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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2000s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2000 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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In February 2007 Lyn Paul set off on the UK tour of Footloose The Musical. Meanwhile the New Seekers embarked on a UK tour and former Seeker and founding member of the New Seekers, Keith Potger, visited the UK for a solo tour.

 The Beat, January 2007.

Odd man out? Not Paul (page 8)
by David Parker

Ahead of the New Seekers' UK tour, Paul Layton was interviewed for this short article in The Beat. The article was accompanied by a small photo of the hit-making '70s line-up featuring Lyn Paul.

Seeker's soul songs (page 9)

Keith Potger
was interviewed for an article on the facing page.

 Leicester Mercury, 18th January 2007.

Forget art, let's dance
by Lizz Brain

"Oo-wee, Marie, shake it, shake it for me. Is Leicester ready to get Footloose?

Former pop songstress Lyn Paul plays the Reverend's wife, Vi, and Johnny Shentall plays Ariel's boyfriend, Chuck ..."

 Bromsgrove Advertiser, 31st January 2007.

Musical is cutting 'loose' for a Midlands date

The Bromsgrove Advertiser and it's sister paper the Droitwich Spa Advertiser both gave advance warning that Footloose was on its way.

"Lyn Paul, the acclaimed singer, known across the globe as part of the New Seekers will play the role of Vi Moore.

Lyn starred in West End productions of Blood Brothers and Taboo and on television played the role of Freda Danby in Emmerdale. She recently appeared in Holby City and was last seen at Birmingham Hippodrome in 2006 as Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers."

 The Express, 2nd February 2007.

Weekend Theatre
by Dan Evans

Dan Evans included Footloose in his round up of the shows to see.

FOOTLOOSE THE MUSICAL (The Lowry, Salford, opens February 10th, until February 17th, then on tour)

"From last year's acclaimed run in the West End, the stage version of the movie dances its way across the UK. New Seekers' Lyn Paul takes the stage as Vi Moore, the loyal wife to a reverend who has banned dancing and rock 'n' roll in a small town where the peace is disturbed by Ren McCormack, the character that famously launched Kevin Bacon's career in the Eighties' hit movie."

 Lancashire Telegraph, 2nd February 2007.

Seeker finds a new reason to smile
by Caroline Dutton

As the cast of Footloose headed for Salford, Caroline Dutton interrupted rehearsals to speak to Lyn Paul.

"One of the best things for me is that my sister is also in the show so we'll be singing together on stage for the first time ever. Our parents are coming up to see the show. They're thrilled to bits."

 Messenger newspapers, 8th February 2007.

She’d like to teach the world to dance!
by Rick Bowen

Rick Bowen interviewed Lyn Paul ahead of her appearance in Footloose at the Lowry Theatre, Salford.

"While some of her contemporaries are playing the cabaret club circuit, former New Seekers lead singer Lyn Paul has re-invented herself, and is now a star of stage and screen."

 Manchester Evening News, 9th February 2007.

Full throttle Footloose sends you crazy
by Kevin Bourke

On 9th February the Manchester Evening News printed a preview of Footloose.

"... the version that opens another national tour at The Lowry stars former Hear'Say band member Jonny Shentall, reprising his role as Chuck Cranston from the 2006 West End run of the show. Vi Moore will be played by Lyn Paul, who famously sang as a member of the New Seekers."

 Manchester Evening News, Wednesday, 14th February 2007.

Footloose The Musical @ The Lowry
by Natalie Anglesey

"The entire cast must be congratulated particularly Miria Parvin who plays Ariel, Ren's love interest whilst Chuck Cranston, played by ex- Hear'Say member Jonny Shentall vies for her attention and Lyn Paul, ex-member of the New Seekers, is in good voice as her mother."

 Preston Today, 14th February 2007.

Footloose The Musical - The Lowry, Salford - 13/02/07
by David Upton

"But Lyn Paul, as Vi, re-states her own musical theatre credentials, while Miria Parvin and Giovanni Spano also catch the eye."

 The Express, 15th February 2007.

