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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 1970s

During the early 1970s it was hard to find a UK pop magazine that didn't feature Lyn Paul and the New Seekers. This page lists just a few of the articles that appeared at the time. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
1975 1976 1977 1978 1979

Radio Times (front cover).

Off to Eurovision!
The New Seekers
pictured on
the front cover
of the
Radio Times,
March 1972.

Mickie No. 6 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
No. 6,
November 1972.

Superstar '72 No. 10 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
Superstar '72
No. 10,
July 1972.

Superstar '72 No. 13 (back cover).

The New Seekers
pictured on the
back cover of
Superstar '72
No. 13,
October 1972.


New Seekers
pictured on the
front cover of
16th December 1972.

Valentine, 16th December 1972 (front cover).

Marty Kristian
pictured on the
front cover of
16th December 1972.


Music Papers

(New Musical


In terms of chart success the New Seekers ended 1972 second only to Marc Bolan's T. Rex. Their hits included the million-selling I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, the Eurovision entry Beg, Steal Or Borrow and Circles. Press coverage was relentless.

After Dark
Beat Instrumental
Daily Express
Disco 45
Evening Times
Fabulous 208
Ludington Daily News
Melody Maker
Music Scene
Muziek Expres
New Musical Express
Observer magazine
Princess Tina
Radio Times
Record Collector
Record Mirror
The Record Song Book
Rome News-Tribune
Schenectady Gazette
Shepherd's Bush Gazette
Superstar '72
Sydney Morning Herald
Teen Life
Teen World
The Times
TV Times [Australia]
TV Times [UK]
TV Week [Bakersfield, California]
TV Week [Western Australia]

 After Dark

April 1972, pages 36-37.
Finding the New Seekers
by Norma McLain Stoop

A fun interview with the New Seekers held during the group's engagement at St. Regis Maisonette.

Lyn Paul on songwriting: "One word, I've written so far!"

The interview is accompanied by a full-page picture of the New Seekers. There's also a full-page pin-up of a shirtless Marty Kristian (page 53).

 Beat Instrumental

Issue 110, July 1972, pages 70-71
Issue 110 of the UK magazine Beat Instrumental included a 2-page interview with the New Seekers - "We're no longer searching for our own identity".

Issue 115, December 1972, page 50
A New Seeker discovers a hot lick
by Derek Abrahams

An interview with Peter Doyle, which posed an interesting question: "Doyle's own musical background certainly hasn't helped him when it comes to playing with the group ... How long might it be before Doyle gets the yearning to return to the rock field?" Six months later the question had been answered.


Vol. 84, No. 1, 1st January 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 28)
"The New Seekers appeared in Japan for several concerts..."

Vol. 84, No.3, 15th January 1972

Spotlight Singles (page 67)
Top 60 Pop Spotlight

"Melanie hit the #1 spot with Brand New Key on her own label, Neighborhood. This earlier session on Buddah, a hit for the New Seekers, will also make a hefty Top 100 chart dent. Flip: What Have They Done To My Song (4:02)"

Vol. 84, No. 4, 22nd January 1972

Seekers 'World' Single Causes Pressing Problems (page 59)
"London - Demand for the I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing No. 1 hit single has reached such proportions that Polydor U.K. has been importing copies of its other best-selling singles to allow pressing on the New Seekers' record."

Vol. 84, No. 6, 5th February 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 50)
"The New Seekers were in Holland to tape a TV special to be screened later this month..."

Vol. 84, No. 7, 12th February 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 37)
"Johannesburg... British group the New Seekers, booked to tour the Republic in June, received gold disk award for chart-topping single Never Ending Song Of Love."

Vol. 84, No. 8, 19th February 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 53)
"Polydor has presented silver disks to the New Seekers to mark sales of 500,000 of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing."

Vol. 84, No. 10, 4th March 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 42)
"Britain's entry in the Eurovision song contest is Beg, Steal Or Borrow written by Tony Cole, Graeme Hall and Steve Wolfe... The record, by the New Seekers, will be released here by Polydor."

Vol. 84, No. 12, 18th March 1972

Int'l Talent For Dutch Music Gala (page 52)
"Amsterdam - The 12th Grand Gala du Disques, Holland's major popular music event, was held at the RAI-Congres Hall in Amsterdam on Feb 25... After the interval the concert bill included the Beach Boys, Ivan Rebroff, the New Seekers, Gilbert O'Sullivan, John Woodhouse, Labi Siffre, Rod McKuen, the Bee Gees and That Hildegard Knef. Topping the bill was Johnny Cash. The entire event was broadcast by AVRO radio and television."

