Aylesbury on their feet) and Lyn Paul crying on stage whilst taking a bow it was clear that this story is so strong it reaches out and touches everyone’s heart – however one word of advice, bring tissues!" Lara Wadey, Reviews, Blogs and Thoughts

Waterside Theatre, Aulesbury.

Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Up. Down.

Then the flu bites back - and turns out, in fact, to be bronchitis. Lyn is forced to pull out of both the matinée and evening shows on Valentine's Day and misses the rest of the week in Aylesbury, as well as the shows the following week at the Darlington Hippodrome. Lyn returns to the tour again at the Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh and gets four four-star reviews.

"The leading lady, Mrs. Johnstone (Lyn Paul) goes from young mum to downtrodden single parent abandoned with five children and one on the way... she has the voice and the role off to a tee." **** Gordon Clayton,

"At the end of this magnificent show I thought I caught Lyn Paul wiping a tear from her eye as she gave her powerful finale. If she did, believe me, she wasn’t the only one as a hugely appreciative Edinburgh audience gave the cast a richly deserved standing ovation." **** The Edinburgh Reporter

"The audience is in the company of the tremendous talents of Lyn Paul, the essence of Mrs. Johnstone. Paul’s maternal responsiveness eases us in. If by the end of this evening, there is not but a faint mist in your eye, Paul’s rendition of Tell Me it’s Not True should draw it out. Combining vocal talents with her character, Paul offers an excellently human performance." **** Dominic Corr, the wee REVIEW

"Lyn Paul's wonderful voice soars through it all, singing out the joy and pain of mother-love with a passion that seems right for this Mother's Day weekend." **** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

More glowing reviews follow when the tour travels to the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham and the New Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl.

"I’ll start with the star. It was a joy to see an older woman leading the cast as the protagonist. Lyn Paul, famous for her time in the band New Seekers, has recently been crowned the ‘definitive Mrs. Johnstone’, and it’s not hard to see why. Watching her age on stage as her tale is unravelled was incredibly realistic. From her acting and movement to the costume and hair and make up, it was spot-on and freakishly accurate. Her voice smashed the high notes and her emotional complexity ran deep. From the moment she stepped on stage, to wiping away her tears as they all took their bows, she commanded the stage with ease, stealing your hearts in exchange for giving up her child." View From The Cheap Seats

"Mrs. Johnstone was played by Lyn Paul and although I loved Maureen Nolan‘s performance, I did prefer last night’s performance by Lyn." Blazing Minds

"The emotionally charged role of Mrs. Johnstone is played to perfection by 70s pop star Lyn Paul. You can’t help but be touched as you watch her struggling to deal with the pain as she watches her child grow up, so near, but yet so far away." ***** Joanne Roberts, Daily Post

"Audiences were treated to a dramatic tour-de-force at Rhyl’s Pavilion Theatre on Monday... Lyn Paul is truly outstanding as Mrs. Johnstone... and had the audience reaching for their tissues." Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal

After Rhyl the tour moves on to The Sands Centre, Carlisle Sands; the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple; the Hall for Cornwall, Truro and the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.

"The role of Mrs. Johnstone - and in fact the entire touring production - belongs to Lyn. I've seen this show seven times, both in London and on tour, and whilst every actress I've seen pull that coat on has been outstanding, to me Lyn Paul epitomises the role and is quite simply world class... it's easy to see why she is asked back again and again." Dan Richards, Black Country Radio

"With her superb voice, Lyn Paul gives a wonderful performance as the impoverished mother Mrs. Johnstone, whose indomitable spirit is buffeted by misfortune." Sarah Moran, Express & Star

When the tour arrives at the Broadway Theatre, Peterborough, Lyn announces that it will be her last. "The last 5 weeks of the tour and my last 5 weeks playing Mrs J. I have decided to hang up my pinny and how great that Mrs. J. and I will part ways, after 21 years, in my home town #Manchester @BloodBrosUKTour @BKL_Productions" (23rd April, 9.16am). In an interview with Donna Kelly from Frankly My Dear UK, Lyn later explains why she made that decision: "I told Bill Kenwright that I didn’t want to play the part anymore because I felt I was too old. I am so grateful that he has let me do it for as long as I’ve done it but I think it’s beyond the realms of imagination now that me at 69 is having a baby – or twins even. You really have to have a great imagination for that one! I felt the role should go to a younger person. I think someone in their late 30s / early 40s should be doing this role" (14th May 2018). Not that you'd think that Lyn was "too old" from the review of her performance in Peterborough:

"Lyn Paul, of New Seekers fame in the 1970s, shines brightly once again as Mrs. Johnstone... It is a role she is synonymous with and she holds nothing back. The songs are beautifully sung and the emotion in her face - and voice - in the final scenes particularly is incredible. It is her last tour in the show and she is certainly going out with a bang." Brad Barnes, Peterborough Telegraph

After Peterborough, the show moves on to the Regent Theatre, Ipswich:

"The lead role... is played superbly by Lyn Paul. Pathos, power and devotion are all portrayed by the actor of whom it has been said gives the definitive performance. She has an excellent voice that’s well suited to storytelling..." Mark Westall, Ipswich Star

"Paul’s vocals were phenomenal and refined (as you’d expect from someone who’s been playing the same role for over two decades now), and she had so much deliberate emotion behind every word and action, she was truly a joy to watch... Lyn’s planning on taking her final bow in this role in Manchester, so it’s definitely worth trying to get your tickets before she hangs up her apron for good." Polka-dot Pages

"Lyn Paul, voted the definitive Mrs. Johnstone, was phenomenal throughout. Having first played the role back in 1997, she completely encompasses all that you’d hope from the struggling mother of many, just trying to keep her family happy in a desperate situation. I believed her character and loved her effortless singing – it was captivating!" **** Playhouse Pickings

By the end of the week in Ipswich Lyn admits that touring is taking its toll: "Much as I love this show I’m absolutely worn out and really looking forward to May 26th!!!" (5th May, 5:36pm). However, a day off at home soon revives her: "blissful day with my two boys in the garden, about to barbi and drink wine... so happy!!!" The laundry, though, is another matter: "Washed my underwear with something pink so all whites are now baby pink which will turn to marl and end up in the bin!!!" (6th May, 4.41pm)

Poster advertising 'Blood Brothers' outside the Regent Theatre, Ipswich.

Poster advertising Blood Brothers
outside the Regent Theatre, Ipswich

Up. Down.

