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New Seekers: collectors' items

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These pages give details about those hard to find and sought after recordings which New Seekers' fans may want to collect, including releases on flexi-disc, vinyl, cassette and CD. Some of CDs listed feature recordings made by members of the New Seekers before they joined the group.

If you're missing any of these from your collection, try finding them using the On the Net guide to record collecting.

Collectors' Items: Before They Were Famous

The following CDs feature tracks recorded by members of the New Seekers before they joined the group.

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The Real Thing (CD cover).

Australian Pop
of the 60s,
Volume 3:
The Real Thing

(CD cover)

Australian Pop of the 60s, Volume 3: The Real Thing

A two-CD compilation featuring Peter Doyle's single Stupidity and Marty Kristian's I'll Give You Love.

Disc 1: Russell Morris, The Real Thing | The Purple Hearts, Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones | The Delltones, Hangin’ Five | |Lynne Randell, Heart | The Twilights, What’s Wrong With The Way I Live | The Executives, It’s A Happening World | Mike Furber and The Bowery Boys, Just A Poor Boy | The Love Machine, Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands | Dinah Lee, Don’t You Know Yokomo | Marty Rhone, Village Tapestry | Axiom, Arkansas Grass | Marty Kristian, I’ll Give You Love | The Seekers, A World Of Our Own | The Easybeats, Wedding Ring | Tony Worsley and The Blue Jays, Missing You | Johnny Young, Craise Finton Kirk | The Cherokees, A Woman With Soul | Ronnie Burns, Coalman | Maria Dallas, Ambush | The Groop, The Best In Africa

Disc 2: The Groove, Soothe Me | Peter Doyle, Stupidity | Pastoral Symphony, Love Machine | Jon Blanchfield, Baby, Get In The Groove | Masters Apprentices, Living In A Child’s Dream | Bobby and Laurie, High Noon | Flying Circus, Run, Run, Run | Johnny O’Keefe, She Wears My Ring | Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, My Girl Josephine | Ray Brown and The Whispers, 20 Miles | M.P.D. Ltd, (Remember) Walkin’ In The Sand | The Loved Ones, Everlovin’ Man | Johnny Farnham, Friday Kind Of Monday | Python Lee Jackson, Um, Um, Um, Um | Steve and The Board, Giggle Eyed Goo | Tony Barber, Someday | The Valentines, Knick Knack Paddy Whack | Normie Rowe, It’s Not Easy | The Questions, Sally Go ‘Round The Roses | Digger Revell and The Denvermen, My Little Rocker’s Turned Surfie

Label: Sony Music 88 697 653972
Released: 13th July 2010

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Shake Baby Shake (CD cover).

Australian Pop
of the 60s,
Volume 4:
Shake Baby Shake

(CD cover)

Australian Pop of the 60s, Volume 4: Shake Baby Shake

Two 20-track CDs, the second of which includes It Comes And Goes by Marty Kristian.

Disc 1: Johnny O'Keefe, Shake Baby Shake | The Twilights, Needle In A Haystack | Cam-Pact, Something Easy | Masters Apprentices, Undecided | Dinah Lee, Do The Blue Beat | Jeff Phillips, Everything I Touch Turns To Tears | The Atlantics, Bombora | Bev Harrell, What Am I Doing Here With You | M.P.D. Limited, Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder | Ray Brown, The Same Old Song | Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, I Sure Know A Lot About Love | The Executives, Windy Day | The Easybeats, I'll Make You Happy | In-Sect, I Can See My Love | The Seekers, On The Other Side | Ronnie Burns, When I Was Six Years Old | Judy Stone, 4,003,221 Tears From Now | Jon Blanchfield, Lavender Girl | The Loved Ones, Sad Dark Eyes | Purple Hearts, Long Legged Baby

Disc 2: Johnny Young & Kompany, Cara-lyn | Jimmy Hannan, You Make Me Happy | Johnny Farnham, One | Grandma's Tonic, Hi Hi Hazel | Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Hallelujah I Love Her So | King Fox, Unforgotten Dreams | Marty Rhone, She's Coming Home | Merv Benton, I Got Burned | The Groop, Sorry | Normie Rowe & The Playboys, Que Sera Sera | The Id featuring Jeff St John, You Got Me Hummin' | The Valentines, Getting Better | Little Pattie, I'll Eat My Hat | Bobby and Laurie, Someone | Maria Dallas, Tumblin' Down | Russell Morris, Part Three Into Paper Walls | Rev Black & The Rockin' Vicars, Down To The Last 500 | The Groove, Simon Says | Marcie and The Cookies, You On My Mind | Marty Kristian, It Comes And Goes

Label: Sony Music 88 697 966282
Released: 31st January 2012

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Age Of Consent (CD cover).

