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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2010s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2010 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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UK Newspapers

The Paperboy


The Seekers returned to the UK for a Jubilee Tour, Jeremy Paxman presented his final Newsnight and Lyn Paul starred in The Cromer Christmas Show. Here's what the press made of it all...

 Liverpool Echo, Saturday, 18th January 2014, page 27.

Rock of Ages
by Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones highlighted the hit singles that were number 1 in the UK on 18th January 1972 and 1982 - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers and The Land Of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz.

"The New Seekers had been formed in 1969 after the break-up of '60s group The Seekers. Members included actress and musicals' star Lyn Paul."

 The Express, Friday, 14th March 2014, page 30.

You've had how many lovers?
by Simon Edge

The Express regurgitated an old story about Tony Blackburn and Lyn Paul "whom he said was so short-sighted he had to read the restaurant menu to her."

 Daily Record, Saturday, 15th March 2014, pages 6-7.

It really has heart and sole
by Tam Cown

Tam Cown's restaurant review featured The George Street Fish Restaurant, 13-15 George Street, Oban.

"Even the lively background music was pretty decent. It was ABBA all the way (I think the Swedish supergroup are still top of the charts in Oban alongside the New Seekers and Mungo Jerry)."

 The Express, Saturday, 26th April 2014.

The Seekers are found again: The folk band are back doing what they do best
by Dominic Midgley

Heralding the return of The Seekers to the UK for a 50th anniversary tour, Dominic Midgely made passing reference to the New Seekers in his account of the group's history:

"[Keith] Potger revived the band with a new lead singer under the name the New Seekers and it enjoyed success with various different line-ups producing such hits as I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing."

 Evening Times (Glasgow), Friday, 9th May 2014, page 16.

Will it be pointless?

A day ahead of the 59th Eurovision Song Context, The Evening Times recalled the days when the top acts turned out for Eurovision.

"The idea of a British pop star who was still riding high in the charts trotting out for Eurovision seems unlikely now, but the 1960s and 70s were a different time... The respected likes of the New Seekers and The Shadows also gave the contest a go, but it was Bucks Fizz that seemed to capture the Eurovision spirit best with the peppy pop of Making Your Mind Up in 1981."

 Nottingham Post, Saturday, 10th May 2014, page 22.

I even had a chat with Ken Bruce, outside his box

On the day of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Nottingham Post included an article that pondered its continuing popularity.

"First and foremost, it's a song contest, but when you think about it, it's more like the old-fashioned variety shows we used to get in the 70s. It's spawned of that era.

In 1970, Mary Hopkins represented the UK, in '71 it was Clodagh Rodgers and '72, the New Seekers - they came second with Beg, Steal And Borrow. Of course, Cliff did it again in '73."

 The Herald, Tuesday, 13th May 2014, page 15.

Farewell tour of The Seekers

The Herald included an article on The Seekers, highlighting the groups's live dates at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The New Seekers were mentioned in passing.

"On singer Judith Durham’s 25th birthday, in July 1968, the phenomenally successful '60s quartet The Seekers played their farewell concert at London’s Talk of the Town... She is now 70 and last orders has continued for a further 45 years with the original line-up of Durham, songsmith Bruce Woodley, bassist and raconteur Athol Guy and Keith Potger, who subsequently managed the New Seekers..."

 Daily Telegraph, Wednesday, 14th May 2014, page 31.

French lessons in manners on the trains
by Anthony Peregrine

Anthony Peregrine reported on the Voisins à Bord ("Neighbours Aboard") scheme being introduced on French railways by the SNCF.

"From now on, TGV passengers should expect smiles, bonjours and ample chat from fellow travellers... Carriages will resemble the sun-blessed communities envisaged in the works of the New Seekers "

First published: Daily Telegraph, Saturday, 3rd May, page 7.

 The Herald, Thursday, 15th May 2014, page 15.

The Seekers
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

by Keith Bruce

A review of The Seekers at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The New Seekers were again mentioned in passing.

"I can be as sniffy as anyone about aged acts “milking it” beyond their legitimate lifespan, but some bands have earned the right to transcend such critisism. The longevity of The Seekers – far outlasting the New Seekers that original member Keith Potger created to succeed them – puts them in a class apart."

 Liverpool Echo, Saturday, 17th May 2014, pages 25-26.