For the penultimate stop on the tour - the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton - Lyn gets chauffeur service. After arriving, Lyn Tweets: "My son drove me to Southampton yesterday to save me driving and my husband is picking me up on Saturday, I’m one lucky lady!" (9th May, 10.01am). Lyn and the rest of the cast are welcomed with great reviews:

"Lyn Paul is enthralling and emotional as she plays the desperate Mrs. Johnstone struggling to do her best for her children, Matthew Craig is sinister as the Narrator, providing a constant and conscientious reminder that bills must always be paid and Mark Hutchinson as Eddie is strong and completely convincing – in fact the whole cast were simply stunning." Catherine Collins, Southern Daily Echo

"Lyn Paul has been hailed as the definitive Mrs. Johnstone for years. Those of us seeing her for the first time in the role can instantly see why... Paul gives us a Mrs. Johnstone you just can’t help but warm to – not least because we all know what’s coming." Phil Hewitt, Chichester Observer

After the shows in Southampton, Lyn Tweets: "What a wonderful week @mayflower. Everybody was wonderful and oh, to have a dressing room like that every week would be a joy!!! Thanks everyone and thank you to the brilliant audiences. xxxx" (14th May, 8.39am)

The tour ends with a fortnight of shows at the Palace Theatre, Manchester. When she arrives in Manchester Lyn Tweets: "So thrilled to be back in Manchester for my last two weeks @BloodBrosUKTour. Perfect place to say goodbye!" (15th May, 2.54pm)

"Lyn Paul is a perfect Mrs. Johnstone; no-nonsense, incredibly warm and down-to-earth in equal measures. But it’s Paul’s voice which seals the perfection deal; it has something of a country tone to it without ever feeling country…and by that I mean Paul’s voice positively drips with feeling and it’s when she is singing that she most skillfully wrings hearts. Paul’s songs are by far the most memorable and emotive, from Marilyn Monroe and Easy Terms to Light Romance and of course Tell Me It’s Not True." ***** Eliza Hayward, Always Time For Theatre

"Lyn Paul is the lynchpin and carries the show with superb vocals and the ability to present Mrs. Johnstone as far more than than a single mother. She is funny, heartfelt and the audience has genuine empathy for her plight. Russell’s writing means that you are on her side throughout. Paul is a definitive Mrs. J." Glenn Meads, ilovemanchester

“Taking on the lead role is Lyn Paul, who first stepped into Mrs. Johnstone’s shoes back in 1997 when she made her musical theatre debut in the West End production. She makes for a compelling and impressive Mrs. Johnstone, with a depth of emotion that tugs on your heart strings, making you feel every ounce of her heartfelt pain.” ***** Opening Night

"Eternal, too, is the dominance of Lyn Paul in the leading role as Mrs. Johnstone, the definitive actor for this part, playing it for the umpteenth time. And still a tour de force of emotion, humour , tragedy, and a voice that only matures with time." Stagey Lady

"Lyn Paul, of New Seekers fame, is perfectly cast as the lead role Mrs. Johnstone. Few superlatives can do her performance justice, she is simply breath-taking and at her best." Miranda Newey, Warrington Guardian

“Lyn Paul returns to the role of Mrs. Johnstone... As soon as she opens her mouth to let out a few lines of Tell Me It’s Not True during the production’s harrowing first scene, it’s obvious why she’s so renowned. The star brings an instant gravitas and essence of relatability to the show, enveloping the audience within the story being told from the jump, and refusing to let them go until its final moments.” Daniel Falconer, Female First

As the final week of the tour approaches, Lyn Tweets: "Here it is... my last week in 'Blood Brothers'. I’ve had such a fantastic time, made some great friends and Mrs. J. will always be a massive part of my life... I will miss her but here’s to new adventures!" (20th May, 3.29pm). After taking her final bow, Lyn leaves Mrs. Johnstone's pinny on the stage behind her.

Lyn Paul's final curtain call as Mrs. Johnstone, 26th May 2018.

Lyn Paul pictured on stage at the Palace Theatre, Manchester
on Saturday, 26th May after her final performance as Mrs. Johnstone.
Writing on Facebook, Lyn quipped: "That face won’t be missed!"

Photograph by Dawn Aitken © Copyright

Up. Down.

Four days after the final night of Blood Brothers, Lyn sets sail from Tilbury on the recently-refurbished cruise liner Columbus, entertaining passengers on a seven-day cruise to the Norwegian fjords. The cruise sails to Amsterdam, Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord, Flåm, Sognefjord and Bergen. While on board Lyn is taken ill and is forced to spend three days in the ship's hospital. On 14th June, the day before catching an early morning flight to Alicante, Lyn Tweets: "Thank you everybody for your get well wishes. I’m fine. Going away tomorrow for a couple of weeks to do nothing but rest."

When she returns Lyn and her sister Nikki start making plans to teach tap dancing. Interviewed by Paul Coia on BBC Radio Berkshire on 9th August, Lyn says: "You meet so many people that say 'Oh, I wish I'd done tap when I was young'. Well, now they have the opportunity." Nikki adds: "As you get older, it shouldn't stop you, it should actually encourage you to do something completely different." Asked whether her fame would be a factor in encouraging people to come to their classes, Lyn jokes: "'Lyn Paul' is one of the few names you can't drop!" She goes on to explain "Nikky's the one! She choreographed (with Peter Darling) 'Billy Elliot', also devised the hand puppets / the tap dancing for 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'... So I'm actually following her on this." Lest anyone should think she were retiring from show business, Lyn adds: "Just because we're doing this doesn't mean that we're gonna stop doing other things."

Lyn and Nikki's first tap class takes place on Monday, 3rd September. The next day Lyn Tweets: "Nikki and I had our first adult tap class last night.... what a turn out and such a pleasure to teach such eager-to-learn, enthusiastic and amusing ladies. An absolute joy! Looking forward to Thursday!" (4th September, 10:12am)

During the Autumn Lyn looks for a new agent. On 14th November she Tweets: "I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Keddie Scott, London are now my new agents! So excited!" (14th November, 11:00am)

On 23rd November Lyn Tweets some more good news: "After weeks of waiting for test results and constantly thinking the worst, yesterday, the anniversary of my mum's passing, I got the all clear!!! Thanks Mum, I love you! xxxx" (23rd November, 10:29am)


Two albums from 1974 by the New Seekers are re-released on CD on 20th April. Together, first released in March 1974, is paired with the group's Farewell Album, released in August of the same year after the New Seekers had split up.

Former New Seeker Eve Graham performs at the Vamos music festival for the second year in a row, appearing as part of a '60s and '70s night at the Station Hotel, Perth on Friday, 11th May. In October Eve releases an album titled A Matter Of Time, featuring new material recorded with the New Seekers' former producer David Mackay.

On 27th June the What's On Stage website announces the result of a poll to determine the "top tearjerker moments in musicals". Top of the list is Tell Me It's Not True from Blood Brothers. As the website put it: "Could there be any other winner?" Writing in reply to @WillyRussellUK when the news is shared on Twitter, Lyn Tweets: "Thank you for writing such a powerful script with the most wonderful music but more than that thank you for the gift of 21 years as Mrs. J. I am, and always have been, in awe. xx" (1st July, 1:36am)

At the beginning of July former New Seeker Marty Kristian publishes his first book, Walt 'n Matilda - The Black Stump. Aimed at four-year-olds and over, it chronicles the adventures of two koala bears, Walt and his more sensible older sister Matilda. At the end of November Marty also releases a fourth CD of his demo recordings, Passing Parade.

