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New Seekers: Eve Graham

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Eve Graham was recruited as one of the original members of the New Seekers. She sang the lead vocal on their biggest hit, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, and remained with the group throughout their most successful years. The New Seekers never had a hit without her.

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Out Of The Stewpot (book cover).

Out Of The

(book cover)

Great Scots Musicography (book cover).

The Great Scots

(book cover)

Further Reading

"Eve - Eve the golden girl, the cover girl, the girl next door ... You all know all about Eve. What can there be to know that you don't know?" (quoted from the film 'All About Eve'). For more information about Eve Graham try the following books and newspaper articles.


Ed Stewart: Out Of The Stewpot, My Autobiography

Ed Stewart
ISBN: 1 84454 086 3 (hardback)

Eve gets a couple of mentions in the autobiography of DJ Ed Stewart:

"It was only when I split with Eve Graham of the New Seekers and the story found its way into the gossip columns that I appreciated the meaning of the word 'privacy'. I was shattered, not only because I had lost a woman I had been in love with, but the fact that my listeners could read about it in the papers." (page 134)

"In 1972 ... I had just split from Eve Graham of the New Seekers, so I was, to quote the title of one of Jack Jones's records, 'Free Again'." (page 153)

For God, Country And Coca-Cola
Mark Pendergrast
ISBN: 1 84203 042 6 (paperback)

The Great Scots Musicography : the complete guide to Scotland's music makers
M. C. Strong
ISBN: 1 84183 041 0 (paperback)

Newspaper articles

TV Ssoccer is tops with me

Shoot!, 15th July 1972, page 29.

Eve and Lyn and life with the New Seekers
by Keith Altham
Petticoat, 1972.

Seekers join the riotmakers
by Gordon Coxhill
Music Scene, November 1972, page 18-19.

New Seekers find their legs
by Douglas Marlborough
Titbits, No. 4761, 23-29 June 1977, pages 14-15.

From the Musical Capitals of the World
Billboard, Vol. 90, No. 38, 23rd September 1978, page 84.

Colchester: And Alf came too...
The Echo (Southend), 31st October 2000.

New Seeker Eve seeks a pay award
The Express, 8th August 2003.

The girl who taught the world to sing
by Peter Robertson
My Weekly, 9th August 2003, pages 30-31.

Scoops of the year
The Express, 31st December 2003.

Out Of The Stewpot
The Express, 28th February 2005.

Threesomes, sexy parties and the Mile High Club… how I made the most of the swinging Sixties
The Express, 1st March 2005.

25m records no royalties
by Matt Bendoris
The Sun, 17th September 2005, page 33.

Seeker Eve's cash battle
by Jens Larsson
The Express On Sunday, 13th November 2005.

Eve helped to teach the world to sing
by Collin MacFarlane
The Sunday Post, 1st January 2006, page 21

Eve's still seeking her pop fortune
by Maureen Culley
Daily Mail (Scottish edition), 16th January 2006, pages 26-27.

Whatever happened to ... The New Seekers
by Peter Robertson
The Express, Saturday Magazine, 11th - 17th March 2006, page 15.

A Long and winding road for Sir Paul
The Express, 24th October 2006.

Seeker Eve rediscovers roots
Sunday Post, 16th March 2008.

I'd like to teach the world to sing... one last time
by Jamie Beatson
The Express, 17th March 2008.

Eve pops off
The Sun, 17th March 2008, page 16.

I've finished teaching the world to sing
Daily Mail, 22nd March 2008.

Singer Eve worked as a bra-fitter
The Express, Wednesday, 14th May 2008.

She taught the world to sing - but ended up fitting Debenhams bras
by Cahal Milmo
Independent, 15th May 2008.

I want to teach the world their cup size: How New Seeker Eve Graham went from singing with the stars to fitting bras
by Liz Thomas
Daily Mail, 16th May 2008

Seeker Eve... from lingerie, back to music
by Neil Jones
Colchester, Mersea Island and Wivenhoe Gazette, Monday 19th May 2008.

Eve Graham on life after the New Seekers
by Allan Brown
Sunday Times, 1st June 2008.

Day & Night
The Express, 26th December 2008.

I bedded George
News Of The World (Ulster edition), 5th April 2009, page 12.

I netted George
News Of The World (Eire edition), 12th April 2009, page 13.

After years of silence
The Sun, 20th April 2009, page 24.

Perfect Disharmony
Daily Mail, 6th May 2009, page 27.

Perfect Disharmony
Daily Mail, 16th May 2009, page 18.

New Seekers singer kept vices secret to protect her fans
The Scotsman, 2nd March 2011.

Day I taught the world to sing
Daily Record, 12th March 2011.

New Seekers coming to town
Bay of Plenty Times (New Zealand), Monday, 30th April 2012.

Crowd sings along to 70s sounds
Bay of Plenty Times (New Zealand), Friday, 4th May 2012.

New Seekers still teaching the world to sing, 40 years on
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand), Saturday, 5th May 2012

Paper Lace takes you back
by Colin Morris
The Dominion Post (New Zealand), 9th May 2012.

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Beautiful People

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Skye Boat Song

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The Way
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I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)

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