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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2000s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2000 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke (single cover).

New Seekers
I'd Like To Buy
The World A Coke

Beg, Steal Or Borrow (single cover).

remembered ...
New Seekers
Beg, Steal Or Borrow


In 2000 Lyn Paul gave an interview to Yours magazine, in which she looked back on her career. Meanwhile the New Seekers were featured in The Guardian's regular retrospective Famous Then. The group was also remembered in articles about the Eurovision Song Contest and TV adverts.

 The Guardian, 8th January 2000, page 62.

The Guardian's 'Famous Then' column featured a few lines on the New Seekers, updating readers on what had become of the group members since their success in the 1970s.

Peter Doyle was said to be living in Australia, breeding dogs and running kennels. Marty Kristian was described as running his own surveying business in Hertfordshire while Paul Layton, who was interviewed for the article, was said to be a Purchasing Manager for the Stencil Store.

The Guardian's research on Eve Graham and Lyn Paul was a little less thorough, saying only that they "have both remained in the music industry."

 The Independent, 25th February 2000, page 5.

Wake me up when the next revolution arrives
by Philip Hensher

In an article inspired by Santana's success at the Grammy Awards, Philip Hensher declared: "For the first time in years, you're tempted to use the excellent old phrase "pop music" - for musical taste, right now, is as pop as the New Seekers."

 Birmingham Post, 25th March 2000.

Included in the Birmingham Post's round-up of forthcoming entertainment was news of The Seekers concert at the NEC.

"Having reunited for a successful reunion tour in 1995 the original Seekers (as opposed to the New Seekers) are back together for their last-ever performances, billed as a Carnival of Hits 2000 (NEC, June 5)."

 Sunday Times, 30th April 2000, page 6.

From Smash to Shake'n'Vac
by Sally Kinnes

A feature on famous TV commercials including ...

16. Coca-Cola: Teach The World To Sing (1971)

"An international phenomenon. But the curious thing about the large, multicultural group of young people singing "in perfect harmony" on a distant hilltop was that they weren't really singing at all. The entire song was dubbed by the New Seekers."

 Coventry Evening Telegraph, 13th May 2000, page 24.

by Marion McMullen

Marion McMullen's article took a look at previous UK entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

1972: The New Seekers - Beg, Steal Or Borrow

"The show came from Edinburgh and the British group did their best, but, once again, Britain came second."

 Daily Mail, 21st May 2000, page 61.

Coke's singer on the hilltop was far from the real thing: the truth about the world's most famous advert
by Phil Mooney

Shortly after Coca-Cola's famous 'hilltop' commercial had been named as one of Britain's 20 most famous adverts (see Sunday Times, 30th April 2000), the Daily Mail published an article by Phil Mooney, archivist at Coca-Cola's head office in Atlanta.

"The British group the New Seekers sang the song and the voices of the hilltop singers were used as backing.

Coca-Cola pressed thousands of copies of a promotional single and the New Seekers recorded a version without the 'Coke' reference which went to number one in the UK."

 Yours Summer Special 2000.

The Summer Special edition of Yours magazine featured a two page interview with Lyn Paul.

The interview covered the whole of Lyn's career from the Chrys-Do-Lyns to Blood Brothers. Lyn talked about family life with her husband Alan and their son Ryan, saying that she felt "happier and more secure than I've ever been."

 Nottingham Evening Post, 25th August 2000, page 6.

Heard - but not seen: Big Jim Sullivan / Vince Eager:
Radcliffe Music Festival, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Saturday

The Nottingham Evening Post previewed the Radcliffe Music Festival, which featured a performance by former session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. Listed among the many hits he had played on were: The Crying Game (Dave Berry), It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones), I Only Want To Be With You (Dusty Springfield) and I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (New Seekers).

 Vision: the OGAE (UK) Magazine,
 Issue 42, October 2000, pages 12-15.

A Little Sentimental
by Mark McLorie

A history of the New Seekers and the ex-members of the group with a discography listing the New Seekers' UK album and single releases.

Vision, Issue 42 (front cover).

The Brotherhood of Man and the New Seekers
pictured on the front cover of Vision, Issue 42.

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 Daily Telegraph, 19th November 2000, page 20.

The piggery that went to pop
Once it housed pigs; then it became a hit factory. Rose Gibbs on the house that comes with its own recording studio.

by Rose Gibbs

When the New Seekers' record producer David Mackay put his house up for sale, the Daily Telegraph.reported that the property came complete with its own recording studio.

The article listed the many artists who had recorded there, among them Frankie Miller, Harry Nilsson, Demis Roussos, Dusty Springfield and Bonnie Tyler. It also claimed that "the New Seekers came to record I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" though this seems unlikely as the record had been a hit five years before Mackay moved into the house! Besides which, the group was widely reported at the time to have recorded the single in New York.

The six-bedroom 1920s home, Toftrees, in Woldingham was put on the market for £1.75 million.

 Sunday Times, 10th December 2000, page 1.

Wish upon the stars; Festive season special
by Allan Brown

Alan Brown recalled Christmas 1996, when Nowaysis, the Glaswegian Oasis tribute band, made it to number 25 in the UK singles chart with their version of the New Seekers' song I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, itself the model for the Oasis hit Shakermaker. He noted: "Only two tribute bands have ever made an impression on the charts: Bjorn Again, the Abba impersonators who kickstarted the phenomenon in Britain, and Nowaysis."

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