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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2000s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2000 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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Lyn Paul (photo used with kind permission of Eric Taylor, Round Town News).

Lyn Paul
(photo courtesy of
Round Town



UK Newspapers

The Paperboy


Round Town

Daily Mail

Lyn Paul on stage at Le Cabaret (photo used with kind permission of Eric Taylor, Round Town News).

Lyn Paul
(photo courtesy of
Round Town


In February 2009 Lyn Paul announced her plans to put together a new show: Lyn Paul and the Sound of the New Seekers. The news was covered in the English language press on the Costa Blanca and in the Daily Mail.

In August Lyn was invited by producer Bill Kenwright to reprise her role as Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers.

 Costa News, 27th February - 5th March 2009, page 39.

Lyn Paul, The New Seekers
by Eric Taylor

A short article giving a synopsis of Lyn's career and news of her new show, 'Lyn Paul and the Sound of the New Seekers'.

 News Of The World (Ulster edition), 5th April 2009, page 12.

I bedded George

Former New Seekers singer Eve Graham revealed that she had slept with footballer George Best after meeting him in a Manchester club. Eve had previously told this story to The Express in October 2006 (see: The Express, 24th October 2006).

 Evening Post (Bristol), 9th April 2009, page 3.

Seek out tickets to a 70s hits fest

An article promoting a live show by the 2009 line-up of the New Seekers at the Forest Theatre in Coleford. The article reminded readers that "the most famous line-up came to an end in 1974 when Lyn Paul and Eve Graham decided to go it alone."

 News Of The World (Eire edition), 12th April 2009, page 13.

I netted George

An abbreviated version of the article that had appeared in the Ulster edition of the News Of The World the week before.

 The Sun, 23rd April 2009, page 24.

After years of silence

The Sun reported on Eve Graham's revelation that she had slept with George Best. Referring to her husband Kevin 'Danny' Finn, Eve is quoted as saying: "Kevin has no problem with me discussing my life before we met. He knows I've done an awful lot worse than sleep with George Best!"

 Round Town News, 23rd April 2009.

Lyn Travels Full Circle
by Jack Troughton

40 years after the New Seekers were formed, Lyn Paul talked to Jack Troughton about her tribute show: "When I first came over here, the last thing I wanted to do was sing... When someone first suggested singing some New Seekers songs I said ‘no’. But then the idea took hold, maybe because it is the anniversary."

 Daily Mail, 6th May 2009, page 27.

Perfect Disharmony
They wanted to teach the world to sing... Now the ex-New Seekers have fallen out over plans by one of them for a 40th anniversary tour
by Paul Revoir

Read the full article on the Daily Mail website.

 Round Town News, 6th May 2009.

Music Scene
by Eric Taylor


Eric Taylor
plugged Lyn Paul's first shows at Le Cabaret: "Recently I met up with one of Britain’s best all-round entertainers, Lyn Paul, who has recently moved to Benissa with her family... To mark the 40th anniversary of the New Seekers this year, she teams up with Ian and Gill Henry of Double Impact and members of the local popular band Strikland to reform this iconic group. They will be called 'Lyn Paul and The Sound Of The New Seekers'."

 Round Town News, 13th May 2009.

Music Scene - North
by Eric Taylor


Eric Taylor
reviewed Lyn's show at Le Cabaret: "Last weekend Le Cabaret staged the first live concert of 'Lyn Paul and the Sound of the New Seekers'... On a night like this the audience are the best critics as they all rose at the end to give the show a standing ovation. Lyn was the star, her performance outstanding – a great voice and wonderful smile as she interacted with the audience and they loved her."

 Daily Mail, 16th May 2009.

Perfect Disharmony; Naked groupies. A pin-up star who bedded 14 girls in one day. A drink and drugs binge that exploded into violence. And bitterness which festers to this day. As the New Seekers make a comeback, singer Lyn Paul reveals the uproarious truth behind their squeaky-clean image. (pages 18-19)
by Jane Fryer

Read the full article on the Daily Mail website.