Full-page advertisement promoting the 'Philips Artists in the Eurovision Song Contest, Edinburgh, March 25, 1972' (page 53)

Vol. 84, No. 13, 25th March 1972

400 Million Expected to View Euro TV (page 50)
Billboard reported that the BBC had estimated "that 400 million people will watch the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh." The news item was accompanied by a list of the 18 participants in the contest, amongst them the New Seekers.

Vol. 84, No. 15, 8th April 1972

Luxembourg Win '72 Eurovision Song Contest (page 48)
"Edinburgh - Eurovision song contestant Vicky Leandros, representing Luxembourg, won this year's Eurovision song contest held in the Usher Hall, here, March 25 with her song Après Toi. The song received 128 votes from the judges and was followed by the U.K. entry Beg, Steal Or Borrow sung by the New Seekers with 114 votes."

Vol. 84, No. 17, 22nd April 1972

British Decca No.1 in U.K. (page 52)
"London - A feature of the British Market Research Bureau's U.K. market survey for the first three months of 1972 is the strong representation achieved by British Decca on albums and singles... But while Decca was out front as the number one company on singles, Polydor, with big hits by the New Seekers, Slade and Bee Gees to its credit, outpaced RCA by 12.3% compared with 10.4%..."

Vol. 84, No. 25, 17th June 1972

New Radio Action and Billboard Pick Singles (page 70)

Vol. 84, No. 27, 1st July 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 46)
"The management team behind the New Seekers are launching a new group called Springfield Revival, formed at the suggestion of Mike Hurst, who was a member of the Springfields in the early part of the last decade... They will make their début with a bill-topping week at the Fiesta Club, Stockton, beginning July 30."

Vol. 84, No. 28, 8th July 1972

Album Reviews (page 45)

Elektra EKS-75034
"As in their past LPs, this delightful fivesome brings us some of the happiest and most tender music on the scene today..."

This editiion of Billboard also carried a news item about the New Seekers (page 48) who had been awarded a Golden Music Award for over 100,000 sales of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing in Japan and with gold records "in recognition of over 25.000 sales in South Africa of Never Ending Song Of Love."

Vol. 84, No. 30, 22nd July 1972

Phonogram In 8-track Cartridges (page 31)
"Polydor's initial 8-track release will comprise around 20 items taken from the company's pop and middle-of-the-road catalogs. Included will be albums by Bert Kaempfert, Jimi Hendrix, Melanie, Cream, Taste, Rory Gallagher, the New Seekers and David Rose."

Gem Cos & Toby Merge To Form Gem Toby Firm (page 75)
"London - Laurence Myers' Gem group of companies is merging with David Joseph's Toby firm to form a new company, the Gem Toby Organisation (GTO). David Joseph, now the sole manager of the New Seekers, is planning to move to Los Angeles within the next few months, when he will head an American office for GTO..."

Vol. 84, No. 32, 5th August 1972

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 23)
"The New Seekers, Elektra group, are part of Wow!, a summer television show on ABC..."

Vol. 84, No. 34, 19th August 1972

Polydor Sets Major Push on Tape in U.K. / Polydor Push Tape Plan
by Richard Robson (page 22, continued on page 27)
"Polydor is moving into the 8-track market next month with an initial release of 50 cartridges... The initial batch will include tapes by virtually every best-selling artist in Polydor's catalogues and among them will be albums by... the New Seekers."
"This Autumn will also see a particularly strong release of cassette product from Polydor and the introduction of a special cassette promotion centered on a unique New Seekers' tape called New Seekers Special and retailing at just under $2.50... None of the 10 tracks included on the tape - which will be released next month on cassette only - are now available on record; in fact seven of the items have never been issued before in any form."

Vol. 84, No. 35, 26th August 1972

Gold Awards Up 23% To 85 in First Half (page 64)
"New York - Gold record awards certification during the first half of 1972 rose more than 23% over the same period of 1971, according to RIAA... Gold records were awarded to... I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, The New Seekers (Elektra)."

Vol. 84, No. 37, 2nd September 1972

GTO Opens LA Offices (page 6)
"London - GTO, a division of Toby and Gem companies, has opened its first U.S. office in Los Angeles. The company represents New Seekers, Springfield Revival, Mike Hugg, Tony Macaulay and Gary Glitter.
The office was officially opened by GTO''s joint managing director, David Joseph, who during his stay in the U.S. will arrange 1973 tours for Springfield Revival and Mike Hugg.
Joseph's other U.S. activities will include negotiations for a possible television series featuring the New Seekers."

Vol. 84, No. 38, 9th September 1972

Biggest Drive Japanese In (page 42, continued from page 1)
by Hideo Eguchi
"Tokyo - The biggest record sales campaign ever to be held in Tokyo got under way Sept. 1 for a six-month run... Due in December and next January are Neil Diamond, John Denver, Neil Sedaka, the New Seekers and trumpet soloist Nino Rosso."

