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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Lyn Paul performed in pantomimes from 1976 - 2002, sharing the stage with the likes of Little & Large, Roy Hudd, the Krankies and Paul Daniels. The theatre programmes that accompanied each production are listed below.

Aladdin Hanley, 1983
Sunderland, 1987
Wolverhampton, 1991
Babes In The Wood Wolverhampton, 1988
Bath, 1989
Croydon, 1990
Cinderella Torquay, 1985
Dick Whittington Bromley, 1986
Torquay, 1994
Windsor, 2001
Jack & The Beanstalk Stockport, 1976
Borehamwood, 1993
Mother Goose Southsea, 1984
Puss In Boots Cambridge, 1982

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Jack And The Beanstalk (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

Jack & The Beanstalk
Davenport Theatre, Stockport

Jack And The Beanstalk programme (centre pages).

Cast in order of appearance
The Elf  - Sue Hodge
Demon King  - Ron Meadows
Squire  - Guy Graham
Jill  - Lyn Paul
Sid and Eddie  - Little & Large
Jack  - Jan Currey
Dame Trot  - Tom Mennard
Blossom (the Cow)  - Loyzi and Maureen
The Giant  - Lotzi
Giant's Henchmen  - Mark Lilley and Richard Drabble

Villagers, Beanlands Fairy Folk, Slaves and Weirdies etc. played by the Pantomime Dancers.

Davenport Orchestra under the direction of Graham Lawrence.

Devised and produced by Jerry Jerome
Directed by: Margot Gaye

Biography of Lyn Paul from the Jack And The Beanstalk programme.

Biography of Little and Large from the Jack And The Beanstalk programme.

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Puss In Boots, Cambridge Arts Theatre (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1982

Evening News
24th December

Puss In Boots
Cambridge Arts Theatre
23rd December 1982 - 15th January 1983

Cast in order of appearance
Colin  - Lyn Paul
Puss  - Sheila Burnette
Queenie  - Ann Emery
Mickey  - Ron Martin
Princess Kate  - Aliki
Oggie  - Kalman Glass
Peter The Mayor  - Richard Freeman
Viscount Fountain  - Peter Simon
Faith - Sprite of Justice  - Julie Kirk
Nicola - Princess Handmaiden  - Thea Harris

The Jeff Thacker Dancers

John Willett, Wendy Millward, Julie Kirk, Luke Batchelor, Thea Harris, Kevin Searle, Caroline Gray, Peyton Martin.

Synopsis of Scenes

Scene 1: Outside the Mill
Scene 2: In front of the Ogre's cave
Scene 3: Another part of the village
Scene 4: Puss sets forth
Scene 5: The woods by the lake
Scene 6: Throne Room at the Palace


Scene 1: Later in the Palace gardens
Scene 2: On the way to the Ogre's castle
Scene 3: Inside the Ogre's castle
Scene 4: Homeward bound
Scene 5: Singalong
Scene 6: Finale

Puss In Boots, Cambridge Arts Theatre (page from the programme woth biographies of Lyn Paul,

Puss In Boots, Cambridge Arts Theatre (page from the programme listing the Cast and Scenes).

Centre pages from Puss In Boots programme
(Cambridge ArtsTheatre).

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1983

Evening Sentinel,
13th December

Theatre Royal, Hanley
9th December 1983 - 14th January 1984

Cast in order of appearance
Abanazer the Wizard  - Jackie (Mr. TV) Pallo
Wishee Washee  - Mike Raymond
Slave of the Ring  - Angela Harman
Aladdin  - Lyn Paul
Widow Twankey  - George Lacy
PC Ping, PC Pang, PC Pong  - The Bachelors
The Emperor of China  - Peter Simon
Princess Balrobadour  - Gillian Freedman
The Genie of the Lamp  - Peter Simon

The Hanley Babes of the
Tweedale Academy of Dancing

Babie Levard, Jane Trueman, Leslie-Ann Wade,
Jill Young, Karen Clegg, Sally St. James.

Aladdin, Theatre Royal, Hanley  (promotional leaflet).

Aladdin, Theatre Royal, Hanley
(promotional leaflet).

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1984

The News
21st December

Mother Goose
Kings Theatre, Southsea

From Wednesday, 26th December 1984 for a Season
R.B. Cooper Productions Ltd.

Bill Maynard (Selwyn Froggitt / The Gaffer)
Mike Berry • George Lacy
Janet Fielding (Air Hostess in Doctor Who)
Frankie Holmes • Lyn Paul (special guest star)

Mother Goose

Barry Daniels,
Alita Petrof - Famous Goose,
June Lewis, Anne Duval, The Kings Dancers, Flying Ballet, Magic Pool, Full Orchestra, Pupils of the Carlotta School of Dancing.

Choreography by: Pauline Major

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Cinderella (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1985

Herald Express
27th December

Princess Theatre, Torquay
26th December 1985 - 11th January 1986

Cinderella starred Norman Vaughan as Buttons and Lyn Paul as Prince Charming. Andrea Milton made her pantomime début as Cinderella, while Simon Barry and Alan Vicars dragged up as the Ugly Sisters. The show's Director Andrew Betts played Baron Hardup. Dancers from the Pamela de Waal School and Torbay School of Dancing completed the cast as villagers, courtiers and guests.

Cast in order of appearance
Grabbit The Brokers Man  - Douglas Mounce
Baron Hardup  - Andrew Betts
Cinderella  - Andrea Milton
Buttercup  - Simon Barry
Daisy  - Alan Vicars
Dandini  - Kim Rosato
Prince Charming  - Lyn Paul
Buttons  - Norman Vaughan
The Major Domo  - Douglas Mounce
Fairy Godmother  - Joyce Blane

Directed by Andrew Betts
Choreography by Kim Rosato
Musical Director and Musical Arranger: Paul Vincent
Deputy Stage Manager: Sarah Stevens
Company Stage Manager: Mark Cartier
Wardrobe Supervisor: Paggy Styles
Coach and Ponies by Russell Perrier

List of Scenes


The Woods In Winter
Hardup Hall
The Sisters Boudoir
A Corridor at Hardup Hall
The Kitchen
The Gnomes Workshop
Cinderella's Rose Garden
On The Way To The Ball


Outside The Palace
The Palace Ballroom
On The Way Home
Outside Hardup Hall
Singalong with Buttons
The Wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming

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Cinderella (promotional leaflet).

Cinderella, Princess Theatre, Torquay
(promotional leaflet).

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