Weekend's Hotlist of... Top 10 Eurovision Acts
(Daily Mail Weekend magazine, page 18)

With record sales in excess of 25 million, the New Seekers were listed 8th in the list of Top 10 Eurovision acts, ahead of Bucks Fizz and the Brotherhood of Man. Abba came top.

 Daily Mail, 22nd May 2009, page 78.

New Seeker sought

The Daily Mail printed a letter from Jane Bird, sent in response to Jane Fryer's interview with Lyn Paul (Daily Mail, 16th May 2009).

"I agree with Lyn that Paul Layton has a bit of a nerve if people think they're going along to see the original New Seekers, particularly as he was the one member of the group who never seemed to do much other than strum the guitar and sing along."

 Billboard, Vol. 121, No. 24, 20th June 2009, page 30.

Celebrating Songs for 40 Years: The Songwriters Hall Of Fame Marks Its Anniversary With Induction Gala
by Ed Christman (pages 27-31)

Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway were listed amongst the Inductees into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. "...their landmark musical statement was an early '70s hit that started as a Coke jingle and subsequently became a top 15 hit for both the New Seekers and the Hillside Singers, the buoyant anthem I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony).

Read the article in full at Google Books.

 Daily Telegraph, 18th July 2009, page 20.

New Seekers
It's Been Too Long - The Greatest Hits & More

Reviewing the New Seekers' CD It's Been Too Long. the Daily Telegraph reviewer wrote: "It's impossible to listen to without singing along..."

 Music Week, 18th July 2009, page 20.

Key Releases
Out this week

Listed (incorrectly) amongst the week's key releases was the New Seekers' CD It's Been Too Long. Music Week claimed this was a CD by The Seekers.

 Music Week, 25th July 2009, page 32.

Charts analysis

Having got the group's name wrong the week before, Music Week reported that the New Seekers' CD It's Been Too Long had entered the album chart: "More than 35 years after their last album chart appearance, the New Seekers return to the fray, débuting at number 17 (9,287 sales)... "

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Daily Echo, Thursday, 20th August 2009, page 28.

Bond of blood that tugs at our hearts
by Nicky Findley

"Other highlights of the superb cast include... Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone, who captured the raw emotion in the last show-stopping song that could move a heart of stone."

 Croydon Advertiser, Wednesday, 26th August 2009

Blood Brothers, The Churchill, Bromley
by Diana Eccleston *****

"Lyn Paul returns to the role of Mrs. Johnstone, not with the enormous warmth of some incumbents of the role but with that lovely clear vocal which brought her to the public's attention with I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing."

 Lewisham Mercury, Wednesday, 26th August 2009, page 24.

Blood Brothers
Churchill Theatre

"Willy Russell's celebrated musical Blood Brothers arrives in Bromley next week, with New Seekers member Lyn Paul reprising her role as Mrs. Johnstone...

Many Blood Brothers fans consider her to be the quintessential Mrs. Johnstone, her performances of Tell Me It's Not True reputedly drawing standing ovations every night. A recent poll on the musical's fan website named her the 'undisputed Mrs. Johnstone of all time'."

 Lewisham & Catford News Shopper, Wednesday, 2nd September 2009, page 30.

Crowd-pleasing family affair mixes music and gritty drama
by Matthew Jenkin ***

The printed edition of the Lewisham & Catford News Shopper included an edited version of the paper's online review.

"Lyn Paul is outstanding as downtrodden single mum Mrs. Johnstone, reprising the role she played in the West End.
She steals the show and her vocals are as powerful and stirring as her acting."

 Denbighshire Free Press, 9th September 2009.

Blood Brothers - what a show!
by Natalie Jones

"Mrs. Johnstone (Lyn Paul) plays the part of the doting but struggling mother very well, who carries the guilt of giving up her baby around with her."

 North Wales Pioneer, 9th September 2009.

Blood Brothers at Venue Cymru
by David Waddington

"Lyn Paul of New Seekers fame in the pivotal role of the boys' mother Mrs. Johnstone is a delight to watch as she carries the show on her shoulders from the guilt-ridden decision to give up one of her sons, to the crushing finale."

 Liverpool Echo, 11th September 2009, page 31.