During the last week of July William Roche, best known as Ken Barlow in Coronation Street, chooses his ten ‘Tracks of My Years’ on the Ken Bruce show, BBC Radio 2. Track 2 on Monday, 23rd July is I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers. “When that came out, I thought, yeah! I just loved it and the way it was harmonised. It meant everything to me... It was a song that just got to my heart straight away... Even now I love to hear it.” After playing the record, Ken Bruce comments: “it’s funny after all these years, hearing it again, you realise just how strong a Scottish accent Eve Graham had when she was singing.”

On 13th August Faye Tozer of Steps, who starred with Lyn Paul in the line dancing musical Rhinestone Mondays, is announced as one of the contestants on BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing. Faye and her dance partner Giovanni Pernice reach the final of the series, scoring top marks from the judges for all three of their final dances. Despite that the glitterball trophy goes to Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton. Lyn Tweets: "I was lucky enough to be in a musical with @Faye_Tozer. She was kindness itself and always took time to help me. She was outstanding tonight and my winner!" (15th December, 3:11pm)


Up. Down.

In the News - 2018

On New Year’s Day California becomes the sixth state in the USA to legalise the recreational use of cannabis. As of 1st January 2018, anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to possess up to an ounce (28 grams) of the drug and to grow up to six marijuana plants at home.
On Wednesday, 3rd January, on the orders of Kim Jong Un, North Korea re-establishes contact with South Korea via a telephone hotline, which had not been used for nearly two years. On 9th January representatives of the two sides meet face to face in the truce village of Panmunjom in the demilitarised zone separating the two Koreas.
An oil tanker, The Sanchi, and a cargo ship collide 260km (160 miles) off Shanghai on 6th January. The tanker catches fire and burns for more than a week before sinking on Sunday, 14th January. All 32 members of the crew lose their lives.
Flooding and mudslides cause chaos in southern California on 9th January, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.
On Saturday, 13th January Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency causes panic by mistakenly sending an alert to mobile phone users warning them of a "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii”.
On Sunday' 14th January police arrest a couple, David Turpin and Louise Turpin, after discovering that their 13 children, ranging in age from 2 to 29 years old, had been held captive in their home at 160 Muir Woods Road, Perris, California, some of them bound with chains and padlocks.
Edwin Hawkins, best known for the 1969 hit Oh Happy Day, dies of pancreatic cancer on 15th February, aged 74.
On the same day The Cranberries' lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, 46, is found submerged in the bath in her hotel room at London's Park Lane Hilton. An inquest at Westminster Coroner's Court later finds that she died by drowning due to alcohol intoxication.
Carillon, the UK's second biggest construction firm, goes into compulsory liquidation on 15th January with debts of £900m.
On 22nd January, two days ahead of his 77th birthday, Neil Diamond announces his retirement from concert touring after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
Hugh Masekela, "the father of South African jazz", dies of cancer on 23rd January, aged 78.
On 24th January the former US Olympic gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, is sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for the sexual assault of minors.
During the last two weeks of January the Taliban and the Islamic State (IS) group carry out four major attacks in Afghanistan. On 20th January Taliban gunmen attack the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. At least 22 people are killed. A week later, on 27th January, Taliban attackers detonate a bomb hidden in an ambulance, moments after passing through a security checkpoint in the centre of Kabul. At least 103 people are killed and 235 injured. Islamic State suicide attackers kill six people on 24th January in an attack on the offices of the Save the Children charity in Jajalabad. Five days later IS fighters kill at least 11 soldiers in an attack on an army post in Kabul.


Three British tourists on a sightseeing trip are killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon on Saturday, 10th February. Three other British passengers, two of whom later die in hospital, and the pilot are badly injured.
At least 19 people are killed and 65 injured on the same day when a double-decker bus crashes and overturns in the Tai Po area of Hong Kong.
Saratov Airlines jet crashes near Moscow minutes after taking off from Domodedovo Airport on Sunday, 11th February. All 71 passengers and crew on board are killed.
London City Airport is closed on Sunday, 11th February following the discovery of a World War Two bomb in the George V Dock nearby. Flights to and from the airport on 12th February are cancelled while the bomb is made safe and removed.
Jacob Zuma announces his resignation as President of South Africa in a televised statement on 14th February.
Morgan Tsvangirai, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 2009 to 2013, dies on the same day, aged 65.
Seventeen people are killed and many more injured when 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, opens fire on students and teachers in a Valentine's Day rampage.
An Aseman Airlines plane (Flight EP3704 from Tehran to Yasuj) crashes on 18th February near the city of Semirom. All 59 passengers and six crew members on board are killed.
Om Monday, 19th February the fried chicken chain KFC is forced to close more than half of its outlets in the UK after they run out of chicken. The company blamed a "couple of teething problems" with its new delivery partner, DHL.
Emma Chambers, best known for playing the role of Alice Tinker in the BBC comedy The Vicar Of Dibley and Honey Thacker in the film Notting Hill, dies on 21st February, aged 53.
US evangelist Billy Graham dies on the same day, aged 99.
On 22nd February Dutch MPs recognise the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 as genocide, following the example of more than 20 other nations, including France and Russia, as well as Pope Francis.
Justin Forsyth resigns from his post as Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF on 22nd February following complaints about his behaviour towards female staff while working for Save The Children.
Lewis Gilbert, director of Alfie, Educating Rita and three James Bond films, dies on 23rd February at the age of 97.
Eddy Amoo, lead singer with The Real Thing. dies on the same day, aged 73.
The UK's biggest toy retailer, Toys R Us, goes into administration on 28th February and launches a nationwide closing-down sale.


Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to run a mile in under 4 minutes, dies on 3rd March, aged 88.
Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, both of whom had been poisoned with a Russian-made Novichok nerve agent, are found unconscious on a bench outside a Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury on Sunday, 4th March. Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, a police officer attending the incident, also becomes ill. Ten days later the Prime Minister Theresa May announces a series of sanctions, including the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats. Twenty-nine countries expel 145 Russian officials in solidarity with the UK; NATO orders 10 Russians out of its mission in Belgium.
The Shape Of Water wins the Oscar for Best Picture at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony on 4th March.
The New Musical Express (NME), which was launched in 1952, publishes its last weekly printed edition on Friday, 9th March.
French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who created famous looks for Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, dies on 10th March at the age of 91.
Sir Ken Dodd dies on 11th March, aged 90.
On 13th March US President Donald Trump fires Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State via Twitter, naming CIA Director Mike Pompeo as his replacement.
The visionary British physicist Stephen Hawking, who was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease and given only a few years to live at the age of 22, dies on 14th March, aged 76.
A newly-constructed footbridge connecting Florida International University to a student housing area in the city of Sweetwater collapses on 15th March, crushing cars on the highway below. Six people are killed and nine others injured.
TV presenter Ant McPartlin is arrested on Sunday, 18th March on suspicion of drink-driving after a collision involving three cars on the Lower Richmond Road in Mortlake, south-west London. He pleads guilty to the charge and on 16th April is fined £86,000 and given a 20-month driving ban.
Vladimir Putin is re-elected for a fourth term as President of Russia on 18th March. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny is prohibited from standing because of a fraud conviction.
Katie Boyle, the model, advice columnist and broadcaster who presented the Eurovision Song Contest four times, dies on 20th March, aged 91.
Mark Anthony Conditt, a suspect linked to a series of parcel bombings in Texas, kills himself on 21st March by detonating a device to avoid arrest.
On 23rd March a self-proclaimed "soldier of Daesh", Redouane Lakdim, kills a customer and a store worker at the Super-U supermarket in the small town of Trèbes, before taking others as hostages. Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame, who traded places with one of the hostages, is shot and stabbed to death; Lakdim, who had previously hijacked a car, killing a passenger and injuring the driver, is shot dead when police storm the supermarket.
On the same day The Greatest Showman soundtrack album begins its eleventh week in a row as the UK's number 1 album, equalling the chart-topping run of Adele's album 21.
Lys Assia, the winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, dies on Saturday, 24th March, aged 94.
On the same day a student-led March for Our Lives demonstration in support of tighter gun control takes place in Washington D.C., supported by similar events throughout the USA and around the world.
At least 64 people are killed on 25th March by a fire at the Winter Cherry shopping centre in the Siberian coal-mining city of Kemerovo.
A decision by the Parole Board to release the rapist John Worboys is overturned by three judges at the High Court in London on 28th March, prompting the Board's chairman Nick Hardwick to resign.


On 3rd April a woman later named as Nasim Aghdam, who was angry with YouTube for filtering some of her videos, shoots and injures three people at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, before fatally shooting herself.
Eric Bristow, a five-time darts world champion, dies of a heart attack on 5th April, aged 60.
A bus carrying members of the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey team collides with a semi-trailer truck near Armley, Saskatchewan on 6th April, killing 16 people and injuring 13 others.
A man later identified as Herbert Reul drives a van into a crowd in the western German city of Münster on 7th April, killing two people before shooting himself dead.
More than 40 people are killed on the same day in a suspected chemical attack on Douma by the Syrian air force. The Syrian government denies the allegation. The USA, UK and France respond by bombing three government sites in Syria in an early morning operation on 14th April targeting chemical weapons facilities.
On 11th April a Russian-built Ilyushin Il-76 military transport plane carrying soldiers and their families crashes soon after taking off from Boufarik military airport in northern Algeria, killing all 257 people on board.
On 15th April, in the face of mounting criticism, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd apologises to Commonwealth-born long-term UK residents - the Windrush generation - who had been classified by the Home Office as illegal immigrants and threatened with deportation. A taskforce is set up dedicated to helping those affected.
An engine explodes in mid-air on a Southwest Airlines' Boeing 737-700 on 17th April, smashing a window over the left wing and causing cabin depressurisation. A woman on board, Jennifer Riordan, dies after being partially sucked out of the smashed window. Seven other passengers are injured.
Barbara Bush (née Pierce), who, as the wife of the former US President George H.W. Bush, served as First Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993, dies on 17th April, aged 92.
TV and radio presenter Dale Winton, who hosted Supermarket Sweep and the National Lottery's In It To Win It, dies on 18th April, aged 62.
From 21st April North Korea stops nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second son, His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge, is born on Monday, 23rd April at St Mary's Hospital in London, weighing 8lb 7oz. The new prince is fifth in line to the throne.
On the same day 10 people are killed and 16 injured when a 25-year-old man (Alek Minassian) drives a rented van into pedestrians along a 1km stretch of Yonge Street in Toronto.
On Thursday, 26th April a jury at Montgomery County Courthouse convicts comedian Bill Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand: penetration with lack of consent, penetration while unconscious and penetration after administering an intoxicant. It was the second time the actor had stood trial for the allegations, after an earlier jury failed to reach a verdict on 17th June 2017. On 25th September Cosby is fined $25,000 plus the prosecution costs and sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.
Amber Rudd resigns as Home Secretary on 29th April, saying she "inadvertently misled" MPs over illegal immigrant removals targets. Sajid Javid replaces her as Home Secretary.


On 8th May, going against advice from European allies, US President Donald Trump announces that he will withdraw the USA from an Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran and re-impose sanctions.
The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, which had been the governing party of Malaysia and its predecessor state, Malaya, since the country's independence in 1957, is defeated in the general election held on 9th May. Mahathir Mohamad is sworn in as the new Prime Minister.
On 11th May the Leave.EU campaign is fined £70,000 for breaches of election law in the 2016 EU referendum.
Tessa Jowell, the ex-Labour cabinet minister who played a key role in bringing the Olympics to London in 2012, dies on 12th May, aged 70.
Israel, represented by Netta with the song Toy, wins the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lisbon on 12th May. The UK entrant SuRie, who is interrupted by a protester while performing her song Storm, finishes 24th out of the 26 countries in the final.
On Sunday, 13th May a family of six (a mother and father, their two sons and two daughters) carry out suicide bomb attacks on three churches in Surabaya, killing themselves and 12 other people.
On 14th May (the anniversary of the foundation of the Israeli state on 14th May 1948) Israeli forces shoot and kill at least 60 Palestinians and wound at least 1,200 more as tens of thousands of people protest at the Gaza border against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. US President Donald Trump praises the embassy opening as a "great day for Israel".
A Boeing 737-201 leased to the Cuban state airline Cubana de Aviación by the Mexican company Aerolineas Damojh, crashes shortly after taking off from Havana on Friday, 18th May. 112 people on board the internal flight to Holguin are killed; there is only one survivor.
On the same day eight students and two teachers are killed at Santa Fe High School, with 13 other people wounded, when Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student at the school, opens fire with a shotgun and a revolver taken from his father.
The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is held at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on Saturday, 19th May.
The former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone resigns from the Labour Party on 21st May. His membership had been suspended in 2016 following comments he made about Hitler and Zionism.
On 22nd May the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, is found guilty of failing to report allegations of child sexual abuse in 1976. He is the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence.
On 25th May Ireland holds its sixth referendum on the issue of abortion. 66.4% of those who voted back reform of the constitution.
On 29th May the ABC TV network cancels Roseanne Barr's sitcom after the comedian posted a racist Tweet.
Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist who had denounced Russia's actions in Syria and eastern Ukraine, is reported to have been shot dead outside his apartment in Kiev on 29th May. The following day Babchenko appears at a news conference, saying that he had faked his death as part of a sting with Ukrainian security services to foil a Russian assassination plot.


The Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts on Sunday, 3rd June, burying villages on its slopes in volcanic ash and mud.
Nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow dies on 7th June at the age of 77.
The Queen's Birthday Honours List, published on 8th June, includes Knighthoods for the author Kazuo Ishiguro and for the former football player and manager Kenny Dalglish. Actress Emma Thompson is made a dame.
On Tuesday, 12th June US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sign an agreement at a summit meeting in Singapore. The summit is the first time a sitting US president has ever met a North Korean leader.
Leslie Grantham, best known as the roguish "Dirty" Den Watts in the BBC One soap Eastenders, dies on 15th June, aged 71.
On 19th June the Canadian Senate votes by 52-29 to legalise the recreational use of marijuana.
On 22nd June the European Union introduces tariffs on imported goods from the USA such as blue jeans, motorbikes, orange juice and bourbon whiskey in retaliation against the import duties on steel (25%) and aluminium (10%) imposed by US President Donald Trump.
On 27th June a heterosexual couple, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, win their legal bid for the right to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage. The Supreme Court unanimously rules in their favour, saying that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 - which only applies to same-sex couples - is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.
On 28th June a gunman opens fire on the newsroom of the Capital Gazette newspaper in the city of Annapolis, just east of Washington DC. Five people are killed and two wounded.
On the same day soldiers from 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, join the fire service to fight a fire on Saddleworth Moor, which first started on Sunday, 24th June and reignited the following day.
A man and woman from Amesbury are taken to hospital on 30th June after being exposed to the nerve agent Novichok. The woman (Dawn Sturgess) dies on 8th July; the man (Charlie Rowley) recovers and is discharged from hospital on 20th July.


On 1st July Canada imposes retaliatory tariffs on US imports in response to the Trump administration's steel and aluminium levies.
López Obrador wins Mexico's presidential election held on the same day.
Alan Longmuir, one of the founding members of the Bay City Rollers, dies on Monday, 2nd July, aged 70.
Twelve Thai boys and their football coach, who had been missing since 23rd June, are found alive by rescue divers in the Tham Luang cave complex in Chiang Rai on 2nd July. They are all successfully rescued by 10th July but Saman Gunan, one of the rescue divers, dies in the caves on 6th July when he runs out of oxygen.
Seven members of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult who left punctured bags filled with Sarin on the Tokyo underground in March 1995 are executed on 6th July, including cult leader Shoko Asahara.
On the same day the USA begins a trade war with China, imposing 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products. China retaliates by imposing tariffs of 25% on $34 billion of US goods.
The Brexit Secretary, David Davis, resigns on Sunday, 8th July, following a day-long meeting of the Cabinet at Chequers on 6th July, at which government ministers had come to a ‘collective’ agreement on negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Dominic Raab is appointed as the new Brexit Secretary.
Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary on Monday, 9th July. He is replaced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt; Matt Hancock is appointed as the new Health Secretary.
US President Donald Trump arrives in the UK on Thursday, 12th July for a two-day working visit, including tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle the following day. Thousands of people march in protest against his visit.
Sir Cliff Richard wins his legal battle with the BBC over its coverage of a police raid on his home in 2014. On 18th July High Court judge Mr. Justice Mann awards an initial £210,000 in damages. In response to the news Lyn Paul Tweets: "Fantastic news regarding @sircliffrichard. He is a wonderful guy and a gentleman." She continues: "The pictures of @sircliffrichard in the papers are heartbreaking. I worked with this man at the BBC in the '70s. A nicer, kinder, gentle soul you couldn’t wish to meet. He came to see me in 'Blood Brothers' and was still the same... I hope the people involved at the BBC hang their heads in shame!" The BBC agrees to pay Sir Cliff Richard £850,000 towards his legal costs.
Two people are killed and twelve wounded when a man opens fire in the Greektown district of Toronto on Sunday, 22nd July.
Two fires break out either side of Athens on Monday, 23rd July - one in a pine forest near the seaside settlement of Kineta, 30 miles west of Athens, and another to the northeast near the port of Rafina.
A wildfire breaks out in Shasta County, California on the same day. Fueled by high winds and dry conditions, the Carr Fire becomes a firestorm, jumping across the Sacramento River on 26th July.
Ex-cricket star Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party wins 116 of the 270 National Assembly seats in the general election held on 25th July. The election is marred by violence, with at least 31 killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a polling station in Quetta.
On 30th July Zimbabwe holds its first presidential and parliamentary elections since Robert Mugabe was ousted from power. At least six people are killed two days after the vote in clashes between security forces and MDC Alliance supporters, who allege that the ruling Zanu-PF party had rigged the election results.


Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro survives an apparent assassination attempt on 4th August when explosives loaded onto two drones are detonated during a military parade in the capital Caracas.
A 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits the Indonesian island of Lombok on 5th August. It leaves at least 321 people dead, 1,033 seriously injured and 270,000 people displaced from their homes.
Richard Russell, an employee of Horizon Airlines, steals an empty passenger plane belonging to the airline from Seattle Airport on 10th August. He is killed when the plane crashes on Ketron Island after a 90 minute flight tracked by two F15 fighter jets.
The Nobel Prize-winning author VS Naipaul dies on 11th August, aged 85.
On Tuesday, 14th August the Morandi motorway bridge in Genoa collapses during torrential rain. 43 people are killed as vehicles, concrete and twisted metal plunge to the ground 50 metres below.
Aretha Franklin dies of pancreatic cancer on 16th August, aged 76.
Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general from 1997 to 2006, dies on 18th August, aged 80.
John McCain, the Republican Senator for Arizona who ran for president against Barack Obama in 2008, dies on Saturday, 25th August after halting treatment for a brain tumour.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon dies on Sunday, 26th August, aged 91.
On the same day Pope Francis ends his two-day visit to the Republic of Ireland by celebrating a Mass at Dublin's Phoenix Park. He asks for forgiveness for the "abuses of power, conscience and sexual abuses" perpetrated by Church leaders in Ireland.
Alex Salmond, the former leader of the SNP, resigns from the party on 29th August amid allegations of sexual misconduct.


On 4th September, after months of rows, the UK Labour Party's ruling body agrees to adopt in full the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.
On 5th September two Russian nationals - named on their passports as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov - are charged by the Crown Prosecution Service over the Novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. The pair are subsequently revealed to be undercover officers of the Russian Military Intelligence. Boshirov is identified as Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga, Petrov as Alexander Mishkin, who had been presented with the Hero of the Russian Federation award in 2014.
Burt Reynolds, whose many films included starring roles in Deliverance (1972), Smokey and the Bandit (1977) and The Cannonball Run (1981), dies from a heart attack on 6th September, aged 82.
Fenella Fielding, who appeared in the films Carry On Regardless (1961) and Carry On Screaming! (1966), dies on Tuesday, 11th September, aged 90.
Early on 14th September Hurricane Florence makes landfall just south of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, resulting in at least 53 deaths and damage estimated at more than $38 billion.
The MV Nyerere ferry capsizes in Lake Victoria on 20th September, killing at least 227 people.
Chas Hodges, one half of the duo Chas and Dave, dies on 22nd September, aged 74.
On the same day gunmen open fire on an Iranian military parade in the south-western city of Ahvaz, killing 25 people and injuring 60.
On 24th September the USA escalates its trade war with China by imposing duties on almost 6,000 imported items, including rice, textiles and consumer goods such as luggage and furniture. China retaliates by introducing new trade tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods.
A magnitude-7.5 earthquake hits the Indonesian city of Palu on Sulawesi island on Friday, 28th September.


