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Can't find what you're looking for? The A-Z Index, which is arranged on nine pages, may help you to find it. Select a letter of the alphabet from the table below, then scroll through the list to find what you're interested in. Click on the underlined words (hyperlinks) to find out more.


Alternatively, you may prefer to try one of the other three Indexes.

People and Performers
Shows and Venues
Songs and Songwriters

The Very Best of Melanie (CD cover).

The Very Best
Of Melanie

(CD cover)

Look At Us (album cover).

Sonny and Cher
Look At Us
(album cover)

A-Z Of Record Labels (book cover).

Brian Southall
The A-Z
Of Record Labels

(book cover)

Who's Who Of Australian Rock (book cover).

Chris Spencer,
Who's Who Of
Australian Rock

(book cover)

Springfield Revival
Thai EP
You'll Always Be
On My Mind


It's The Searchers (album cover).

The Searchers
It's The Searchers
(album cover)

A Carnival Of Hits (CD cover).

The Seekers
A Carnival Of Hits
(CD cover)

Starrtime '76 (programme cover).

Freddie Starr
Starrtime '76
(programme cover)

Starrtime '76 (programme cover).

Freddie Starr
Starrtime '77
(programme cover)

Starrtime '76 (programme cover).

Freddie Starr
Starrtime '78
(programme cover)

Sez Les, Vol. 4 (DVD cover).

Sez Les,
Volume 4
(DVD cover)

I Get A Little Sentimental Over You (single cover).

New Seekers
I Get A Little
Sentimental Over You

(single cover)

You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (single cover).

New Seekers
You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me

(single cover)

Geoff Stephens
Lyn Paul
and the
New Seekers
with two of their
biggest hits -
I Get A Little
Sentimental Over You

You Won't Find
Another Fool Like Me.

Teaser and the Firecat (album cover).

Cat Stevens
Teaser & The Firecat
(album cover)

Two of the tracks from
Teaser & The Firecat,
Changes IV and
Morning Has Broken,
were also recorded by
Lyn Paul
while she was
a member of the
New Seekers.

Number One In Heaven (book cover).

Jeremy Simmonds
Number One
In Heaven

(book cover)

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (album cover).

Simon and Garfunkel
Parsley, Sage,
Rosemary and Thyme

(album cover)

Stoney End (CD cover).

Barbra Streisand
Stoney End
(CD cover)

The Great Scots Musicography (book cover).

Martin C. Strong
The Great Scots
The Complete Guide
To Scotland's
Music Makers

(book cover)

Lights, Camera, Soundtracks (book cover).

Martin C. Strong
with Brendon Griffin
Lights, Camera,
The Ultimate Guide To
Popular Music
In The Movies

(book cover)

Lyn Paul and her sister Nikki.

Lyn Paul
and her sister
Nikki Belsher.

Thirty Years Of Number 1s (book cover).

Phil Swern
and Shaun Greenfield
Thirty Years Of
Number 1s

(book cover)

The Ultimate Book of Pop Trivia (book cover).

Phil Swern
and Toby Rowan
The Ultimate Book
Of Pop Trivia

(book cover)

A-Z Index

Sa So

Allen Saddler

The Guardian,

Melanie Safka

Beautiful People
Nickel Song
What Have They Done To My Song, Ma

Saga Cruises

2013: Saga Ruby, Caribbean and South America
2013: Saga Sapphire, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg
2014: Saga Sapphire, Northern Lights
2014: Saga Sapphire, Baltic

St. Albans

1972: New Seekers

St. David's Hall, Cardiff

1990: Norman Wisdom


2007: Lowry Theatre, Footloose

Mike Sammes


Val Sampson

Daily Mail,

David Sandison

The Golden Years: 1972

The Sandpipers

1976: New Victoria Theatre

Ray Santilli (Producer / Arranger)

Echoes Of Love

Saturday Matinee (2012)

Saturday Variety (1972)

Saudi Arabia

Rosalind Saul

Northern Echo,

Jimmy Savile

Top Of The Pops (BBC1)