Australian Pop
of the 60s,
Volume 3:
Age Of Consent

(CD cover)

Australian Pop of the 60s, Volume 5: Age Of Consent

The fifth in the Australian Pop of the 60s series includes Peter Doyle's single Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons and We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here by Marty Kristian.

Disc 1: Ronnie Burns, Age Of Consent | The Delltones, Walkin' Along | Allison Durbin, Don't Come Any Closer | Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Don't Cha Know | Lynne Randell, That's A Hoe Down | Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, Just A Little Bit | The Throb, Believe In Me | Barry Gibb & The Bee Gees, Wine And Women | Grandma's Tonic, Lost Girl | Grantley Dee, Let The Little Girl Dance | Python Lee Jackson, Hold On I'm Coming | The Pacifics, Barracuda | Johnny Devlin, Stomp The Tumberumba | Jonne Sands, Change Of Mind | Bill & Boyd, Chulu Chlulu | The Cicadas, I'll Prove It | Ross D Wyllie & The Escorts, Short Skirts | Little Pattie, Dance Puppet Dance | Marty Kristian, We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here | The Insect, More Than I Can Say | The Iguana, Good News

Disc 2: The Easybeats, Come And See Her | Steve & The Board - Rosalyn | Peter Doyle, Plastic Dreams And Toy Balloons | Dinah Lee, Reet Petite | Tony Barber, No No No | The Seekers, The Carnival Is Over | The Strangers, Lady Scorpio | Johnny O'keefe, Ooh Poo Pah Doo Pts 1 & 2 (67 Version) | The Atlantics, The Crusher | Bobby And Laurie, You'll Come Around | Normie Rowe, Ooh La La | Nineteen 87, Engagement Party | Masters Apprentices, Brigette | Somebody's Image, Hide And Seek | The Groop, Lovin' Tree | Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys, That's When Happiness Begins | The Loved Ones, A Love Like Ours | Anne Hawker, Timothy | Ray Brown & The Whispers, (Ain't It) Strange | The Purple Hearts, You Can't Sit Down

Label: Sony Music 88 843 053162
Released: 15th August 2014

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The Breaking Point (CD cover).

Australian Pop
of the 60s,
Volume 6:
The Breaking Point

Australian Pop of the 60s, Volume 6: The Breaking Point

The sixth in the Australian Pop of the 60s series includes Peter Doyle's single Speechless (The Pick Up) and Here I Am by the Virgil Brothers.

Disc 1: Normie Rowe, The Breaking Point | The Cherokees, The Angels Listened In | The Dave Bridge Trio, Bondi Stomp | The Groove, What Is Soul | Johnny Young, Lady | Jon Blanchfield, She’s My Baby | The Kinetics, Excuses | New World, Try To Remember | Buddy England, Movin’ Man | Ronnie Burns, How’d We Ever Get This Way | Laurie Allen & Bobby Bright, Judy Green | Dinah Lee, I Can’t Believe What You Say | The Virgil Brothers, Here I Am | Jimmy Hannan, Beach Ball | 18th Century Quartet, Am I A Lover | Ann & Johnny Hawker, Cinderella Rockefella | The Cicadas, I Need You | Ray Brown & The Whispers, Tennessee Waltz Song | Levi Smith’s Clefs, Road Runner | Robbie Snowden, No One Really Loves A Clown | Cam-Pact, Zoom Zoom Zoom | The Imagination, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You | Johnny O’Keefe, I Thank You | The Feel Goods, What Will It Be Like?

Disc 2: Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Mashed Potato | The Avengers, Twiddle-E-Dee | Bobby Bright, Would You Believe, Love | Bill & Boyd, Cloudy Summer Afternoon | The Strangers, Western Union | Ross D. Wyllie, Smile | The Groop, Annabelle Lee | Judy Stone, Born A Woman | Glen Ingram with The Hi-Five, Skye Boat Song | The Prilgrims Five, Barbara Allen | Peter Doyle, Speechless (The Pick Up) | Terry Dean, It's You | The Seekers, Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine | The Henchmen, Can’t You Hear Me Callin' | The Easybeats, St. Louis | The In-Sect, Let This Be A Lesson | The Bay City Union, Mo’reen | The Atlantics, War Of The Worlds | Ronnie Charles, Katy Jane | The Throb, Black | Marcie Jones, That’s The Way It Is | Tony Worsley,  Talking About You | Doug Ashdown, The Day They Freed The Noise

Label: Sony Music 88 985 414622
Released: 18th August 2017

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Buried But Not Dead (CD cover).

Buried but Not Dead
(CD cover)

Buried, But Not Dead: Aussie Rarities
The Melbourne Sound of the 60's

This 20-track CD includes Peter Doyle's single Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons and The Procession's version of Anthem (One Day In Every Week), which was a UK hit for the New Seekers in 1978.