Sorry, guys: Orders are orders
by Keith Aitken

Keith, we're mentioning you again!

"Forgive me. I've just come over a bit unnecessary. A recent mention here of the New Seekers has turned up on the website of none other than Lyn Paul, the blonde NS singer over whom this column used to harbour distinctly impure adolescent thoughts. Murky memories were further rekindled by the photos on, which suggest that the lady has weathered the intervening 35 years a good deal better than I have. Not the biggest compliment she's ever received perhaps, but heartfelt."

 Messenger newspapers, 15th February 2007.

Let's hear It for the show
by Rick Bowen

A week after his interview with Lyn Paul, Rick Bowen reviewed her performance in Footloose.

"Particularly impressive on his feet is Tommy Sherlock, who plays the fatherless city boy Ren McCormack. There were occasions in the show when he jumped so high I seriously thought he would take off. Sherlock plays the male love interest who ends up hooking up with the small town's preacher's daughter, Ariel Moore, played by the lovely Miria Parvin. But this lady is more than just a pretty face - she has one of the best voices you'll hear anywhere. So does former New Seekers singer Lyn Paul, who plays her stage mom Vi."

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 Birmingham Mail, 16th February 2007, page 40.

Let's hear it for the foot-tapping show
by Tony Collins

"The stage cast features acclaimed singer Lyn Paul, who found global fame as a member of the New Seekers whose hit, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, sold 20 million copies worldwide.

Lyn, who went on to star in West End productions of Blood Brothers and Taboo, and on television in the role of Freda Danby in Emmerdale, will play Vi Moore in Footloose."

 Coventry Evening Telegraph, 16th February 2007, page 68.

Your 60 SECOND guide to the week ahead


"KEVIN BACON scored a movie hit playing the too-cool-for school teenager in Footloose...

Now the dance favourite comes to the stage in Footloose the Musical. New Seekers singer Lyn Paul appears in the new production with Mamma Mia performer Tommy Sherlock in the Ken Bacon role."

 Redditch Standard, 16th February 2007.

Footloose and fast-paced
by Andrew Powell

"LYN PAUL returns to the Birmingham Hippodrome, this time in electrifying musical Footloose (Monday to Saturday, February 19 to 24) ...

Lyn Paul, who is well known as being one part of the New Seekers (I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing) and was last seen at the Hippodrome as Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers last year, plays the part of Vi Moore."

 Birmingham Mail, 20th February 2007, page 7.

REVIEW: Fast-moving fun on stage
by Tony Collins

"This was Footloose the stage version, complete with live band and non-stop energetic dancing ...

A splendid support cast includes former New Seeker Lyn Paul, who gives a fine vocal display as the preacher's wife."

 Evening Gazette (Darlington), 10th March 2007.

What's On
From Footloose to Pink Floyd

The Evening Gazette previewed the entertainment on its way to the Civic Theatre in Darlington.

"The production, which runs from June 4-9, stars singer Lyn Paul, who is best known for being part of the New Seekers, and former Hear'Say star Johnny Shentall."

 Leicester Mercury, 21st March 2007.

Dancing not just confined to the stage!

Footloose had them dancing in the aisles in Leicester. The first night review in the Leicester Mercury described the show as "hilariously camp, but sexy and sassy, too." Tommy Sherlock, Miria Parvin and Lyn Paul were singled out for particular praise.

"Lyn Paul (of New Seekers fame) gave a sterling performance as the reverend's wife."

 South Wales Echo, Wednesday, 21st March 2007, page 30.

New Seeker is footloose again: Lyn's back after bankruptcy
by Gavin Allen

As Footloose headed for Cardiff, Gavin Allen looked back at Lyn Paul's career and asked her about surviving bankruptcy.

"It was pretty rough, I lost a lot of weight and it affected my health but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me because it wiped the slate clean and allowed me to start again."

 Record Collector, No. 335, April 2007.

Record Collector No. 335 included an advert for three "2-on-1" CDs by Melanie, released to coincide with the singer-songwriter's 60th birthday. The ad highlights the song Beautiful People and reminds readers that it "was successfully covered by the New Seekers."

