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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Miss the 1970s? The following books look back on the decade that brought us Curly Wurlys, tank tops, Morecambe & Wise... and the New Seekers.

Daily Mail Book Of The Seventies
Encyclopedia Of Classic Saturday Night Telly
50 Years Of Jackie
The Golden Years: 1972
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Whatever Happened To ... ?
Where Are They Now
Worst Fashions

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Daily Mail Book Of The Seventies (book cover).

Daily Mail
Book Of
The Seventies

Daily Mail Book Of The Seventies
Tim Hill

Published by: Chapmans
ISBN: 1-85592-719-5 (hardback)
ISBN 13: 978-1-85592-719-3
Publication Date: 24th October 1991

If 1970's nostalgia is what you're after, you'd be hard pressed to find a better book than this one. It chronicles the decade month by month with words and pictures from the Daily Mail. The New Seekers are featured in the months of Jan 1972 (That jingle the world is learning to sing), Mar 1972 (The Eurovision Song Contest) and Feb 1974 (It's the end, say New Seekers).

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The Encyclopedia Of Classic Saturday Night Telly (book cover).

The Encyclopedia
Of Classic
Saturday Night


On the Net:

New Seekers

New Seekers:
Top Of The Pops

The Encyclopedia Of Classic Saturday Night Telly
Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams

Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN 13: 978-0-7490-8031-0 (hardback)
Publication date: 24th September 2007

Encyclopedia? Not really. Nonetheless it's an entertaining guide to Saturday night TV in the UK. Lyn Paul appeared on a number of the shows listed here: 3-2-1, Celebrity Squares, The Morecambe & Wise Show, The Two Ronnies and The Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club. The New Seekers are mentioned in the articles about The Basil Brush Show (page 44) and It's Cliff Richard (page 169).

"A major part of It's Cliff Richard took the form of a search for the UK entry for The Eurovision Song Contest. Given Cliff's notorious failure to win the competition in 1968, it seemed like malice on the Beeb's part to foist this upon him; and not just once but three times, shepherding Mary Hopkin, Clodagh Rodgers and the New Seekers on their way to the ever-popular pan-Europe croon in..."

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50 Years Of Jackie (book cover).

50 Years Of

50 Years Of Jackie
Foreword by Jacqueline Wilson

Published by: Prion Books Ltd.
ISBN 13: 978-1-85375-901-7
Publication Date: 12th September 2013

What might you expect to find in a book celebrating 50 years of Jackie? A full-page photo of Donny Osmond? Yes. A double-page photo of David Cassidy? Yes. Marty Kristian, maybe? No! But there is a small photo of Lyn Paul and a quote from Lyn in an article on Mother's Day, reproduced from the edition of Jackie originally published on 8th March 1975. The article is titled What Is A Mum?. In answer to the question, Lyn talks about her mum:

"To me, my mum's perfect. I don't see any faults in her, she's probably got a load, just like everybody else, but I can't see them, so to me she's faultless!" (page 87)

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The Golden Years: 1972
The Way It Was - The Way We Were

David Sandison, Michael Heatley, Lorna Milne and Ian Welch

Publisher: Parragon Book Service Ltd.
ISBN: 0-7525-1058-4 (hardback)
ISBN 13: 978-0-7525-1058-3
Publication date: 1996

A month by month guide to 1972 featuring the year's top news stories plus feature articles on popular films, music and sport. The New Seekers get a mention in a short news item about the Eurovision Song Contest (page 14).

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Things Ain't What They Used To Be (book cover).

Things Ain't
What They Used
To Be

Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Philip Glenister

Published by: Sphere
ISBN 13: 978-1-84744-266-6 (hardback)
Publication Date: 16th October 2008

ISBN 13: 978-0-7515-4206-6 (paperback)
Publication Date: 2nd April 2009

Audio CD: Hachette Audio
ISBN 13: 978-1-4055-0556-7
Publication date: 6th November 2008

A light-hearted trip back in time to the days when we munched on Curly Wurlys, freshened our drinks with soda siphons and sang along to I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. Philip Glenister, Gene Hunt in the BBC TV series Life On Mars, entertains with a mix of memories and anecdotes: "I once read that the New Seekers, two cute girls, geeky bass player, two good-looking dudes, ended up having to sing the song so often that one of the girls was physically sick each time they went back on stage for the encore" (page 40).

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Whatever Happened to ... ? (book cover).

Happened To ...?

Whatever Happened To ... ?
Bill Harry

Published by: Blandford Cassell plc
ISBN: 0-7137-2675-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-7137-2675-6
Publication Date: 18th March 1999

This book doesn't tell you much about the New Seekers past and it says even less about the ex-members of the group. Lyn is only mentioned in passing and there are no references to her success in Blood Brothers.

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Where Are They Now? (book cover).

Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?
Andy Pringle

Published by: Two Heads Publishing
ISBN: 1-897850-23-9 [Note: the ISBN is incorrectly printed on the back of the title page as 1897850237]
ISBN 13: 978-1-897850-23-7
Publication Date: 1st December 1997

Whatever became of the New Seekers? If you want to know, don't turn to this book for all the answers. There is no mention of either of the Peters (Oliver or Doyle) but it does at least mention that, at the time (1997), Lyn Paul was appearing in the touring production of Blood Brothers (page 123).

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Worst Fashions (book cover).

Worst Fashions

Worst Fashions: What we shouldn't have worn... but did
Catherine Horwood

Publisher: Sutton Publishing
ISBN: 0-7509-4159-6 (hardback)
ISBN 13: 978-0-7509-4159-4
Publication date: 15th October 2005

A guide to the fashion mistakes of the '70s, which includes a photograph of the New Seekers (page 76). The caption accompanying it highlights the low-cut tank top and zip-fly flares as worn by Marty Kristian.

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