30th July 1970
14th January 1971
28th January 1971
11th February 1971
25th February 1971
29th July 1971
21st October 1971
25th December 1971
6th January 1972
20th January 1972
27th January 1972
24th February 1972
15th June 1972
13th July 1972
25th December 1972
4th January 1973
15th February 1973
8th March 1973
22nd November 1973
20th December 1973
25th December 1974

Savoy, Cork

1973: New Seekers

Savoy Hotel, London

1970: New Seekers

Miranda Sawyer



1972: Grand Hall, New Seekers
1974: Futurist Theatre, New Seekers

Larry Schwartz

Melbourne Age,

Stephen Schwartz

The Scotsman

20th December 1997
23rd May 2002
2nd March 2011
22nd October 2013
10th March 2018

Jenny Seagrove

2012: Show The Love

The Searchers

1986: 3-2-1

Seaside Special (1978)

Harry Secombe

1975: Gala Performance

Neil Sedaka

Love Will Keep Us Together

The Seekers

1965: UK chart début
1994: Carnival Of Hits
2013: 50th anniversary tour (Australia)
2014: 50th anniversary tour (UK)

Judith Durham: Colours Of My Life
Keith Potger

Birmingham Post,


The Best of the Seekers
A Carnival Of Hits


The Carnival Is Over
Georgy Girl
I'll Never Find Another You
Walk With Me
A World Of Our Own


It's Cliff Richard Show No. 2

70s Mania (2001)

David Sexton

Evening Standard,

Sez Les (1974)

Up Down.

Charles Shaar Murray

New Musical Express,

Helen Shapiro

Hooked On Number 1s

Sandie Shaw

1964: solo chart début
1967: Eurovision Song Contest


1972: Oval Hall, New Seekers
1977: Fiesta Club, Lyn Paul
2007: Lyceum Theatre, Footloose

Johnny Shentall

2007: Footloose

Mark Shenton

Sunday Express,

What's On Stage,
September 2002

Sunday Express,

Shepherds Bush Gazette

21st September 1972

A Show Of My Own (1977)

Show Of The Week (1971)


1971: Music Hall, New Seekers

Gerry Shury (Producer)

All By Myself
By My Side
If Everybody Loved The Same As You

Labi Siffre

1971: It Must Be Love (Labi Siffre)
1975: It Must Be Love (Lyn Paul)
1981: It Must Be Love (Madness)


2011: sign2sing world record

Jeremy Simmonds

Number One In Heaven

Patrick Simmons

Echoes Of Love

Simmons Brothers

1991: Bridlington

Paul Simon

Simon and Garfunkel

Graham Simpson

Colours Of My Life

Paul Simpson

The Rough Guide To Cult Pop


Singles (New Seekers)

Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Come Softly To Me
Good Old Fashioned Music
Goodbye Is Just Another Word
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
I Get A Little Sentimental Over You
Never Ending Song Of Love
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
Nickel Song
Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me
Sing Hallelujah
We've Got To Do It Now
What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
When There's No Love Left
You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me

Singles (Nocturnes)

Carpet Man
I Do, I Do
A New Man
Why? (Am I Treated So Bad)

Singles (solo)

Echoes Of Love
Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling
I Don't Believe You Ever Loved Me
If Everybody Loved The Same As You
It Oughta Sell A Million
Make The Night
Mama Don't Wait For Me
Sail The Summer Winds
Who's Sorry Now?

Record sleeves

Valerie Singleton

1974: Val Meets The VIPs

Sisters (Lyn's)

Cathy Belcher

Mandi Belcher

1976: Jack & The Beanstalk
1978: Fagins
1979: trip to Singapore
2009: holiday in Spain
2014: Saga Sapphire, Northern Lights curise