New Radio Action and Billboard Pick Singles: Pop (page 50)
"The Neil Young rhythm material is strong for the New Seekers loaded with top 40 and MOR potential. Flip: No info available."

Vol. 84, No. 42, 7th October 1972

UK Agency to US (page 13)
Los Angeles - Gem-Toby, a British management agency, has opened an office here headed by David Joseph. The agency's clients include the New Seekers, the Springfield Revival, Mike Hugg, John Pantry, Darryl Cotton and the Sarstedt Brothers..."

U.K. Disks - 46 Percent of Austrian Mkt (page 52)
"Vienna - British pop music accounts for an estimated 46% in the local singles charts... One British artist who has been very successful is Daniel Boone... Other popular artists in Austria include Middle of the Road, T. Rex, New Seekers, Jethro Tull and Slade."

Vol. 84, No. 47, 18th November 1972

This edition of Billboard featured a full-page advertisement for the New Seekers' first single for MGM/Verve, Come Softly To Me (page 9). The ad highlighted the group's appearance on CBS-TV's Sonny & Cher Show on Friday, 17th November.

The five members of the group were also featured in a photo with senior record industry executives (page 25). "Five company chiefs whose product was used on the first Arcade 20 Fantastic Hits album were presented with silver disks by the New Seekers at a reception last week to mark 500,000 sales of the album."

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 83)
"During his recent visit to America, Gem-Toby boss Laurence Myers concluded a new record deal for the New Seekers. Originally on Elektra, the group will now record for MGM and their first release under the new deal will be Come Softly To Me which will be released within two weeks."

Vol. 84, No. 48, 25th November 1972

From the Music Capitals of the World (page 12)
"Mike Curb and Stan Moress signed England's New Seekers to MGM-Verve contract while they were here for the Osmond Brothers' final show at Caesars Palace..."

Vol. 84, No. 50, 9th December 1972

Radio Action and Pick Singles (page 42)
Radio Happenings "New Seekers: first for MGM, Come Softly To Me, a pick at WBBQ (Atlanta)..."

Vol. 84, No. 51, 16th December 1972

Seekers to Do Solo Disks, Too (page 18)
"Los Angeles - MGM/Verve plans spinning off individual members of the New Seekers, the quintet it recently signed. Initial plans call for a teen marketing campaign for Marty Kristian... Eve Graham... will be developed for the middle of the road market."

Labels Begin Yule Campaign in U.K. (page 46)
"Polydor has Carols From Worcester Cathedral, Slayed? by Slade and The New Seekers Live at the Royal Albert Hall."

From The Music Capitals of the World (page 48)
"Cliff Richard's latest single in the U.K., Brand New Song, was co-produced by Paramor with New Seekers producer Dave McKay [sic]."

Album Reviews (page 53)
Come Softly To Me

Verve MV 5090
"The group's first LP entry for the label is by far one of their finest, both artistically and comercially."

Vol. 84, No. 52, 23rd December 1972

Elektra Sets Jan. Natl. Sales Meet (page 3)
Los Angeles - Elektra holds its second sales convention in Phoenix, Jan 4-7... Scheduled to perform are Aztec Two Step, Bread, Casey Kelly, Mickey Newbury and Sweet Salvation. In addition an hour-long feature film... will be shown... Artists in the film include Carly Simon, Judy Collins, Dana Cooper, Mickey Newbury, Billy Merritt, the New Seekers and French vocalist Veronique Sanson."


The New Seekers were often featured in the German pop magazine Bravo.

No. 8, 16th February 1972
This edition featured the lyrics to Good Old Fashioned Music alongside a small photo of the group (page 13).

No. 14, 29th March 1972
Four days after the group's appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, Beg, Steal Or Borrow was given a three-out-of-three star rating in the Bravo's Pop Express record reviews (page 14).
Bravo, No. 28 (front cover).
No. 19, 3rd May 1972
Das Hit-Haus der New Seekers (pages 2-3)
A double-page pin-up of the New Seekers plus...
Liebe verboten - Küsschen erlaubt
(pages 4-6)
A three-page feature on the New Seekers.

No 28, 5th July 1972
Marty Kristian: Karriere wie im Märchen (pages 34-35)
by K.E. Siegfried / photos by W Heilemann
A double-page feature on Marty Kristian, which opened with the following line: "The boss of the New Seekers is 25, blond - and was born in Germany."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Daily Express Sound '72 Album

Every Monday the Daily Express published a pop column titled Sound '72, written by Judith Simons and David Wigg.

The Sound '72 Album was a "picture and caption book" featuring black and white pictures of 53 of the top pop acts of the day. During the course of the year readers were invited to collect the colour picture cards published by the Daily Express and to stick these on top of their black and white equivalents in the album.