Charles Aznavour, the French singer born to Armenian immigrants, who was best known in the UK for his 1974 hit She, dies on Monday, 1st October, aged 94.
On 2nd October Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi goes missing after being recorded on video entering the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. Having initially claimed that Khashoggi left the consulate alive the Saudis admit for the first time on 19th October that he is dead, explaining that he had been killed in a fight. This is contradicted on 25th October when Saudi Arabia's attorney general states that the murder was premeditated.
On Friday, 5th October Banksy's 'Girl With Balloon' is auctioned at Sotheby's in London. Moments after it has been sold the painting descends through a shredder hidden in the bottom of its frame, followed by a captioned photo of the incident on Banksy's Instagram account: "Going, going, gone..."
Opera singer Montserrat Caballé, whose 1987 duet with Freddie Mercury became the signature song of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, dies on 6th October, aged 85.
On the same day Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in to the United States Supreme Court, following weeks of controversy over allegations made against him of sexual assault. Hundreds of people protest against his nomination at the US Capitol in Washington.
On Wednesday, 10th October the UK's Supreme Court rules that the refusal (in 2014) by the Ashers Baking Company Ltd. in Northern Ireland to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage was not discriminatory.
On the same day Hurricane Michael makes landfall near Mexico Beach in Florida, having already caused the deaths of 15 people in Central America. 33 deaths are attributed to the storm in the United States.
On Tuesday, 23rd October China's President Xi Jinping officially opens the world's longest sea crossing (a 30km bridge and a 6.7km undersea tunnel) linking Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.
The owner of Leicester City football club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, and four other people are killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday, 27th October. The helicopter crashes just outside the King Power Stadium, where Leicester had drawn 1-1 in a match against West Ham United.
On the same day 11 people are killed in a gun attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Babs Beverley, one third of the 1950s pop trio The Beverley Sisters, dies after fighting cancer on 28th October, aged 91.


Voters in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia choose to remain part of France in a referendum held on 4th November. 56.4% vote for maintaining the status quo, 43.6% in favour of independence.
Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years in solitary confinement, is released from prison in Multan on Wednesday, 7th November.
On the same day 12 people are killed in a shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, north of Los Angeles.
The next day a wildfire breaks out nearby, jumping Highway 101 and spreading into coastal areas, including the beach resort of Malibu. The Woolsey Fire, as it is known, destroys the Paramount Ranch movie set and forces stars such as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga to evacuate their homes. Another wildfire further north, the Camp Fire, destroys the town of Paradise, burning down 18,804 structures and causing the deaths of at least 88 people.
On 9th November, four months after his brother Boris quit as Foreign Secretary, Jo Johnson resigns as Minister for Transport, saying that the proposed Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union would be a "terrible mistake". On 15th November Dominic Raab resigns as Brexit Secretary, followed by junior Brexit minister Suella Braverman and Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey.
Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigns on 14th November after the Israeli cabinet agrees to an Egyptian-mediated cease-fire ending two days of fighting in Gaza.
John Bluthal, best known for playing Frank Pickle in the BBC sitcom The Vicar Of Dibley, dies on 15th November, aged 89.
Former BBC news reader Richard Baker dies on 17th November, aged 93.
On Saturday, 17th November 'yellow vest' protesters clad in fluorescent high-visibility jackets express their anger at higher fuel taxes by taking part in protests across France. 227 people are injured during the day; one female protester is run over and killed at a blockade in Savoie when a panicked driver surrounded by demonstrators accelerates.
Matthew Hedges, a PhD student at Durham University who had been accused of spying, is pardoned and freed from solitary confinement in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, 25th November.
On the same day Russian coast guard boats fire on and capture three Ukrainian Navy vessels as they attempt to pass from the Black Sea into the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait. Each country blames the other for the incident.
Meanwhile, after 20 months of negotiations, European Union leaders meet in Brussels to approve the agreement on the UK's withdrawal from and future relations with the EU. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker describes it as a "sad day".
George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993, dies on Friday, 30th November, aged 94.


Pete Shelley, the lead singer with The Buzzcocks, dies on Thursday, 6th December, aged 63.
On Monday, 10th December, following a fourth weekend of violent protests, the French President Emmanuel Macron makes a televised address to the nation, promising a 7% rise in the minimum wage; the removal of tax and social charges on overtime; encouragement to employers to give workers a tax-free bonus; and an end to a surcharge on most pensions. Despite this 'yellow vest' protesters gather in Paris and other cities on 15th December for a fifth consecutive Saturday of demonstrations.
Convicted paedophile Russell Bishop, already serving a life term for attempting to murder a seven-year-old girl at Devil's Dyke in 1990, is found guilty on Monday, 11th December of killing two nine-year-olds in Brighton in 1986.
On Wednesday, 12th December the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May wins a Tory MPs' vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party by 200 votes to 117.
On the same day US President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is given a 36-month prison sentence, having pleaded guilty to tax evasion and bank fraud and to eight counts of campaign finance violations (hush money payments to women who alleged that they had had affairs with Mr. Trump).
On Friday, 14th December French police shoot and kill Cherif Chekatt, the gunman who had opened fire on the crowd at Strasbourg's Christmas market three days earlier. Five people are killed and 11 injured in the attack on the market.
Toll charges are taken on the M4 and M48 Severn bridges for the last time on Sunday, 16th December. The next day people are able to cross the Severn Estuary for free for the first time since Roman times.
On 19th December Donald Trump announces that all US troops are to be withdrawn from Syria. The US Defence Secretary James Mattis announces his resignation the following day.
London's Gatwick Airport is closed on 19th December after drones are spotted flying over the airfield. Flights resume on Friday, 21st December.
Donald Moffat, whose many film and television roles included Lyndon Johnson in The Right Stuff (1983), Edgar Halcyon in Armistead Maupin's Tales Of The City (1993) and the shady president in Tom Clancy's Clear And Present Danger (1994), dies on 20th December, aged 87.
Paddy Ashdown, the leader of the UK Liberal Democrats between 1988 and 1999, who also served as the United Nations' high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, dies on 22nd December, aged 77.
On the same day a tsunami hits coastal towns on Indonesia's Sunda Strait.
Sister Wendy Beckett, who became an unlikely television star in the 1990s when she presented a series of documentaries for the BBC on the history of art, dies at the Carmelite Monastery in Quidenham, Norfolk on 26th December, aged 88.
Dame June Whitfield, who starred in the BBC sitcom Terry and June (1979-87) and played the part of 'gran' in Absolutely Fabulous, dies on 28th December, aged 93.
Ray Sawyer of Dr. Hook also dies on 28th December, aged 81.
The New Year's Honours List is published on the same day: former England cricket captain Alastair Cook and Monty Python star Michael Palin are both knighted; former model Twiggy is made a dame.
Dean Ford, the lead singer of The Marmalade from 1966 to 1974, dies on 31st December, aged 72.


