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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 1970s

During the early 1970s it was hard to find a UK pop magazine that didn't feature Lyn Paul and the New Seekers. This page lists just a few of the articles that appeared at the time. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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Give Me Love (cassette cover).

Lyn Paul
Give Me Love
(cassette cover)


In August 1975 Lyn Paul released a solo album, Give Me Love. Reviews appeared in Disc and Record Mirror.


Vol. 87, No. 33, 16th August 1975

From The Music Capitals Of The World (page 69)
"Management and publicity deal between Tony Barrow and partner Bess Coleman with ex-New Seeker Lyn Paul now ended 'amicably'."

 Daily Mirror

5th April 1975
Star Choice
Famous pick their fancy
(page 5)

Lyn Paul picked Red Rum to win the Grand National: "I've just bought a new outfit that is red.". Not a bad choice: Red Rum came second.

Model Jilly Johnson (pictured topless) and Eric Morecambe both picked Junior Partner (fell at the second fence). Nationwide reporter Suzanne Hall and the newly-crowned Miss England, Vicky Harris, both went for Rag Trade (10th). Judith Chalmers picked Spanish Steps (3rd) and Lesley Anne Down (Upstairs, Downstairs) picked Rough Silk (refused to jump the 19th fence).

None of the stars interviewed picked the winner: L'Escargot.


9th August 1975
LP review

16th August 1975
LP review: Give Me Love


Jackie, No. 583 (front cover).
No. 583, 8th March 1975
What Is A Mum?

An article on Mother's Day featuring a quote from Lyn Paul: "To me, my mum's perfect. I don't see any faults in her, she's probably got a load, just like everybody else, but I can't see them, so to me she's faultless!"


18th January 1975
Peter's progress
A two-page feature on Peter Oliver, including a single-page colour pin-up.

19th July 1975
Round About (page 20)
Six pop stars talked about their closest friends. Ex-New Seeker Peter Oliver was quoted as saying: "One of my best friends is Cozy Powell... "

The MPD Mirror (page 24)
A feature on Marty, Paul and Danny, with a colour pin-up on the facing page.

 Record Mirror

19th July 1975
It oughta sell a million but the top twenty will do

by Ray Fox-Cumming

Lyn was interviewed after a rehearsal for Top Of The Pops. She talked about her single It Oughta Sell A Million and the three that preceded it - "all very pretty songs but somehow I don't think that they were really me." At the time of the interview It Oughta Sell A Million was at number 37 in the charts but Lyn had hopes that it would go higher: "I'd give anything, anything, for it to get into the top twenty."

9th August 1975
LYN PAUL: Give Me Love
review by Ray Fox-Cumming

Although he thought that Lyn Paul had it in her "to be a great performer" Ray Fox-Cumming reckoned that she'd "played safe" on her début album Give Me Love - "There's too little of the tigress, too little sophistication."

 Record Song Book / Words

1.8.75 Record Song Book featured the lyrics of 30 songs, among them the lyrics of Lyn Paul's solo hit It Oughta Sell A Million.

1.11.75 The front cover featuring Leo Sayer promised the lyrics of 31 songs, including one by the New Seekers. The song in question, however, was in fact by The Seekers, Love Isn't Love Until You Give It Away (Hal David / Albert Hammond).


No. 1839, 18th July 1975
Secret Dreams of the Pop Idols - Alvin Stardust, Lyn Paul and Brian Connolly

 Sunday Mirror

26th January 1975
There's a steely side to sweet Lyn Paul... (page 12)

An interview with Lyn Paul in which Lyn talked about calling off her engagement to Peter Oliver: "I suddenly realised how much the business meant to me... Although my fiancé insisted he wanted me to continue my career, I couldn't take the risk. A marriage can't work part-time and being a star is a full-time occupation. I was heartbroken for a while. But now I know it was because I loved my career more."


No. 4649, 17th-23rd April 1975 (pages 4-5)
Nothing in the garden's lovely... the new Covent Garden that is!

An article lamenting the transfer of Covent Garden Market from it's old home in the heart of London to a new site at Nine Elms, Battersea. Lyn Paul was pictured with Bernie Holland, branch secretary of the Transport & General Workers' Union.

No. 4660, 3rd-9th July 1975 (page 17)
Please don't revive Miss Jones!
by Gordon Coxhill

Donna Jones discussed the break-up of Springfield Revival and the launch of her new solo career as Pussyfoot. The article opened with a reference to Lyn Paul:

"Try as she does, singer Donna Jones can't help having mixed feelings every time she sees ex-New Seekers star Lyn Paul performing on television, hears her records on radio or reads about yet-another highly-paid cabaret engagement."

