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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 1970s

During the early 1970s it was hard to find a UK pop magazine that didn't feature Lyn Paul and the New Seekers. This page lists just a few of the articles that appeared at the time. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
1975 1976 1977 1978 1979

Melanie, 2nd February 1974 (front cover featuring Marty Kristian).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
2nd February 1974.

Music Star, 16th February 1974 (front cover featuring Marty Kristian).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
Music Star,
16th February 1974.

Popswop No. 73 (front cover).

Eve Graham
Lyn Paul
pictured on the
front cover of
No. 73,
23rd February 1974.

Mirabelle, 18th May 1974 (front cover featuring the New Seekers).

The New Seekers
pictured on the
front cover of
18th May 1974.

Music Star, 1st June 1974 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
Music Star,
1st June 1974.

Music Star, 31st August 1974 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
Music Star,
31st August 1974.



The Sun

Music Papers

(New Musical


The New Seekers announced that the group was splitting up. Lyn Paul embarked on her solo career.

The Australian Women's Weekly
Beat Instrumental
Daily Express
Daily Mail
Disco 45
Evening News
Fabulous 208 with Hit!
Fan with Music Scene
Melody Maker
Miss London
Music Star / It's Here! And Now!

New Musical Express
Record & Radio Mirror
Record Song Book
The Stage & Television Today
The Sun
Tiger Beat
Tiger Beat's FaVe
The Times

 The Australian Women's Weekly, April 1974, page 102.

The New Seekers ... prepare to go solo
by Camilla Beach

At the same time that the announcement of a general election was made in the UK, the New Seekers held a press conference to tell the world that they were splitting up. As Camilla Beach's article says: "Neither announcement came as a surprise." The news of the split had leaked out the previous evening and Lyn Paul is reported as saying: "My mother's been up all night with crying fans."

The article mostly quotes Marty Kristian, who pointed out the parallel with The Seekers:

"Our careers together followed almost the same cycle as the original Seekers, who broke up when Judith Durham wanted to go it on her own."

Asked about going solo, Eve Graham said she wanted to sing to more sophisticated audiences and leave 'Seeker fever' behind her. Commenting on Lyn's solo plans, Eve said:

"If you've seen Lyn in cabaret you'll know she's going to be another Liza Minnelli."

 Beat Instrumental, No. 130, March 1974

Studio Playback (page 58)

A short news item on the seven-day-a-week service offered by Sam Studios, which had been able to beat the power cuts by hiring a generator. The New Seekers were mentioned aa one of the acts "taking advantage of Sam's seven-day week... finishing off prospective singles produced by Tony Macaulay and Tommy Oliver." The news item was accompanied by a small balck and white photograph of Marty Kristian.


Vol. 86, No. 6, 9th February 1974

Inside Track (page 62)
"Marlo Thomas in New York promoting her March 11 ABC-TV special Free To Be... You And Me, inspired by the Bell Records album she produced with Carol Hart last year. The musical variety hour feature Roberta Flack, Michael Jackson, Kris Krsitofferson, Rita Coolidge, Dustin Hoffman, and from the LP, Rosey Grier, the New Seekers and Mel Brooks..."

Vol. 86, No. 16, 20th April 1974

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 48)
"Lyn Paul has become the first member of the disbanding New Seekers to reveal her future plans. She has signed a worldwide management contract with Tony Barrow Management, a company formed by publishers Tony Barrow and Bess Coleman... Later this year it is expected that Lyn Paul will make a number of TV and cabaret appearances as well as featuring in a West End season and guesting on a concert tour."

Vol. 86, No. 19, 11th May 1974

Rak, EMI Score Impressive Gains: British Mart Survey (page 72)
Billboard reported on the British Market Research Bureau's survey of the January-March period. "Top acts were - Singles: Alvin Stardust, Magnet (Male), New Seekers, Polydor (Group) and Suzi Quatro, Rak (Female)... "

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 74)
"The management and production arms of the Gem Toby Organization are still being stopped by the High Court from receiving money from Polydor earned by the New Seekers. The group, who have issued a writ against GTO... were granted continued injunctions last Friday..."

