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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Lyn Paul performed in pantomimes from 1976 - 2002, sharing the stage with the likes of Little & Large, Roy Hudd, the Krankies and Paul Daniels. the theatre programmes that accompanied each production are listed below.

Aladdin Hamley, 1983
Sunderland, 1987
Wolverhampton, 1991
Babes In The Wood Wolverhampton, 1988
Bath, 1989
Croydon, 1990
Cinderella Torquay, 1985
Dick Whittington Bromley, 1986
Torquay, 1994
Windsor, 2001
Jack & The Beanstalk Stockport, 1976
Borehamwood, 1993
Mother Goose Southsea, 1984
Puss In Boots Cambridge, 1982

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1986

Bromley Times,
8th November

Dick Whittington and His Cat
Churchill Theatre, Bromley
15th December 1986 - 17th January 1987

In December 1986 the annual panto at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley was a production of Dick Whittington starring Roger de Courcey and Nookie Bear, Roy Hudd, Lambert and Ross, Lyn Paul and Bill Pertwee.

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1987

7th December

In Print 2005

6th September

Sunderland Empire
First performance: 11th December 1987

Fandabidosi! Lyn Paul joined Janette and Ian Tough (alias the Krankies) in the pantomime Aladdin. Comedian Willie Ross, formerly one half of the duo Lambert and Ross, played the part of the Chinese Policeman. The show was produced by Peter Elliott.

Lyn Paul had appeared previously at the Sunderland Empire in May 1971 as a member of the New Seekers.

Pictured right: Lyn Paul as Aladdin, outside the Sunderland Empire. Photo courtesy of the Sunderland Echo.

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Babes In The Wood (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1988

Express & Star,
20th December

Babes In The Wood
Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
First performance: 19th December 1988

Not for the first time - and not for the last either - Lyn Paul signed up for a pantomime with Roy Hudd. Lyn had appeared with him two years before in Dick Whittington And His Cat at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley. On this occasion they teamed up for a production of Babes In The Wood.

Lyn Paul returned to the Grand Theatre for another pantomime (Aladdin) in 1991. She appeared at the theatre again in 2006 in the musical Blood Brothers.

Cast in order of appearance

Prologue  - Allen Christie
Maid Marion  - Gail Mortley
The Sheriff's Man  - Stee Billingsley
The Sheriff of Nottingham  - Maurice Colbourne
Jack  - James Wright /
 - Andrew Arnold
Jenny  - Samantha Rochelle /
 - Katie Senuik
Friar Tuck  - Allen Christie
Nurse Ribena  - Jack Tripp
Evil Eddie  - Geoffrey Hughes
'Orrible 'Uddy  - Roy Hudd
Little John  - Tim Perrin
Robin Hood  - Lyn Paul
Alan-A-Dale  - Gary Lovini
Will Scarlet  - Nick Sampson
Much, The Miller's Son  - Mel Warren
Meadowsweet, An Immortal  - Debbie Flitcroft
King Richard, The Lionheart  - Allen Christie

The Mr. Men
Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Bump,
Mr. Chatterbox, Miss Naughty

Citizens of Nottingham
Diana Ashley, Barbara Ann Bates, Sandra Bates, Louise Dalgleish, Jo Kempton, Karen Kent, Stee Billingsley, Mel Warren.

Babes In The Wood (programme).

Roy Hudd pictured in the Babes In The Wood programme.

Biography of Lyn Paul from the Babes in the Wood programme.

Geoffrey Hughes pictures in the Babes In The Wood programme.

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'Babes In The Wood', Theatre Royal, Bath (1989 programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1989

Evening Sentinel,
8th December

Evening Sentinel,
9th December

Evening Sentinel,
13th December

Babes In The Wood
Theatre Royal, Bath
21st December 1989 - 28th January 1990

The Babes In The Wood cast reassembled in Bath, this time with HTV's Richard Wyatt as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Mel Warren as Will Scarlet.


'Orrible 'Uddy  - Roy Hudd
Evil Eddie  - Geoffrey Hughes
The Sheriff of Nottingham  - Richard Wyatt
Nurse Ribena  - Jack Tripp
Robin Hood  - Lyn Paul
Alan-A-Dale  - Gary Lovini
Friar Tuck / King Richard  - Allen Christie
Meadowsweet, An Immortal  - Debbie Flitcroft
Maid Marion  - Gail Mortley
Little John  - Tim Perrin
Will Scarlet  - Mel Warren
The Mr. Men  - The Mr. Men
The Sheriff's Man / Much  - Stee Billingsley

The Babes, and John & Jennifer were played by: Gary Shelford, Kerry Ackrill, Jaime Lodge and Anna Margilewska.