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Record Mirror & Disc, 21st August 1978.

The 1976 line-up
of the
New Seekers
pictured on the
front cover of
Record Mirror
& Disc

21st August 1976.


In 1976 the New Seekers re-formed, but the group's new line-up did not include either Lyn Paul or Peter Oliver. Lyn Paul's absence was a talking point in the press, as was her presence at the group's reunion concert ...


Vol. 88, No. 42, 16th October 1976

New On The Charts (page 34)
David Dundas
Jeans On

As another jingle became a hit, Billboard referenced the jingle that started it all. "With the encouragement of Roger Greenaway, who had written the Coca-Cola jingle thai the New Seekers eventually turned into the worldwide single I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, Dundas decided to make this catchy light pop number a hit in its own right."

 Fab 208

18th September 1976
Back together and better than ever
Short feature on the re-formed line-up of the New Seekers featuring Danny Finn and Kathy Ann Rae.


Jackie, No. 665 (front cover).
No. 662, 11th September 1976
Magazine for teenage girls featuring a double-page pin-up of the New Seekers.

No. 665, 2nd October 1976
Half-page interview with the New Seekers.

No. 667, 16th October 1976
Me and my jeans
Quotes from the stars about their favourite jeans, including quotes from: Malcolm Bird, Kiki Dee, Danny Finn, Fiona Fullerton, Marty Kristian, Chris Redburn, Mick Robertson and Midge Ure.


26th June 1976
Kathy Ann Rae ("This is the girl who's afraid of falling in love") was pictured on the front cover.

 Record Mirror

10th April 1976
The "new" New Seekers (page 11)
by David Hancock

David Hancock interviewed the new line-up of the New Seekers. His article was accompanied by a small photo of Lyn Paul and another small photo of Lyn with Peter Doyle.

"... out goes Lyn Paul (now well into a solo career) and Peter Oliver.

In come Danny Finn ... and ... new girl Kathy Ann Rae, complete with hairstyle that suggests there may be more than just a little of Lyn Paul in there somewhere."

22nd May 1976
Shaky start for New Seekers
by David Hancock

David Hancock's review of the New Seekers' reunion concert at Drury Lane opened with the following paragraph:

"It might have been Lyn Paul at the bar autographing New Seekers' programmes or a member of the audience shouting "We want Peter Oliver" but you get the distinct impression that the idea of the New Seekers is bigger than the actual group."

 Record Mirror & Disc

21st August 1976
Finders Seekers (page 7)
by Rosalind Russell

The New Seekers new line-up was featured on the front cover of Record Mirror & Disc. Inside (on page 7) there was an interview with Marty Kristian.

 TV Times, 13th - 19th November 1976.

Have the New Seekers found perfect harmony?
by Kenneth Passingham

This edition of the TV Times (Volume 85, No. 47) included a feature article on the recently re-formed New Seekers. "However, now the group has returned with the same mix as before - two girls (Eve Graham with Kathy Ann Rae replacing Lyn Paul) and three men (Marty, Paul and Danny) - is there not a danger of history repeating itself yet again?"

New Seekers.

New Seekers
Pictured (left to right): Paul Layton, Kathy Ann Rae, Marty Kristian, Eve Graham and Danny Finn.
Copyright © Chris Walter. Photo used with permission.
See more of Chris Walters' photographs at the Photofeatures website.

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TV Library

TV Cream

TV Rocket


Lyn Paul made many television appearances in 1977, among them a guest spot on the Little & Large Tellyshow ...

In the Summer Lyn appeared with Freddie Starr at the Winter Gardens, Margate. The shows were too "blue" for some but Lyn wasn't having any of it. She wrote to the Daily Mirror to set the record straight.


Vol. 89, No. 8, 26th February 1977
From The Music Capitals Of The World (page 79)
"New recording deals for Lyn Paul (ex-New Seekers) with Pye..."

 Look-in, No. 12, week ending 19th March 1977, pages 14-17.

The New Seekers Chapter Three

The "junior TV Times" featured the 1977 line-up of the New Seekers as a centre page pin-up. The double-page poster was accompanied by an article on the group, which mentioned that Lyn Paul had first met Eve Graham in the Manchester band The Nocturnes and that Lyn had been replaced in the "new" New Seekers by Kathy Ann Rae.