The New Seekers, described as "good clean fun", were among the stars pictured on the centre pages.


The weekly fashion and music magazine for teenage girls often included items on the New Seekers.
Diana, No. 463 (front cover).
No. 463, 1st January 1972.
The first edition of 1972 featured Marty Kristian, Ben Murphy and Sandie Shaw.

No. 468, 5th February 1972
This edition featured a full-page pin-up of the New Seekers (page 9).

No. 480, 29th April 1972
This edition featured a full-page pin-up of the New Seekers plus a page on Eve Graham.

No. 492, 22nd July 1972
Pin-ups of Marc Bolan and Robin Stewart plus a page on Paul Layton.

No. 506, 28th October 1972
David Cassidy was the cover star; the New Seekers were the back page pin-up.

No. 514, 23rd December 1972
Issue 514 featured a full-page pin-up of Marty Kristian.


8th January 1972
Included a short article and picture of the New Seekers.

5th February 1972
Peter Doyle, seeking the real thing
by Phil Symes
A 2-page interview with Peter Doyle accompanied by a colour photo of the New Seekers. The group was having a huge success with I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing but the warning signs that Peter would one day quit were already apparent: "I'm not doing what I want to do musically, but I won't be with the Seekers for the rest of my life so it's a case of making a sacrifice now in order to eventually do what I want."

4th March 1972
Single review: Beg, Steal Or Borrow plus a picture of the New Seekers.

26th August 1972
Concert review.

23rd September 1972
LP review: Circles.

4th November 1972
News item and picture.

25th November 1972, page 9
The birth of Kristian-ity
by Mike Ledgerwood

16th December 1972
LP review.

 Disco 45

No. 15, January 1972
Hitmakers • The New Seekers (page 6)
Issue No. 15 of the Disco 45 songbook included a feature article on the New Seekers.
Disco 45, No. 16 (front cover).
No. 16, February 1972
Issue 16 included the lyrics to I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) (page 4).

No. 21, July 1972
The July edition of Dsico 45 included the lyrics to Circles (page 9) and a review of the single (page 5): "a number that moves away in style and approach from their two previous releases... this one must become a major seller."

No. 26, December 1972
The last issue of the year featured the lyrics of the New Seekers' hit Come Softly To Me (page 6). The magazine also advertised a new poster of the group to buy for £1.00, featuring Lyn and Eve in hot pants (page 12).

 Evening Times

Saturday, 25th March 1972

New Seekers are hot favourites (page 1)
A front-page news item and photo of the New Seekers on the day of the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest.

Read the item in full at Google News.

New Seekers find their golden touch (page 6)
by Paul Foster

An interview with the New Seekers ahead of the group's appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest. Asked who he thought would win the contest, Paul Layton replied: "If I had to choose, I suppose I'd pick Luxembourg." Smart choice!

Read the full interview at Google News.

10th November 1972
New Seekers - a group of soloists
by Jimmy Caven

A short news item which reflected the policy of the New Seekers' management of allowing each member of the group to take the limelight: "The New Seekers are a group of many strengths - not least of which is the fact that four of the members each has the potential to be the lead singer..."

Read the item in full at Google News.

 Fabulous 208

Fabulous 208, 2nd September 1972 (front cover).
29th January 1972
Fabulous 208's 'In Place' pages featured a half-page photo of the New Seekers (page 7) accompanied by the caption: "1971 was the year for the happy-go-lucky NEW SEEKERS, and they're starting '72 off on the right foot, singing their single I'd Like To Teach The World."

Oh brother! (pages 8-9)
by Judith Wills
Lyn Paul was one of the people featured in a 2-page article about stars and their siblings. It included a small photo of Lyn and a larger photo of Lyn's little sister Nichola.

11th March 1972
The centrespread pin-up calendar for March featured a photo of the New Seekers.

12th August 1972
This edition also featured a double-page pin-up of the New Seekers. The Star Letter (page 31) was from a fan who was Mad on Marty.
Fab 208, 18th November 1972.
2nd September 1972
Seeking Marty (page 4)
Fab 208 published a photo of the New Seekers (minus Marty Kristian) taken on a yacht in Bermuda. Lyn, Eve, Peter and Paul were accompanied by the New Seekers' road manager Glen Wheatley. The short article accompanying the photo explained that the group had been to Bermuda to appear at the Summer Arts Festival but that Marty had flown off on holiday immediately afterwards.

18th November 1972
Another double-page pin-up - this week Marty Kristian.


No. 1, October 1972
10p bought you "14 big colour pin-ups - David! Marc! Donny! Marty! Jackson 5! and lots more!"

No. 2, November 1972
The second edition of FAN featured Donny Osmond on the front cover. Inside it featured an article on the New Seekers and three pin-ups of Marty Kristian.