Tracks: The Avengers, Twiddle-e-Dee | Vibrants, I've Got to Go | Jeff Phillips, Everything I Touch Turns to Tears | The Party Machine, You've All Gotta Go | The Clik, La-De-Da | The Colours, Plenty of Room Up Top | Buddy England, If I Never Get to Love You | The Valentines, Love Makes Sweet Music | Town Criers, Laughing Man | The Sect, St. John's Wood | Peter Doyle, Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons | The Groop, You Gotta Live Love | Perfection, Pretty Girl | The Iguana, Good News | Motion, Nice Girl | Marcie Jones, That's The Way It Is | The Procession, One Day In Every Week | Dream, Who Could Be Lovin' You | Norman Willison, Please Do Something | The Cherokees, Sally

Label: Red Rock Music Inc.
Released: 2001

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Devil's Children Volume 3 (CD cover).

Devil's Children
Volume 3

includes the
Wild Colonials'
Ain't That
Lovin' You Baby

Peter Doyle's
version of
Tweedle Dee.

Devil's Children Volume 3

Among the 32 tracks on this limited edition Australian CD are Peter Doyle's version of Tweedle Dee and the Wild Colonials' Ain't That Lovin' You Baby. Peter Doyle was a member of the New Seekers in the group's heyday (1970-73). Mick Flinn, who had been a member of the Wild Colonials, joined the New Seekers long after the group's chart-topping days had come to an end.

Tracks: Psychadelia | Robbie Steele, Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice | RJSS, She's So Good To Me | Little Gulliver & The Children, I Apologise | Blues Rags 'n' Hollers, Got Love If You Want It | Blue Beats, Dr. Feelgood | Bobby & Laurie, Fallin' | Vikings, Down The Road Apiece | Groop, Bury My Body | Morluch, Hit The Road, Jack | Peter Doyle, Tweedle Dee | Others, Dancing Girl | ID, Watch Out | Johnny K, I'm Mad | Showmen, Too Much Monkey Business | Laurie Wade's Cavaliers, Say Hey | Colin Buckley, Little Egypt | Wild Colonials, Ain't That Lovin' You Baby | Purple Hearts, Louie Louie | Mixtures, Koko Joe | Blues Syndicate, Baby Please Don't Go | Pacifics, Lost My Baby | Bitter Lemons, Canberra Blues | Syssys, Jump Back | Hergs, Cadillac | Richard Wright Group, Miss Hargraves | Feelgoods, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl | Toni McCann, If You Don't Come Back | Colin Cook, I Ain't Got You | Ward Austin & Python Lee Jackson, Who Do You Love | Elois, I'm A Man | Junior, Newsgirl

Label: Rum & Beer Records Pty. Limited for Moonshine Records
Released: No date given

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Dream Babes Vol. 1 (CD cover).

Dream Babes Volume 1
Am I Dreaming?

(CD cover)

Dream Babes, Volume 1
Am I Dreaming?

A 24 track CD "presenting two dozen long-forgotten classics from the sixties". The CD includes Cry To Me by The Track, a two-girl, four-boy group led by Ross Mitchell, which numbered amongst its other members Sandra Stevens (later to be successful with the Brotherhood of Man) and Eve Graham.

Tracks: Cindy Williams, They Talk About Us | Samantha Jones, I Deserve It | Jacky Lee, The Town I Live In | Jane Hillery, You've Got That Hold On Me | Linda Kaye, I Cant Stop Thinking About You | Deano, Baby Let Me Be Your Baby | Sandra Browne, You'd Think He Didn't Know Me | Patsy Ann Noble, Sour Grapes | Tiffany, Am I Dreaming? | Three Bells, Softly In The Night | Alma Cogan, Snakes and Snails | Beverley Jones, Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home | Beryl Marsden, Breakaway | Madeline Bell, You Don't Love Me No More | Samantha Jones, Don't Come Any Closer | The Track, Cry To Me | Sam Sloan, Be His Girl | Andee Siver, Too Young To Go Steady | Lesley Duncan, You Kissed My Boy | Suzie Cope, Biggity Big | Carol Deene, Some People | Emma Rede, I Gotta Be With You | Alison Wonder, Once More With Feeling | Peanut, I Didn't Love Him Anyway

Catalogue Number: RPM 137
Released: 1994

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Red With Purple Flashes (album cover).

Fading Yellow
Volume 9

(CD cover)

Fading Yellow, Volume 9: The Other Side Of Life

A limited edition compilation CD featuring "UK Pop-sike & Other Delights" from 1966-1972, including Wishful Thinking's cover of the Lindisfarne song Clear White Light and Paul Layton's Sing Sadman Sing.