 South Wales Echo, 10th April 2007, page 12.

Footloose cast get their best feet forward for charity

"The cast of Footloose, currently at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, are supporting the Cancer Research UK Race for Life and will be taking part in one of the charity's runs while on tour.

Lyn Paul, who used to be in the New Seekers and sang I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, is appearing in the show with her sister Nikki Belsher."

 Evening News (Edinburgh), Friday, 13th April 2007.

Footloose Lyn seeks new role
by Liam Rudden

Liam Rudden looked back at Lyn Paul's career but confessed he hardly knew where to begin:

"From the White House to the Yorkshire Dales; the Eurovision Song Contest to the West End stage; it is hard to know where to start when reviewing the career of Manchester-born Lyn Paul."

Read the article in full at:

 The Times, 14th April 2007.

Footloose poster.
Top Five Theatre
by Benedict Nightingale

(Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh)
(Corn Exchange, Edinburgh)
(Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)
(Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast)
(Perth Theatre)

 Evening News (Edinburgh), Tuesday, 17th April 2007.

Emotional basis for a buoyant hit
Footloose - The Musical ****

by Martin Lenon

"The performances were outstanding, in particular Miria Parvin, easily the sexiest dancer of the cast as Ariel, and Lyn Paul whose voice remains a force of nature"

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Lyn's Top 10

Peggy Lee
official site
of Miss
Peggy Lee

Timi Yuro

Soul Walking:
Timi Yuro


The Beatles

Get back:
The Internet Beatles Album

What Goes On

The Hollies

The Official

Collins' Oldies Website:
The Hollies

Jack Jones

Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross

Green Day

Green Day
Official Site

Wake Me Up When September Ends (CD cover).

Green Day
Wake Me Up
When September

(CD cover)

Results May Vary (CD cover).

Limp Bizkit
Results May Vary
(CD cover)


Lyn's Top 10

Limp Bizkit
Lonely World

Bonnie Tyler

The Official
Bonnie Tyler


Lulu Web Site

Holding Out For A Hero (single cover).

Bonnie Tyler
Holding Out
For A Hero

(single cover)

 Doncaster Free Press, 17th April 2007.

My Tunes - Lyn Paul
by Phil Penfold

Lyn Paul picked her Top 10 songs and told Phil Penfold why she'd chosen them. Among the ten are two songs that Lyn covered on her album Late Night - Dance With My Father and Hurt.

1. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life - Peggy Lee
2. Hurt - Timi Yuro
3. Please, Please Me – The Beatles
4. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
5. If - Jack Jones
6. Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross
7. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
8. Lonely World - Limp Bizkit
9. Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
10. Oh Me, Oh My - Lulu

Lyn chose the Limp Bizkit song because of its significance for her son Ryan: "Ryan used to play it over and over again when he was at school, and it's a song all about bullying, and bullies. And we later discovered that he was going through hell at school... We put a stop to all of that – by moving away entirely. And, not long after, he stopped playing this song. Thank God. I never want to hear it again. But it is in this list to remind me how obscene bullying is!"

"Maybe I'm a target for people that are bitter.
At least I can say that I've never been a quitter.
I remember high school, man I hated high school.
It was like prison with bullies always putting me down."

(Limp Bizkit, Lonely World - from the album Results May Vary)

Read the article in full at: Doncaster Free Press

 Telegraph & Argus (Bradford), Tuesday, 24th April 2007.

by Sue Dixon

"All the cast are terrific and bring a dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the show.

The minister's wife, Vi, played by New Seekers star Lyn Paul, showed she could still teach the world to sing."

 Daily Mail, Saturday, 5th May 2007, Weekend magazine, page 37.

Britain - nul points!
by David Thomas

A week ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest, David Thomas wondered what had become of some of the UK's past entrants. One of the six people he interviewed was Lyn Paul.

Lyn recalled being "gutted" when the New Seekers didn't win, "But then we just said, 'Right, where's the party?' "

 The Journal, 5th May 2007, page 76.

The Journal announced that Footloose was on it's way to the Sunderland Empire (7th - 12th May).