 Hörzu, 16th-22nd September 1972, page 34.

Karriere macht man woanders

The New Seekers, who were appearing on the pop show Disco '72 on Saturday, 16th September, were featured in the German TV listings magazine Hörzu. In addition to the full-page article and photo of the group on page 34, there was another small captioned photo of the New Seekers on page 55.

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.


Jackie, No. 418.
No. 418, 8th January 1972
Onward Kristian soldiers (page 19)
Interview with Marty Kristian.

No. 425, 26th February 1972
For Pete's sake! (page 30)
Interview with Peter Doyle.

No. 426, 4th March 1972
Interview with Paul Layton.

No. 427, 11th March 1972
The New Seekers were the back page pin-up.

No. 428, 18th March 1972
Half-page interview with the New Seekers.

No. 443, 1st July 1972
Back page colour pin-up of the New Seekers.

No. 444, 8th July 1972
With love from Marty
Another interview with Marty Kristian.

No. 450, 19th August 1972
Featured Peter Doyle.

No. 454, 16th September 1972
Pete meets... the New Seekers
Colour feature with photos plus a double-page pin-up of Peter Doyle.
Jackie, No. 455 (front cover).
No. 455, 23rd September 1972
Double-page pin-up of Paul Layton.

No. 456, 30th September 1972
Double-page pin-up of Marty Kristian.

No. 461, 4th November 1972.
Meet New Seeker Peter (page 8) - Part 1 of a five-part series on the New Seekers.

No. 462, 11th November 1972
Featured David Bowie, the New Seekers (Part 2: Lyn Paul) T. Rex and a 2-page pin-up of Cliff Richard.

No. 463, 18th November 1972
Lindisfarne, the New Seekers (Part 3: Paul Layton) and a "super-size" Slade pin-up.
Jackie, No. 461 (front cover).
No. 464, 25th November 1972
Part 4 of the series on the New Seekers featured Eve Graham.

No. 465, 2nd December 1972
The New Seekers piece by piece: Kristianity
Marty Kristian was featured in the final part of the Jackie special series on the five members of the New Seekers.

No. 467, 16th December 1972
The Pop Gossip page included an item about Marty Kristian, titled Smarty... "One of Marty Kristian's long term plans is to get into the property business."


Look-In, No. 62, 23rd December 1972.
Number 14, 1st April 1972

The April Fool's Day edition of Look-in included a single-page pin-up of the New Seekers (page 24).

Number 62, 23rd December 1972

The New Seekers were featured in a Look-in "four-page extra". It included a double-page colour pin-up, brief biographies of the group members and a competition to win copies of the album Live at the Royal Albert Hall (pages 15-19).

 Ludington Daily News

Friday, 17th November 1972
Ken Berry, New Seekers On Sonny, Cher (page 9)

News item announcing that Ken Berry and the New Seekers would be guesting on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour on Friday, 17th November 1972.

Read the item in full on Google News.

 Melody Maker

8th January 1972, page 9
Things goes better with...
by Andrew Means
An article about the success of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, featuring quotes from Eve Graham and a small photo of Eve and Lyn Paul.

22nd January 1972
"Blind Date"

25th March 1972, page 14
LP review: We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
by Chris Charlesworth

8th April 1972
Concert review

19th August 1972
Concert review

18th November 1972
LP review

23rd December 1972
Short interview and picture


No. 6, 9th November 1972, page 3
The Mickie 'Monster Mover' was the New Seekers' Come Softly To Me. Marty Kristian was featured on the front cover of the magazine.


The New Seekers were featured regularly in the weekly teen magazine Mirabelle, including a regular column by Marty Kristian.

25th March 1972
On this particular week Marty's column was all about the Eurovision Song Contest.

15th April 1972
Scoop! The truth about the New Seekers!
by Linda Newman

This week "Britain's brightest young magazine" featured a quickfire interview with Lyn Paul (page 7). Lyn was asked about the other members of the group. She characterised Paul as "the businessman of the group", Marty as "the quietest of the group" and Peter as the "extrovert... although he does have times when he likes to be on his own and have a think." Of Eve, she said: "I met Eve ... when she was singing for a group in Manchester and I went for an audition ... I must admit that, when I first met her I found her a bit frightening ... but literally after a day we were joking around and got on really well."

15th July 1972
The edition of Mirabelle published on 15th July included a double-page colour poster of the New Seekers (with Peter Doyle in suit and tie).

16th December 1972
The New Seekers were featured on the front cover. Inside: "What we're doing this Christmas" By The New Seekers.

 Music Scene

November 1972, pages 18-19
Seekers join the riotmakers
by Gordon Coxhill

An interview with Eve Graham in which Eve talked about the fans' reaction to the New Seekers' live shows: "The girls all go wild for the boys, especially Marty," she said, "but it's nice to know that Lyn and I get noticed."

