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These pages provide details of some of the printed publications - books, theatre programmes, newspapers and magazines - that have featured Lyn Paul during her long career.


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Press Articles: 2010s

These pages provide details of newspaper articles, reviews and interviews featuring Lyn Paul or the New Seekers, which appeared in the UK press from 2010 onwards. Scroll down the page or select a year from the table below.

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UK Newspapers

The Paperboy


In March, following the unanimous verdict of a US jury, which found Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams liable for copyright infringement, a few newspapers ran articles on past instances of copyright theft, including the court case involving Shakermaker by Oasis vs. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by the New Seekers. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing received further press attention in May after the song was used in the final episode of Mad Men.

Former New Seeker Eve Graham was also in the news...

 Express On Sunday (Scottish edition), Sunday, 1st March 2015.

The Seeker Who'd Be Lost Without Her Soulmate
by Peter Robertson

An interview with Eve Graham in which she talked about her "low-key life in a rock-solid relationship with fellow singer / musician Kevin Finn." Eve described how she first met Kevin (then known as Danny) and revealed that he had suffered a minor stroke in 2001.

 Yorkshire Post, Sunday, 8th March 2015.

Restaurant review: Tail of the unexpected
by Jill Turton

Jill Turton reviewed the food at the Buck Inn and mentioned the music being played:

"A Hits of the 1960s on the sound system treated us or rather tortured us with Gerry and the Pacemakers' Ferry Cross The Mersey and the New Seekers' Carnival Is Over." Oops!

 The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday, 11th March 2015.

After Blurred Lines here are top seven musical sins
by Bernard Zuel

No. 2 on Bernard Zuel's list was Oasis - Shakermaker.

"Oasis' Shakermaker from their début album, Definitely Maybe, was close enough to the New Seekers' I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing for it to cost the band a reported half a million dollars."

 Daily Mirror, Friday, 13th March 2015, page 8.

Stolen or inspired? When it comes to a lot of things it seems the line's a bit Blurred
by Emma Pietras

Emma Pietras took at look at eight cases of coppyright theft and noted that "where there's a hit, there's often a writ... " No. 1 on her list: Oasis vs New Seekers.

"The Oasis bad boys got into bother in 1994 by using the melody from I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing in their tune Shakermaker.

Songwriters for the New Seekers' 1971 hit successfully sued for £300,000."

 Liverpool Echo, Thursday, 2nd April 2015, page 20.

There are places I remember... one of them is The Shakey
by Pete Price

Pete Price remembered his days as the host at Liverpool's Shakespeare Theatre Club - 'The Shakey' - a "beautiful theatre" decorated in "olive green, cream and gold" with oak panelling and four tiered balconies.

"I would be honoured to introduce some of the biggest names in show business - Tommy Cooper, Bob Monkhouse, The Four Tops, New Seekers, Blue Mink, Drifters, Dave Allen - the list was endless."

 Swindon Advertiser, Tuesday, 28th April 2015.

REWIND: Charity gig flop for top pop group
by Barrie Hudson

Barrie Hudson rummaged through the archives of the Swindon Advertiser to find a Top of the Flops Shock headline from Friday, 28th April 1978.

The New Seekers had been booked for a concert at the Oasis on 29th April "to raise more than £3,000 for a minibus for handicapped youngsters" but "only about 500 tickets had been sold, against a break-even point of 1,000."

According to Barrie Hudson: "The New Seekers may have been early victims of what might be called Switched Personnel Syndrome, in which fans are turned off because of radical membership changes... Lyn Paul and Peter Oliver were gone by 1976 and other changes followed. A version of the band, albeit with only one original member, existed as recently as two years ago."

 Evening Standard, Friday, 22nd May 2015, page 47.

Catch up TV...
by Alastair McKay

"SO Mad Men (Sky On Demand) is over... Frankly, the ending is hard to buy when even the show's titles suggest the impending death of a salesman. Still, ironists and fans of the New Seekers will appreciate the use of a famous Coke commercial at the show's conclusion."

 Coventry Telegraph / Manchester Evening News, Saturday, 23rd May 2015, page 7.

Hits & misses
Although the UK hasn't won since 1997, we're actually one of the most successful nations in Eurovision history...

The Coventry Telegraph and the Manchester Evening News both listed the UK's past entries in the Eurovision Song Contest, including:

1972 The New Seekers Beg, Steal Or Borrow, 2nd;
1980 Prima Donna Love Enough For Two, 3rd;
1991 Samantha Janus A Message To Your Heart, 10th.

 Western Mail, Saturday, 23rd May 2015, page 22-23.

Now we've reached the pinnacle of Eurovision surrealism, perhaps it could just be about the song for a change...
by Carolyn Hitt

An interesting article on the UK's fading fortunes in the Eurovision Song Contest. Carolyn Hitt remembered the days "when the UK approached it like a compositional Olympics, throwing its biggest names at the competition in the hope of securing douze points across the board.

The 60s and 70s entrants read like a British pop Hall of Fame - Matt Monro; Kathy Kirby; Sandie Shaw; Cliff Richard; Lulu; Mary Hopkin; Olivia Newton-John; The New Seekers; and The Shadows."

 Sunday Mail (Glasgow), Sunday, 24th May 2015, page 50.

Just aSk!

A question from J McCormack, Perth: "Has the Eurovision Song Contest ever been held in Scotland?"

The answer, of cuorse, is yes. "The contest took place in Edinburgh's Usher Hall in 1972... Luxembourg won with Après Toi by winner Vicky Leandros. But the British runners-up, the New Seekers, had a huge hit with Beg, Steal Or Borrow."

 Daily Mirror, Wednesday, 22nd July 2015, page 8.

The sounds of the cities
by Warren Manger

Warren Manger reported on a map compiled by the music streaming service Spotify, showing which songs were being played most often in different cities around the United Kingdom. The New Seekers, it turned out, were popular in Oxford, along with Cilla Black and Nick Drake.

 Oxford Mail, Monday, 27th July 2015.

Elite taste in music means we’re still grooving to Cilla and Dolly
by Sophie Mogridge

The New Seekers, along with Cilla Black and Dolly Parton, were revealed to be in the top 100 streamed songs in Oxford. Ronan Munro, the editor of Nightshift, Oxford’s free monthly music magazine, was quoted as saying: "As a city we’ve got diverse groups of music fans, which means that we generally appreciate better music than other people."

 The Express, Saturday magazine, 26th September 2015, page 71.

The New Seekers' Eve Graham - Where Are They Now?
by Tony Padman

Eve Graham looked back on her career in an interview with Tony Padman...

"I was a 12-year-old kid when my career started. Cyril [Stapleton] asked me to sing with his orchestra in the ballrooms and that led to other engagements. I then sang as part of the band The Nocturnes, with Lyn Paul, and it was her mum who said we should apply for a new group called the New Seekers."

 Evening Telegraph (Peterborough), Wednesday, 2nd December 2015.

70s star Lyn Paul returns to iconic Blood Brothers role in Peterborough

"The brilliant Blood Brothers returns to the Broadway Theatre on January 12 to open its 2016 tour... The 'definitive Mrs. Johnstone' Lyn Paul makes a welcome return to the iconic role, one she first played in 1997."

 The Gazette (Blackpool), Thursday, 3rd December 2015.

Lyn Paul to star in Blood Brothers
by Anna Cryer

"Lyn Paul is to lead the cast in Blood Brothers at Blackpool Winter Gardens next year... Lyn will make a welcome return to the iconic Mrs. Johnstone role, having first played it in 1997 and playing the show's final West End performance in 2012."

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