Nikki Belcher / Nikki Belsher

1987: Cats
1990: Campion
1990: Starlight Express
1991: Eurovision Song Contest
1993: Carousel
1995: 2 Point 4 Children
1997: Oh What A Night
1999: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2000: Jesus Christ Superstar
2000: Singin' In The Rain
2001: Sunset Boulevard
2002: Sweet Charity
2003: A Chorus Line
2003: The Rat Pack: Live from Las Vegas
2004: The Rat Pack: Live from Las Vegas DVD
2005: Billy Elliot - The Musical (Victoria Palace, London)
2006: The day I tried to be Billy Elliot (Daily Telegraph)
2007: Footloose
2008: Billy Elliot - The Musical (New York)
2009: Tony Awards
2009: holiday in Spain

Musical Stages,
Issue 17, Spring 1999

The Express,

Peter Skellern

1971: Beautiful People
2001: Songs Of Praise

Nigel Slater


Andy Smart

Nottingham Evening Post,

Nottingham Evening Post,

Derby Evening Telegraph,

Nottingham Evening Post,

Nottingham Evening Post,

Smash Mouth

1997: Walkin' On The Sun

Andrew Smith

Sunday Times,

Giles Smith

The Times,

Helen Smith

Aberdeen Evening Express,


Ted Snyder

Who's Sorry Now?

A Song For Europe

1972: New Seekers
1977: Lyn Paul
1980: Prima Donna / Pussyfoot
1983: Sweet Dreams

Songs Of Praise (2001)


2004: The Weakest Link: Eurovision Special

Sonny and Cher

The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (1972)

David Soul

Blood Brothers


9th March 1974

South Wales Argus

28th September 2017

South Wales Echo

25th March 2006
29th March 2006
21st March 2007
10th April 2007
30th September 2011
4th October 2011
16th June 2017

South Wales Evening Post

20th June 1997

Brian Southall

The A-Z Of Record Labels


2007: Mayflower Theatre, Footloose
2011: Mayflower Theatre, Rhinestone Mondays


1971: New Seekers
2007: Footloose
2010: Blood Brothers

Southern Daily Echo

6th March 2016
4th May 2018
9th May 2018


1971: Floral Hall, New Seekers
1974: Southport Theatre, New Seekers
1975: Southport Theatre, Jack Jones
2017: Southport Theatre, Blood Brothers


1984: Kings Theatre, Mother Goose

Spa Centre, Leamington

1990: Norman Wisdom

Spa Theatre, Bridlington

1991: Summer Season


2001: Summer / Autumn holidays
2005: Summer holiday
2008 (March): Benissa
2008 (October): Benissa
2009: Le Cabaret, Cumbre del Sol
2009: Moraira Music Festival
2010: return to the UK
2011: Summer holiday
2012: Spring holiday
2013: Cherry's 60th birthday


September 1972

The Spectator

8th August 1998
22nd February 2003
15th July 2006

Charles Spencer

Daily Telegraph,

Daily Telegraph,

Chris Spencer

Who's Who Of Australian Rock!

Kathryn Spencer

Daily Express,

Trevor Spencer

Dusty Springfield

1963: solo chart début
1964: South Africa
1966: Going Back
1999: funeral

See also: Carole King and Gerry Goffin

Tom Springfield

The Carnival Is Over
Georgy Girl
I'll Never Find Another You
Walk With Me
A World Of Our Own

Springfield Revival

Mick Flinn
Donna Jones

The Springfields

The Stage

17th June 1971
5th August 1971
25th November 1971
28th February 1974
28th March 1974
25th April 1974
2nd May 1974
9th May 1974
18th July 1974
8th August 1974
9th March 1978
16th April 1981
30th April 1981
8th March 1984
20th September 1990
16th January 1992
19th October 1995
21st December 1995
6th August 1998
20th December 2001
30th August 2007
23rd February 2017

The Star [Sheffield]

26th January 2017

David Stark


A Starlit Night Of Variety

1988: Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Theatre programme

Freddie Starr

1976: Starrtime '76
1977: Starrtime '77
1978: Starrtime '78

The Freddie Starr Experience

Press articles / Reviews

The Sun,

Theatre programmes
- Starrtime '76 programme
- Starrtime '77 programme
- Starrtime '78 programme

Stars In Their Eyes: Families (2006)