Mel will add spice to Blood Brothers role
by Catherine Jones

As Mel C prepared to take over the role of Mrs. Johnstone in the West End production of Blood Borothers, Catherine Jones took a look at some of the women in whose footsteps she was following, among them Lyn Paul.

"The actress and singer has starred in the hit show on and off for the last decade, with four appearances in Liverpool - the most recent last January for the start of Capital of Culture."

 The Journal, 12th September 2009, page 37.

Why singing stars can"t say no to Mrs. Johnstone

An article on playing the role of Mrs. Johnstone featuring quotes from Barbara Dickson, Kiki Dee, Stephanie Lawrence, Petula Clark, Helen Reddy, Lyn Paul and three of the Nolan sisters, Bernie, Linda and Maureen.

Lyn: "I saw the show and said to my husband then that it was a part I wanted to play."

 Northern Echo, 12th September 2009, page 22.

In the Blood
by Viv Hardwick

Graham Martin, who was playing the roles of policeman / teacher in Blood Brothers, told Viv Hardwick how much he was looking forward to working with Lyn Paul: "My favourite Mrs. Johnstone is always going to be Maureen Nolan (one of four of the Nolan sisters to take on the role) because she was in the West End with me. But I think Lyn Paul's folksy voice, which people will remember from the New Seekers, is ideal for the songs of Blood Brothers."

 Lancashire Evening Post, 14th September 2009.

Hit musical comes to the Charter Theatre

The Lancashire Evening Post announced that Lyn Paul would be playing the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone in the forthcoming Blood Brothers shows at the Charter Theatre, Preston.

"Former New Seeker Lyn has extensive experience in the role and is considered the best Mrs. Johnstone by Blood Brothers fans."

 Evening Chronicle, 16th September 2009, page 34.

25 years and still as fresh as ever

"With fantastic acting from the whole cast, last night was a truly mesmerising experience, especially in the final and very emotional rendition of the heart-wrenching Tell Me It's Not True, which raised the entire theatre into a standing ovation."

 The Journal, 17th September 2009, page 38.

Blood Brothers' epic tale as popular as ever as it arrives in north east
by Martin Green

"On its 25th anniversary Willy Russell's epic tale is as popular as ever and this production is lovingly acted, technically assured, and capped by Lyn Paul's stunning voice."

"Blood Brothers veteran Lyn Paul was on inspired form... She sparkles as Mrs. Johnstone."
 Northern Echo, 18th September 2009.

Blood Brothers, Sunderland Empire
by Rosalind Saul

"Headlining the show is Lyn Paul, fondly-remembered herself as a member of the New Seekers, who has the ideal voice to provide a moving performance as the haunted mother, Mrs. Johnstone, who decides to separate her newborn twins.

Her heart-wrenching role allows the cast to connect with the audience to such an extent, that you feel you are shoulder-to-shoulder with the performers as Blood Brothers hurtles towards its electrifying finale."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.
 Grimsby Telegraph, 23rd September 2009, page 4.

Grimsby set for a taste of the West End

"One of the West End's smash-hit shows is coming to Grimsby next month – with former New Seekers singer Lyn Paul playing the lead role...

Considered by many Blood Brothers fans as the quintessential Mrs. Johnstone, Lyn first joined the West End production of Blood Brothers in 1997, starring in the lead role for the next three years, including during the show's 10th anniversary year."

 News Of The World (Scottish edition), 27th September 2009.

I'll still act when I've got a zimmer frame
by Charlotte Carmichael

 Dunfermline Press, 30th September 2009.

Brothers in arms
by Gary Fitzpatrick

"The star of show had to be Lyn Paul, a great singing voice and with her working class roots in the north west she seemed to have a natural feel and affinity for the role of the Mrs. Johnstone, at times feisty at others downtrodden...

Many in the audience may not have seen Lyn since her days in the limelight with the New Seekers in the '70s but with her fine acting talents she seems to be have found a home in musical theatre."

 Dartford & Swanley Times, 30th September 2009.

New Seeker back with old favourite
by Lizzie Thornton

While Blood Brothers was still playing in Sunderland, Lyn Paul talked to Lizzie Thornton ahead of the show's arrival in Dartford.

