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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 1990s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press during the 1990s. Scroll down the page or select a year from the list below.

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Blood Brothers, Aberdeen 1997.

James Hirst,
Nicholas Hart and
Lyn Paul.
Blood Brothers,
His Majesty's Theatre,

Blood Brothers, Swansea 1997.

Lyn Paul,
Nicholas Hart
and James Hirst.
Blood Brothers,
Grand Theatre,

Lyn Paul - Blood Brothers, Plymouth 1997.

Lyn Paul
Blood Brothers,
Theatre Royal,


Internet Magazine

Archive includes
a review of
Lyn Paul
in Blood Brothers
at the
New Victoria Theatre,


In 1997 Lyn Paul made her theatrical début in Willy Russell's musical Blood Brothers. Lyn's performances in the UK touring production and at London's Phoenix Theatre were highlighted by the critics - "glorious", "terrific", "one of the most moving pieces of theatre I've ever seen."

 Record Collector, No. 209, January 1997, page 221.

Looking Back at 1972
by Peter Doggett and John Reed

A look back at January 1972, when the New Seekers were No.1 on the UK Singles Chart with I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. The feature includes a photo of the New Seekers (the line-up with Peter Oliver, who was not actually a member of the group at that time).

 Eastern Daily Press, Tuesday, 6th May 1997.

Besiege the box office to enjoy a night of compleat [sic] theatre
by Charles Robert

"For Miss Paul last night's performance was her first in this tour, yet every aspect of her portrayal speaks of settled assurance and poise. If early on she seems a touch too attractive, we can forgive her wholeheartedly. For soon we see poignantly the stresses show upon her of age and stress, and through a voice which itself provides its own radiant follow spot, we share through Lyn Paul's portrayal all a mother's hopes and anguishes and final bitter tears."

 Evening News, Tuesday, 6th May 1997, page 13.

Brother, it's a gem
by Derek James

"Former New Seeker Lyn Paul, who "taught the world to sing" is brilliant as Mrs. Johnstone but this is a team effort and they are all champions."

 Hull Daily Mail, Thursday, 20th May 1997, page 16.

Review: Blood Brothers at Hull New Theatre
by Alex Adamson

"The twins' gritty, hard up mother, Lyn Paul, more than makes up for with her singing what she lacks at times in her Liverpool accent - hankies were out in full force around me.

If you have not already booked a seat judging by last night's standing ovation, you may find great difficulty getting one."

 Aberdeen Evening Express, 4th June 1997.

Blood Brothers: Brookside to music
by Roddy Phillips

"This outstanding production is so spell-binding and every performance so powerful the audience were instantly swept off their feet ... a must for all musical fans."

 Aberdeen Evening Express, 14th June 1997, page 21.

Tragic tale of sibling rivalry runs full gamut of emotions
by Helen Smith

"Former New Seekers singer Lyn Paul held it all together with a virtuoso performance.

It was her central role as Mrs. Johnstone which provided the heart and guts for this 14-year-old musical.

The eye was constantly drawn to her as she was transformed from a dance-loving teenager to a 25 year old mother-of-seven to a slightly bowed but undefeated granny ...

It seemed only natural the audience should take to its feet as resounding applause rang round the theatre and the cast took its well deserved curtain calls."

 South Wales Evening Post, Friday, 20th June 1997.

Theatre Review: Blood Brothers Grand Theatre, Swansea, last night
by Julia Stuart

"Former New Seekers member Lyn Paul showed a wonderful vocal talent in the role of Mrs. Johnstone.

Her closing rendition of Tell Me It's Not True, after marksmen have inched their way down the aisles, was almost too moving to bear."

 South Wales Evening Post, Friday, 20th June 1997, page 3.

Stage hit is another ambition realised
interview by Eifion Jenkins

An interview with Lyn Paul, in which she describes how got the part of Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers: "I saw the show eight years ago and I said to my husband then that was the part I wanted to play ... When this show was about to open I wrote to Bill Kenwright expressing my interest. Even though I hadn't done musicals before he took the gamble of taking me on ... I can't tell you what a joy it is. For the first time in my life I find myself looking forward to going to work."

 Faversham Times, 9th July 1997, page 8.

Night when the blood runs hot and cold
by Stella Gregory

"Although the music was excellent - I particularly liked the song about Marilyn Monroe - the play could have worked without it. Most actors had very powerful voices ... "

 Medway News, 9th July 1997, page 27.

'Blood' transition is success
by Murray Evans

"Lyn Paul (the former New Seekers singer) puts enormous energy and feeling into her role as the single mum who carries the burden of allowing one of her twin boys to grow up with another family from the posher side of the city ...

The songs - of which the best known are "Marilyn Monroe" and "Tell Me Its Not True" - are delivered superbly, principally by Lyn Paul and by Mike Dyer, as the Narrator."

 Herne Bay Times, 10th July 1997, page 27.

Mysteries that never cease to amaze!
by Gareth Rubin

Here's one reviewer at least, who can't understand why everyone else loves Blood Brothers!

 Kentish Gazette, 10th July 1997, page 28.

Twins tale in musical smash hit
by Helen Fry

"A standing ovation greeted the cast of Blood Brothers on the opening night ... the singing was so good it sent shivers down your spine."