"Lyn Paul (The New Seekers) and Johnny Shentall (Hear'Say) star in the stage version of the 1980s film about a town where dancing is banned."

 Campaign, Friday, 18th May 2007, page 20.

Campaign: Ten ads that changed advertising
by James Hamilton and John Tylee

No surprise that the Top 10 ads included "one of the best-loved and most influential ads in TV history", I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke, "created by the then McCann-Erickson creative director, Bill Backer."

"Backer collaborated with two songwriters, Billy Davis and Roger Cook, wrote the remainder of the song overnight and recorded the track with the New Seekers. The completed ad was shipped to US radio stations where it promptly died a death. No-one was interested."

 Nottingham Evening Post, 11th May 2007.

by Simon Wilson

Quickfire questions with equally snappy answers from Lyn. These were a few of them:

Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A: Turn over and go back to sleep.

Q: What's your earliest memory?
A: Moving into a new home, aged two.

Q: Whose career do you envy?
A: No one's. I'm happy with my own.

Q: What would you like on your headstone?
A: "Only one regret."

 Evening Telegraph (Derby), 11th May 2007.

Lyn seeks out a new career in musicals

As Footloose headed for the Nottingham Playhouse (14th - 19th May), the Derby Evening Telegraph interviewed Lyn Paul. Lyn talked about her days with the New Seekers, her musical theatre début as Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers and about her role as Vi Moore in Footloose: "She's a strong woman and she realises her husband has perhaps been a bit hard on the kids."

 Nottingham Evening Post, 15th May 2007.

Teen flick with a little bit more about it
Review: Footloose, Theatre Royal

by Andy Smart

"Footloose follows a tried and trusted formula for stage success. Think Fame or Flashdance, they all come from the same teen flick genre.

Where Footloose has a distinct advantage is in a stronger story and better songs ...

Experience comes from established star Lyn Paul and her sister Nikki Belsher who have their moments to shine, but essentially, this is a teen and 20s show that rocks with the decibel count of a 747 on take-off, especially in the extended finale that brought the audience to its feet."

 Salisbury Journal, Wednesday, 16th May 2007.

Lyn's Footloose in starring role
by Anne Morris

Lyn Paul talked to Anne Morris about Footloose: "It is a big, showy musical and all the performers are such great athletes and actors as well as great singers - full of talent and energy."

Lyn also talked about some of the 'highlights' of her career with the New Seekers: President Nixon's inauguration ("thrilling") and working with Liza Minnelli ("Everything I have learned about performing on stage, it has to be from her").

Read the article in full at: Salisbury Journal

 Daily Echo, Friday, 18th May 2007.

LORELEI REDDIN talks to Lyn Paul about The Eurovision Song Contest and falling into showbiz …
by Lorelei Reddin

Lyn Paul talked Lorelei Reddin about Footloose, the New Seekers and Eurovision. Lyn also spoke about her roles on stage and on TV, including the role she dreams of playing: "I long to play the mother in 'Gypsy'. Rosalind Russell was great. I'd love to do that, I love the film."

 Rhyl Journal, 30th May 2007.

Best foot forward
by Terry Canty

Terry Canty's article in the Rhyl Journal was accompanied by a small photo of three of the Footloose cast - Soeli Parry, Giovanni Spano and Melissa Green - pictured outside the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre, with Lyn Paul looking on.

"The Rev Shaw Moore (Julian Agnew) and his passionate proclamations against the relaxed morality offered by rock and roll, have helped outlaw dancing and therefore all youthful joy in the small town.

His determined campaign however hides his sadness over the loss of his son, killed returning from a night out with three friends, and is slowly destroying his marriage to wife, Vi, played by Lyn Paul."

 The Times, 9th June 2007.

Top Five Theatre
by Benedict Nightingale

1. DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (Theatre Royal, Nottingham)
2. FOOTLOOSE THE MUSICAL (Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton)
3. HAY FEVER (Theatre Royal, Bath)
4. THE LAST CONFESSION (Festival Theatre, Malvern)
5. PETE & DUD: COME AGAIN (Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon)

 Birmingham Mail, 15th June 2007.