Womenfolk and Menfolk of Nottingham:
Diane Ashley, Stee Billingsley, Karen Kent, Gary Lovini, Debbie Raine, Alison Whiteley.

Act 1

Scene One: The Prologue
Scene Two: Nottingham in the Snow
Scene Three: Robin Hood's Hideout
Scene Four: Ribena's Academy for the Children of Gentlefolk

Scene Five: The Castle Grounds
Scene Six: The Castle Nursery
Scene Seven: On the Way to Robin's Hideout

Scene Eight: The Castle Kitchen
Scene Nine: A Childhood Dream
Scene Ten: The Hall of Chivalry


Act 2

Scene One: Nottingham Fair
Scene Two: On the Track of the Babes

Scene Three: Robin Hood's Hideout
Scene Four: Another Part of the Forest

Scene Five: The Depths of Sherwood
Scene Six: The Castle Attic
Scene Seven: The Dungeons
Scene Eight: 'Uddy's Back Yard
Scene Nine: The Wedding of Robin and Marion

'Babes In The Wood', Theatre Royal, Bath (page from 1989 theatre programme).

'Babes In The Wood', Theatre Royal, Bath (page from 1989 theatre programme).

'Babes In The Wood', Theatre Royal, Bath (biography of Lyn Paul from 1989 theatre programme).

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1990

Croydon Advertiser,
14th December

The Guardian,
28th December

Sunday Times
23rd December

Babes In The Wood
Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
7th December 1990 - 13th January 1991

From Bath to Croydon: the Babes In The Wood cast gathered again for the third year in a row. Joining the familiar line-up were: Patrick Mower as the Sheriff of Nottingham; Bill Pertwee as the Bad Robber; Peter Gallagher as Little John; David Howarth as Alan-a-Dale; and June Whitfield as the Fairy. Debbie Flitcroft, who had previously played Meadowsweet, was cast as Maid Marion.

Cast in order of appearance

Maid Marion  - Debbie Flitcroft
The Sheriff's Man  - Stee Billingsley
The Sheriff of Nottingham  - Patrick Mower
Babes  - Jessica Rolt
 - Robert O'Connell
 - Sally Hegarty
 - Bradley Smith
Friar Tuck / King Richard  - Allen Christie
Nurse  - Jack Tripp
Bad Robber  - Bill Pertwee
Good Robber  - Roy Hudd
Little John  - Peter Gallagher
Robin Hood  - Lyn Paul
Alan-a-Dale  - David Howarth
Fairy  - June Whitfield
Speciality  - The Mr. Men

The Hayes Stage School, Stacey Baker, Joanne Barnes, Tricia Bernard, Louise Constantino, Samantha Dahman, Lee Anne Doughlin, Donna Ellwood, Emma Hawkins, Donna Hill, Lucci King, Missy Mukit, Caroline Ramsey, Natalie Salmon, Nicola Secker, Eliza Shiel, Louise Woodham.

Womenfolk and Menfolk of Nottingham
Emma Irving, Mandy Henderson, Alison Mahoney, Gayle Thomas, Ian Davies.

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Aladdin (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print 1991

Express & Star,
20th December

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
18th December 1991 - 26th January 1992

For Lyn Paul this was a case of déjà vu - a familiar theatre, some familiar faces and a familiar show. Lyn had appeared at the Grand Theatre in 1988 and had shared a stage with the Krankies the year before in another production of Aladdin.

Cast in order of appearance

Widow Krankie & Wishee Washee  - The Krankies
Abanazer  - Gareth Hunt
Aladdin  - Lyn Paul
The Police Force  - The Acroloons
The Princess  - Melodie Scales
The Genie of the Lamp  - James Welsh
The Emperor  - Russel Lane
The Police Sergeant  - Karl Magee

The Chorus

Shirley-Ann Hull, Stella Taoushanis, Lalini Carter, Joanne Gaskin, Jilly Simone, Angela Winters, Darren Markham, Matthew Raynor.

The Orchestra

Dave Pinkney, David Clegg, Pete Parkinson, Roy Crosby, David Howells, Mark Blackwell, Philip Johnson.

