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Check these pages from time to time to keep up to date with what's happening on the Lyn Paul website and to find out what's been added to the site in the past.

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50 Years Of The Eurovision Song Contest 1956-1980 (DVD cover).

50 Years Of The
Song Contest

(DVD cover)

Tammy Wynette: Legends In Concert (DVD cover).

Tammy Wynette
Of The
Country Music
Hall Of Fame

(DVD cover)

Taboo (DVD cover).

Triple Disc
Special Edition

(DVD cover)

Gather Round (CD cover).

Gather Round:
Songs For Kids
Other Folks

(CD cover)

Cover Versions Volume 2 (CD cover).

Bee Gees
Cover Versions
Volume 2

(CD cover)

Straight (book cover).

Boy George
(book cover)

1000 UK Number 1 Hits (book cover).

UK Number One

(book cover)

New in 2005

December 2005

November 2005

October 2005

September 2005

August 2005

  • Added quotes from Val Meets The VIPs to the pages about 1963 and 1971.
  • Added more detail about the New Seekers' appearance on Fifty Years Of Music (1972).
  • Added information about the Legends In Concert DVDs and the CD Retro Gold.
  • Updated the page about Paul Layton with extra information about his solo single Mister Mister and the Asylum album recorded with Cressida,
  • Added a song by song guide to the New Seekers' recordings, indicating which are available on vinyl and cassette, CD, DVD and MP3.
  • Expanded the Postcard Gallery to include new nostalgia cards recalling the 1990s [now removed]. Added three new postcards to the Post-a-quote page [now removed].

July 2005

    June 2005

    • Added links to lyrics websites featuring the lyrics of New Seekers' songs.
    • Added photographs of Marty Kristian and the New Seekers taken by Chris Walter. Visit the Photofeatures website to see more of Chris Walter's photographs.
    • Supplemented the New Seekers' US albums page with information about MP3 downloads.
    • Added information about the Starbucks' compilation CD Gather Round, which features the New Seekers' track Free To Be ... You and Me.
    • Updated the page about ex-New Seeker Caitriona Walsh, who was quoted in the Sunday Times, 3rd April 2005.

    May 2005

    • Added information about the compilation Bee Gees Cover Versions Volume 2.
    • Updated the discographies for current and ex-members of the New Seekers. Thanks to Robert Curry for doing all the research.
    • Expanded the Postcard Gallery to include new nostalgia cards recalling the 1970s and '80s [now removed].

    April 2005

    March 2005

    February 2005

    January 2005

    • Added a Postcard Gallery, with a wide range of photos to brighten up any e-mail [now removed].
    • Updated the "Pick a page" menus.
    • Updated the Lyn Paul biography.
    • Added the 1980 Song For Europe results to the page about Donna Jones.

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