 TV Times, 30th April - 6th May 1977, page 26.

A butterfly folds her wings
by Dave Lanning

A short interview with Lyn to promote her appearance on The Little & Large Tellyshow on 2nd May, along with fellow guests the Stylistics and Berni Flint.

Asked about her love life, Lyn said: "I don't have a love to keep secret ... My old butterfly social days are gone."

 Isle of Thanet Gazette, 17th June 1977.

Starry Nights Ahead, Freddie?
by Susan Haines

Susan Haines previewed the forthcoming Summer Season in Margate. The article was accompanied by photos of Lyn Paul with Mike Burton and with Freddie Starr.

"Freddie's unique brand of comedy is complemented in the show by the glamour of ex-New Seeker Lyn Paul ...

She became internationally known while singing with the New Seekers until they disbanded in 1974. Since then the group has re-formed without Lyn, who has made a name for herself in her own right."

 Isle of Thanet Gazette, 24th June 1977.

Susan Haines

Show kicks off to a lively start: funny Freddie gets 'em laughing

"Lyn Paul adds glamour and an attractive deep voice to the show ... audiences can appreciate her confidence and professionalism as a performer - she is definitely something more than a singer."

 Daily Mirror, Thursday, 14th July 1977.

Blue? It's Kid's stuff!

Lyn Paul
wrote to the Daily Mirror in defence of Freddie Starr.

"Comedian Freddie Starr has been accused of putting on a "blue" show at the seaside.

I, and the rest of the cast appearing with him, feel this is a slur on Freddie.

My parents are taking my 11-year-old brother and sister, nine, to the theatre, which they would not do if they thought there were anything unsuitable for children.

The audiences certainly like it because the applause is deafening at the end of each performance."

Lyn Paul
Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent.

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Lyn Paul continued to pop on our television screens in 1978, appearing on variety shows with the likes of Dave Evans and Freddie Starr.


Vol. 90, No. 38, 23rd September 1978

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 84)
"Engagement to wed announced between Eve Graham and Danny Finn of the New Seekers."

 The Stage & Television Today, 9th March 1978.

The Stage highlighted some of Lyn Paul's forthcoming TV appearances: "We'll be seeing a lot of Lyn on our screens in the next month or so. Apart from the Dave Evans' show, agent Tony Birmingham tells me he's now fixed her up with spots in a Freddie Starr special, an appearance on Pebble Mill At One, with a couple of other shows in the pipeline ..."

 Swindon Advertiser, Friday, 28th April 1978.

Top of the Flops Shock

The Swindon Advertiser reported that the town had "snubbed a concert by top pop group The New Seekers... Only 300 tickets had been sold today from the 1,500 on offer for tomorrow evening’s concert at the Oasis." The concert, sponsored by Swindon Lions, "was planned to raise more than £3,000 for a minibus for handicapped youngsters."

 TV Times, 29th April - 5th May 1978.

Saturday Showtime

The TV Times previewed An Evening With Dave Evans. Guests on the show included Lyn Paul and Acker Bilk.

 21st May 1978

Why Miss Paul is still seeking her Mr. Right
by Ivan Waterman

Lyn talked to Ivan Waterman about living at home and life on the road: "I can't see what's strange about living at home ... I'm with my best pals and I have all the independence I need as well."

The main drawbacks of her solo career, she revealed, were "going back to empty dressing rooms or hotel rooms" and meeting 'Mr. Right': "In this business the type of man I like - reserved, not flashy - isn't easy to find."

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Lyn Paul had planned to marry Vince McCaffrey in February but it wasn't "meant to be". The wedding was postponed to April when Lyn was suddenly offered a two-week engagement in Saudi Arabia, then...

 Reveille!, Friday, 6th April 1979, page 29.

Sexy - but love starved: show-offs are really just covering up

According to Reveille! "Women who wear low-cut dresses, see-through blouses and slashed skirts look sexy - but they are longing for love."

Lyn Paul is quoted as saying: "I don't wear sexy clothes often - I think it pays to leave it to a man's imagination."

 Easter Mirror, Thursday, 12th April 1979, page 3.

I don't, I don't, I don't

The Easter edition of the Daily Mirror reported that Lyn Paul had called off her plans to marry Vince McCaffrey for the third time. Lyn is quoted as saying:"We've called the wedding off again because the house we were buying has fallen through."

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