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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2010s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2010 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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UK Newspapers

The Paperboy


There's a fair chance that the New Seekers will get press coverage when newspapers run articles on the Eurovision Song Contest or on a cetain fizzy drink. So, when the song We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke was selected to be used in a worldwide advertising campaign by Coca-Cola, comparisons with the New Seekers were almost inevitable.

Lyn Paul continued to be mentioned in newspaper articles recalling her past performances in Blood Brothers as well as in reviews of her performances as Fräulein Schneider in the 2013 tour of Cabaret.

 Sunday Mercury (Birmingham), Sunday, 20th January 2013.

Killing off our 'high streets and our appetites'
by Jasper Carrott

Jasper Carrott wrote about the demise of well-known High Street stores and recounted an experience shopping in HMV.

"I remember just a few years back going into an HMV store and asking for a New Seekers album.

Cue snorting and uncontrolled sniggering from the pimpled, nicotinetoothed brats behind the counter. It got worse when one of them fetched a copy from the bowels of the basement, waved it in the air for all to see and informed me in a very loud voice that it was on special offer for all Saga customers."

Japer's advice: shop online. "At least Amazon doesn't snigger or humiliate you behind your back."

 Liverpool Echo, Monday, 11th March 2013.

Willy Russell musical Blood Brothers to return to Liverpool
by Catherine Jones

The Echo published a news story announcing Blood Brothers' return to Liverpool.

"Casting is yet to be announced, but actresses who have played Mrs. Johnstone, the Liverpool housewife at the centre of the story, include Barbara Dickson, Lyn Paul, Stephanie Laurence, Melanic C and Natasha Hamilton."

 Bristol Evening Post, Friday, 5th April 2013.

Don't miss An Evening with Roger Cook featuring Madeleine Bell
by Tony Benjamin

The Evening Post previewed An Evening with Roger Cook featuring Madeleine Bell St George's, Bristol, Wednesday, 10th April.

"Cook can now boast he's written or performed on more than 1,100 records, but there's one that (for better or worse) really stands out: a reworked version of Cook's 1970 Coca-Cola jingle recorded by the New Seekers. Remember I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing?"

 Leicester Mercury, Saturday, 4th May 2013.

Will it be 1972 all over again?

The Leicester Mercury took a trip back in time.

"A Saturday, in the winter of 1972. The New Seekers were at number one; Ted Heath was at Number 10. It may have been a long, long wait for the dawn of the internet age, but there was plenty to do all the same.

Just take a quick look at the Mercury's entertainments pages from that day."

 Evening Times, (Glasgow), Wednesday, 8th May 2013.

That's hall, folks!
by Vivienne Nicoll

The Evening Times reported on the closure of Kelvin Hall.

"Kelvin Hall will close this summer to be turned into one of the UK's biggest museums.

Between 1972 and 1977 the venue hosted the farewell tour of flamenco guitarist Manitas De Platas, and gigs by Perry Como, Elton John, Captain Beefheart, the New Seekers, Runrig's début concert, and the James Last Orchestra."

 Evening News (Edinburgh), Saturday, 18th May 2013.

Still looking good aged 110 (page 1)
by Gemma Fraser

On the day that the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmo, Sweden, the Edinburgh Evening News remembered the time 40 years ago when "a pack of eager New Seekers' fans made the Caley their number one stop, pitching outside the hotel, autograph books at the ready, waiting to catch a glimpse of their idols. The hot ticket of the time, the band were in the Capital representing Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest in March 1972."

Switched on for Eurovision (page 2)
by Catherine Salmond

The Edinburgh Evening News previewed the Eurovision Song Contest by remembering "March 1972 when Edinburgh hosted the contest at the Usher Hall, with the New Seekers battling it out for maximum points for the United Kingdom."

The article was accompanied by a picture of the New Seekers making their way to the Usher Hall form 1972's Eurovision

 Western Mail, Saturday, 18th May 2013.

Your Vote: Making Your Mind Up voted UK's favourite

The Western Mail (Cardiff) reported the results of the Radio 2 poll to find the UK's favourite "homegrown" Eurovision Song Contest entry. The Western Daily Press (Bristol) also reported the result of the poll.

