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New Seekers

New Seekers

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New Seekers

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New Seekers

New Seekers

New Seekers

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The New Seekers

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New Seekers: singles

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The New Seekers released 29 singles in the UK. Lyn Paul sings on 16 of them, including all six of their Top 10 hits.

Most of the singles from the New Seekers' hey day were also released in the USA, Europe, the Far East and Australia. However, these singles appeared on different record labels from the UK releases: early US releases were on Elektra, later ones on MGM / Verve; European releases were on Philips. Some featured different tracks on the B-side and a few were not released in the UK at all. To find out more about the New Seekers' singles releases in different parts of the world, select one of the following options:

If any of the New Seekers' singles are missing from your collection, then why not try finding them using our On the Net guide to record collecting?

Check the other Sound and Vision pages for information on the New Seekers' other recordings.

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US and Canadian Singles

Although the New Seekers had more hit singles in the UK, the group's first chart success came in the United States. On 5th September 1970 the New Seekers' cover of Melanie's What Have They Done To My Song, Ma entered the Billboard Hot 100, a month ahead of its entry in the UK chart. On their first three hits (all of which were written by Melanie) the group was billed as the "New Seekers featuring Eve Graham".

From 1970-73 the New Seekers spent a great deal of their time touring the United States. They were even popular with President Nixon, who requested that the group perform at his Inauguration at the Kennedy Center, Washington (18th January 1973). It was the first time that an act from outside the USA had been invited to perform at a Presidential Inauguration.

Dance Dance Dance (sheet music).

New Seekers
Dance Dance Dance (sheet music).

Pictured (left to right):
Peter Doyle, Lyn Paul, Marty Kristian, Eve Graham and Paul Layton.

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Come Softly To Me (single cover).

New Seekers
Come Softly To Me
(US single cover)

Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma / It's A Beautiful Day
Elektra EK 45699

Canada: Highest chart position: 2 / Weeks on chart (Top 30): 8
USA: Highest chart position: 14 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 12

Billboard magazine correctly predicted that this song, written by Melanie, would take the New Seekers "all the way up the chart!" (Billboard, Vol. 82, No. 33, 15th August 1970)

When There's No Love Left / Beautiful People
Elektra EKS 45710

USA: Highest chart position: 67 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 7

Note: although When There's No Love Left was originally chosen as the A-side of this single, it was actually the B-side (another Melanie song) that took it into the US chart.
Other notable B-sides turned A include: Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody; Shadows, Apache; Sonny and Cher, I Got You Babe; Rod Stewart, Maggie Mae.

On Friday, 15th August 1969 Melanie's performance of Beautiful People had been one of the highlights of the Woodstock Festival. She went on stage at 10.50pm, having been asked to stand in for the Incredible String Band, who had refused to play while it was raining. While she was singing the audience lit up candles, a moment she later captured in the song Lay Down (Candles In The Rain).

Billboard magazine described the New Seekers' version of the song as "a gem" (Billboard, Vol. 82, No. 49, 5th December 1970).

Nickel Song / Cincinnati
Elektra 45719

USA: Highest chart position: 81 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 5

Billboard magazine predicted "a sure fire chart topper" (Billboard, Vol. 83, No. 10, 6th March 1971) but the single did not equal the success of What Have They Done To My Song, Ma.

Unlike the other Melanie songs covered by the New Seekers, Nickel Song was sent to the group by Melanie before she recorded her own version. Melanie's version was released in 1972 with What Have They Done To My Song, Ma on the B-side (Buddah 268). The single, effectively a double A-side, reached number 35 and spent 10 weeks on the Hot 100.

Tonight / Sweet Louise
Elektra EKS 45747

Tongiht did not make it into the Hot 100, though Billboard magazine had remarked upon the single's "Top 40 potency" (Billboard, Vol. 83, No. 38, 18th September 1971).

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) / Boom Town
Elektra EKS 45762

Canada: Highest chart position: 2 / Weeks on chart (Top 30): 7
USA: Highest chart position: 7 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 11

The Hillside Singers cover version of I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing beat the New Seekers' original into the Hot 100 by a week, entering the chart on 27th November 1971. The New Seekers, however, ended up having the bigger hit.

Beg, Steal Or Borrow / Mystic Queen
Elektra E 45780

USA: Highest chart position: 81 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 4

Beg, Steal Or Borrow became one of the few UK entires in the Eurovision Song Contest to make it into the US Hot 100. Prior to this the only two of the UK's Eurovision entries had registered on the US singles chart - and then, only just: Say Wonderful Things by Ronnie Carroll (No. 91 in 1963) and Congratulations by Cliff Richard (No. 99 in 1968). Shortly after the New Seekers had made it into the chart with Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Mary Hopkin also crept into the Hot 100 with her 1970 Eurovision entry Knock Knock, Who's There (No. 92 in September 1972).

Circles / I Can Say You're Beautiful
Elektra E 45787

USA: Highest chart position: 87 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 5

Dance, Dance, Dance / I Can Say You're Beautiful
Elektra EK 45805

USA: Highest chart position: 84 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 5

Billboard's review said the single was "loaded with top 40 and MOR potential" (Billboard, Vol. 84, No. 38, 9th September 1972).

Come Softly To Me / Unwithered Rose
MGM MV 10698 (picture sleeve)

USA: Highest chart position: 95 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 3

Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me / Come Softly To Me
MGM MV 10709

Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me / Time Limit
MGM MV 10709

USA: Highest chart position: 29 / Weeks on chart (Hot 100): 13

The Who had a US hit with Pinball Wizard in April 1969 (No. 19) and another US hit with See Me, Feel Me in September 1970 (No. 12). The New Seekers, with their medley of the two songs, became the first act to cover US hits by The Who and have a Stateside hit of their own. Although Rod Stewart's and Elton John's versions of Pinball Wizard received a lot of radio airplay in the States, neither version was released as a single.


The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard / A Woman Grows
MGM 14586

Billboard's review described this single as "a collage of colours which are romantic in nature while depicting a situation which never came." (Billboard, Vol. 85, No. 28, 14th July 1973)

Reach Out I'll Be There / You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me
MGM 14683

You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me / Song For You And Me
MGM K 14691


Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me, New Seekers /
Shang-A-Lang, Tinker's Moon
Polydor Special Products 2814 024

A single released in Canada, promoting Suzuki - "carefree motorcycling... get on to something good."

Give Me Love Your Way / You Never Can Tell
Columbia 3-10559

US and Canadian Singles: re-issues

Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma / Beautiful People
Elektra Spun Gold E-45055

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing / Nickel Song
Elektra Spun Gold E-45060


The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard (sheet music).

New Seekers
The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard (sheet music).

Pictured (left to right):
Marty Kristian, Eve Graham, Peter Doyle, Lyn Paul and Paul Layton.

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