Vol. 86, No. 27, 6th July 1974

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 38)
"Former Magnet Records director Ann Bishop... intends to launch the New Settlers as a replacement for the New Seekers."

Vol. 86, No. 37, 14th September 1974

BBC's BEEB to Bow With Maxi-Single (page 56)
"The BBC's new BEEB pop label will be launched next week... The first Show Of The Week album will be released in November or December... Among the artists who will be featured on the first LP will be Harry Secombe, Morecambe & Wise, Olivia Newton-John, Cilia Black, Cliff Richard, the New Seekers, James Last and Sacha Distel."

Vol. 86, No. 50, 14th December 1974

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 56)
"London - Former New Seeker Peter Oliver, who replaced Peter Doyle in the now defunct vocal group, touring Australia in January, in effort to build a solo career."

New Talent Flood in U.K. (page 74, continued from page 1)
"Vocal teams like the Reflections, Rain, Design and Love Together vie for the gap left by the split of the New Seekers."


No. 15, 4th April 1974

Issue no. 15 of the German magazine Bravo featured Peter Oliver of the New Seekers on the front cover. Inside the group was featured in an article titled 'Abschied für immer?' ('Split for ever?').


No. 133, 4th June 1974

Bunty was a weekly comic for girls. The first edition of June featured a back page colour photo of the New Seekers.

 Daily Express, 30th July 1974

Chaos, but then Lyn triumphs
by Ron Royle

Reviewing Lyn Paul's opening night show at the Fiesta, Stockton-on-Tees, Ron Royle wrote: "The girl's got talent - too much to be submerged forever in a group dedicated to pleasant predictable sing-along pop..." Despite an early mishap with a cordless radio microphone, he reported that "an hour later the audience was stamping and whistling for encores."

 Daily Mail, Thursday, 7th February 1974

It's the end, say New Seekers
by Roderick Gilchrist

An article reporting the New Seekers' decision to go their separate ways. Lyn Paul, it says, "wants to dance and sing in the Liza Minnelli style". Lyn herself is quoted as saying:

"Although we all love each other very much I think that if we stay together for very much longer it will be bad for us as individuals.
We could go on churning out hits for some time to come but we are all progressive people and we want to stretch ourselves further ... We all feel we've got to make this break for our own good."


Diana, No. 569
The weekly fashion and music magazine for teenage girls often included items on the New Seekers.

No. 569, 12th January 1974
Pin-ups of Marty Kristian, The Osmonds and the Williams twins.

No. 570, 19th January 1974
The New Seekers were the centre-page pin-up.

No. 575, 23rd February 1974
The edition dated 23rd February included a double-page colour pin-up of Peter, Paul and Marty of the New Seekers.

No. 582, 13th April 1974
A boy, a guitar and a cat called Piggles: Peter Oliver talks to Dick Tatham, Part 1 (page 6)


26th January 1974
New Seekers LP uses old Beatles tuness
A short news item about the New Seekers' forthcoming album Together plus a small photo of Marty Kristian.

2nd February 1974
Disc went on tour with the New Seekers. This edition featured interviews with Lyn Paul, Eve Graham and Marty Kristian.

16th February 1974, page 14
The Split
by Ray Fox-Cumming

An interesting article about the break-up of the New Seekers, which included quotes from each member of the group. The article also analysed their chances of future success.

Lyn Paul hit back at press reports of her supposed ambition to be the next Liza Minnelli:

"I'm a bit annoyed that one of the national papers said that I wanted to be like Liza Minnelli because the way it was put people are going to say 'Who the hell does Lyn Paul think she is?' I only said that to try to give the reporter some idea of the kind of act I'm aiming at."

And the Disc prediction for Lyn?