Reviews: Star springs back;
Footloose The Musical
Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

by Paul Marston

Paul Marston's review of Footloose raved about the return to the cast of Matthew Boulton. "Three months after suffering a knee injury, spring-heeled Matthew Boulton returns to the lead role of rebellious teenager Ren McCormack in this stage version of the 1984 smash hit movie...

Miria Parvin (Ariel) proves the perfect partner for Boulton in some electrifying scenes, while Giovanni Spano is a bundle of fun as the drawling cowboy Willard Hewitt and there are fine performances from Gemma Duffy (Rusty) and Lyn Paul (the preacher's wife, Vi)."

 The Star, 19th June 2007.

Footloose, Lyceum Theatre
by Elizabeth Highfield

"The lead roles are supported brilliantly by some understated performances by other members of the cast, particularly memorable is Eurovision's Lyn Paul as the understanding mother of Ariel."

 Yorkshire Post, 10th July 2007.

In the mood for dancing

A short article about Footloose, accompanied by a photo of Lyn Paul and Johnny Shentall, with Giovanni Spano leaping in the air.

 Yorkshire Post, 10th July 2007.

Cult classic drops in
by Vicki Robinson

A short article about Footloose, accompanied by a photo of Lyn Paul and Johnny Shentall, with Miria Parvin and Giovanni Spano leaping in the air.

 Bromley Times, 13th July 2007.

The audience cuts foot loose with 80s cheese

"Julian Agnew and Lyn Paul movingly portrayed the reverend and his wife who struggle to move on from their son's death. They came across as real people rather than stereotyped religious zealots."

 The Times, 14th July 2007.

Top Five Theatre
by Benedict Nightingale

1. DEADLOCK (New Theatre, Cardiff)
2. FOOTLOOSE THE MUSICAL (Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham)
3. ROMEO AND JULIET (Sterts Theatre, Liskeard)
4. STARLIGHT EXPRESS (Bristol Hippodrome)
5. TWELFTH NIGHT (Festival Theatre, Chichester)

 Gloustershire Echo, 18th July 2007, page 10.

From fast and furious to soft and sensitive
by Maggie Ballinger

The first night review of Footloose at Cheltenham pointed out the contrasts in the show.

"A highlight of the show was the lively number Holding Out For A Hero, which involved muscle-bound dancers dressed as firemen. There were quieter moments too, like the ballad Can You Find It In Your Heart sung by Lyn Paul, as the reverend's wife Vi."

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Boulders (CD cover).

Roy Wood
(CD cover)

 The Independent, 20th July 2007.

'Boulders', Roy Wood
by Robert Webb

The Independent marked the re-release of Roy Wood's 1973 album Boulders with a short article recalling how the album, which had been ready for release in 1970, ended up being shelved for three years. The article noted that one of the songs on the LP, Songs Of Praise, "had already failed, in the hands of the New Seekers, to make the UK entry for the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest."

 Daily Mail, 23rd July 2007.

LAST summer we baked
by Jonathan Cainer

The New Seekers in the horoscope column? Strange, but true. Scorpios be warned: no hill walking with bottles of Coke!

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22

"Remember the New Seekers? ... This band of merry minstrels wanted 'to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony'. They made up a catchy tune and ... re-wrote the lyrics offering to buy the world a Coke ... Sales of carbonated, sugary liquids soared, much to the dismay of some dentists. Watch out for someone who is being sickly-sweet. And remember success can often have a downside."

 Evening News (Edinburgh), 10th August 2007.

Ireland are on song in Eurobeat
by Liam Rudden

Liam Rudden reviewed a new spoof musical, Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision and recalled the time when the contest came to Edinburgh.

"It was 35 years ago that the Capital hosted the cream of Europe's singers for real, but throughout August fans of the long-running competition can relive that glorious night back in 1972 (when the UK's New Seekers came second with Beg, Steal Or Borrow), on a nightly basis at the Pleasance Grand."

 The Stage, Thursday, 30th August 2007, page 47.