Tracks: Pop Workshop, Fairyland | The Marianne, As For Marionettes | Susie Klee, Punch And Judy Girl | Brendan Phillips, Is It Worth A Try? | Pussyfoot, Hasty Words | Hogarth, Suzie's Gettin' Married | Tony Ritchie, Rain On My Window | Jumbo, Promises | John Pantry, Wash Myself Away | Paul Vigrass, Stop! | Dave Christie, Penepole Breedlove | Christian, Other Side Of Life | Christian, She | Tapestry, Like The Sun | Andy Forray, Sarah Jane | Rodney Bewes, Dear Mother Love Albert | Gary Hamilton, Let The Music Play | Mike Leslie, Office Girl | Micky Jones and Tommy Brown, If I Could Be Sure | Jon, Polly Sunday | Timon, And Now She Says She Is Young | Wishful Thinking, Clear White Light | Brendan Phillips, When She's Kissing Me | Bill Fay, [Unrelesed Acetate] | Paul Layton, Sing Sadman Sing

Label: Flower Machine Records FMRCD 1009
Released: 2007

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The Go!! Show (DVD cover).

The Go!! Show

The Go!! Show was Australia's answer to Britain's Ready Steady Go! and America's Shindig! This DVD features three episodes of The Go!! Show from 1966, one of which included a live performance by Marty Kristian.

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
11th July 1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

Tony Shepp, Security | Yvonne Barrett, Off And Running | The Cherokees, A Woman With Soul | Ian Turpie, I Would Never Do That | Mike Furber, You're Back Again | Terry Dean, Wigglin' And Gigglin' | The Cherokees, I'll Give You Love | Tony Shepp, Sweet Pea | Merv Benton, King Of Love | Mike Furber, You Stole My Love | Toni & Royce, You're The Only One | Ian Turpie, Another Saturday Night | Terry Dean, Sticks And Stones

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
1st August-1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

Ian Turpie & The Strangers, It's Not Unusual | Marcie Jones, That Hurts | Bobby & Laurie, You'll Come Around | Yvonne Barrett, Send Her Away | Buddy England, Question | Tony Shepp, Come To Your Window | Merv Benton, (I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy | The Strangers, Put Yourself In My Place | Marty Kristian, One Too Many Mornings | Normie Rowe, Que Sera Sera | Joy Lemmon, From The Shadows To The Sun | Terry Dean, Sunny Afternoon | Ian Turpie, Sunny | Ian Turpie, New Orleans

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
19th September 1966. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.
Compered by Ian Turpie.

The Purple Hearts, Just A Little Bit | The Twilights, Bad Boy | Marcie Jones, You Can't Hurry Love | Billy Adams, Dancing In Your Eyes | The D-Coys, Bad Time | Billy Adams, Come On And Dance With Me | Johnny Young, Whatcha' Gonna Do Now | Marcie Jones, That Hurts | The D-Coys, You're Against | The Purple Hearts, Early In The Morning | The Twilights, If She Finds Out | The Twilights, Needle In A Haystack

Released: No date specified

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Hot Generation (CD cover).

Hot Generation
Peter Doyle's
High Time Baby.

Hot Generation

A compilation CD of Australian rock from the mid-1960s. Among the 30 tracks is one by Peter Doyle, which the sleeve notes describe as "an amazing fuzz-filled version of the Spencer Davis Group's High Time Baby complete with divebombing bass runs and a desperate vocal."

Tracks: The Sunsets, The Hot Generation | The Soul Agents, I'm Still Mad At You | Tony Worsley, How Can It Be | Johnny Young, Good Evening Girl | Marty Rhone, Every Minute Of You | Steve & The Board, I Call My Woman Hinges 'Cause She's Something To Adore | Russ Kruger, Keep Me Satisfied | Robbie Peters, She Does Everything For Me | Toni McCann & The Blue Jays, No | The Purple Hearts, I'm Gonna Try | The Showmen, Naughty Girl | Jeff St. John & The ID, Watch Out | Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, All Over You | The Black Diamonds, See The Way | Ray Brown & The Whispers, Go To Him | The Pogs, The Pogs' Theme | The Morloch, I'm Feelin' Sad | Steve & The Board, I Want | The Lost Souls, Peace Of Mind | Toni McCann & The Blue Jays, Saturday Date | The Fabulous Blue Jays, I'll Make You Cry Too | The Southern Gentlemen, Leave Myself To Me | Normie Rowe & The Playboys, With Me | Ray Brown & The Whispers, Ain't It Strange | Tony Cole, Beat It! | Greg Anderson, I Feel Good | Tony Barber, No More Moanin' | The Black Diamonds, Not This Time | Peter Doyle, High Time Baby | The Dave Miller Set, Why Why Why

Label: CDWIKD216
Released: 5th August 2002

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Piccadilly Sunshine, Part 1 (CD cover).

Piccadilly Sunshine,
Part 1

(CD cover)

Piccadilly Sunshine, Part 5 (CD cover).