1. Bucks Fizz, Making Your Mind Up (1981) 2. Sandie Shaw, Puppet On A String (1967) 3. Katrina and the Waves, Love Shine A Light (1997) 4. Gina G, Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit (1996) 5. Brotherhood of Man, Save Your Kisses For Me (1976) 6. Michael Ball, One Step Out Of Time (1992) 7. New Seekers, Beg, Steal Or Borrow (1972) 8. Cliff Richard, Congratulations (1968) 9. Scooch, Flying The Flag (For You) (2007) 10. Blue, I Can (2011)

 Mail On Sunday, Sunday, 19th May 2013, pages 8-9.

New Labour? No, it's more new Seekers as 'tin-eared Ed begs, steals and borrows'
by Glen Owen

The Mail on Sunday reported that Ed Miliband's economic policy had come under fire from the Labour peer, Lord Glasman, who had "quoted the New Seekers 1972 Eurovision Song Contest entry Beg, Steal Or Borrow to bolster his argument against Mr. Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls."

He is quoted as saying: I think our position is like that 1970s terrible song... Were going to beg, then were going to steal and then were going to borrow to get the money.'

Lyn Paul responded with a Tweet: 'Did anybody see Lord 'whoever he is' Glasman's comments in the Daily Mail?'

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 Liverpool Echo, Wednesday, 29th May 2013, page 25.

Ashley enters a new stage in life
by Dawn Collinson

Ashley Morgan, who played Brenda in Blood Brothers, told the Echo about her new career as a personal shopper. In the interview she mentioned the Mrs. Johnstones she had worked with: "I'm really good friends with Lyn Paul, and with Linda and Maureen Nolan, and the last time I was in Liverpool was with Melanie C who was brilliant."

 The Guardian, Thursday, 27th June 2013.

New band of the day: Youngblood Hawke (No 1,542)
by Paul Lester

Paul Lester invited us to "meet the US band whose fizzy indie pop has been co-opted by Coca-Cola", which prompted the inevitable comparison with the New Seekers: "Like the New Seekers before them, they've just had one of their songs, We Come Running, picked for a Coke commercial... They even look like a latterday New Seekers."

 The Sun, Tuesday, 9th July 2013, page 26.

Mock rock & rolling in it

The Sun reviewed some of the best tribute acts, including Björn Again, the Bootleg Beatles and No Way Sis: "The Oasis-inspired act had a Top 40 hit in 1996 with I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - despite it being a New Seekers' song. Noel Gallagher dubbed them 'the second best band in the world'."

 The Times, Thursday, 11th July 2013, page 4.

A woeful sign of the times
by Carol Midgley

'Here, here!' to this: "Wasn't autograph hunting once an innocent, charming pursuit mostly favoured by children? ... Why would anyone buy an autograph online? When I was a kid the entire point was that you'd met the celebrity or at least written a letter to their fan club. Oh, the impossible glamour that you'd had a minor exchange with a lesser-known member of the New Seekers. That you can buy them now with a click of a mouse removes all the magic."

 Sunday Times, Sunday, 21st July 2013, page 4.

Making a splash - Youngblood Hawke are the sound of the summer, and the latest band to succeed with brand backing
by Lisa Verrico

"An invitation from Coca-Cola to visit its headquarters in Atlanta was the first hint Youngblood Hawke had that they were to be fast-tracked to fame.

Coke's connection with music dates back to the company's sponsorship of sheet music in the late 19th century... But it was in 1971, when ad execs hired the New Seekers to record I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (in Perfect Harmony), a song derived from the Coke jingle for the famous "hilltop" TV advert, that Coke's association with pop was sealed."

 The Observer, Sunday, 4th August 2013.

Youngblood Hawke, Wake Up (Island)
by Paul Mardles

Paul Mardles reviewed the début album by Youngblood Hawke. "It's not hard to see why Coca-Cola chose LA quintet Youngblood Hawke to soundtrack its new advert. Like the New Seekers 40 years before them, they are relentlessly chirpy and inclusive, their psychedelic pop designed to alienate no one."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), Friday, 9th August 2013, page 25.

A force for good - putting some positivity back into music

An interview with Wrexham's Heal The Last Stand, which describes the band as "a pillar of positivity lying somewhere between the New Seekers and Crosby, Stills and Nash."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 The Daily Telegraph, Friday, 30th August 2013, page 26.

