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New Seekers: Marty Kristian

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When actress Emma Chambers was asked if she remembered the first record she'd bought, she recalled:

"It was definitely by dreamy David Cassidy (he of the Partridge Family). He was the most beautiful man in the world as far as I was concerned - apart from Donny Osmond, and of course Les and Andy from the Bay City Rollers. Ooh and the blonde guy from the New Seekers and ... Ohh! Hormones, Hormones!"
(The Mirror, 20th December 1997, page 3, interview by Chris Hughes)

In the early and mid 1970s it was hard to find a pop magazine that didn't have a pin up of "that blonde guy from the New Seekers". Along with David Cassidy and Donny Osmond, Marty Kristian was one of that era's teen idols.

Further Reading


Crying In The Rain (UK single cover).

Marty Kristian
Crying In The Rain
(UK single cover)

Crying In The Rain (Netherlands single cover).

Marty Kristian
Crying In The Rain
single cover)

Echoes (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
(CD cover)

Echoes 2 (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
Echoes 2:
Beginner At Love

(CD cover)

Echoes 2 (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
Saints & Sinners
(CD cover)

Passing Parade (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
Passing Parade
(CD cover)

Timing (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
(CD cover)

Cool Hand (CD cover).

Marty Kristian
Cool Hand
(CD cover)

The Real Thing (CD cover).

Australian Pop
Of The 60s,
Volume 3:
The Real Thing

Shake Baby Shake (CD cover).

Australian Pop
Of The 60s,
Volume 4:
Shake Baby Shake

Age Of Consent (CD cover).

Australian Pop
Of The 60s,
Volume 5:
Age Of Consent

The Go!! Show (DVD cover).

The Go!! Show
(DVD cover)


Marty Kristian
Solo Singles
Solo Albums
Compilation Albums
Marty, Paul and Danny

The News

Marty Kristian


We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here (Bobby Darin) /
She's Everything (Lapham / Howard)
(CBS BA-221318) 1966
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 47

I'll Give You Love (Crispian St. Peters) /
I Still Love You (Crispian St. Peters)
(CBS BA-221358 / CBS 202638) February 1967
AMR (Australian Music Report) highest chart position: 49
The Book: Top 40 Research highest chart position: 53

It Comes And Goes (Neil Diamond) /
You Stood By Me (Marty Kristian)
(CBS BA-221420) 1967

The Innkeeper's Daughter (Marty Kristian) /
It's Got To Change (Marty Kristian)
(CBS BA-221505) 1968

Crying In The Rain (Howard Greenfield / Carole King) /
A Woman Grows (Marty Kristian)
(Polydor 2058 394) August 1973


February 2011

A great collectors' item for New Seekers' fans, featuring demo recordings from the 1970s and 1980s, many of them recorded by Marty Kristian in his loft studio. Eight of the songs were written by Marty; the others were co-written with Mick Flinn, Paul Layton, Trevor Spencer or Peter Doyle.

Also on the album is a song by Marty's son Oliver, written for his mum as a present for her birthday on 11th January 2011.

Tracks: I Know It's Love (Marty Kistian) | Love On Your Mind (Marty Kristian / Trevor Spencer) | A Women Grows (Marty Kristian) | Women We've Got To Change (Marty Kristian) | Say The Word (Marty Kristian / Mick Flinn) | Here I Am Again (Marty Kristian) | It Won't Be The Same (Marty Kristian / Paul Layton) Calling Out To Me (Marty Kristian) | Reason To Stay (Marty Kristian / Peter Doyle) | Open Heart (performed and written by Oliver Kristian) | Surburban Paradise (Marty Kristian) | No Matter Where You Go (Marty Kristian) | Touch Of Love (Marty Kristian / Trevor Spencer) | Still In Love With You (Marty Kristian / Paul Layton) | Just Another Lesson (Marty Kristian)

Echoes 2: Beginner At Love
May 2012

A second album of demo recordings from the '70s and '80s.

Tracks: Powder Dry (Marty Kristian) | One And Only Lonely One (Marty Kristian) | Love Of My Life (Marty Kristian) | Beginner At Love (Marty Kristian) | Sad Song (Marty Kristian) | One In A Million (Marty Kristian) | Invitation (Marty Kristian) | Walk On Say Yes (Marty Kristian) | Fadin' Away (Marty Kristian / Mick Flinn) | The Ride Is Over (Marty Kristian) | Hurt So Good (Marty Kristian) | Do It All For You (Marty Kristian / Petrina Lorden)