Piccadilly Sunshine,
Part 5

(CD cover)

Piccadilly Sunshine

The Piccadilly Sunshine series contains three tracks by The Nocturnes - Fairground Man, Look At Me and A New Man - and will therefore be of interest to fans of Lyn Paul and Eve Graham, who both sang with the Nocturnes before joining the New Seekers. Part 8 of the twelve-part series includes Sing, Sadman, Sing by Paul Layton, who also went on to join the New Seekers.

Part 1 • British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1965-1970

Tracks:Jason James, Miss Pilkington's Maid | Peppermint Circus, I Won't Be There | Roger Bloom's Hammer, Polly Pan | Alan David, Flower Power | Studio Six, Falling Leaves | The Magician, Slow Motion | Tin Tin, He Wants To Be A Star | The Cup, Good As Gold | Billy Boyle, Pisces Man | Sounds Inc., Dead As A Go-Go | Svensk, Dream Machine | Christopher, The Race | Merlin Q, Love's Beautiful | Mighty Joe Young, Why Don't You Follow Me | The Nocturnes, Fairground Man | Mixture, Never Trust In Tomorrow | Mood Of Hamilton, Why Can't There Be More Love | Jon, Polly Sunday | Tony Fabian, Girl Of The Night | Tim Andrews, Sad Simon Lives Again

Label / catalogue number: Past And Present PAPRCD2107
Released: 7th September 2009

Part 5 • British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1966-1969

Tracks: Samurai, Temple Of Gold | The Running Jumping Standing Still Band, Ayeo | Sight And Sound, Alley Alley | Washington Dc's, 32nd Floor | Laurels, Sunshine Thursday | Jago Simms, In Too Deep | Oedipus Complex, Empty Highway | Wayne Fontana, In My World | The Nocturnes, Look At Me | John Bryant, Columbine | Sweet Thursday, Cobwebs | Seymour Kelly, Indian Scene | Tony Rivers And The Castaways, Pantomime | Watch Committee, Now I Think The Other Way | Merlin Q, The Secret | Roger Denison, Running Out Of Time | Ian Whitcomb, Groovy Day | Roulettes, Airport People | Sounds Bob Rogers, Dream With Me | Toyshop, Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Label / Catalogue number: Past And Present PAPRCD2136
Released: 4th April 2011

Piccadilly Sunshine, Part 8 (CD cover).
Part 8 • British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1966-1971

Tracks: Cardboard Orchestra, Zebedy Zak | Cats Eyes, Circus | The Nerve, Piece By Piece | The Unit, Would You Believe What I Say / Rifkin, We're Not Those People Anymore | Mud, The Latter Days | Peter Sully & The Orchard, Evil Woman | The Factotums, Driftwood | Granny's Intentions, Hilda The Bilda | House Of Lords, Ain't Gonna Wait Forever | Confucius, The Message | Cats Eyes, The Loser | Juice, Not Enough Words | Paul Layton, Sing, Sadman, Sing | Mud, Up The Airy Mountain | Persimmon's Peculiar Shades, Coplington | Merseys, Love Will Continue | Situation, Situation Now | The Truth, Fly Away Bird | Persimmon's Peculiar Shades, Watchmaker

Label / catalogue number: Particles PARTCD4012
Released: 5th November 2012

Piccadilly Sunshine, Part 9 (CD cover).
Part 9 • British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1964-1970

Tracks: Mike Lennox, Images Of You | Mike Wallace, Daffodil | Spencer's Washboard Kings, Ordinary People | Lee Harmers, Popcorn Love Is Coming | Weather, Running Forwards | Deuce Coup, A Clown In One Town | Gary James, You're Gone | Villiers And Gold, This East | William E Lazy Life | Ian Mcculloch, Down By The River | Mike Lennox, Words I Like | Lee Harmers' Popcorn, Hello Sunshine | Montanas, Hey Diddle Diddle | Cartoone, Ice Cream Dream | Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Dreamy | David Mcneil, Don't Let Your Chance Go By | Caloogie, Bleecker Street | Graham Bond Organisation, You've Gotta Have Love Babe | The Nocturnes, A New Man | Smokey Circles, Love Me While You Can

Label / catalogue Number: Particles PARTCD4015
Released: 3rd September 2012

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Psychedelia at Abbey Road (CD cover).

at Abbey Road

(CD cover)

Psychedelia at Abbey Road: 1965-69

This 22 track CD contains two tracks of interest to New Seekers' fans - Carpet Man by The Nocturnes (a group featuring Lyn Paul and Eve Graham) and Strange Walking Man by Mandrake Paddle Steamer (a group founded by Brian Engel).