Tomorrow belongs to Will Young
by Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer praised the touring production of Cabaret, which, he said: "seems even stronger in this touring version that has been substantially recast."

"Wil Young... gives a superb high-definition performance as the Emcee... while Linal Haft and Lyn Paul are deeply touching as the ageing lovers driven apart by Nazism."

 Sunday Express, Sunday, 1st September 2013, pages 52-53.

A thrilling Cabaret
by Mark Shenton

Mark Shenton also praised the touring production of Cabaret:

"Presiding over it all with a simultaneously sinister and playful intensity is Will Young’s Emcee in a thrilling performance that sets the tone for the production.

But then everyone is absolutely invested in the production, from the athletic dancers of the chorus to Lyn Paul’s beautiful, haunting turn of survival as landlady Fräulein Schneider. It is one of the most thrilling rediscoveries of a musical I have seen. "

 Liverpool Echo, Monday, 2nd September 2013, page 16.

Catherine Jones recommends...

Cabaret: "Will Young is the Emcee at the Empire from tonight until Saturday, while Siobhan Dillon plays Sally Bowles and Lyn Paul is also in the cast."

 Liverpool Echo, Monday, 3rd September 2013.

Cabaret dazzles, but Will Young shines brightest
by Catherine Jones

A four star **** review with particular praise for Will Young: "The former Pop Idol dazzles as brightly as the Kit Kat Club’s ‘Kabaret’ lighting in the role of its Pierrot-faced, leather short-wearing Emcee."

 The Times, Wednesday, 4th September 2013, page 10.

Cabaret - Theatre
New Wimbledon Theatre, SW19
by Sam Marlowe

Sam Marlowe gave the touring production of Cabaret a **** review, with particular priase for Will Young, "his painted, leering face an emblem of salacious pleasure and impending horror."

Lyn Paul's German accent came in for some criticism but Sam Marlowe acknowledged that "her doomed romance with Jewish fruiterer Herr Schultz (Linal Haft) is heartbreaking."

 Daily Post (Liverpool), Thursday, 5th September 2013, page 7.

Come to the Cabaret - but mostly for Will Young
by Laura Davis

Laura Davis also gave the touring production of Cabaret a **** review, with particular priase for Will Young - "wonderfully weird and brilliantly funny."

"Linal Haft made a sweet Herr Schultz and his doomed romance with boarding house landlady Fräulein Schneider (Lyn Paul) was quite touching."

 Shropshire Star, Thursday, 6th September 2013, page 7.

The Crown Country Inn, Munslow
by Sharon Walters

The New Seekers' song from the famous Coca-Cola commercial is recalled in Sharon Walters' restaurant review:

"Way back in a decade when flares and perms were fashionable – yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the 70s – Coca-Cola made an iconic advert...

The advert – and song – took on a life of its own. The New Seekers’ version of the tune sold a massive 12 million copies, hitting number one on the chart. Coke did the right thing and donated $80,000 in royalty payments to UNICEF...

The spirit of Coke lives on at The Crown Country Inn, at Munslow, in south Shropshire. When my friends and I visited, we ordered a Diet Coke. And it was delivered, in all its aluminiumed glory, to our table.

Plonk: Can. Glass. Get on with it."

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 Messenger, Tuesday, 10th September 2013.

Raunchy Cabaret turns to fear
by Julia Taylor

Another four star review for the touring production of Cabaret.

 Lancashire Telegraph, Wednessday, 11th September 2013.

Review: Cabaret, Opera House, Manchester
by Anna Mansell

"Gentler moments, although not without their dramas, were created between Lyn Paul and Linal Haft, as the ageing romantics Fräulein Schneider and Herr Schultz. Paul’s voice was simply divine."

 Monmouth Gazette, Wednesday, 18th September 2013.

Make sure your life is a Cabaret
by Jayne Bennett

"The Bristol Hippodrome was buzzing with anticipation when Cabaret came to town last night."

 Swindon Advertiser, Wednesday, 18th September 2013.

Life really is a Cabaret for Will Young and co
by Stephanie Tye

"All of the cast, which also included Lyn Paul, deserved the standing ovation they received on opening night."

 Bristol Evening Post, Thursday, 19th September 2013.