 Muziek Expres, May 1972

The May edition of the Dutch magazine Muziek Expres included an article on the New Seekers.

 New Musical Express

25th March 1972
LP review: We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
New Musical Express, 16th December 1972 (front cover).
15th April 1972, page 10
If you don't write to me I'll kill myself: a look at who likes the New Seekers
Interview (with picture) by Julie Webb

22nd July 1972
LP review: Never Ending Song Of Love

23rd September 1972
LP review: Circles

16th December 1972
LP review: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

 Observer magazine, Sunday, 2nd April 1972, page 38.

Record Makers: A Star, But Not Overnight
by Michael Wale

An interview with Marty Kristian in which he talked about his life in Australia before travelling to England and joining the New Seekers. "The first six months over here I spent doing the tourist things. Then my money ran low and I decided it was time to get a job." And that first job? A baked beans commercial!

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 Parade, Week ending Saturday 13th May 1972, page 28.

The judges were wrong this time: the New Seekers should have won the Eurovision Song Contest
by Gillian Saitch

"For originality and entertainment value, I thought they deserved to win."


8th July 1972
Eve and Lyn and life with the New Seekers
by Keith Altham

Interviews with Lyn and Eve which highlight the differences between them:

"Lyn Paul is a direct contrast to her attractive partner Eve, who is dark, slightly reticent and very together, whereas Lyn is blonde, highly extrovert and very untogether!"

Lyn's life is portrayed as a series of "minor mishaps" on stage and off. Lyn describes losing her dress in a dance routine, doing high kicks on stage and accidentally kicking her shoe off (it hit the conductor in the mouth)! And the most recent disaster?

"Four months ago my flat burnt down with everything in it and nothing was insured. I'm always falling downstairs or off buses ..."

Keith Altham concluded:

"Scatty blondes may be a bit passé in 1972 but Lyn Paul has given the old model a few new twists which even Goldie Hawn would find it hard to beat."


No. 340, Juni 1972
van "seekers" naar "new seekers"
The New Seekers were featured in a two-page article with a pin-up on the back page.


In October 1972 a new pop magazine for teenagers was launched in the UK - Popswop. The magazine ran for three years before being merged with Record Mirror.

No. 3, 21st October 1972
The third issue of Popswop came with a free four-track New Seekers flexi disc. The magazine itself contained a full-page advert for the New Seekers’ album Circles and a pin-up of Marty Kristian.

No. 5, 4th November 1972
The fifth edition of Popswop promised a Marty Kristian 'Exclusive' - "Marty Kristian Says... I’ve been here before!" Paul Layton revealed in an item ‘Hair Happy’ that he had trained to be a hairdresser. This was part of an article ‘Things Some People Do For Money’ which also featured Springfield Revival’s Mick Flinn.

No. 9, 2nd December 1972
The ninth edition of Popswop included two short articles of interest to New Seekers' fans.
Paul Layton of the New Seekers answers back (page 5).
A place to dream with Marty Kristian (page 8).

No. 11, 16th December 1972
Two weeks later Marty Kristian was featured on the front cover of Popswop for the first time - it wasn't the last time either!

 Press-Courrier (Oxnard, California)

Sunday, 15th October 1972
New Seekers due at Magic Mountain
A news item about "the young singing group which has turned a popular commercial into a record selling more than a million copies." It announced that the New Seekers were to perform four shows at the 3,400-seat Showcase Theatre at Magic Mountain.

Read the item in full at Google News.

 Princess Tina

Princess Tina, 2nd September 1972.
12th August 1972
A weekly comic for girls featuring the pop stars of the era. This week, the Jackson 5 and Peter Doyle.

2nd September 1972
September's first edition featured Marty Kristian.

28th October 1972
Another edition featuring Marty Kristian plus a double-page pin-up of Rod Stewart.


1st April 1972.
The Portuguese magazine R&T featured Vicky Leandros on the cover and nine pages inside about the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest, including the New Seekers.

 Radio Times, 25th-31st March 1972.

The Radio Times previewed the Eurovision Song Contest. The New Seekers were pictured on the front cover, setting off for Edinburgh by train.

 Record Collector, June 1972, page 17.

We Are Original

An article on the New Seekers, in which Record Collector reported on a new phenomenon, Seeker Fever.

"Those who believed mobbing by super-enthusiastic fans ended with Beatlemania should have been present at Stockton's famous Fiesta Club during the group's recent British tour when they smashed all house records - as they did at most of the venues."

 Record Mirror

29th January 1972
Interview and picture

4th March 1972
Miss Mishap by Keith Altham

An interview with Lyn Paul which was re-written for Petticoat magazine (see below). This version is clearly aimed at a more adult audience.