Tracks: Donovan, Sunshine Superman | Tomorrow, My White Bicycle | The 'N Betweens, Delighted To See You | Donovan, Sunny South Kensington | The Fingers, Circus With A Female Clown | Tomorrow, Why | The Hollies, King Midas In Reverse | Focus Three, 10,000 Years Behind My Mind | Tales Of Justine, Monday Morning | The Hollies, Maker | Simon Dupree and The Big Sound, Kites | The Pretty Things, Talkin' About The Good Times | The Pretty Things, Walking Through My Dreams | Mark Wirtz, (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman | The Aquarian Age, 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box | The Nocturnes, Carpet Man | The Koobas, Barricades | The Moles, We Are The Moles (Part 1) | The Locomotive, Mr. Armageddon | The Gods, Hey Bulldog | Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Strange Walking Man | Syd Barrett, Golden Hair

Catalogue Number: EMI International 96912
Released: 23rd March 1999

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Rare Mod, Volume 2 (CD cover).

Rare Mod, Volume 2
(CD cover)

Rare Mod, Volume 2

A compilation released in 2009 as an LP and CD, containing two lost gems by The Nocturnes - Hay, That's What Horses Eat and Night Owl. Both tracks had been intended for release as a single on the Parlophone label in 1966, with Night Owl earmarked as the A-side and Hay, That's What Horses Eat intended for the B-side. Neither made it to vinyl.

LP Side 1: The Richard Kent Style, Just A Little Misunderstanding | Mac Kissoon, 1000 Ways Of Loving You | The Donnie Elbert Band, A Love I Believe In | The Amboy Dukes, More And More | The Nocturnes, Hay, That's What Horses Eat | C-Jam Blues, Gonna Find A Cave | Chances Are, I'm Talking 'Bout You | The Gass Company, She's Got The Time | The Fleur De Lys, Nothing To Say | The Summer Set, Oh Miss Stone

LP Side 2: Parker's Mood, Don't Mess With Cupid | The Booker T's, Stupidity | The Amboy Dukes, You Better Find Yourself Someone | The Nocturnes, Night Owl | The Inner Sect, You're Not The Kind To Know | The Spartans, Lies | The Westsiders, Don't Lie To Me | The Fleur De Lys, I Walk The Sands | Dave Anthony's Moods, See My Soul

Catalogue Number: AJXLP226 (vinyl) / AJXCD226 (CD)
Released: 16th November 2009

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Sixties Downunder, Vol. 3 (CD cover).

Sixties Downunder
Vol. 3

(CD cover)

Sixties Downunder, Vol. 4 (CD cover).

Sixties Downunder
Vol. 4

(CD cover)



Sixties Downunder

Sixties Downunder Vol. 3

A 28 track Australian CD which includes Peter Doyle's 1965 single Stupidity.

Tracks: The Easybeats, She's So Fine | Bobby & Laurie, Someone | Peter Doyle, Stupidity | M.P.D. Limited, Little Boy Sad | The Cicadas, That's What I Want | The Changing Times, Mary Lou | Bobby & Laurie, Judy Green | The Easybeats, Wedding Ring | Normie Rowe, The Breaking Point | Ray Brown & The Whispers, Ain't It Strange | The Allusions, Gypsy Woman | The Purple Hearts, I'm Gonna Try | The Throb, Black | The Running Jumping Standing Still, Diddy Wah Diddy | Phil Jones & The Unknown Blues, If I Had A Ticket | The La De Da's, Hey Baby | The Twilights, What's Wrong With The Way I Live | Larry's Rebels, Painter Man | The Wild Cherries, Krome Plated Yabby | James Taylor Move, Magic Eyes | The Playboys, Sad | Procession, Listen | Somebody's Image, Hide and Seek | Terry Britten, 2,000 Weeks | Doug Parkinson In Focus, Dear Prudence | The Masters' Apprentices, 5.10 Man | The Dave Miller Set, Mr. Guy Fawkes | Russell Morris, The Real Thing

Catalogue Number: Raven Records RVCD 81
Released: 1998

Sixties Downunder Vol. 4

A 28 track CD which includes the Virgil Brother's 1968 single Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me. The Virgil Brothers were an all-blonde trio hyped as the next Walker Brothers. Their original line-up was Peter Doyle, Rob Lovett and Mal McGee.

Tracks: Dinah Lee, Don't You Know Yokomo | Merv Benton & The Tamlas, Yield Not To Temptation | M.P.D. Limited, Lonely Boy | Grantley Dee, Let The Little Girl Dance | Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Over The Rainbow | Bev Harrell, What Am I Doing Here With You? | Johnny Young & Kompany, Step Back | The Easybeats, Come And See Her | Bobby & Laurie, Hitch-Hiker | Normie Rowe, Ooh La La | The Executives, My Aim Is To Please You | The Cherokees, Minnie The Moocher | The Loved Ones, Sad Dark Eyes | The Twilights, Young Girl | The Groove, Simon Says | The Iguana, California, My Way | The Virgil Brothers, Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me | Pastoral Symphony, Love Machine | The Strangers, Happy Without You | Ronnie Burns, Age Of Consent | The Zoot, 1x2x3x4 | New Dream, Groupie | The Flying Circus, Hayride | Russell Morris, The Girl That I Love | Ronnie Charles, Katy Jane | The Easybeats, St. Louis | Axiom, Arkansas Grass | King Fox, Unforgotten Dreams

Catalogue Number: Raven Records RVCD 82
Released: 2000

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That's My Story (CD cover).