Come to this Cabaret

"Set against this were the tender performances of Lyn Paul as landlady Fräulein Schneider, and Linal Haft as Herr Schultz, the ageing friends whose love was thwarted by the rise of the Nazis. She still has a wonderful voice."

 Worcester News, Thursday, 19th September 2013.

Caberet • Bristol Hippodrome
by Nigel Wilson

"The love story between Fräulein Schneider (Lyn Paul) and Herr Schultz (Linal Haft) was heart warming at times despite its tragic conclusion."

 Bradford Telegraph and Argus, Monday, 23rd September 2013.

Life is a Cabaret for Will Young in stunning musical
by Chris Holland

"Former New Seekers star Lyn Paul brought depth to the role of Fräulein Schneider using her fine voice to deliver some moving numbers. And the excellent Linal Haft as Herr Shulz was a delight."

 Keighley News, Tuesday, 24th September 2013.

Caberet • Bradford Alhambra

"The characters of Fräulein Schneider (Lyn Paul) and Herr Schultz (Linal Haft) added a poignant touch to the story as they struggled with their feelings trying to decide how the love of a German and a Jew would work in what was to be a new German regime."

 Yorkshire Evening Post, Thursday, 26th September 2013.

Theatre review: Cabaret, Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
by Liz Coggins

"It's a raunchy production that pulls no punches - it's sexually explicit and sensual one moment and blissfully nostalgic and romantic the next."

 Yorkshire Post, Friday, 27th September 2013.

Review: Cabaret, Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
by Liz Coggins

"Creating the role of Emcee is always a challenge but Will Young excelled with his own sinister, stylised characterisation, proving what an amazing asset he is to British musical theatre.

Cabaret has an excellent supporting cast and a high energy chorus that bring the show to life, making it one of the best touring versions that's been around for a long time."

Top. Up. Down. Bottom.

 The Argus, Wednesday, 2nd October 2013.

Cabaret, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, until October 5
by Barrie Jerram

"Lyn Paul and Linal Haft are both comic and touching as they find and lose love in old-age."

 Eastbourne Herald, Friday, 4th October 2013, page 71.

Will's the icing on the Cabaret cake
by Annemarie Field

"While there can be little doubt, the vast majority of the audience was there to see Will Young, who steals the show as Emcee, the rest of the cast are popular well known household names and faces who deserve a mention in their own right for their outstanding portrayals: former Seekers singer Lyn Paul as Fräulein Schneider, fine actor Linal Haft who plays Herr Schultz, and the fantastic Siobhan Dillan..."

 Evening News (Edinburgh), Tuesday, 22nd October 2013.

Theatre review: Cabaret
by Josie Balfour

"Credit must go to Lyn Paul’s poignant portrayal of Fräulein Schneider and Linal Haft’s philosophical love interest Herr Schultz, who paint a wonderfully understated picture of older love."

 The Scotsman, Tuesday, 22nd October 2013, page 34.

Review: CABARET ****
by Joyce McMIllan

"There's steel, though, in the prominence given to the doomed love story of elderly landlady Fräulein Schneider and her Jewish admirer Herr Schultz, beautifully played by Lyn Paul and Linal Haft; and from there on - after Lyn Paul's superb performance of Schneider's great What Would You Do? - the production darkens, to as bleak and unrelenting an ending as this pre-Holocaust story will bear."

 The Herald, Friday, 25th October 2013.

by Marianne Gunn

"The older generation romantic subplot features far more prominently in the stage musical and veteran Lyn Paul excels as Fräulein Schneider, who ultimately opts for societal self-preservation."

 Kent News, Friday, 25th October 2013.

Lyn Paul: Stage is set for original New Seeker’s latest musical act
by Greg Miles

An interview with Lyn Paul promoting Cabaret at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells. The interview covered some familiar topics: the New Seekers; Blood Brothers; Taboo, which Lyn admits she did not enjoy (“I have been very lucky, actually, that there has only been one show I haven’t enjoyed – that was 'Taboo' with Boy George."); and of course, Cabaret ("The rehearsal period was so short for me personally because I had never done it before. I had never seen the show before and didn’t know anything about it.")

 Liverpool Echo, Friday, 25th October 2013, page 1.