"Lyn looks set to become one of the greats of the British cabaret circuit. She's a natural comedienne and her humour extends to her dancing, which has played a vital part in her solo spots with the New Seekers. Since she's worked as a solo artiste in the past she knows the ropes. Now, with the help of the publicity she's gained through being a member of the group, her future career looks certain to be a success."

16th March 1974
LP review: Together

20th April 1974
As the New Seekers prepared to go their separate ways, Disc published a short interview with Lyn Paul. The interview was accompanied by a small picture.

11th May 1974
Short interview and picture.

29th June 1974
News item and picture

17th August 1974
Squeakers Bye Bye ...
Album review: Farewell Album
by the Disc panel

The Disc review of the New Seekers' Farewell Album in August was less complimentary than the article about them in February.

"A case of too much of the girls spoiling the show."

5th October 1974
Concert review and picture

26th October 1974
Short interview and picture

 Disco 45

No. 42, April 1974
The April issue of Disco 45 included the lyrics of the New Seekers' Top 5 hit I Get A Little Sentimental Over You (page 7).

 Evening News

Wednesday, 15th May 1974
After New Seekers... (page 2)

A short article that posed the question; "Who is going to fill the middle-of-the-road entertainment spot when the New Seekers break up?" The answer: "My vote goes to Springfield Revival... They look good and make a great job of the ballads."

Read the item in full at Google News.

 Fabulous 208 with Hit!

Fabulous 208 and Hit! started life as separate magazines. The New Seekers were featured regularly in both. That continued to be the case when the two magazines combined. By the end of 1974 Fabulous 208 had also merged with Melanie.

23rd February 1974
The edition of 23rd February included a colour pin-up of the New Seekers.

16th March 1974
Another colour pin-up, this time of Peter, Paul and Marty from the New Seekers.

27th April 1974
Fab 208 (now minus Hit!) said a "special farewell" to the New Seekers with a full-page colour pin-up.
Fabulous 208, 22nd June 1974 (front cover).
18th May 1974
In Place - Getting a little sentimental... (page 7)
A snippet of news accompanied by a small photo about the New Seekers' last show at The Rainbow.
Darlin' Dozen (pages 16-17)
A cut out and fold dodecagon featuring photos of 11 male pop stars, among them Marty Kristian.

22nd June 1974
Seeking New Pastures (page 10)
Fab 208 bid farewell to the New Seekers with a page of colour photos - one of the group and one each of Peter, Marty, Eve and Lyn.

20th July 1974
In Place - Lyn's dance of delight (page 7)
Fab 208 included a snippet of news about Lyn Paul's appearance on the Granada TV pop show 45, filmed at Bramall Hall .

 Fan with Music Scene

Fan, No. 27 (front cover featuring David Cassidy).
No. 27, November 1974
Marty, Paul & Danny were featured in an edition which promised the "latest & greatest David Cassidy pin-ups".


No. 524, 19th January 1974
This edition of Jackie included a pin-up of the New Seeker 'boys', Peter, Paul and Marty.

No. 526, 2nd February 1974
Lyn's Secret Love! Pete Meets Lyn Paul (page 22)
Lyn chatted about fashion ("I like anything pretty, with feminine sleeves, flared or gathered at the wrist"); make-up ("I used to change my make-up every week, but then I found Clinique"); and boyfriends ("My last romance lasted several years but it's no good getting really close to someone who's very much involved in the music business, it just doesn't work out").
Jackie, No. 535 (front cover).
No. 530, 2nd March 1974
Pleasure Seeker
A three-quarter page interview with Marty Kristian accompanied by two black and white photos.

No. 535, 6th April 1974
Issue no. 535 of Jackie had a colour pin-up of the New Seekers on the back cover.

No. 539, 4th May 1974
Issue no. 539 waved a fond farewell to the New Seekers, with a colour pin-up of Marty Kristian and a double-page colour pin-up of the group.

No. 563, 19th October 1974
Lyn's new life
A half-page article about Lyn Paul with a black and white photo.

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.