"I enjoy touring, we have a good time. We went out for an Indian last night. They are sending us to stay on a farm next week - we're staying in a cottage but some of the boys are camping, so there's bound to be late-night barbecues and that sort of thing."

 News Of The World, 4th October 2009.

Blood Brothers
Alhambra, Dunfermline

by James Douglas *****

A five-star review from the News Of The World.

"Led by Brothers veteran Lyn Paul, who's owned the key role of Mrs. Johnstone for 13 years or so, this touring production is brought to life not only by her extraordinary voice but by a superb cast."

 Grimsby Telegraph, 7th October 2009, page 6.

An age-old tale that stands test of time
by Michelle Hurst

"The New Seekers' Lyn Paul reprises the role of Mrs. Johnstone, which she played in the London production – and clearly puts her soul into it, belting out the well-known Tell Me It's Not True with more effect than a whole nation of X Factor auditionees."

 Dunfermline Press, 8th October 2009.

Smash hit musical sells nearly 8000 tickets at Alhambra
by Gary Fitzpatrick

"Star of the show Lyn Paul, who was presented with a bouquet by the theatre staff at the end of the last performance, said she would love to return to Dunfermline to star in pantomime."

 Grimsby Telegraph, 9th October 2009, page 2.

After 50 shows, I still love Brothers
by Andy Edgeworth

Deputy mayor Doug Pickett, a huge fan of the musical Blood Brothers, said of Lyn Paul's performance: "Lyn is absolutely brilliant as Mrs. Johnstone, the best I have seen yet – and I've seen them all. I saw Petula Clark, Kiki Dee and the Nolan sisters, but Lyn is top of the pile."

 Liverpool Echo, 23rd October 2009, page 12.

Mel C all set to spice up Blood Brothers date
by Catherine Jones

With Mel C all set to take on the role of Mrs. Johnstone in the West End, Catherine Jones mentioned at the end of her article that Blood Brothers would be returning to Liverpool in April 2010 "with Lyn Paul in the title role."

 Sunday Express, S magazine, 1st November 2009, page 55.

My favourite photograph by Paul Layton of the New Seekers

An interview with Paul Layton, in which he recalled the time when the New Seekers were invited to appear on Andy Williams' TV show in the United States.

Unfortuneately the photograph of Andy Williams and the New Seekers which accompanied the article was taken five years later in the UK and featured the 1976-78 line-up of the New Seekers. Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle are mistakenly named instead of Kathy Ann Rae and Danny Finn.

 Leicester Mercury, 6th November 2009.

Mum's the word in heartbreak hit

As Blood Brothers headed for De Montfort Hall, Lyn Paul talked about playing the role of Mrs. Johnstone:

"One night, the boy playing Mickey turned because the guns went off early, and he looked me right in the eye before he fell. I just couldn't sing a note, just couldn't get through the song.

"So most nights I'm an emotional wreck!"

 The Argus, 10th November 2009.

Blood Brothers, Theatre Royal Brighton, until Nov 14
by Mary Camus

"Lyn Paul also injects much lightness into her role as the twins’ mother as a young woman. Her pitch-perfect singing, as well as her strong characterisation of the admirable Mrs. Johnstone through the years, are a highlight of the show."

 Lancashire Evening Post, 25th November 2009.

Blood Brothers - Charter Theatre, Preston
by David Hurst

"... the audience was largely made up of school / college groups who were unlikely to have even heard of Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, but here she is, playing the title role of Mrs. Johnstone.

Her portrayal of the penniless single mother, who has no choice but to sell one of her twins to a well-to-do couple, suffers a little from a lack of Scouse twang, but she more than makes up for that with a heartfelt performance throughout, culminating in a goosebump generating rendition of Tell Me It's Not True."

 Swindon Advertiser, 1st December 2009.

Blood Brothers' emotional night
by Stephanie Tye

"Lyn Paul was utterly captivating as Mrs. Johnstone, who takes the difficult decision to give up one of her sons just days after he was born.

As a member of the New Seekers during 1970s her voice charmed a generation and it did the same to the Swindon audience last night. Before the show she told the Aver that this role had changed her life and you can tell she is relishing every minute of playing the part."

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