Lyn talked about her early days in showbiz - appearing on Coronation Street as a child, singing with the Chrys-Do-Lyns (or as their name is spelt here, the Chrys-Do-Lyns!) and then joining The Nocturnes.

Lyn commented that she enjoyed the fame that being a member of the New Seekers had brought her but complained about being misquoted in the press:

"I love all the publicity ... but some reporters just write down what they want ... One woman on a national newspaper was talking to me about diets and she asked me my measurements and I told her and she said 'You look more like a 38 to me' and wrote that down. Do I look like a 38?"

11th March 1972
Single review and picture

1st April 1972
Full page picture

8th April 1972
LP review: We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

6th May 1972
Something's started to snowball for the Seekers, Marty Mania

1st July 1972
Concert review
Record Mirror,
8th July 1972
Meet the man on the end
by Charles Webster
An interview with Paul Layton - the "New Seekers' forgotten man" (page 15).

22nd July 1972
LP review and picture: Never Ending Song Of Love

19th August 1972
Concert review

23rd September 1972
LP review: Circles

25th November 1972
LP review and picture: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

2nd December 1972
Interview and picture

23rd December 1972
Interview and picture

 The Record Song Book

1st February 1972
Words of 24 hits including hits by the New Seekers, Neil Reid and Al Green.

1st April 1972
No April fools - the New Seekers were the cover stars on Words magazine on 1st April 1972.

 Rome News-Tribune

9th January 1972.
Melanie Holds Top Spot, New Seekers On Way Up
A report on the latest Top 10 singles chart, which predicted that the New Seekers' hit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing.was "going to do some climbfing."

Read the item in full at Google News.


26th August 1972
New Seekers see the world (page 28).

30th September 1972
The front cover featured a photograph of Marty Kristian; the back page included a news item and photo of the New Seekers - New Seekers' One Night Stand (page 28).

23rd December 1972.
The Christmas edition of Romeo included the songwords to the New Seekers' hit Come Softly To Me.

Words (magazine cover).

The New Seekers
pictured on the front cover of The Record Song Book magazine.

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 Schenectady Gazette

Saturday, 15th July 1972.
Ken Berry Wow Show Will Make ABC début

A preview of the "music-cum-comedy" Wow Show (ABC) starring Ken Berry and the New Seekers.

Read the preview in full at Google News.

 Shepherds Bush Gazette and Hammersmith Post,
 Thursday, 21st December 1972, page 1.

Fans faint at the Palais

The Shepherds Bush Gazette published a short report of the New Seekers' Fan Club Convention at the Hammersmith Palais.

"Weenybopper hysteria arrived in Hammersmith on Saturday when the New Seekers pop group put on a special Christmas show for their fans at the Hammersmith Palais ...

Several girls were taken to hospital with bruised ribs after they fainted in the melée, but most seemed to accept this as part of the fun."

 Shoot, 15th July 1972, page 29.

TV soccer is tops with me

An interview with Eve Graham in which she spoke about her love of football. Eve recalled a friendly match with the other members of the New Seekers after a show in Sunderland: "We all decided to go to the beach and have a game of football... The three guys in the group, Paul, Marty and Peter played Lyn, myself and Paul's girlfriend. Believe it or not... the girls won!"


Spec, October 1972 (front cover).
No. 42, September 1972
Meet a passel of AUSSIE DELIGHTS
The US teen magazine Spec featured the New Seekers in an article about stars from "down under".

"The New Seekers... have asked the world to sing again, this time with their latest Elektra single Circles. Latch on to it for a treat!"

No. 43, October 1972, page 14
TV News
The TV News column opened with news of the New Seekers' appearances on Ken Berry's WOW show (ABC, Saturday, 10.00pm - 11.00pm): "a very versatile variety show and those talented and attractive British folksy-popsy singers the New Seekers are regulars..." The column features a small black and white photo of the group next to one of Ken Berry.

 Superstar '72

The New Seekers' Fan Club Secretary, Jill Webster, wrote a regular column for Superstar. The magazine usually also featured pin-ups and interviews with members of the group.

Issue No. 10 (July 1972) featured Marty Kristian on the front cover. Inside there was also a 2-page article titled The 2 Gals & 3 Guys Behind Seeker-Fever! (pages 36-37) and "the very first letter of the Official New Seekers Fan Club" (page 35).

Issue No. 11 (August 1972)) included the second Fan Club newsletter (page 33) plus pin-ups of Marty Kristian (page 32) and an interview with Lyn Paul and Paul Layton, Taking time off for a chat (pages 34-35).