2nd February 1974
The front cover featured a small photo of Marty Kristian and invited readers to 'Get to know Marty Kristian' and ''Find the Loch Ness monster - oooh!'
6th April 1974
The 6th April edition of Melanie included a double-page colour pin-up of the New Seekers.

11th May 1974
Inside: "Crazy ideas to brighten your room; The Hollies, New Seekers, Ben Murphy; Round-the-clock fashion - it's fun!"

5th October 1974
Inside: "Nighties to snuggle up in; What beauty sleep can do for you" plus the Bay City Rollers, David Essex, Queen and the New Seekers.

 Melody Maker, 3rd August 1974.

Lyn Paul
by Clive Armitage

In his review of Lyn's solo début at the Fiesta Club, Stockton-on-Tees, Clive Armitage wrote: "the girl is a trouper and there is a lot more to Lyn than we ever saw in the [New] Seekers... Her style really shone through in her interpretations of the Judy Garland number Nobody's Baby and in scores such as Dream Baby, expertly adapted by musical director John Franklin..."

 Mirabelle / Mirabelle with Valentine

Marty Kristian continued to be featured in his own regular column in Mirabelle, so did Lyn Paul and Eve Graham.

2nd February 1974
Joining Marty's Party and the other regular columns - an exclusive new column: "with love from the Osmonds!"

16th February 1974
Gary Glitter was the front cover star; Marty Kristian was the back page pin-up (in black and white).

9th March 1974
This edition of Mirabelle featured Marie Osmond on the front cover. Marty Kristian and Peter Oliver were featured inside.

4th May 1974
Marc Bolan was featured on the front cover. Inside: "Personal letters from Marie, Brian, Marty, Osmonds".

18th May 1974
Super New Seekers Special
This claimed to be "their last ever interview as the New Seekers." The magazine came with a free flexi-disc.

29th June 1974
Brian Connolly of The Sweet was the cover star. Inside: David Bowie, David Cassidy, Marty Kristian and the Osmonds.

27th July 1974
Joining the other regular letters from David Cassidy, Marty Kristian and the Osmonds, "A Letter From Linda McCartney".

14th September 1974
This edition featured Marty Kristian on the front cover.

12th October 1974
This edition featured pin-ups of David Cassidy and his half-brother Shaun, a pin-up of Donny Osmond and Jimmy Osmond eating cakes and a pin-up of Marty, Paul & Danny on the back page.

26th October 1974
Sparks were featured on the front cover. Inside there was a two-page interview with Marty Kristian, who was also the centrespread pin-up.

21st December 1974
Sparks were featured on the front cover again. Inside: "Letters from David, Osmonds, Bowie, Russ, Marty, Queen".

 Miss London

16th April 1974
This edition of Miss London featured Lyn Paul.

 Music Star / It's Here! And Now!

A year after it launched, Music Star merged with It's Here! And Now!. Essentially it was a take over by Music Star; the It's Here! And Now! title was dropped from the front cover after only four issues.
Music Star / It's Here! And Now! 19th January 1974 (front cover featuring the Osmonds).
No. 51, 12th January 1974
This was the last issue of Music Star before it merged with It's Here! And Now!. Gary Glitter was featured on the front page. Pin-ups included: David Cassidy, David Essex, Marty Kristian, Ben Murphy and Alan Osmond.

No. 52, 19th January 1974
The first combined issue of Music Star and It's Here! And Now! featured the Osmonds on the front cover. The Popping In feature from It's Here! And Now! was incorporated into the new magazine. Marty Kristian and Donna Jones both got a mention (page 22). There was also a small photo of Marty.

No. 53, 26th January 1974
David Essex was the cover star. Inside: pin-ups of Brian Connolly, Paul McCartney and Peter Oliver.
Music Star, 2nd February 1974.
No. 54, 2nd February 1974
Come Back Peter
Peter Doyle
was featured in a single-page article with colour pictures.
Magical music star moments with Marty
Marty Kristian
was also featured in a single-page article with black and white photos.
Promised in the following week's issue: "Why Lyn and Eve have no time for boys".