Tim Rice & Friends
That's My Story
(CD cover)

That's My Story:
Words & Music by Tim Rice & Friends

In the 1960s, before he made his name with musicals such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar, Tim Rice had written and produced of a long list of lesser-known records. The best of these from 1965-69 are gathered on this CD, among them a track by The Nocturnes, Wish You Would Show Me Your Mind.

In his sleeve notes Tim Rice wrote: "The Nocturnes were a 6-piece Mamas and Papas-type vocal group who included future New Seekers Lyn Paul and Eve Graham. David Paramor, (Norrie's nephew), their producer at EMI, asked me to supply lyrics to his tunes for two of the group's B-sides ... We used the writing pseudonyms of David Dapp and Gerrard Portslade as EMI were not enthusiastic about any employee earning more than their basic wage. They need not have worried."

Tracks: The Nightshift, That's My Story | The Shell, Goodbye Little Girl | The Shell, A Little Bit Of Lovin' | The Shell, You've Been Cheatin' | Murray Head, Someday Soon | Murray Head, You Bore Me | The Nocturnes, Wish You Would Show Me Your Mind | Ross Hannaman, Down Thru' Summer | Ross Hannaman, I'll Give All My Love To Southend | Tales Of Justine, Albert | Tales Of Justine, Monday Morning | Danièle Noel, Daniele | Ross Hannaman, 1969 | Ross Hannaman, Probably On Thursday | Sacha Distel, Believe Me I Will | Just Plain Smith, February's Child | Just Plain Smith, Don't Open Your Mind | The Mixed Bag, Million Dollar Bash | The Power Pack, Juliet Simpkins | Emperor Rosko, The Opposite Lock

Bonus track: The Six Kings, Es Mi Historia

Label: Sunbeam Records SBRCD5017
Released: 10th July 2006

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Under The Silent Tree (CD cover).

Under The Silent Tree
(CD cover)

Under The Silent Tree: Psychedelic Pstones IV

A compilation CD of "post-psych psychedelia" featuring two tracks by Wishful Thinking. Danny Finn, who was a member of the New Seekers from 1976-78, had sung with Wishful Thinking before he joined the group. He returned to Wishful Thinking again in 1978 when the single Hiroshima, originally released in 1971, became a big hit in Germany.

Tracks: Honeybus, Under The Silent Tree | The Smoke, Playing With Magic | Paul St. John, The Flying Saucers Have Landed | Wishful Thinking, 1984 | Tuesday, Sewing Machine | Fat Mattress, She | The Kinks, Whip Lady | Stray, Around The World In Eighty Days | Parchment, Son Of God | Nimbo, Forget Her | Quiet World, The Visitor | Penny Arcade, The Two Of Us | The Tremeloes, Hard Time | Paul Brett Sage, 3D Mona Lisa | Status Quo, Shy Fly | The Kinks, Dreams | Stray, Time Machine | Writing On The Wall, Buffalo | Parchment, Love Is Come Again | The Laurels, The Devil's Well | Wishful Thinking, Hiroshima | Earl Jordan, 10,000 Years Behind My Mind

Label: Castle CMRCD 893
Released: 22nd March 2004

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We Can Fly (CD cover).

We Can Fly,
Vol. 1-5

(Boxed Set cover)

We Can Fly (CD cover).

We Can Fly,
Vol. 5

(CD cover)

We Can Fly, Vol. 1-5 [Boxed Set]

A five-CD compilation of psychedelic rock from the mid-'60s and early '70s released in 2008. Each of the five CDs had been released individually prior to their inclusion in the boxed set. Volume 5, featuring the Nocturnes' Look At Me, was first released in 2004.