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 News and Mail, Thursday, 17th July 1997.

Moving show gets standing ovation
by Myra Beasley

"Lyn Paul, who shot to fame with the New Seekers in the '70s, gave an emotionally-charged performance as Mrs. Johnstone, deserted by her husband "with seven hungry mouths to feed and one more nearly due."

The wide-ranging musical score reflected a range of emotions. Miss Paul demonstrated a wonderful voice and great acting ability. Her delivery of Tell Me It's Not True was one of the most moving pieces of theatre I've ever seen. She must surely have a successful acting future ahead of her.

As theatre-goers were leaving, comments like "brilliant", "wonderful" and "must see it again" were clearly audible."

 The Advertiser, 18th July 1997.

Blood Brothers is truly outstanding
by Graham Hawtin

"Lyn Paul - famous for singing '70s' superhit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing with the New Seekers - plays Mrs. Johnson [misspelling] ... James Hirst and Nicholas Hart gave powerhouse performances as twins Mickey and Eddie but it was left to Miss Paul to deliver the vital knockout punch. Her astonishing vocal range and luminous stage presence combined to glorious effect in stand out numbers Tell Me It's Not True and Marilyn Monroe.

After an almost unbearably moving finale, the entire audience surged to its feet to roar its approval for this outstanding production."

 Daily Mail, Thursday, 31st July 1997, page 53.


I'd never let my husband retreat to the spare room - I prefer to nag all night

by Val Sampson

While starring in Blood Brothers at the Victoria Theatre, Woking, Lyn talked to Daily Mail reporter, Val Sampson, about life at home with her second husband, Alan and her son, Ryan.

The title of the article echoes one of Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints: "Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight." (1966)

 Sunday Mail, 3rd August 1997, page 16.

Janette Harkess frank frotty [sic] and fearless; Time to be like Bianca ... and give up being a Patsy.
by Janette Harkess

Feature article on actress Patsy Palmer who plays the part of Bianca in EastEnders. The final paragraph of the article picks up on a quote from the Daily Mail interview with Lyn Paul from the previous week:

"Janette says ...
"I never banish my man after an argument. I keep him with me ... so I can nag all night." Former New Seekers singer Lyn Paul

A woman who knows her place - on top!"

 Reading Evening Post, 29th August 1997.

Musical has tragedy in the blood
by Lucy Rimmer

"'Tell me it's not true, say it's just a story...' The opening words of Blood Brothers, sung hauntingly from a darkened stage, become an anthem for the show, with strains of the melody appearing at regular intervals before the whole song breaks out at the end."

 Reading Chronicle, 5th September 1997.

Lyn steals the show as tearful mum
by "SCL"

"It wasn't even the death of the twins that aroused me to such emotion, but rather the keening and gasping of their mother, played with total conviction by former New Seekers singer Lyn Paul.

While she may be best known as a singer and TV presenter, Lyn has certainly mastered the skill of acting and, closely followed by Paul Crosby as her son Mickey, she fairly stole the show.

Her strong singing voice conveyed all the emotions she felt as the twins, separated at birth, grew and developed their own lives. Tenderness, fear, anger and agony were strongly reflected in the songs she sang."

 Evening Herald, Thursday, 4th September 1997, page 14.

Blood stronger stuff than water
by Bill Stone

"Lyn Paul not only delivers her songs superbly, as we would expect, but also has the full measure of Mrs. Johnstone's complex character, loving but cynical, hardened by her experiences but persistently optimistic, and aging brilliantly ... The dramatic impact of this moving tale shines with honesty, compassion and a great deal of humour. It creates a thrilling evening, deservedly winning a standing ovation."

 Bristol Evening Post, 17th September 1997, page 21.

Musical with a meaty storyline
by Philip Welsh

"Star of the show is Lyn Paul who won fame as a singer with the New Seekers in the '70s and now proves she can act too."

 Western Daily Press, Wednesday, 17th September 1997, page 23.

Urban tragedy survives political bias
by Helen Reid

"This production is strong on street cred and the central character of Mrs. Johnstone is movingly played by Lyn Paul who also gets the best musical numbers."

 The Observer, 9th November 1997, page 48.

Food: Roll Models
by Nigel Slater

You wouldn't expect to find the New Seekers mentioned in an article about sandwiches but when Nigel Slater visited "a time-warp vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge" the sounds of the seventies proved a welcome distraction from a woeful cheese toastie!

"The grated cheese hadn't even softened in the toaster, let alone melted. I could have done without the wholemeal bread and grated carrot garnish, but they made up for it with the best carrot cake I've eaten in years, and it was good to hear the New Seekers again."

 The Scotsman, 20th December 1997, page 23.

My kind of show, Chicago isn't ...
by Michael Church and Betty Tadman

A survey of West End musicals, featuring brief reviews of Chicago (at the Adelphi), Smokey Joe's Café (Prince of Wales), Fame (Victoria Palace), Bugsy Malone (Queens), Beauty and the Beast (Dominion), Buddy (Strand Theatre) and Blood Brothers (Phoenix).

"After ten years, Willy Russell's Blood Brothers ... is still packing in the crowds at the Phoenix ... Backed by an excellent cast, Lyn Paul gives a terrific performance in the central role."

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