Issue No. 12 (September 1972) included the usual Fan Club news (page 33) plus an article, New Seekers Off Duty (pages 34-35). The photos of the New Seekers (page 32 and 35) show the group relaxing in Bermuda. Marty Kristian had left a day before the others so doesn't appear in the photos. Pictured in his place is the group's tour manager - "the sixth New Seeker" Glenn Wheatley.

Issue No. 13 (October 1972) featured the New Seekers on the back cover. Inside the magazine there were pin-ups of Marty Kristian (page 3) and Lyn Paul (page 30) plus an interview and photoshoot with Eve Graham, Look in on Eve's place (pages 32-33), and the usual Fan Club News (page 31).

Issue No. 14 (November 1972) included a pin-up of the New Seekers (page 28) and Fan Club news (page 29).

Issue No. 15 (December 1972) included an article Come Home with Paul (pages 32-33), plus a pin-up of Marty (page 34) and the regular Fan Club news (page 35).

 Sydney Morning Herald

16th November 1972
The New Seekers of Music and Song

A news item and picture of the New Seekers at Mascot, arriving from New Zealand for a short tour of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Read the item in full at Google News.

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Vol. 16, No. 9, September 1972
A day with the New Seekers
by Fiona MacDougall

'Teen magazine featured the New Seekers in a double-page photo shoot, following the group from Los Angeles airport to their hotel and then to the CBS television studios to record five segments for the WOW show (pages 72-73).

 Teen Life

Vol. 12, No. 2, September 1972
This edition featured a black and white full-page pin-up of the New Seekers (page 43).

 Teen World

Vol. 15, No. 1, February 1972
Star Bright
by Ron Scott

The US magazine Teen World featured the New Seekers in a round-up of what was happening on the music scene. Ron Scott reported that the group's shows at Disneyland had been "standing room only."

 The Times

Monday, 21st February 1972
Song contest choice
(page 4)

The choice of Beg, Steal Or Borrow as the UK's 1972 Eurovision entry was announced in The Times.

"Britain's entry for the Eurovision song contest in Edinburgh on March 25 is Beg, Steal Or Borrow, by Tony Cole, Graeme Hall and Steve Wolfe. It will be sung by the New Seekers."

27th March 1972
Song contest sequel (page 2)

The Times' report on the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest was almost as brief and matter-of-fact as the snippet that preceded the contest (The Times, 21st February 1972). Had it not been for an incident off-stage, one wonders whether it would have been mentioned at all!

"A man will appear in court in Edinburgh today after an incident during the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday when, police say, a 'noxious substance' was scattered on the floor of the Usher Hall, Edinburgh. Vicky Leandros won the 18-nation contest for Luxembourg with the song, Après Toi. The New Seekers, for Britain, were second."

 Times-News, Hendersonville

Saturday, 15th July 1972
TV Scout: Up-To-The-Minute Prgram Preview (page 6)

A preview of the Wow Show (ABC) featuring Ken Berry and a "musical interlude" from the New Seekers plus a list of guests including Cass Elliott, Monty Hall and Don Knotts.

Read the item in full at Google News.

 TV Times [Australia], 23rd-29th September 1972,
 page 12 and page 37.

The New Seekers in a world of their own

An interview with each of the New Seekers - Marty Kristian, on being passionate; Eve Graham, on home-making; Peter Doyle, on ego; Paul Layton, on marriage; and Lyn Paul, on getting edgy: "I get worked up about silly little things... My mum said I was getting edgy, and knitting would help me calm down. She was right..."

 TV Times [UK], Wednesday, 28th June 1972.

Miss TV Times - The National Final at 9.0

The TV Times listing for the final of the Miss TV Times contest was accompanied by a photograph of the New Seekers. who appeareard on the programme singing their latest hit Circles.

 TV Week [Bakersfield, California], 9th-15th July 1972.

TV Week, 9th-15th July 1972 (front cover featuring Ken Barry).
The New Seekers
ABC's Summer music and variety show Wow began on 15th July. The star of the show Ken Berry was featured on the front cover of TV Week. The New Seekers, who appeared on the show each week, were featured in a half-page article inside, including a small black and white photo.

"The Australian soft rockers who are in all segments, taped their performances in Los Angeles on a two day marathon trip from England where they now live."

 TV Week [West Australia], 22nd April 1972.

Keep The Flag Waving
A two-page feature on the New Seekers, including a full-page pin-up.


9th September 1972.
As well as the usual pop news, fashion and beauty tips, problem pages, text stories, this issue included a one-page interview with Eve Graham of the New Seekers. There was also a one-page interview with Robert Powell and a centre page pin-up of Jack Wild.

9th December 1972
Included a double-page pin-up of the New Seekers.

16th December 1972
Another front cover featuring Marty Kristian. Inside: an invitation to "make a meal of Marty's favourite food."

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