The Sun,

TV Easy,
7th-13th January 2006

What's On TV,
7th-13th January 2006

Stars Of The Year (1973)

Stealers Wheel

Geoff Stephens

All Pull Together Kind Of World
If Everybody Loved The Same As You
I Get A Little Sentimental Over You
You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me

1964: The Crying Game
1966: Winchester Cathedral
1992: The Crying Game
2000: Jimmy Kennedy Award


2012: Guilty Pleasure

John Sterlicci

Evening Standard,

Cat Stevens

1971: Changes IV
2004: Moonshadow

Sandra Stevens

1966: The Nocturnes
1976: Brotherhood of Man

Ed Stewart

2000: Ed Stewart Show
2009: Le Cabaret, Cumbre del Sol

Top Of The Pops (BBC1)

5th August 1971
30th December 1971
16th March 1972
22nd June 1972
14th December 1972
25th December 1972

Tony Stewart

New Musical Express,


1976: Jack & The Beanstalk
1977: Poco a Poco

Stockton Fiesta

1970: New Seekers
1974: Lyn Paul
1975: Lyn Paul

Stoke On Trent

1972: Victoria Hall, New Seekers

Alison Stokes

South Wales Echo,

Bill Stone

Evening Herald,

Stoneleigh Club, Porthcawl

Sarah Stoner

Sunderland Echo,

Story House, Chester

2017: Blood Brothers

Streatham Locano

1967: Nocturnes

Barbra Streisand

Martin C. Strong

Great Scots Musicography

Lights, Camera, Soundtracks: The Ultimate Guide To Popular Music In The Movies

Julia Stuart

South Wales Evening Post,

Una Stubbs

1982: Give Us A Clue

Up Down.

Big Jim Sullivan

Nottingham Evening Post

Ed Sullivan TV Show

Summer Seasons

1970: Great Yarmouth
1976: Starrtime '76
1977: Starrtime '77
1978: Starrtime '78
1991: Bridlington

The Sun

1973: Top Pop Act

18th May 1974
5th April 1980
19th August 1985
20th August 1985
21st August 1985
22nd August 1985
28th February 1998
31st July 1998
15th March 2001
8th January 2003
17th September 2005 (Scottish edition)
7th January 2006 (TV Week)
6th June 2006
17th March 2008
23rd April 2009
9th July 2013

Sunday Express / Express On Sunday

18th March 2001
29th September 2002
11th April 2004
13th November 2005
1st November 2009
1st September 2013
1st March 2015

Sunday Mail

3rd August 1997
16th April 2000
22nd January 2012
14th February 2016

Sunday Mercury

23rd July 2006
20th January 2013

Sunday Mirror

26th January 1975
29th September 1985
25th June 2017

Sunday Post

1st January 2006

Sunday Special: Charlie Williams's Burlesque Show (1975)

Sunday Telegraph

2nd August 1998
30th October 2005
3rd September 2006
25th March 2012
3rd November 2013
19th October 2014
16th May 2016

Sunday Times

5th November 1989
23rd December 1990
10th March 1996
2nd June 1996
29th December 1996
20th June 1999
30th April 2000
10th December 2000
29th June 2003
12th November 2006
1st June 2008
21st July 2013


1971: Sunderland Empire, New Seekers
1987: Sunderland Empire, Aladdin
1994: Sunderland Empire, Guy Mitchell
2007: Sunderland Empire, Footloose
2009: Sunderland Empire, Blood Brothers

Sunderland Echo

7th December 1987
9th December 1987
6th September 2005






1974: Granada, New Seekers

Swan Theatre, High Wycombe

2016: Blood Brothers


1997: Grand Theatre, Blood Brothers

Matthew Sweet

Independent On Sunday,

Phil Swern

Thirty Years Of Number 1s

The Ultimate Book Of Pop Trivia

Swindon Advertiser

28th April 1978
1st December 2009
18th September 2013
28th April 2015
2nd March 2016
21st February 2017
23rd February 2017
12th January 2018
13th January 2018

Terry Sylvester (Hollies)

Give Me Time

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