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Check these pages from time to time to keep up to date with what's happening on the Lyn Paul website and to find out what's been added to the site in the past.

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Judith Durham
Colours Of My Life

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New in 2003

December 2003

November 2003

  • Split the On the Net - Theatre and Music pages to improve navigation and speed up download times. Added new links to the On the Net - Eurovision page.
  • Site moved to new server, resulting in some down time and difficulties with the operation of Javascript rollovers.

October 2003

September 2003

  • Added more information to the In Print - Books pages and split one of the pages in two to speed up download times.

August 2003

July 2003

  • Improved the navigation on the Lyn Paul Now page.
  • Continued to develop the Incidentally... feature on the Lyn Paul Then pages.

June 2003

  • Updated the site's external links and meta tags.
  • Added more detail to the Lyn Paul Then pages for 1970 and 1971.

May 2003

  • Added new quotations to Who Said That? on the Lyn Paul Then pages.
  • Added new information to the New Seekers - Videos and DVDs page.
  • Added new information to the Peter Doyle Discography.
  • Developed the Incidentally... feature on the Lyn Paul Then pages.
  • Created an address bar icon (favicon) for the site. If the new icon fails to appear in your address bar, close all open browser windows and re-open them. If this still doesn't work, clear the Lyn Paul website from your book-marked Favourites, empty your browser's cache and clear the history of sites you have visited.
  • Added new information to the In Print - Books pages.

April 2003

  • Expanded the Hit Singles, Hit Albums and On Television sections of the Lyn Paul Then pages covering the 1990s.

March 2003

February 2003

January 2003

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Lyn Paul.

Lyn Paul
at the
Royal Albert Hall,
7th July 2002.

Lyn Paul.

100% Boy website
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Lyn Paul.

Lyn Paul
in Liverpool,
12th April 2002.

Steve Brown
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New in 2002

December 2002

  • The site gets a new look, with a new banner and logo at the top of each page.
  • New information added to the New Seekers - Videos page..
  • Added a page about 2002 to the Lyn Paul Then section of the website.

November 2002

  • New information added to the In Print - Books page. Improved load times and navigation by splitting the page in two and adding "jump down" menus at the top of each page.

October 2002

  • New information added to the On Disc pages and new "jump down" menus to improve navigation.
  • Site Search feature (temporarily) removed.

September 2002

  • Upgraded to Mac OS 10.1.5 and Adobe GoLive 6.0.1.

August 2002

  • Upgraded operating system to Mac OS 9.2.2.
  • Edited HTML to further reduce file sizes and split some of the larger pages to speed up downloads.

June / July 2002

April / May 2002

March 2002

  • No updates: site temporarily out of action for hardware repairs.

February 2002

  • Edited HTML to reduce file sizes.
  • Updated Indexes.

January 2002

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New in 2001

November / December 2001

  • Links added to full-size JPEGs from the thumbnail images in the Photo Album.

September / October 2001

  • Developed a Tribute to Peter Doyle following the news of his death on 13th October.
  • Site completed its move to Old site at removed.

July / August 2001

June 2001

May 2001

April 2001

  • "Rollovers" added to the rainbow menu buttons.

March 2001

  • New information added to the New Seekers section of the website. Links to this section from the Indexes will be added during 2002.
  • Navigation buttons replaced by new "rollover" buttons.

January 2001

  • "Pick a page" menus added to the site, enabling direct access to every page at the click of a mouse. No matter which page you're looking at, you can now jump to any other page on the site without having to go via any of the other pages that may lie in between.

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