No. 55, 9th February 1974
All girls together 'cos they've no time for boys
Lyn Paul
and Eve Graham were featured in a full-page article with pictures.

No. 56, 16th February 1974
Marty Kristian was pictured on the front cover of the Valentine's Day issue of Music Star, now minus It's Here! And Now!.

No. 57, 23rd February 1974
Brian Connolly of Sweet was featured on the front cover. Inside: "Donny and Jimmy face death", "What makes Slade crazee?" and an article on the New Seekers.
Music Star, 9th March 1974.
No. 58, 2nd March 1974
All the usual suspects - David Cassidy on the cover; pin-ups inside of Donny Osmond, Alvin Stardust and Peter Oliver (mistakenly identified as Peter Doyle).

No. 59, 9th March 1974
Noddy Holder of Slade was featured on the front cover. Inside, the New Seekers were that week's centre page pin-up and Marty Kristian was featured in a three-page article, Mind Over Marty, in which he talked about his interest in yoga. (pages 23-25). There was also a snippet of news about the New Seekers' third season at London's Talk Of The Town (page 26).

No. 60, 16th March 1974
David Essex was the cover star. Marty Kristian was featured in an article inside, Marty's ABC (page 6).
Music Star, 23rd March 1974 (front cover featuring Brian Connolly.
No. 61, 23rd March 1974
Brian Connolly of the Sweet was the cover star. Paul Layton of the New Seekers was featured in an article inside, "Shy? Paul? Never!"

No. 62, 30th March 1974
Included the lyrics to I Get A Little Sentimental Over You, an article about Lyn Paul ("What terrifies Lyn Paul?") and a pin-up of Peter Oliver.

No. 68, 11th May 1974
Springfield Revival got a brief mention on the Scribble In page. Promised in the following week's issue: "Why has Bowie got his eye on you? What makes Barry Blue? What is Paul Layton like at home?"

No. 69, 18th May 1974
At Home with Paul Layton
A three-page colour photo-feature of Paul Layton at home.
Music Star, 18th May 1974.
No. 70, 25th May 1974
The Scribble In page revealed: "Eve Graham and Marty Kristian certainly aren't going steady, much less getting married. Where on earth do you get these ideas? They're just good friends - literally."

No. 71, 1st June 1974
Marty Kristian was the cover star of this issue. Inside there were pin-ups of the Glitter Band, the Jackson 5 and Slade and a half-page interview with Paul Layton, On Time for Layton (page 30).

No. 74, 22nd June 1974
The New Seekers had split up but Marty Kristian was still as popular as ever. Music Star featured him (shirtless) as the centrefold pin-up.

No. 84, 31st August 1974
This week's cover star? Yes, Marty Kristian again. Inside a feature on "the band that Marty built."

No. 85, 7th September 1974
Paul Layton was featured in an article 'Paul trots back', which was advertised on the front cover by the tag line: 'Paul Layton keeps a date with a horse'. Neigh, neigh and thrice neigh - as Frankie Howerd might say. Marty Kristian was one of the pin-ups.

No. 88, 28th September 1974
The cover carried a photo of Jimmy Osmond and promised 'The Wombles in colour part one'. Inside: if the feature on 'David Cassidy's big, big heart' didn't grab you, there was an article on Marty Kristian in which "Gipsy Marty tells all".

No. 91, 19th October 1974
The Music Starscope feature included an item on Peter Doyle titled Cheers Peter!.

No. 93, 2nd November 1974
V. I. Paul
Music Star's 'Creepy Halloween Issue' featured Noddy Holder on the front cover and included a photo-feature on Lyn Paul taken during the filming Val Meets The VIPs.

 New Musical Express

16th February 1974, page 28
Shed a Tear for the New Seekers
A half-page interview and picture.