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  • Ozark (Season 2)
  • Queer Eye
  • Reporting Trump's First Year: The Fourth Estate
  • RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 10)
  • RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (Season 3)
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat
  • Schitt's Creek (Season 4)
  • Stath Lets Flats
  • Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation
  • Stewart Lee: Content Provider
  • Strictly Come Dancing (Series 16)
  • This Country (Series 2)
  • This Is Us (Season 2)
  • Top Gear (Series 25)
  • Trust
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4)
  • Vanity Fair
  • A Very English Scandal
  • Who Do You Think You Are? (Series 15)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Series 31 - Jeremy Clarkson)
  • The X Factor (Series 15)

Sporting Heroes

BBC Sport

Sports Personality
of the Year:
Geraint Thomas

Darts: Rob Cross wins the PDC World Championship in his first appearance with a 7-2 win over retiring 14-time champion Phil Taylor.
Glen Durrant successfully defends his BDO world title, defeating Mark McGeeney 7-6 in a closely-contested final. Durrant becomes the ninth player to win more than one BDO world title - along with Eric Bristow (five), Raymond van Barneveld (four), John Lowe and Martin Adams (three apiece), and Ted Hankey, Phil Taylor, Scott Waites and Jocky Wilson (all with two).

Cricket: Australia beat England by an innings and 123 runs in the fifth Test in Sydney to win the 2017-18 Ashes series 4-0.
The captain of the Australian cricket team, Steve Smith, and vice-skipper David Warner are banned for a year for their part in a plan to tamper with the ball during Australia's tour of South Africa. Cameron Bancroft, who used sandpaper to damage the ball during the third Test against South Africa, is given a nine-month ban by Cricket Australia. South Africa win the Test series 3–1.
New Zealand win their two-match Test series against England 1-0. Although New Zealand come close to losing the second Test, the team hangs on for a draw to secure a first series victory at home over England since 1983-84.
Alastair Cook, England's most-capped player, leading run-scorer and century-maker, ends his 12-year Test career after the Summer Test series against India. England win the Test series 4-1. England's James Anderson takes the final wicket in the Fifth Test (his 564th) to become the most successful fast bowler in Test cricket, surpassing the record of Australia's Glenn McGrath.
England also win the Test series against Sri Lanka 3-0, completing the “clean sweep” with a 42-run victory in the third Test in Colombo.

Snooker: Mark Allen wins The Masters, beating Kyren Wilson 10-7 in the final at Alexandra Palace.
Mark Williams beats John Higgins 18-16 to win his third World Championship - 15 years after his last. After saying that he would speak to the media naked if he won the title, Williams walked into his post-tournament news conference wearing only a towel.
Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Mark Allen 10-6 to win a record seventh UK Championship and become the first player to win 19 'Triple Crown' titles.

Tennis: Caroline Wozniacki, twice a runner-up at the US Open, wins her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, beating world number 1 Simona Halep in the women's singles final, 7-6 (7-2), 3-6, 6-4. Roger Federer wins his 20th Grand Slam title and sixth Australian Open title with a five-set victory over Marin Cilic in the men's singles final (6-2, 6-7 (5-7), 6-3, 3- 6, 6-1). On 17th February Federer beats Robin Haase 4-6 6-1 6-1 in the last eight of the Rotterdam Open to replace Rafael Nadal at the top of the men's tennis rankings, so becoming the oldest world number one in tennis history.
Simona Halep wins the women's singles title at the French Open, beating Sloane Stephens in the final 3-6 6-4 6-1.
Rafael Nadal wins the men's singles title for the 11th time with a 6-4 6-3 6-2 victory over Dominic Thiem.
Angelique Kerber beats seven-time champion Serena Williams 6-3, 6-3 in the women's singles final at Wimbledon.
Novak Djokovic wins the Wimbledon men's singles title for the fourth time, beating Kevin Anderson in the final, 6-2 6-2 7-6 (7-3).
Naomi Osaka wins the women’s singles title at the US Open, defeating Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 in the final. During their match Serena Williams receives a code violation for coaching, a penalty point for racquet abuse and a game penalty for calling the umpire a "liar" and a "thief".
Novak Djokovic defeats Juan Martin del Potro in the men's singles final, 6-3 7-6 (7-4) 6-3.

Winter Olympics: Russia is banned from competing in the Winter Olympics over proven state-sponsored doping during the previous Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Despite this, 168 Russian athletes, all of whom had to demonstrate that they were 'clean' before the Games, compete in Pyeongchang as Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR). The OAR team wins 17 medals, including two golds, though two of the athletes - Russian bobsleigh pilot Nadezhda Sergeeva and curler Alexander Krushelnitsky - fail doping tests.
Great Britain's Lizzy Yarnold defends her Winter Olympic title with a gold medal in the women's skeleton. British skater Elise Christie, who was disqualified in all three of her events at the 2014 Winter Olympics, comes home without a medal again. She falls in the 500m final and the 1,500m semi-final and is disqualified in her 1,000m short track heat.

Rugby Union: Ireland win the Six Nations Championship, completing the 'Grand Slam' in style by beating England 24-15 at Twickenham on St. Patrick's Day..

Rowing: the University of Cambridge crew beats Oxford by three lengths in the 164th men's University Boat Race. Cambridge also win the women's race.

Horse Racing: Native River, ridden by champion jockey Richard Johnson, wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup.
Tiger Roll, ridden by Davy Russell, wins the Grand National, beating Pleasant Company by a head in a photo finish.

Boxing: Anthony Joshua beats Joseph Parker on points to add the WBO world heavyweight belt to his WBA and IBF titles.
The WBC heavyweight fight in Los Angeles between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury ends in a draw.

Golf: Patrick Reed wins the Masters, finishing on 15 under par for the tournament, 1 shot ahead of compatriot Rickie Fowler.
Brooks Koepka defends his US Open title with a one-shot victory over Tommy Fleetwood at Shinnecock Hills. In the final round Fleetwood shoots a seven-under-par 63 - the joint lowest round in US Open history. Koepka also wins the US PGA Championship, holding off a challenge from Tiger Woods to win by two shots and become the first man since Woods in 2000 to win the US Open and US PGA in the same season..
Francesco Molinari wins The Open Championship at Carnoustie, ending the tournament on eight under, two clear of Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy, Kevin Kisner and Xander Schauffele.
Europe beat the United States by seven points (17½-10½) to regain the Ryder Cup.