Saints & Sinners
2nd December 2013

Tracks: Just Lean On Me (Marty Kristian) | Everything Aint Enough (Marty Kristian) | Beyond My Reach (Marty Kristian / Petrina Lorden) | Ace In The Pack (Marty Kristian) | Bring The Curtain Down (Marty Kristian) | Saints And Sinners (Marty Kristian) | Bring The Boy Back (Marty Kristian) | Rather Be Here With You (Marty Kristian) | Girls Love Shopping (Marty Kristian / Peter Goulding / Mark Smith) | If Only You Knew (Marty Kristian) | Ain't Gonna Beg (Marty Kristian) | On My Way Home (Marty Kristian)

Passing Parade
30th November 2018

Tracks: Somewhere Along The Road (Marty Kristian / Peter Lennon) | Heart Let It Go (Marty Kristian) | Karma Game (Marty Kristian) | Bet Your Life (Marty Kristian / Glenn Money) | Too Much (Marty Kristian) | Ice Cream (Marty Kristian / Peter Lennon) | Right Time Right Place (Marty Kristian) | Rock Me Baby (Marty Kristian) | Missing You Already (Marty Kristian) | Loaded Ticket (Marty Kristian) | Would It Still Be The Same (Marty Kristian) | Passing Parade (Marty Kristian)

(MK Music MK006) 1st October 2020

Tracks: Timing (Marty Kristian) | So Close (Marty Kristian / Shaun Perry / Victoria Horne / Luke Palmer) | Band Played On (Marty Kristian / Glen Monie) | Southern Country Pride (Marty Kristian) | Straight From The Heart (Marty Kristian) | Shake Me (Marty Kristian) | First Up The Mountain (Marty Kristian) | Copy Writer (Marty Kristian) | Love Tonight (Marty Kristian / Peter Lennon) | Roll On (Marty Kristian) | Cell Block No. 9 (Marty Kristian / Michael Louvieris) | Bitcoin Day (Marty Kristian) | Bring The Curtain Down (Marty Kristian)

Cool Hand
(MK Music MK007) 21st November 2021

Tracks: Spread A Little Kindness (Marty Kristian) | Seventeen (John Bryant) | Beautiful Eyes (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | Cool Hand (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | Look Behind Leon (Marty Kristian / Arlene Johnstone) | Set 'Em Up (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | Good News Bad News (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | Love Is A Token (Marty Kristian) | Up Stream Treadin' Water | (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | Begging You (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser) | We're All In The Game (Marty Kristian) | The Man Who Had Everything (Marty Kristian / Alan Glass / Tim Fraser)

Compilation Albums

Australian Pop Of The 60s, Volume 3: The Real Thing
Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 697 653972) 13th July 2010

Disc 1: Russell Morris, The Real Thing | The Purple Hearts, Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones | The Delltones, Hangin’ Five | |Lynne Randell, Heart | The Twilights, What’s Wrong With The Way I Live | The Executives, It’s A Happening World | Mike Furber and The Bowery Boys, Just A Poor Boy | The Love Machine, Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands | Dinah Lee, Don’t You Know Yokomo | Marty Rhone, Village Tapestry | Axiom, Arkansas Grass | Marty Kristian, I’ll Give You Love | The Seekers, A World Of Our Own | The Easybeats, Wedding Ring | Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays, Missing You | Johnny Young, Craise Finton Kirk | The Cherokees, A Woman With Soul | Ronnie Burns, Coalman | Maria Dallas, Ambush | The Groop, The Best In Africa

Disc 2: The Groove, Soothe Me | Peter Doyle, Stupidity | Pastoral Symphony, Love Machine | Jon Blanchfield, Baby, Get In The Groove | Masters Apprentices, Living In A Child’s Dream | Bobby and Laurie, High Noon | Flying Circus, Run, Run, Run | Johnny O’Keefe, She Wears My Ring | Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, My Girl Josephine | Ray Brown and The Whispers, 20 Miles | M.P.D. Ltd, (Remember) Walkin’ In The Sand | The Loved Ones, Everlovin’ Man | Johnny Farnham, Friday Kind Of Monday | Python Lee Jackson, Um, Um, Um, Um | Steve and The Board, Giggle Eyed Goo | Tony Barber, Someday | The Valentines, Knick Knack Paddy Whack | Normie Rowe, It’s Not Easy | The Questions, Sally Go ‘Round The Roses | Digger Revell and The Denvermen, My Little Rocker’s Turned Surfie

Australian Pop Of The 60s, Volume 4: Shake Baby Shake
Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 697 966282) 31st January 2012

"Recording locally for CBS Records (one of the very few local signings the label had during this part of the decade) Marty managed three hits of varying degess of success for the label around 1967. The others were the Crispian St. Peters produced I'll Give You Love and We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here. After this trio of Melbourne based hits dried up, Marty felt more could be achieved by heading overseas, so he departed for the UK on the Fairstar and like another Aussie, Peter Doyle, would find himself as a key player in the New Seekers during the early 1970s."