23rd March 1974, page 18
LP review: Together
by Charles Shaar Murray


Petticoat, 23rd November 1974.
23rd November 1974

Lyn Paul was included in a two-page feature titled 'The most outrageous thing I’ve ever done’ along with Tony Blackburn, Terry de Havilland, Mick Robertson of Magpie, Anne Nightingale and Dave Lee Travis.


No. 42, 5th January 1974
Suzi Quatro was on the front cover with a 2-page article about her inside; Peter Oliver was the back page pin-up with a single-page interview and smaller photo of him inside.

No. 91, 21st December 1974
The New Seekers' Peter Oliver was featured as the back-page pin-up.


No. 69, 26th January 1974
Donny Osmond was the cover star; inside there were pin-ups of Junior Campbell, Alice Cooper and Jim Lea and a double-page pin-up of Marty Kristian.

No. 71, 9th February 1974
Dave Hill of Slade was featured on the front cover with bandmate Jim Lea on the back page. Inside the centre-page pin-up was Peter Oliver of the New Seekers.
Popswop, No. 74 (front cover featuring David Essex).
No. 72, 16th February 1974
Popsters' Valentine Secrets
Lyn Paul was one of the 'popsters' pictured in an article about Valentine's Day, co-incidentally published on Lyn's birthday.

No. 73, 23rd February 1974
Lyn Paul and Eve Graham were pictured on the front cover Popswop No. 73. The Ask Lyn and Eve problem page, on which "the two lovely ladies from the New Seekers" offered readers some "sound advice", was on page 13. Backchat Seekers' Tour

No. 74, 2nd March 1974
Backchat "Those chart toppers the New Seekers have a new album out this month, titled Together... Talking of the New Seekers as we were, they commence their third season at London's Talk Of The Town from Monday March 4 until Saturday March 24. This is followed by their British tour dates"

No. 76, 16th March 1974
Included a pin-up of the New Seekers' 'boys': Peter, Paul and Marty.
Popswop, No. 76 (front cover).
No. 77, 23rd March 1974
It's a fond farewell from the New Seekers (page 3)
In this feature Lyn Paul explained how the New Seekers' decision to split had come about:

"I'd thought for some time that I'd like to make the break and have a go at being a solo singer ... But then Eve said she'd like to go solo as well, and the boys didn't want to go on with such a different line-up. So that's why the split."

Also in issue 77: Ask Lyn and Eve (page 10).

No. 78, 30th March 1974
Have you ever been an April fool?
A two-page article featureing David Bowie, David Essex, Ian Hunter, Lynsey de Paul, Lyn Paul and Rod Stewart.

No. 79, 6th April 1974
Included the lyrics of the New Seekers' latest hit, I Get A Little Sentimental Over You.

No. 80, 13th April 1974
In addition to the regular Ask Lyn and Eve column (page 10), there was a snippet on the Back Chat page titled Pet Sounds about Eve Graham and a dog called Elephant (page 8).

No. 82, 27th April 1974
Issue 82 of Popswop featured a double-page pin-up calendar of the New Seekers as well as Ask Lyn and Eve (page 18) and an advert for the next week's issue which included a black and white photo of Marty Kristian (page 27).
Popswop, No. 83 (front cover featuring David Cassidy).
No. 83, 4th May 1974
As promised the week before, a pin-up of Marty Kristian (page 8). On the reverse side there was a news item about Lyn Paul, which revealed that she could "be heard singing the soundtrack music of a new movie called The Dove" (Screen Seeker, page 7). Along side this there was a photo of Lyn with the film's producer Gregory Peck, The weekly Ask Lyn And Eve column was on page 22.

No. 87, 1st June 1974
What's in store for the New Seekers? (pages 15-18)
As their careers together were coming to an end, each member of the New Seekers talked about their future plans. Lyn was quoted as saying:

"I want to get away from the Seekers' image, but at the same time I know a lot of people will know me because of that, so I'll still be doing things like 'Get A Little Sentimental' and 'Another Fool' ... I'm using two male dancers in the act, so there'll be a lot more dancing. After all, I've been taking dancing lessons for about 23 years now, so I want to use them!"

