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To find out what Lyn Paul's been doing during last 12 months click on the News about Lyn option below. If you have a question about Lyn try looking in the Q&A section, where there are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about her, including some replies from Lyn herself. If you've still got a question then send us an e-mail or try asking other fans at the Yahoo! message boards.

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If you've got a question about Lyn or a question for Lyn, send an e-mail to the website and we'll either forward it to her or try to answer it ourselves. We receive many requests for Lyn's autograph and for photos of her but regret that these are not available via the website.

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New Seekers


Professional enquiries (for bookings, interviews etc.) should be directed to:

Burnett Crowther Ltd
3 Clifford Street

Tel: 020 7437 8008

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Lyn very kindly took the time to answer some of your questions herself.

At last I have moved into the 21st century and can now answer all your e-mails .... eventually!!
A million thanks for all the interest you have shown.

Lots of love
Lyn Paul

Alan Lucas sent Lyn an e-mail in which he asked: Are you still in touch with other members of the New Seekers?

  • Lyn replied: "Thank you Alan for your message. Nice to know you are still playing the New Seekers stuff. I have to admit when Peter died I went thru a period of playing them too. They brought back some lovely memories - and no, I am not in touch with the others."

Bill Langford asked Lyn if the original line-up of the New Seekers would be getting back together again.

  • Lyn replied: "Hi Bill, I am afraid the original line up of the New Seekers won't be re-forming for a reunion but I would like to see you either at Blood Brothers or when I start in the Boy George musical Taboo at the end of April."

Will Shaver paid compliment to the songs written for Lyn by her mum.

  • Lyn replied: "Hi William, I am glad that you enjoy my mum's songs. I am very proud of her."

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The Dove (CD cover).

The Dove
(CD cover)

The Gonks Are Here For Christmas (single cover).

The Gonks
The Gonks Are Here
For Christmas

(single cover)

Blood Brothers 1983 cast recording (CD cover).

Blood Brothers
London Cast
(CD cover)

Blood Brothers (CD cover).

Blood Brothers
London Cast
(CD cover)

The Singles (CD cover).

New Seekers
The Singles
(CD cover)

Live at the Albert Hall (DVD cover).

New Seekers
Live at the Albert Hall
(DVD cover)

Lyn Paul on disc

Is Lyn's first solo single Sail The Summer Winds available on CD?

  • The answer: Yes, Sail The Summer Winds is available on The Dove soundtrack, re-issued on CD in the UK in February 2009. A limited edition CD of The Dove soundtrack was released in 2001 but this is quite hard to come by.

How many records did Lyn make with the Gonks?

Is there a recording of Blood Brothers available featuring Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone?

  • The answer: Sadly, Lyn's performance as Mrs. Johnstone is not available on any of the cast recordings of Blood Brothers. The four cast recordings made to date feature Barbara Dickson (1983), Kiki Dee (1988), Petula Clark (International Recording) and Stephanie Lawrence (1995).

  • Blood Brothers Original London Cast recording
    LP (Columbia / Legacy 101) 1983
    CD (Castle CLACD 270) 1991
    CD (Essential ESMCD825) 2000

  • Blood Brothers 1988 London Cast recording
    CD (RCA Victor 61689-2) 1988

  • Blood Brothers 1995 London Cast recording
    CD (First Night CASTCD49) October 1995

  • Blood Brothers International Recording
    CD (First Night CASTCD50) December 1995

Where can I buy ...?

  • New Seekers' CDs and DVDs
    If you're trying to track down New Seekers CDs or DVDs, try the following web sites:
  • New Seekers' LPs and singles
    If it's vinyl you're after, try some of the websites listed in the Record Collecting section of our On the Net pages. The following sites are good starting points:
  • John Holman's Songwriters website advertises a great selection of New Seekers' video clips from the '70s, '80s and '90s. Definitely worth a look!

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Lyn Paul on stage

Blood Brothers

Who is in the current cast of Blood Brothers?

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New Seekers

New Seekers

ARTIST direct:
New Seekers

Concerts Wiki:
New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers

Official Charts:
New Seekers

New Seekers
Best Tracks

New Seekers

Got a question about the New Seekers?

Try the New Seekers Facebook Group or the New Seekers' Official Website.

If you've got a question specifically about Peter Doyle...

Contact the Peter Doyle website or ask at the Peter Doyle website on Facebook.

Seekers or New Seekers? Still confused after all these years?

The Seekers split up in 1968. The New Seekers were formed the following year. More than 30 years later confusion still remains as to which group was which. Take the May / June 2003 edition of HMV Choice magazine, for example, which described Judith Durham as "the legendary New Seekers singer" (HMV Choice, Issue 19, page 6). The following may help to clarify things ...

  • Seekers
    A sixties foursome from Australia, more folk than pop.
    Female vocalist: Judith Durham
    No. 1 Hits: I'll Never Find Another You and The Carnival Is Over.
    Other Top 10 hits: A World Of Our Own, Walk With Me, Morningtown Ride, Georgy Girl.
  • Possible areas of confusion ...
    Keith Potger was a member of the Seekers and was initially a member of the New Seekers.
    An album by the Seekers was released in the USA with the title The New Seekers.
    The New Seekers recorded a cover version of the Seekers' hit Georgy Girl.
    Both groups recorded Bob Dylan's Blowin' In The Wind.

The New Seekers (US album cover).

Still confused?
An album by The Seekers was released in the USA with the title The New Seekers.

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Is the Lyn Paul website closing down?

Definitely not! Back in 2006 there were rumours that the Lyn Paul website may be closing or that it was being 'taken over' by another website. Lyn set the record straight in a message to her Mailing List:

Hi everyone,

A big thank you for all your support. I just wanted to let you know that my website, run by Steve, is going strong and the ONLY source of information for Lyn Paul. Any news I have will be given to Steve but only after I have had everything confirmed. I know you will all understand this ... I just don't like tempting providence!!!!!!!!

You are all fantastic and the support you give me is unbelievable.
A million thank yous.

Love Lyn XX
14th August 2006

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Talk Amongst Yourselves!

Want to get in touch with other fans of Lyn Paul and the New Seekers? Then why not try Facebook? If you have some thoughts you want to share, let your digits do the talking at:

Lyn Paul website on Facebook
Peter Doyle website on Facebook
Eve Graham Forum
New Seekers Facebook Group

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Who said that?


I simply can't find the words to tell you how superb you were.
Claire Trevor and Judith Anderson


You're wonderful.
Of course. Didn't you know?
Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, 'Woman of the Year'


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