Disc 1:
Johnny O'Keefe, Shake Baby Shake | The Twilights, Needle In A Haystack | Cam-Pact, Something Easy | Masters Apprentices, Undecided | Dinah Lee, Do The Blue Beat | Jeff Phillips, Everything I Touch Turns To Tears | The Atlantics, Bombora | Bev Harrell, What Am I Doing Here With You | M.P.D. Limited, Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder | Ray Brown, The Same Old Song | Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, I Sure Know A Lot About Love | The Executives, Windy Day | The Easybeats, I'll Make You Happy | In-Sect, I Can See My Love | The Seekers, On The Other Side | Ronnie Burns, When I Was Six Years Old | Judy Stone, 4,003,221 Tears From Now | Jon Blanchfield, Lavender Girl | The Loved Ones, Sad Dark Eyes | Purple Hearts, Long Legged Baby

Disc 2: Johnny Young & Kompany, Cara-lyn | Jimmy Hannan, You Make Me Happy | Johnny Farnham, One | Grandma's Tonic, Hi Hi Hazel | Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Hallelujah I Love Her So | King Fox, Unforgotten Dreams | Marty Rhone, She's Coming Home | Merv Benton, I Got Burned | The Groop, Sorry | Normie Rowe & The Playboys, Que Sera Sera | The Id featuring Jeff St John, You Got Me Hummin' | The Valentines, Getting Better | Little Pattie, I'll Eat My Hat | Bobby and Laurie, Someone | Maria Dallas, Tumblin' Down | Russell Morris, Part Three Into Paper Walls | Rev Black & The Rockin' Vicars, Down To The Last 500 | The Groove, Simon Says | Marcie and The Cookies, You On My Mind | Marty Kristian, It Comes And Goes

Australian Pop Of The 60s, Volume 5: Age Of Consent
Various Artists
(Sony Music 88 843 053162) 15th August 2014

Disc 1: Ronnie Burns, Age Of Consent | The Delltones, Walkin' Along | Allison Durbin, Don't Come Any Closer | Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Don't Cha Know | Lynne Randell, That's A Hoe Down | Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, Just A Little Bit | The Throb, Believe In Me | Barry Gibb & The Bee Gees, Wine And Women | Grandma's Tonic, Lost Girl | Grantley Dee, Let The Little Girl Dance | Python Lee Jackson, Hold On I'm Coming | The Pacifics, Barracuda | Johnny Devlin, Stomp The Tumberumba | Jonne Sands, Change Of Mind | Bill & Boyd, Chulu Chlulu | The Cicadas, I'll Prove It | Ross D Wyllie & The Escorts, Short Skirts | Little Pattie, Dance Puppet Dance | Marty Kristian, We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here | The Insect, More Than I Can Say | The Iguana, Good News

Disc 2: The Easybeats, Come And See Her | Steve & The Board - Rosalyn | Peter Doyle, Plastic Dreams And Toy Balloons | Dinah Lee, Reet Petite | Tony Barber, No No No | The Seekers, The Carnival Is Over | The Strangers, Lady Scorpio | Johnny O'keefe, Ooh Poo Pah Doo Pts 1 & 2 (67 Version) | The Atlantics, The Crusher | Bobby And Laurie, You'll Come Around | Normie Rowe, Ooh La La | Nineteen 87, Engagement Party | Masters Apprentices, Brigette | Somebody's Image, Hide And Seek | The Groop, Lovin' Tree | Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys, That's When Happiness Begins | The Loved Ones, A Love Like Ours | Anne Hawker, Timothy | Ray Brown & The Whispers, (Ain't It) Strange | The Purple Hearts, You Can't Sit Down


The Go!! Show

The Go!! Show was Australia's answer to Britain's Ready Steady Go! and America's Shindig! This DVD features three episodes of The Go!! Show from 1966, one of which included a live performance by Marty Kristian.