The best of the West End
by Laura Davis

As The Lion King arrived at the Liverpool Empire, Laura Davis celebrated the theatre's history of welcoming major musicals.

"Blood Brothers has been a regular visitor to the city since it was first performed at the Everyman in 1983. Here the ill-fated Johnstone family are played by Lyn Paul, Stephen Donald and Simon Hepworth."

 Bucks Free Press, Friday, 6th June 2014.

What's on this week in south Bucks
by Rebecca Cain

Music at the museum

"This special fundraising event featuring Chiltern music across three days, is to raise funds for rebuilding historic Jackson Studios at Chiltern Open Air Museum. Famous acts including Elton John, the New Seekers, Ian Drury, Motorhead and Dr. Feelgood recorded at the studio, which is currently dismantled and in storage at the museum."

 Daily Telegraph, Thursday, 19th June 2014, page 4.

Pit bull Paxman lacks a final bark, but does cock a leg with a dog in a lift
by Jasper Rees

On 18th June Jeremy Paxman presented BBC2's Newsnight for the last time. In his review of the programme Jasper Rees wrote:

" ...when a colossus leaves the stage the whole stadium rises to its feet and cheers to the rafters. Jeremy Paxman will have had to imagine such a scenario as he thanked the viewers for watching and the New Seekers' I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing played while the studio lights dimmed on a solitary silent interrogator."

 Evening Standard, Thursday, 19th June 2014, page 27.

Paxo's awkward farewell to Newsnight
by David Sexton

"We left him sitting alone in the studio... Then I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers blared out... "

 The Guardian, Thursday, 19th June 2014, page 7.

Jeremy Paxman's final Newsnight
by Mark Lawson

"The play-out music was the New Seekers' I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, a curious selection, unless it was a reference to the presenter's recent claim that he would like to pursue a career as a teacher, although of history rather than music."

 The Observer, Sunday, 22nd June 2014, The New Review, page 26.

Television & DVDs

Goodbye to Sweden's King Lear
While Wallander bowed out gracefully, Jeremy Paxman made a slightly grumpy exit from Newsnight

by Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan watched Jeremy Paxman bow out in style.

"Given the programme's new enthusiasm for frivolity, there were bound to be some end-of-term larks... I'd prepared myself for the last waltz over the closing credits – perhaps with Kirsty – but it was the New Seekers singing about wanting to build the world a home and furnishing it with love. Oh my aching sides!"

 Daily Mail, Thursday, 10th July 2014, page 35.

'I'm no fan of Paxo' says Seekers star

Following Jeremy Paxman's exit from Newsnight to the strains of the New Seekers' hit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, former New Seeker Eve Graham was quoted as saying: "I can't say I'm a fan of his... Newsnight is not the sort of thing I'd watch regularly."

 Sunday Telegraph, Sunday, 19th October 2014, page 29.

152 singles that hit the million mark

The New Seekers' hit I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing made it onto the Sunday Telegraph's list of million-selling singles... at no. 135.

 Evening News, (Edinburgh), Saturday, 22nd November 2014, page 29.

Edinburgh hotels a capital place to stay

The Edinburgh Evening News reported that the city had been listed amongst the world's best hotel destinations.

"In March 1972, chart-sensation the New Seekers were staying at the Princes Street hotel as they prepared to represent Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest, being held in Edinburgh that year.

Groups of adoring fans [pictured] waited eagerly for a glimpse of their idols, and were desperate for them to sign autographs."

 North Norfolk News, Thursday, 27th October 2014, pages 32 and 41.

Lighting up for Christmas

The North Norfolk News reported on the switch-on of the Christmas lights in Holt. "More than 5,000 people gathered to watch the glittering fireworks in Holt, with entertainment from West End star Lyn Paul, the cast of the Cromer Pier Christmas Show and Santa's reindeer."

The Guide (page 1)

The North Norfolk News entertainment guide highlighted The Cromer Christmas Show.

Pier's festive show has extra star and sparkle
"Cromer Pier's Christmas Show has sprinkled on extra glitter to mark its 10th anniversary... adding well-known singer and actress Lyn Paul, who found global fame with the New Seekers, to the cast line-up."

Lyn Paul's life of song, stage and TV roles
The feature on The Cromer Christmas Show included a brief history of Lyn's career, covering the New Seekers, Blood Brothers and "other recent musicals" Footloose and Cabaret.

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