Football: Manchester City win the Premier League title for the third time in seven years, setting records of 18 consecutive wins and 32 wins in total on their way to the title. City amass a record 100 points and 106 goals as they win the title by 19 points from nearest challengers Manchester United.
Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah breaks the record for the most goals scored in a 38-game Premier League season, scoring his 32nd goal in a match against Brighton & Hove Albion on 13th May.
Chelsea win the FA Cup. A first-half penalty shot in the final by Eden Hazard earns the team a 1-0 victory over Manchester United.
Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal after 22 years as manager. He is succeeded by Unai Emery.
Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 to win the Champions League for the third year in a row.
France win the World Cup for the second time, besting Croatia 4-2 in the final.
Wayne Rooney makes his farewell appearance for England in a friendly match against the United States at Wembley on 15th November.
After starting the 2018–19 season with just seven wins in the first 17 Premier League games, José Mourinho is sacked as manager of Manchester United on 18th December.

Cycling: Geraint Thomas wins the Tour de France. Four-time Tour champion Chris Froome finishes third.

Swimming: Adam Peaty wins the 4x100m mixed medley, the 100m breaststroke and the 50m breaststroke titles at the European Championships. He breaks his own 100m breaststroke world record, setting a new fastest time of 57.00 seconds - 0.13 seconds quicker than his previous best time.

Motor Racing: Fernando Alonso and his Toyota team-mates Sebastian Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima win the Le Mans 24 Hours race. In August Alonso announces that he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season.
On 2nd September Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen sets the fastest lap in F1 history to take pole position at the Italian Grand Prix, his lap of one minute 19.119 seconds equating to an average of 163.793mph.
Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 World Drivers' Championship for the fifth time.


Man Booker Prize

Anna Burns

Esi Edugyan
Washington Black

Daisy Johnson
Everything Under

Rachel Kushner
The Mars Room

Richard Powers
The Overstory

Robin Robertson
The Long Take

Prize for Fiction

Kamila Shamsie
Home Fire

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Actors don't retire; people who are in jobs they don't like, retire..
Bea Arthur, 'CBS Sunday Morning'

When the time is right

That we would do,
We should do when we would.
William Shakespeare, 'Hamlet' (Act IV, Scene VII)


There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
Vicki Baum

Tap Dancing

Black people playing tennis, next white people will be tap dancing!
Will Smith

Top Tweets

Virgin Media

30th November 2018, 6:34pm
The worst company, ever, to try and deal with. Ignorant, rude employees who don’t listen and have no interest in anything you have to say...


18th November, 3:57pm
Just listened to a 15 min conversation between my husband, my dad and my son about #UEFANationsLeague and not one of them have a clue what’s going on... What chance do I stand?!!!

10th November 2018, 9:43pm
Why is it OK for men to just buy the boxing on TV or feel it’s their right to put football on without asking if it’s OK with you? Can you imagine a woman putting Bette Davis movies on or an evening of musicals!!! Yeah right!


8th November 2018, 11:59pm
I have just had a ‘debate’ With a US citizen on here about America’s involvement in WW2. I need to say that I love America, I have lived in America, would go back in a heartbeat, I have many American friends but I won’t have some idiot denigrate England! NO!


7th November 2018, 11:16pm
My wonderful husband, my son, Ryan, every breath I breathe is for you. You have made my life and I couldn’t live without you! My sister Nikki, you’ve been there no matter what, love you dearly, AND my wonderful dad.... 91 yrs old!!! I love you so much!!

TV Licence

23rd October 2018, 12:41am
Why don’t we look after our pensioners in this country? The #BBC are thinking of means testing the over 75’s re the licence! The TV is the only company a lot of pensioners have. Stop overpaying the men and women at the top!!!

Meghan Markle

22nd September 2018, 12:55am
I truly applaud Meghan Markle and the cook book she’s promoting for the Grenfell community but did she have to turn up in a £920 coat?!!!

18th September 2018, 11:34pm
So Meghan Markle has made secret trips to cook for Grenfell victims, so secret it’s all over the front pages of the papers!

World Cup

14th July 2018, 5:07pm
Well done to Gareth Southgate. You brought the whole country together lads, I’ve never enjoyed football as much!

11th July 2018, 9:42pm
Proud of the England team and Gareth Southgate but if any other commentator says how tired they are, I will scream. Federer and Anderson just played for over four-and-a-half hours!


14th July 2018, 4:36pm
Meghan Markle always looks amazing but never more so than when she is dressed casually. Looking great at #Wimbledon.

13th July 2018, 9:44pm
And we thought the Anderson vs. Isner match was good... nothing compared to Nadal vs. Djokovic!!

13th July 2018, 9:05pm
@clarebalding has commentated on horse racing... Crufts... the Royal wedding... for God’s sake leave the tennis to @suebarker who knows what she’s talking about!

2nd July 2018, 6:06pm
#Wimbledon2018 has started. I’m one happy lady!


2nd July 2018, 3:00pm
The traffic lights in the centre of Slough are a nightmare. They take ages to change and at some junctions leave you stranded in the box. Whoever designed the road layout needs a good talking to. Ridiculous! @SloughCouncil


23rd June 2018, 8:27pm
Couldn’t agree more with @ThisisDavina, bikinis can and should be worn at any age... I don’t have the wonderful body she has but nobody will get me out of a bikini and I am nearly 70!

Royal Wedding

1st October 2018, 9:02pm
I absolutely revelled in the coverage of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Wonderful to watch. @KensingtonRoyal but I won’t be watching the next royal wedding that’s for sure! Well done @BBC for refusing to cover it!

19th May 2018, 11:02am
Desperately trying to watch as much of this glorious #RoyalWedding2018 as I can before I go to work.... the colours, clothes and mix of guests is just joyful!

19th May 2018, 10:30am
Victoria Beckham is one of the most miserable people I have ever seen!!! Couldn’t even raise a smile at Harry and Meghan's wedding.


17th May, 11:12am
Wow... I’ve got 2055 followers and I never say anything!!! Quite chuffed! xxxx

The Theatre

11th May 2018, 1:19am and 1:25am
In a show we are all as important as each other, the actors, the crew, lighting, sound, wardrobe, front of house, box office, stage door. Important to remember that without everyone in a theatre, including the audience, there would be no show!
Also important to remember that when everyone has left the theatre people still have to stay and lock it up... my son did it many times! These people never get thanked and most people don’t even realise it’s going on. Long hours and rarely appreciated!

Royal babies

24th April, 6:09pm
Papers saying how Kate is going to do everything herself and how shattered she will be now with 3 small children because, of course, no one else has had 3 before!! Ladies are giving birth all the time and the majority HAVE to do everything by themselves!


23rd April 2018, 11:50pm
Is there any particular reason why hotels don’t have plug sockets near the bed?

Baggage Reclaim

5th March 2018, 10:40am
How come when you get to baggage reclaim you suddenly lose the ability to recognise your own case?

Royal Family

28th February 2018, 11:56pm
I wonder why these young Royals, #MeghanMarkle @princeharry #DuchessofCambridge #PrinceWilliam don’t take on charities involving the elderly, Alzheimer's and dementia. Isn’t it glamorous enough? @KensingtonRoyal


8th January 2018, 7:47pm
When is @jeremy_hunt going to get his head out of his arse and see what’s happening in the @NHSEngland? I’ll tell you when... never... because he doesn’t give a damn! The man is a disgrace

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