THE GO!! SHOW 1966

11th July 1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

Tony Shepp, Security | Yvonne Barrett, Off And Running | The Cherokees, A Woman With Soul | Ian Turpie, I Would Never Do That | Mike Furber, You're Back Again | Terry Dean, Wigglin' And Gigglin' | The Cherokees, I'll Give You Love | Tony Shepp, Sweet Pea | Merv Benton, King Of Love | Mike Furber, You Stole My Love | Toni & Royce, You're The Only One | Ian Turpie, Another Saturday Night | Terry Dean, Sticks And Stones

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
1st August-1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

Ian Turpie & The Strangers, It's Not Unusual | Marcie Jones, That Hurts | Bobby & Laurie, You'll Come Around | Yvonne Barrett, Send Her Away | Buddy England, Question | Tony Shepp, Come To Your Window | Merv Benton, (I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy | The Strangers, Put Yourself In My Place | Marty Kristian, One Too Many Mornings | Normie Rowe, Que Sera Sera | Joy Lemmon, From The Shadows To The Sun | Terry Dean, Sunny Afternoon | Ian Turpie, Sunny | Ian Turpie, New Orleans

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
19th September 1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

The Purple Hearts, Just A Little Bit | The Twilights, Bad Boy | Marcie Jones, You Can't Hurry Love | Billy Adams, Dancing In Your Eyes | The D-Coys, Bad Time | Billy Adams, Come On And Dance With Me | Johnny Young, Whatcha' Gonna Do Now | Marcie Jones, That Hurts | The D-Coys, You're Against | The Purple Hearts, Early In The Morning | The Twilights, If She Finds Out | The Twilights, Needle In A Haystack

Marty, Paul and Danny


Coming Alive Again (Marty Kristian / Paul Layton / Danny Finn) / Water Lady (Marty Kristian / Ritchie)
(RCA 2486) 21st March 1975

Take Me Back (Marty Kristian) / Dinkey (Paul Layton)
(RCA 2607) 12th September 1975

Sweet Melinda (Paul Layton / Marty Kristian / Danny Finn) / Holiday (Marty Kristian / Glenn Wheatley)
(RCA 2630) 14th November 1975

The News


Boomerang (Mick Flinn / Brian Engel / Marty Kristian) / Louise, Louise
(Megaphone MEGA 1) 1981

Marty, Paul and Danny.

Pictured left to right are:
Danny Finn, Marty Kristian and Paul Layton as
Marty, Paul and Danny.

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Further Reading

For more about Marty, try the following ...

Australian Chart Book 1940-1969
David Kent
ISBN: 0 646 44439 5

Who's Who Of Australian Rock!
5th edition
Chris Spencer, Zbig Nowara and Paul McHenry
ISBN: 1 86503 891 1

Marty Kristian discography, page 217.

Marty Kristian - A Name To Remember
by Barry O'Callaghan
Albert Sebastian, No. 4, 1966, pages 24-25.

Local Boy Makes Good
by Beverley Cooper
The Australian Women's Weekly, Vol. 34, Issue 42, 22nd March 1967, page 51.

From the Music Capitals of the World
Billboard, Vol. 79, No. 13, 1st April 1967, page 54.

A news item announcing the UK release of the CBS single I'll Give You Love by Marty Kristian.

Marty Kristian for U.S.
Go-Set, Vol. 3 No. 24, 12th June 1968, page 6.

A news item in Australia's Go-Set that reported "a well-founded rumour about Marty Kristian embarking on an ambitious overseas trip."

Good-bye and good luck to Marty
Go-Set, Vol. 3 No. 32, 7th August 1968

The rumours are confirmed. Go-Set reported that Marty Kristian was leaving, not for the USA, but for England.

The birth of Kristian-ity
by Mike Ledgerwood
Disc, 25th November 1972, page 9.

Marty Kristian, the not-so-reluctant teen idol
by Gordon Coxhill
Music Scene, March 1973, pages 35-37

Marty the mouth
by Caroline Boucher
Disc, 29th September 1973, page 8.

International Turntable
Billboard, Vol. 87, No. 37, 13th September 1975, page 62

Billboard reported the news that Gerald W. Purcell had opened a UK office of Purcell Associates. "Purcell now represents Marty, Paul and Danny, who recently signed with RCA; Donna Jones and Mick Flynn [sic], both formerly with Springfield Revival; and Pussyfoot."

Scotsman Diary
by Simon Pia
The Scotsman, 7th November 2003, page 22.

An article about the MTV awards in Edinburgh, which recalled the New Seekers' appearance at the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest and some of the hysteria that followed Marty Kristian wherever he went.

"Lest we forget, the MTV awards are not the first big popular music event to hit Edinburgh. The city hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972. One of the ladies at Barclay Towers has been pulling rank with the young 'uns, recalling how she hung about outside The Balmoral (then the NB), screaming at the sight of Marty from the New Seekers."

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YouTube video clip.

Marty Kristian,
One Too Many Mornings,
Go!! Show,

Link to 'Walt 'n Matilda: Australian Tragedy' YoutTube video.

Walt 'n Matilda:
Australian Tragedy

Link to 'Walt 'n Matilda: Australian Tragedy' YoutTube video.

Right Time, Right Place

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