Also in issue no.87: Ask Lyn (page 12) and The Name Game! (page 19) - a competition to find nicknames for Marty and Paul.

No. 89, 15th June 1974
The New Seekers were mentioned on the Back Chat page with an accompanying small photo of the group.

No. 90, 22nd June 1974
At home with Eve Graham (page 24).

No. 97, 10th August 1974
MPD - that's Marty, Paul & Danny (page 3).
Lyn Launches Out (page 6).
Ask Lyn (page 18).

No. 98, 17th August 1974
'Smashing colour posters' of Alvin Stardust and Cockney Rebel and a centrespread pin-up of Marty, Paul & Danny.

No. 103, 21st September 1974
TV for Lyn
The Backchat column featured an item of news about Lyn Paul: "Lyn Paul has another grand single out, and its release date is scheduled for late September. And at exactly the same time Lyn will be making a guest appearance on the Golden Shot... During October Lyn will be starting a British tour with the fabulous Johnny Mathis."

 Record & Radio Mirror

12th January 1974
With the New Seekers' single You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me still stuck at no. 2 the 'chart chatter' centered around the other contenders for no. 1: "Faces, Golden Earring and Cozy Powell could take over the top spot next week from Slade but odds on it going to Leo Sayer" (page 2).

19th January 1974
"How about, say it again, how about the New Seekers at one. That's [a] surprise, that's pretty shattering... " (page 2).

26th January 1974
Mud's Tiger Feet took over the top spot. "The New Seekers go down to five after their amazing sudden spurt to the top last time" (page 2).

2nd February 1974
Ten weeks on the chart and the New Seekers' single You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me was back up to no.3. "Mud continue to rule, Sweet stay at two, the New Seekers continue to sell like mad..." (page 2)."

16th February 1974
Now who will teach the world to sing?
News that the New Seekers were splitting up, accompanied by a photo of the group.

23rd February 1974
Before they disband - the New Seekers on: Life ... Love ... and Marriage

9th March 1974
Concert review

23rd March 1974
LP review and picture: Together

20th April 1974, page 20.
'Nobody touches my Family'
A full-page interview with Lyn Paul.
Record & Radio Mirror, 27th April 1974 (front cover featuring Paper Lace).
27th April 1974
The question on the front page: "who will follow the NEW SEEKERS?"

11th May 1974
Seekers gold

13th July 1974
The Rubettes were pictured on the front cover. Lyn Paul was featured inside.

3rd August 1974
Old Seeker has new sex appeal
The review of Lyn's first solo show since leaving the New Seekers began: "Sunday night at Stockton's Club Fiesta saw the start of what promises to be a crowd-pulling solo career from es-New Seeker Lyn Paul." It went on to say: "The act was a combination of Cilla Black type comedy and the sexy subtleness of an Eartha Kitt, with a dash of the Lionel Blair's thrown in for good measure... the finest part was her twenty-minute extravaganza in which she did a send up of dance crazes from the Thirties to the present day, during which she did six on stage dress changes."

New Seekers, Farewell Album
This edition of Record Mirror also featured a review of the New Seekers' Farewell Album, accompanied by a photo of the group.

10th August 1974
Wishful Danny’s big big chance

7th September 1974
Exclusive • The Lost Seeker: Peter Doyle talks for the first time of his lonely year of misery (page 13).
A full-page interview with Peter Doyle with two black and white photos.
Bubbling at the top (page 18).
The week after she had performed Who's Sorry Now on the Cliff Richard show, Record Mirror reported on Lyn's new look: "Completing the new image she's making for herself as a solo artist, Lyn Paul has gone bubbly! Hair-wise that is..."

 Record Song Book: Words of 30 Hits

1.4.74 Record Song Book featured the lyrics to 30 hits, among them the New Seekers' I Get A Little Sentimental Over You (page 2).