Liverpool musical is in our Blood
by Catherine Jones

"Blood Brothers returns to Liverpool next week with Maureen Nolan leading the cast in the current UK touring production.. "

Catherine Jones interviewed some of the original cast and crew, including Barbara Dickson, who said; "I HAVE a great pride in having been Mrs. Johnstone and I feel I do own her." The article was accompanied by photos of others who also 'owned' the role.

"HERE'S TO YOU MRS. JOHNSTONE The many faces of Mrs. Johnstone - actresses and singers who have donned Mrs. J's pinny: Kiki Dee, Lyn Paul, Bernie Nolan, Maureen Nolan, Denise Nolan, Linda Nolan, Melanie C, Natasha Hamilton, Niki Evans, Angela Richards, Petula Clark, Carole King, Stephanie Lawrence, Helen Reddy, Marti Webb, Clodagh Rogers, Siobhan McCarthy."

 Sunday Telegraph, Sunday, 3rd November 2013, page 41.

The Pub Quiz
compiled by Gavin Fuller

"Eve Graham and Lyn Paul were the lead singers in which band in the early Seventies?"

 The Oxford Times, Weekend, Thursday, 7th November 2013, page 8.

Will's Willkommen to stage stardom
by Christopher Gray

After congratulating Will Young on a "a tour-de-force performance" as the nightclub host Emcee, Chris Gray went on to praise the other members of the Cabaret cast:

"John Kander and Fred Ebb’s musical (with book by Joe Masteroff) concentrates, of course, on the story of cabaret performer Sally Bowles... This loose-living, scatty but oddly endearing character comes over vividly in a compelling performance by Siobhan Dillon...

The other major narrative thread, concerning their elderly landlady Fräulein Schneider (Lyn Paul) and her romance with the Jewish fruiterer Herr Schultz (Linal Haft), is also explored with touching sensitivity... a top-class production in every respect."

 York Press, Thursday, 21st November 2013.

Review: Cabaret, Hull New Theatre
by Charles Hutchinson

"Young reinvigorates the sinister Emcee after Wayne Sleep’s long run... his Emcee is much more Germanic than Sleep’s turn and altogether saucier and more disturbing too...

Lyn Paul 's Fräulein Schneider, Linal Haft’s Herr Schultz and Valerie Cutko’s Fraulein Kost cut the mustard too."

 Birmingham Mail, Thursday, 28th November 2013, page 53.

Boos soon turn to applause
Review: Cabaret, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

by Paul Marston

Will Young missed the opening night's performance in Wolverhampton through illness but, as Charles Hutchinson reported, "the disappointment didn’t last long when understudy Simon Jaymes proved that he’s got talent too and went on to give a sparkling performance as Emcee."

"Fine performances, too, from Lyn Paul (Fräulein Schneider) and Linal Haft (Herr Schultz) whose blossoming love is ended by the rise of the anti-Jewish element."

 Evening Telegraph (Peterborough), Friday, 29th November 2013, page 53.

Will Young in Cabaret at Broadway
by John Baker

An interview with Will Young in which he talked about his role as the Emcee in Cabaret.

The interview mentioned that Cabaret "also stars Siobhan Dillon as Sally Bowles, Matt Rawle as Cliff, and Lyn Paul who is making her Cabaret début as Fräulein Schneider."

 The Herald (Glasgow), Saturday, 30th November 2013.

Following the launch of the 649-page white paper, Scotland's Future, The Herald published a humourous piece on the "mood music of White Paper week."

"A poll of journalists reckons the unofficial soundtrack to the Salmond and Sturgeon show was the touchy-feelie 1971 cola anthem by the New Seekers, I Want (sic) To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)." Tee hee!

 Evening Telegraph (Peterborough), Tuesday, 3rd December 2013.

Willkomen back at any time
by Brad Barnes

"Will Young, of Pop Idol fame, was magnificent was Emcee - all moody and maniacal - almost Joker-esque at times... Siobhan Dillion is a wonderful Sally Bowles... She works well with Matt Rawle, convincing as would-be author Cliff Bradshaw...

Lyn Paul (Fräulein Schneider) and Linal Haft (Herr Schultz), the other couple whose blossoming romance is doomed, albeit for much different, political, reasons, share some great moments, particularly the charming It Couldn't Please Me More. Paul, a Seventies star with the New Seekers, still possesses a delightful voice."

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