Scene around
Footloose opening night party, Playhouse, London

The Stage featured two photos from the Footloose opening night party, one of them a fabulous photo of Nikki Belsher and Lyn Paul taken by Tony Veal.

 Liverpool Echo, 12th September 2007, page 8.

Promise of big name in smash hit

Joe Riley revealed plans for "a special New Year's Day performance of Willy Russell's smash hit musical Blood Brothers" with "the promise of a 'big name' to play the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone." We hoped - could Lyn Paul be that "big name"? At the end of November we were rewarded with the answer we all wanted (See: Liverpool Echo, 30th November 2007).

 Western Daily Press, 28th September 2007, page 60.

Sixties star back in spotlight

Singer-songwriter Melanie returned to the UK in 2007 to perform some live shows. The Western Daily Press previewed her show at the Cheese & Grain in Frome.

"She retreated from the spotlight in the Seventies to raise her family and to work as a representative for UNICEF, but her musical influence continued to be felt. Her songs have been covered by artists including Bjork, Alison Moyet, Cher and the New Seekers."

 Irish Times, 9th November 2007, page 9.

The jingles chart
by Kevin Courtney

An article about the use of pop songs in TV adverts, which gave a passing mention to the song that started it all off.

"Pop and advertising were properly wed in 1971, when the New Seekers topped the charts with the Coca-Cola jingle, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing."

 Liverpool Echo, 30th November 2007.

Brothers show in Xmas date

The Liverpool Echo broke the news that Lyn Paul would be returning to the city to help celebrate Liverpool's year as 'Capital of Culture'.

"FORMER New Seekers singer turned Emmerdale actress Lyn Paul is to take the lead in Liverpool's Christmas production of Blood Brothers...

Lyn, who last appeared in Blood Brothers in Liverpool in 2002, said: 'It will be great to come back to the home city of this wonderful show.'"

Joe Riley also gave Lyn a mention as he previewed the entertainment lined up for the 'Capital of Culture' celebrations.

Stage is set for a great Christmas at theatres;
A round-up of the big festive shows on offer throughout the region this Christmas

Empire Theatre: Blood Brothers

"Liverpool producer Bill Kenwright completes a double festive whammy to welcome in Capital Of Culture with Willy Russell's sensationally successful musical about twins separated at birth. Singer Lyn Paul plays the mother figure, Mrs. Johnstone, the role famously created by Barbara Dickson."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), 28th December 2007.

Blood ties; Lyn Paul talks about her role in a classic musical
by Philip Key

A couple of days before she returned to the Liverpool stage in Blood Brothers, Lyn Paul talked to Philip Key.

The opening lines of the article set Lyn's return to the show in context:

"IT WAS just a decade ago that Lyn Paul’s career had a dramatic change of direction. After years of travelling the world as a singer, she suddenly became a stage star.

The catalyst was an offer from Liverpool producer Bill Kenwright to appear in Willy Russell’s musical, Blood Brothers, in the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone.

In the intervening 10 years, she has made the role very much her own – so much so that Kenwright reckons she is probably the best Mrs. Johnstone"

Read the interview in full on the Liverpool Daily Post website.

 Liverpool Echo, 28th December 2007.

My BLOOD tie with Liverpool;
Peter Grant meets Lyn Paul who is starring in Willy Russell's classic show at The Empire.

In addition to the article about her in the Daily Post, Lyn Paul was also featured in the city's other newspaper, the Liverpool Echo.

Lyn described how she'd changed her plans for the festive season in order to be in Liverpool: "I was originally going to spend the arrival of 2008 in Spain with family and friends but that was put on hold when I was approached to do Blood Brothers... My family are coming up now. My parents - and my son who has been recently working in a bar but he's given up that job to come to Liverpool and enjoy the city."

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Dancing is a frenzy and a rage.
Sir John Davies


The '60s and '70s were more my era. In fact, I don't remember much about the '80s. They just seemed to come and go. I must have been enjoying myself too much.
Lyn Paul, 'Lancashire Telegraph', 2nd February 2007.

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