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Sounds, 9th March 1974.

Single review (with picture)
I Get A Little Sentimental Over You

 The Stage & Television Today

No. 4846, 28th February 1974, page 9.
Drawing the town: New Seekers at the 'Talk'
The Stage & Television Today reported that the box office at The Talk Of The Town had been busier than usual "with the news that the three-week engagement of the New Seekers" would be "the group's last London season" prior to a farewell tour.

No. 4850, 28th March 1974, page 24.
News that Lyn Paul, "blonde songstress with the soon-to-disband New Seekers", had made her first solo recording was included on the Light Entertainment page. "She can be heard on the soundtrack of The Dove singing the love theme - Sail The Summer Winds writeen by John Barry and Don Black."

No. 4853, 25th April 1974, page 3.
Lyn signs new management agreement
The Stage & Television Today reported that Lyn Paul, "lead songstress with the New Seekers has left the group to sign an exclusive worldwide management contract with Tony Barrow Management Limited..."

No. 4855, 2nd May 1974, page 24.
The Stage & Television Today included a full-page advert for Lyn Paul in 'The Lyn Paul Show'.

No. 4856, 9th May 1974, page 3.
New Seekers gold disc
The Light Entertainment section of The Stage & Television Today included a photo of Lyn Paul being presented with a gold disc for sales in excess of half a million copies of the single You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me.

No. 4866, 18th July 1974, page 3.
The Light Entertainment section of The Stage & Television Today included a photo of "lovely Lyn Paul" ahead of her cabaret appearances in Stockton.

No. 4869, 8th August 1974, page 24.
Following her début appearances at Stockton's Club Fiesta, The Stage & Television Today carried a full-page advertisment for Lyn Paul in 'The Lyn Paul Show', which quoted reviews from the Daily Express, Melody Maker and Record & Radio Mirror.

 The Sun, Saturday, 18th May 1974, page 15.

Farewell, Folks!
The New Seekers bow out on a top note

by Margaret Forwood

A report on the Sun TV Awards ceremony at which the New Seekers were presented with the award for Best Pop Act. Receiving the award from Neil Sedaka, Lyn Paul is quoted as saying: "We're sad to be breaking up, but we'll see you all again soon"

 Tiger Beat

Volume 10, Number 6, February 1974
New Seekers quit singing career to clean up America! (page 18)
A short news article reporting that the New Seekers had been seen "sweeping the streets of our nation's capital and polishing statues for the filming of public service film presently on television."

Letting the cat out of the bag (page 74)
A snippet about Eve Graham's and Marty Kristian's appearance on the US television show The New Dating Game.

 Tiger Beat's FaVE

Volume 7, Number 11, March 1974, page 68
Group Happenings: catching up with the New Seekers
A half-page article summarising the New Seekers' touring and recording plans. It was accompanied by a photo of Eve, Paul, Marty and Lyn. No Peter!

 The Times, Thursday, 16th May 1974, page 17.

New Seekers' last shows must be recorded
Law Report May 15 1974
Court of Appeal
GTO Productions Ltd. v. New Seekers Ltd. and Others

The Times reported on an interlocutory appeal by GTO Productions Ltd. granting the company "an interim injunction to restrain New Seekers Ltd. ... and five individuals constituting the New Seekers group from committing any act or omission which would tend to frustrate, vitiate or prevent the recording by the recording company of the defendants' performances at the Shakespeare Theatre Club, Liverpool, on May 16, 17 and 18 ... until further order or agreement between the parties."


Tina was a teen magazine in the UK - and in Yugoslavia.

2nd January 1974
The New Seekers were the back-page pin-up (page 48). Inside there was a snippet of news, saying that the group members were now resting after their US tour: "Lyn Paul in Cyprus... Marty Kristian in Venice."(page 31). The New Seekers' single You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me was number 1 in the Yugoslavian charts.


August 1974

Lyn Paul was featured on the front cover of an edition of Titbits in August 1974. Great interview inside.

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