The Marilyn Harris Babes

Taryn Nabi, Gemma Shield, Louise O'Connor, Sarah Southall, Nadia Erraji, Sally Morgan, Nikki Hawthorne, Gemma Aleksandrowicz, Mhaire Kell, Sarah Reynolds, Rebecca Stevens, Lydia Simpkiss, Catherine Smith, Laurie Bold, Frances Morris, Gemma Lowe.

Written and directed by: Russell Lane
Musical Director: Dave Pinkney
Associate Producer: Jon Conway

Aladdin (programme).

The Krankies pictured in the programme for Aladdin.

Aladdin (programme).

Gareth Hunt pictured in the programme for Aladdin.

Aladdin, Grand Theatre Wolverhampton (leaflet featuring The Krankies, Lyn Paul and Gareth Hunt).

Aladdin leaflet.

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Lyn Paul Then:

Jack & The Beanstalk
The Venue, Borehamwood
Monday, 20th December 1993 - Monday, 3rd January 1994

In 1976 Lyn Paul had appeared in a production of Jack & The Beanstalk as Jill. Seventeen years later she took to the stage as the show's principal boy, Jack. Appearing with her were Stuart Miles as Simple Simon and Clare Buckfield as the Princess,

Jack & The Beanstalk (leaflet).

Jack & The Beanstaslk leaflet.

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Lyn Paul Then:

In Print: 1994

Herald Express,
17th December

The Guardian,
22nd December

In Print 2006

29th November

Dick Whittington
Princess Theatre, Torquay
17th December 1994 - 14th January 1995

Almost a decade after her appearance in Cinderella, Lyn Paul returned to the Princess Theatre for another pantomime, this time as Dick Whittington.
Cast in order of appearance

Fairy Bowbell  - Ruth Carr
King Rat  - Hugo Myatt
Alderman Fitzwarren  - Richard Mullins
Captain Hookline  - Dennis Spencer
Sinker the Mate  - Douglas Mounce
Alice Fitzwarren  - Cheryl Taylor
Idle Jack  - Paul Shane
Blodwen the Cook  - Wyn Calvin
Dick Whittington  - Lyn Paul
Tommy the Cat  - Andrew Lee
The Sultana of Morocco  - Christina Carty
Messenger  - Nick Barclay

The Band

Keyboards  - Dan Dibdin (Musical Director)
2nd Keyboards  - Barry Thomas
Drums  - Mike Bedford
Bass  - Alex Moores

Dick Whittington, Princess Theatre, Torquay (leaflet).

Dick Whittington leaflet.

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Dick Whittington (programme cover).


Lyn Paul Then:

In Print: 2001

Reading Evening Post,
7th December

The Stage,
20th December

Windsor Observer,
14th December

Dick Whittington
Theatre Royal, Windsor
5th December 2001 - 13th January 2002

Lyn Paul made an unexpected return to pantomime in 2001 - the local panto needed a principal boy and Lyn lived near by!

Cast in order of appearance

King Rat  - Gary Turner
Fairy Silverlight  - Debbie McGee
Alderman Fitzwarren  - Paul Daniels
Captain Mainbrace  - James Head
Alice Fitzwarren  - Louise Perry
Sarah the Cook  - Trevor Bannister
Idle Jack  - Christopher Beeny
Dick Whittington  - Lyn Paul
Tommy, his Cat  - Shelley Cousins
Brightness, a lady Cat  - Debbie McGee
The Mate  - Marlon Moore
Sultan of Morocco  - Paul Daniels
The Sultana  - Debbie McGee
His Vizier  - Paul de Boer

Act 1

Scene 1: Down in the City of London
Scene 2: Cheapside Market
Scene 3: Outside Fitzwarren's House
Scene 4: Fitzwarren's Superstore
Scene 5: On the Way to Highgate Hill
Scene 6: Highgate Hill

Act 2

Scene 7: The Pool of London
Scene 8: Hold of the Windsor Belle
Scene 9: Captain's Cabin
Scene 10: Under the Sea
Scene 11: The Shores of Morocco
Scene 12: The Sultan's Palace
Scene 13: A London Street
Scene 14: The Guildhall

Lyn Paul as Dick Whittington.

Lyn Paul
as Dick Whittington.

Biography of Lyn Paul from the Dick Whittington programme.

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