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Remember those teenage days when you'd eagerly await the arrival of the post? Maybe today it would be a newsletter from the New Seekers' Fan Club or, better still, that glossy 10" x 8" photo of Lyn Paul you'd saved up some pocket money to buy.

Members of the New Seekers' Official Fan Club received a Biogram and quarterly newletters. This page presents selected highlights from the newsletters featuring Lyn Paul (1972-74). Click on the front cover images to read the newsletters in full.


Newsletter - Spring / Summer 1972
Newsletter - Summer / Autumn 1972
Newsletter - Winter 1972
Newsletter - Spring 1973
Newsletter - Summer 1973
Newsletter - Autumn 1973
Newsletter - Winter 1973
Newsletter - Spring 1974

The New Seekers' Appreciation Club, run by Peter Tempest, took over where the Official Fan Club left off. This page presents selected highlights from the newsletters (1974-76). Click on the front cover images for the full-size versions.

Newsletter No. 1 - Winter 1974
Newsletter No. 2 - Spring 1975
Newsletter No. 3 - Summer 1975
Newsletter No. 4 - Winter 1975
Newsletter No. 5 - Spring 1976
Farewell Newsletter

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Newsletter No. 1.


Newsletter No. 1 - Winter 1974

"When the group split last May here is what they all did: Lyn's first single Sail The Summer Winds came out in the last week of May ... She then joined her family in Italy for a well earned holiday ... Unfortunately Lyn was struck with laryngitis which made her postpone a few of her TV appearances and her tour with Johnny Mathis. Another single has been more recently released which was originally a million seller for Connie Francis back in 1958, Who's Sorry Now ..."

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Newsletter No. 2.


Newsletter No. 2 - Spring 1975

"I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas ... what with LYN on Top Of The Pops and Pan’s People dancing to 'Find Another Fool Like Me' ..."

20th February

Dear Peter,

Lyn asked me to write and thank you for your letter ... Lyn has finished filming a Charlie Williams Special to be shown Easter Sunday. Her single, a lovely song called 'Love' will be released later this month, and her first solo LP will be released in April. Lyn and her sister Mandy did an interview for a future edition of FAB 208 this afternoon ...


Newsletter No. 3.
Newsletter No. 3 - Summer 1975

"Well I expect you all know about THE NEW SEEKERS singing the latest Coca-Cola advert and of the chart success of our own LYN PAUL ... Congratulations Lyn!"

"Lyn recently made the front page of the Daily Mail newspaper as she has had her stage clothes stolen and her lucky mascot Copper ... the dresses cost a cool £2,000 but Lyn, being the sentimental type, is more upset about the mascot ... Poor Lyn!"

"Mrs. Belcher has written some more songs and she says: 'They are not too good but Lyn, being the love she is, she will probably sing them for me.' ... Now for some really good news ... an official Lyn Paul Fan Club, and guess who's running it? None other than Lyn's mum and her sister Mandy!"

"Did anyone spot Lyn's nickname ['The Turn'] on her latest disc? Look closely on the B-side."

Newsletter No. 4.
Newsletter No. 4 - Winter 1975


LYN PAUL, Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling

"And here comes that wonderful Lyn with a more recent release (Nov. 7th) ... every bit as strong as Lyn's last hit single, Sell A Million ... The record is backed with another composition by Mrs. Belcher, How Long Will I Love You ... The song may be recorded by Tammy Wynette!"

CHRISTMAS - 'The Belcher Way'

Christmas is our favourite time of the year and for us it's just an extra special family time as it is in many homes. Lyn always tries to be home for Christmas as she seems to enjoy it the most. It's always the old fashioned turkey for us and lovely Pud, holly, mistletoe. Lots of fun and laughter with people hiding gifts and others finding them! And of course finding a place for all the beautiful cards which we always get. May we, the Belchers, wish all of you a fun-filled Christmas and a Happy 1976!

Love Mrs. D. Belcher
(Lyn's mum)

"I hope most of you managed to see Lyn on her nationwide tour with Jack Jones. The concert started with Lyn singing 'The Trolley Song', an old Judy Garland number. Her show included a New Seekers Medley and Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling and ended with a Neil Sedaka Medley. Lyn had several new gowns made for the tour, including a white chiffon which is an exact replica ... of Lyn's favourite ... stolen along with others from Lyn's car."

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Newsletter No. 5.


Newsletter no. 5 - Spring 1976

"Congrats must go to member David Williams. As a lot of you will know Lyn Paul appears at the Hendon Hall's 'Kingsmead Suite' a lot and tickets can cost up to £15 ... David wrote to the hotel saying that his one dream is to see Lyn but couldn't afford the ticket. So the management, feeling a little sorry, sent a Rolls Royce to pick him up and gave him the full VIP treatment. He also had a photo session with Lyn!"

"Lyn's Fan Club hasn't opened yet so she would like to send thanks via this newsletter for all the wonderful cards and pressies she received on her birthday ... Lyn will appear at the Wookey Hollow, Liverpool in April."

Farewell Newsletter

"As you will no doubt know, the New Seekers have re-formed with original members EVE, MARTY, PAUL and new members DANNY FINN and KATHY ANN RAE ..."

"... It has been decided that Jenny Walker, who ran the highly successful MPD Fan Club, should run the official New Seekers' Fan Club. Although I've been told I may carry on running this club I think it would be unfair for fans to have to join two clubs so therefore this will be our last newsletter ..."

"... a very big thank you must go to Mrs. Belcher, Lyn Paul, David Hughes, Mr. Harrod, Peter Hunsley, Norman Divall and Tony Barrow International for their fantastic efforts ..."

"Remembering 'Goodbye is just another word.'"
Peter Tempest

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