Penny Peeps, Model Village | Loot, Try To Keep It A Secret | Moving Finger, Pain Of My Misfortune | Anan, I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone | Peep Show, Mazy | Glass Menagerie, Frederick Jordan | Bunch, Looking Glass Alice | Neat Change, I Lied To Auntie May | Movement, Tell Her | Sands, Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator | Kippington Lodge, I Can See Her Face | Infantes Jubilate, Exploding Galaxy | Smoke, That's What I Want | QPR Supporters, Supporters Support Us | Trash, Trash Can | Orange Machine, Real Life Permanent Dream | Serendipity, Castles | Mickey Finn, Garden Of My Mind | Kytes, Running In The Water | Portobello Explosion, We Can Fly | Fox, Mr. Carpenter | Sound Barrier, Groovin' Slow | Mooche, Hot Smoke And Sassafras | Fruit Machine, The Wall | Image, Creation | Episode 6, Love Hate Revenge | Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, LS Bumble Bee

Original release: PAPRCD2004 (CD)
Date: 2002

Shy Limbs, Rick Or Two | Brainbox, Amsterdam The First Days | Cedars, Hide If You Want To Hide | Pugh, Love Love Love | John Fitch & Associates, Stones Out Of It | Lords, Don't Mince Matter | Nite People, Love Love Love | Montanas, Difference Of Opinion | Julian Kirsch, Clever Little Man | Blonde On Blonde, All Day And All Night | Avalanche, Rabbits | West Coast Consortium, Colour Sergeant Lillywhite | Tages, Fuzzy Patterns | Mirage, Hold On | Petards, Tartarex | Bystanders, Cave Of Clear Light | AP Dangerfield, Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar) | AP Dangerfield, Further Conversations | Blinkers, Original Sin | Danny McCulloch, Colour Of The Sunset | Joy Unlimited, Mr. Pseudonym | Moonshine, Garden Of Men

Original release: PAPRLP2037 (vinyl) / PAPRCD2037 (CD)
Date: 2002

Magicians, Painting On Wood | Pesky Gee, Where Is My Mind? | O'Hara's Playboys, The Ballad Of The Soon Departed | Cherry Smash, Sing Songs Of Love | St. John & The Crew, I'm A Man | Mick Softley, Am I The Red One | Murray Head, She Was Perfection | Callan And John, House Of Delight | Tales Of Justine, Monday Morning | Brut, My Kind Of Feeling | I Corvi, Sospesa Ad Un Filo | The Washington DC's, Seek And Find | Made In Sheffield, Amelia Jane | The Sugarbeats, Alice Designs | Mecki Mark Men, Free | The League, Hey Conductor | The Afex, She's Got The Time | Shocking Blue, Send Me A Postcard | Jackie Lomax, Genuine Imitation Life | The New Generation, Digger | Los Brincos, Passport | The Fox, Secondhand Love | The Excelsior Spring, It | Bulldog Breed, Paper Man | Daddy Lindberg, Wade In The Shade

Original release: PAPRCD2046 (CD)
Date: 2003

Brass Tacks, Maxwell Ferguson | Neo Maya, I Won't Hurt You | Russell Morris, The Real Thing | The Rokes, When The Wind Arises | The Eire Apparent, Here I Go Again | The Wimple Winch, I Really Love You | Keith Shields, So Hard Living Without You | 14, Drizzle | Lucas Tyson, Daylight Child | Hopscotch, Look At The Lights Go Up | The Truth, Sueno | The Bunch, We're Not What We Appear To Be | Griffin, I Am The Noise In Your Head | Five Steps Beyond, Not So Young Today | The Tangerine Peel, Trapped | Los Canarios, What Can I Do For You? | Strange Fox, Time And Tide | Mint, Luv | The Orange Machine, Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room | The Ferris Wheel, I Can't Break The Habit | The Beatstalkers, Silver Chocolate Machine | The Mindbenders, My New Day And Age | Les Baroques, Love Is The Sun | Terry Reid, Fires Alive | Magnet, Mr. Guy Fawkes

Original release: PAPRCD2054 (CD)
Date: 2003

Circus, Do You Dream? | The Fruit Machine, Follow Me | Harsh Reality, How Do You Feel? | Georgio, How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait? | The Iveys, And Her Daddy's A Millionaire | East Of Eden, Ballad Of Harvey Kaye | Old Gold, Teacher Of Electricity | I Corvi, Un Ragazzo Di Strada | Human Instinct, Rich Man | Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Salisbury Plain | Keith Relf, Shapes In My Mind | The Gibsons, City Life | Episode Six, I Can See Through You | Orange Peel, I Got No Time | Gnomes Of Zurich, Second Fiddle | Mirage, And Life Goes On | Saker, Foggy Tuesday | The Cedars, I Don't Know Why | Kim Fowley, Lights | Cuby & The Blizzards, Appleknockers Flophouse | The Loot, Radio City | Silver Eagle, Theodore | The Bunch, Spare A Shilling | Nite People, P.M. | The Montanas, Anyone There | The Nocturnes, Look At Me | Groep 1850, Friday I'm Free | Danny McCulloch, Smokeless Zone | Chris McClure, Meditation

Original release: PAPRCD2058 (CD)
Date: 2004

Label: Psychic Circle
Catalogue number [Boxed set]: PSYCHBOX1
Released: 5th May 2008

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